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I saw that our diff spiked to 3.8 earlier, that was very cool to see!
(Also that 3.5MM more burns occurred in DWS, thats also cool, and some traffic hitting SX).

On a side note I was thinking yesterday how nice it would be if we could order pizza with biblepay (for delivery).

I'm going to be checking this endeavor out next.

I think it might be possible to do with our dashpay system:

But let me check into domino's delivery policies for gift cards, etc.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a subsidized orphan, please see this page:

Over the next two weeks I will be adding a few more records and experimenting with increasing match levels.

Im also thinking of adding small, medium and large records to accommodate home user, business and billionaire.

I would like to for example offer a block of 1000 orphans for a billionaire for example.  If for example, we have a billionaire out there who would like to sponsor 1000 from, Im willing to set up a BBP match so the person will receive a rebate of say 10million BBP per month, etc, in exchange for the sponsorship.

If anyone knows a person ready to sponsor please send them our way.  And if you are looking to sponsor a child that is in the collage for a discount let me know and Ill consider increasing the match for you.

Reminder:  I still need help with this project in finding deep discount wholesale orphans:

Sanctuary Discussions / Re: Fractional sanctuary (shared masternode)
« on: June 06, 2020, 10:15:36 AM »
My daily fractional sanctuary payment went down. Was this because of the mandatory? I didn't think sanctuary payments would be affected that much.

We pass on the full reward to the user, without taking a profit.

The majority of the decrease in the ROI portion is because we have about 40 more sancs now (over the last 2 weeks) - thats 20% more sanctuaries receiving rewards since the program started.  (We had 210 when we started now we have 250. )

Also, I want to confirm what the mined block amounts should be and what the sanctuary reward should be now after the mandatory. If I'm reading the values right, mined reward went up ~500 BBP and sanctuary reward dropped ~500 BBP? I thought mining reward would move up closer to sanctuary reward and sanctuary reward would stay the same.

Yes you are correct that the intent was to raise the RX heat mined reward up only (and leave sanc rewards the way they were); and that's what I aimed for in this last release however due to a bug in one of our prior releases this is why the sanc rewards ended up going down slightly.

The percentages listed here in "Technical Details" are actually correct now:

I verified them when updating the DWS, deflation rate, and split between sanc and RX reward subsidy.
The error that I found in the code was the sanctuary was receiving 2.5% more than the blockchain allows for, so to make our emissions square at 100% I had to put this figure back to 30.0% to make everything match at 100% (it would not have made sense for me to lower other things to pay for it etc).

So now it is what it is - if the sancs get unhappy they can always enter a vote for a 'tweak' in the future at the expense of another project ; but imho Im pretty happy with the percentages myself and I feel over the next year with our deflation rate temporary increase for dws and our exec masterclock command we will also be able to snap back to our original emission grid at the same time and make everyone happy.

(Not to say everyone will be happy because thats impossible in this business lol).

Good morning Rob. seems i am too lazy to do all the upgrades. :D
I m alreay running the necessary updates. Thanks for rewieing my stats
No problem -- and just FYI for anyone who hasn't followed our history:

We generally try to have a mandatory upgrade at the beginning of each quarter (IE Jan, March, June, September and December), as long as we have new features waiting for the core wallet.  (This keeps the exchanges relatively happy).

The features that usually come up are upstream changes from bitcoin or dash, and usually some project that we are working on that we believe will propel us to the top 100 coins list.

Now for example, I'm working with MIP on faster offchain transactions (something similar to Bitcoin Lightning), and we are working on a sidechain that will allow us to store documents for the public (IE public users host non-censored documents on the web through biblepay). 

Good morning everyone. Oops there seems to be another version of the wallet availiable, is the upgrade manadatory ?. I wonder if this is the reason why BBP payments  dont reach me since we moved to the new miner.
My address appears on the leaderboard BRjjPsFm818gPkWibTBrDaXnYzre1yFs89 and the monero mining seems to work just perfectly.

any insight about the lack of BBP payments? Thank you
Good morning Costa!

So looking in block history and typing a few chars of the Brjj address, I see the last txid sent out was:
(which looks fine)
You can see if its in your chain by typing 'getrawtransaction txid 1' in the console, and I see its on the main chain.

The biggie I have for you is if you go into tools | info are you running yet?

If not please upgrade - and please ensure your hash matches this one on chainz:

Good luck-

PS The mandatory cutover height was 199,000.

Have finally upgraded all my miners to latest xmrig...  Looks like it works really good.   Thanks for your time and effort Rob!

Hence we use official xmrig miner now, is it possible to have a backup pool ?  Like this for example in the config.json:

Code: [Select]
"pools": [
            "url": "",
            "user": "your_monero_adress",
            "pass": "your_biblepay_adress",
            "keepalive": true,
            "nicehash": false
            "url": "",
            "user": "your_monero_adress",
            "pass": "your_biblepay_adress",
            "keepalive": true,
            "nicehash": false

Thats great Earlz! 

