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Production Proposals / Re: Vote on Future Currency Name II
« on: July 01, 2020, 09:57:39 AM »
can i made a suggestion , why not
Decentralized Charity Currency  (DCC) or
Decentralized Charity Coin (DCC)

Its a pretty good idea, but this decision is very similar to 'should we rebrand as decentralized autonomous charity' also, and the outcome of our last poll for having charity in our name or not - and I tend to agree with this - it potentially gives us a stigma that we will spend all of the investors money on charity and never rise in price.

So I look at this as A vs B:

We add decentralized public file hosting and data management (IE something useful to this coin), and c# features, and we have projects that give to charity.

We include the name charity in our name and we only focus on charity projects (and we would not be known for technical features).

I think the problem with B is we stay small because people tend to give less in fear that the investment will go to zero.

Sure I would like to believe that we could be the end-times coin of the world, and accept 10% of the charity from all the rich crypto users, but will it happen?

Im personally leaning toward A, because we do have a lot of good ideas to implement in the blockchain.

If we go with DAC, we can still have our digital autonomous charity website and become more technical at the same time.
(IE try to appeal to both audiences) etc.

** Kairos is Updating **

Kairos is creating a new web site:  This means when you click on the children bios you will see a new (more recent) bio:

** June XMR orphan mining report **

We raised 3.029 XMR this month from our orphan mining activities (.432 from the foundation + 2.597 from

This allowed us to send $192.65 (63.60 per xmr) to Cameroon-One today.

Our cameroon one report shows the details (from the foundation accountability page).

Based on our May total of 2.60 XMR, we had a growth rate of 16.1% in June!  Thats great news.

** Should BBP dig three wells in Pakistan and help 600 children get water continually **

Should BIBLEPAY fund this?

I ran across this project today while I was looking at clean water projects.
It struck me as cost effective for such a big impact (IE helping 200 people in a village per distinct well over a long period of time).

Please check it out and let me know if there are any red flags.

Otherwise I propose that we donate two ($600) wells (for a total of $1200) to help 400 people get water.

I am seeking 6MM bbp for this project.  If there is any deficiency, I will cover the difference.

I will also donate at least one more well on top of the BBP funding (so we can do 3 wells with funding for 2).

We have 6.3MM in the foundation treasury.    I propose we use 6MM of those funds for this project.
I will still enter a sanctuary proposal, this way we can see if it gets upvoted first - but we will not need to use governance funds for this.)

It looks like we can have a well named after BIBLEPAY, and they will send us 20-30 pictures of the work!

We will definitely request this!

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: June 26, 2020, 01:08:39 PM »
I used the wrong BBP address!! Correct is BAbnRdkyeyW9JC6j3BQrNr6osodsqdT9hW-1-189-250-94-244

Now I'd like to state something:

- When I first started I was using an Android-generated wallet and the mining was Ok but I couldn't access my wallet! So I have installed the Win64 wallet and started again using a different address.
- In Win64 Wallet, I tried to add my Android wallet through my 12 words but every time I pushed the button it generated a new address, so now I have 5 address....
- In your post Rob it you state that one should be mining using the address that the command gives and this is a different one from the one I was using before, so I've edited my CMD file to go along with the address the command provided to me in the console (the one from the first post) but then it started giving an error
- So now when I reopen the BBP Core (wallet) and use the command again it gives a different address named CHRISTIAN PUBLIC KEY and I don't know if this is the one I should be mining to or not.

Please... help.

Also, is very nice that we have another Venezuelan in here, Mr. Costa it'd be very nice to talk to you.

Hi Ely,

So first the mobile android wallet uses a different scheme to construct its private/pub keypair; so you cant really import the mobile wallets keys into the pc wallet (unless you run the mobile source code in diagnostic mode and dump the codes with a debugger etc).  Its easier to just send the money out of it to your PC wallet.  Btw, I sent your reward to the first address you posted, so let me know if you did not get it.

On the PC wallet, its OK if your CPK has changed, it actually makes a new one each time your wallet.dat is created.  Then it stays the same.

So let us know if you need any help, as long as you have your reward and you are able to mine on the PC, you are good.


Archived Proposals / Re: Dynamic Whale Staking
« on: June 26, 2020, 10:50:30 AM »
Can anyone explain to me exactly how to do Dynamic Whale Staking.
I will ask exactly step by step (I do not speak English and it is quite difficult despite the translation)
Will I definitely get my government back? Can't I come for him? How is it protected?
Can you create a discord section on Dynamic Whale Staking?
PS: Can't create directly in your wallet - the "Invest" button (Dynamic Whale Staking)?