Yes, you should now be able to use all the features of Xmrig that were broken before - including the xmrig proxy and the json conf files and backup pools list.

I see our diff has increased to 2.1, so that is good news also.

** Merge Mining difficulty update **

We had a quirk on the pool side where our solutions were not always being submitted to biblepay properly across threads.
(This fortunately was completely random, so no one benefitted from this). 
This is what has been keeping our difficulty exceptionally low.

The problem has been fixed.

We will upgrade the pools now.

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: June 04, 2020, 09:07:13 PM »
Sorry, i pasted the wrong code, i believe the correct is this one:


Thanks for joining us here!


Don't see any changes...

Hi guys - note in the page:

Config changes:
We now have the BBP address in the password field.

Also please use the XMRig miner (not the bbp-xmrig miner).  The download link is on that page too.

Then your connection should not get reset.


I played with the config.json file creator online until I got a config that worked. I am now mining and I see that my hashrate dropped. Understood, that is what I was getting when I was mining straight XMR. I should see some BBP come into my wallet in a few hours then?

Its interesting because I see we do have these keys (--username and --password) listed in two places on the GettingStarted page.
(This is probably what Dave was talking about yesterday - sorry for the confusion; anyway this is now updated in both places in and Ill mention this to Song (who owns

As long as you see some solved shares in the leaderboard, on both BBP and XMR, then yes your payment will register in the Block History page (as soon as the pool solves that block).  Then payments follow once every 4 hours.

But just to clarify everyone, you can still use the command line.  This exercise was to ensure both the command line or the conf file will work.

Hi Rob - thanks for the quick reply. Here is my address: BG4qhDsU8oDWp9ZN42Q395KJvUFvupZGM8
I have been using this address for quite some time now and have been mining actively since yesterday afternoon. BTW - I want to ensure that you understand that I have just today downloaded XMRig plain and have not had success using it yet.
Lastly, the instructions on the Getting Started page say to place your User Name as the BBP address and then the command is in the password position. Was this on purpose? Thanks again.

Oh OK, then you probably dont need a trace, because I havent heard any other problems and my test miner is still running.

So really the primary issue is the config changed.  You just have to change the params as noted (BBP in the password position).

Then it should not disconnect.

This is so now merge miners can create a multipool configuration (if they want our satellite pool(s), our pool, and other XMR pools in the same failback json conf file, they can do that now, etc).  I think it will also attract some of the players who didnt want to deal with a different EXE and config (than XMR), now they can simply add us to their configs.

** Increased Dynamic Whale Stake Rewards after block 199,000 ! **

Type in 'exec dws' into the console and retrieve the latest whale stake quote:
43.3% return on your stake!

Post here if anyone needs help burning BiblePay for an annual whale stake reward.


exec dws 212000 180 I_AGREE

The above command burns 212K for 180 days for a 32% reward.

(Shorter durations have a lower reward than longer).

I think this caught someones interest, because I see 5 mil in burns over the last 24 hours and 4 mil missing in SX sell book.

I'm happy about that because we really need a free floating environment again (on SX).  Those 40 mil coins (for sale) have been sitting there since we retired the first version of PODC.

Good morning, Rob et al.

Been receiving a 'connection reset by peer' error since yesterday at around 4 pm EDT. I understand that we are now using the straight XMRig. I installed 5.11.2 and ensured that I re-arranged my CLI command to match the new format, listed above in the 'Get Started' page. Still receiving the reset error.

Can you offer any guidance? Thanks for all you do!

Hmm, can you please provide your BBP address and I will need to add some type of trace and confirm if you are mining against also?

PS:  We do disconnect if the BBP address is not 34 chars long (its in the password field), but I doubt thats it since you had it working for hours.

i am sorry insisting on this one, but  having tried on XMRIG  5.11.1 and 6.0.0 also, i seem to have my hashrate halved, like the times when i used to mine monero only .
Likewise There is no accepted BBP messages on the miner nor for Monero.

Since i am not that techsavy i always run the command line from the console
( xmrig.exe -o -u  -p  --threads nproc_count) and i never mess with the batch file.
It would be highly appreciated if someone could share an example config file of the miner  that the rest of us could work on.
Thank you.

1) On the hashrate halved, thats normal, (I probably should have mentioned that, sorry).  Yeah, you will now see the half hashrate, but, each hash is still going toward both XMR and BBP now - so in effect its just like it was before (but with half the rate counting 2* for each hash).

2)  On the command line please ensure your BBP address is here:

3)  You should definitely see "XMR accepted (N)" for each accepted XMR share (but there are no longer any BBP accepted share messages).
However, each XMR that is accepted should increase your leaderboard for a BBP share now.
If you are increasing BBP in the leaderboard with < 10% stales you are working fine.

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