1) If you want to burn 100K for 30 days to receive 17.9% staking roi:
exec dws 100000 30 I_AGREE

2) There is no guarantee that you will get it back and it is not protected.

3) There is a 99% chance you will get it back, since our smart contracts have never failed to emit since DWS went live.   Basically, for it to fail, you would need to see the sanctuaries go down, or the chain fork and fail to emit the daily contract.  (We do have chainlocks now, so we have a pretty resilient chain).

If anyone else would like to add in native language please add and please send more questions if you do not understand.
Btw, the longer the burn duration the more the reward. 

So if you substituted 30 with 365 in the above command, the ROI would be 33% (see 'exec dwsquote').

PS - The reason we can't offer a guarantee is we want to definitely put all risk on the user, and make this a self directed decision -- and therefore pass the Howey test (see 'exec dws' output to understand the 5 conditions).

EDIT:  We haven't had many questions on it, but Togo might be interested in adding a room to discord.
The invest idea button is a good one.  Id almost jump on that, but Im not sure we are willing to take the risk.  As it is its pretty clear we pass the Howey, but if BiblePays wallet was viewed as a bank account we could get in trouble (with people confusing us as an asset instead of a utility).  Lets keep this idea on the todo list - maybe if it was branded as 'Burn Excess BBP' it would pass.  Thanks for the idea!

:) Hey everyone, been gone for a while, but glad to be back and see the progress you've all made.  I got the new wallet out and setup my masternode again, and under Leaderboard I see Healing campaigns and also WCG.  Is World Community Grid mining in effect? The website doesn't seem to mention it.

Hi!  Its good to see you again, welcome back!

Yes, we still have WCG mining:

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: June 24, 2020, 08:44:54 PM »
Hi Mr. Rob. My code is "BHT2bfekjaG5FXpGPtrnZCsy8faDMmzSxL-1-189-250-94-244" I am Elias, a very enthusiastic biblepay from Venezuela, living and working from Mexico. All the best!

Thank you sir, and nice to meet you!  (Sent).
Btw we have Costa82 here that lives in Venezuela.

And, we just recently started sponsoring Venezuelan orphans:

If you know anyone who would like to sponsor an orphan for $12.20 a month please let them know.

Thanks and welcome aboard.

Archived Proposals / Re: top-up Feb-Mar 2020 250k
« on: June 24, 2020, 05:07:00 PM »

I put 80k into SX for faucet. is not responsive lately, so I'm sending them any more funds until I can communicate with them and get a response.


** Bend the Knee **

Please everyone, bend the knee:

Production Proposals / Re: Vote on Future Currency Name II
« on: June 24, 2020, 09:24:38 AM »
DAC is probably easier to rank on Google as there's only 129M as opposed to DEC 2.1B results.

there already a company called xDAC though.

I was looking at caritas (latin for charity) but I see the catholic church already owns the domain.

Good points.   

I think we will need to veer away from the XDC and XDAC ticker ideas with (xdac being taken by a website) and XDC being taken by a chain that is < 1000 $ market cap, etc (plus I see two XDC tickers on coingecko).   We can think of more.  DACBBP is good on one hand because it keeps our old ticker in, but it might be viewed as too long to be catchy so Im not sure that we want a 6 character ticker..

DAC itself for the domain name and coin name seems pretty solid so far - with the primary question being: will we actually grow if we do this.

Rob, does the pool need to run on windows or can it run on Linux also? Is there any documentation on how to setup a pool or a link to github? Let me know as would like to look into setting up a pool. Thanks

In addition to what Togo said:

- Its windows only on the server side
- Here is the first version of the starting a pool doc:

This is what the 400 Rabbi's in Israel really think of the Trump peace plan:

Make no mistake, you won't read the truth in the run of the mill media.
The Trump plan does cut into some of Israel's sovereign territory, and makes a Palestinian Capital in East Jeruslem (the apple of God's eye).

Be very afraid if this is passed (by the US president no less) before the Nov elections (as Im sure those in US politics will try to force this through as a pro for Trump).

The one who splits Gods chosen land, that is within the covenant of Abraham, pokes at God's eyes.  The one who splits Jerusalem gets split.

I encourage Trump and Netanyahu to pray on this before they ink the deal. 

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