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I tried this now, and I am getting:
Code: [Select]

dashpay Xmp7Jn3ZwScHxszonELBzwahVfBfFZALvH 0.10829200 0
  "DASH/USD_Price": 104.5496443586454,
  "BIBLEPAY/USD_Price": 8.793400001400001e-005,
  "USD Amount Required": 11.3227264840413,
  "Error": "Dash Address is invalid.",
  "BIBLEPAY Amount being spent": 128763.92,
  "Errors": "Running in test mode. "

1000 BBP

I believe that is normal; this command is running in test mode (this gives you an idea of what you will spend if you do it for real).  Just subsitute a 1 for the last argument instead of 0 and it should work.

4400 BBP

Active Discussions / Re: ROKU Mining Launch Thread - Get Paid to Watch TV!
« on: December 21, 2020, 08:45:35 AM »
Hi, That's it I have the chain. 
But for the moment no video isn't working, maybe I have to wait for it to synchronize ...

For mining, I think it takes more time for great ideas to emerge and become more democratic, not 7 days, rather  7 months or 7 years ...

Bravo for your work and thank you.

Yes, I will take that into account, as far as being more patient.  But now Im working on the DAC core since I have moved from Roku mining to that.  But Ill talk with you more about it.

Anyway lets still try to get the core channel working; Im not sure what you meant.  Can you confirm the channel loaded up to your home page and opens now, and if you can click into each category and watch content.  If not - what actually happens?


Active Discussions / Re: ROKU Mining Launch Thread - Get Paid to Watch TV!
« on: December 20, 2020, 09:25:41 AM »
Hi Buddy!

Let me see if I can correct the region issue, as now that you mention it, its possible that the current Roku Package has US/English set, and maybe I need to select International.

Ill check it out now.

I'm not entirely sure if I can bring back mining, because of lack of interest.  I really was hoping for an influx of users at that time - but nevertheless lets try to at least get the TV channel working for you.

Hi Fredo,

So yes, there was an option to publish the channel for 'other areas of the world' so I made the language French and English, and made it international.

Can you please see if it plays now?

Thanks for helping us!

Active Discussions / Re: ROKU Mining Launch Thread - Get Paid to Watch TV!
« on: December 20, 2020, 09:21:37 AM »
Hi, I just received the Roku Express, which I ordered for Biblepay TV.  He does not want to load the channel, it answers me:

"Enter a channel access code to add a public channel, a non-certified channel, or a beta channel to your Roku account.

 The channel code provided is associated with a channel not available in your region ".

I am in France, but even going through a vpn in the USA I get the same answer. If you have any idea to solve my problem? Thanks

I would have liked to test mining TV too ...👍

Hi Buddy!

Let me see if I can correct the region issue, as now that you mention it, its possible that the current Roku Package has US/English set, and maybe I need to select International.

Ill check it out now.

I'm not entirely sure if I can bring back mining, because of lack of interest.  I really was hoping for an influx of users at that time - but nevertheless lets try to at least get the TV channel working for you.

BiblePay discussion / Re: General Religious Discussion Area (And off topic)
« on: December 17, 2020, 09:26:36 AM »
If you believe Americas election was stolen:

We The People of the United States request president Trump order Martial Law to save our country!
Help the petition reach its goal, share with others:


Are the RSA keys part of what we're already using with the MS Authenticator on this site? Or, is this new infrastructure you will have to build into the BBP server farm? The reason I ask is that RSA appliances aren't cheap, nor are the hard tokens. Soft tokens are less so, but still demand maintenance and monitoring. PGP worked pretty well for most messaging uses, but not allowed outside of the US. Wondering if you're thinking of other technologies?
God bless! RD

Well, I am really trying to decentralize everything that is possible that we ever wrote so that after the rapture, others who are left behind can still maintain biblepay.  I think it also goes a long way toward our longer term value (if we can make new decentralized features).  So for example, we used to have centralized sporks - we decentralized those - now if I die or get raptured whoever runs the sancs can change the sporks.  The chat protocol is decentralized, etc.  Of course we, like bitcoin, still need a pool for those obvious reasons, but I believe in the next quarter we can make a huge move toward decentralizing most of the orphan operations into DAC transactions on-chain.  My goal is to make it so if I die, the sancs can still run biblepay fully (with transparent transactions that fulfills Luke 16:12 (that we be held accountable for what is another mans).  If we left everything on the foundation, what would happen is the accounting would eventually stop and go haywire and no one would trust us etc.  If its on chain I think it would be nice to show investors every penny can be reconciled to an rpc report for our orphan revenue and our orphan expense. 

Anyway that was all a ramble, let me answer your question.
Im trying to decentralize e-mail next, and make decentralized discord or telegram.  Basically if a wallet can communicate with another wallet in an encrypted way, they can also send each other money.  Im also very zealous about going against the censorship movement (where big tech is censoring the end user, spying on us and hosting all of our unencrypted content and keeping our personal info in the cloud).  One way would be to let biblepay host pop3 servers inside our network.  Im thinking of decentralizing the pop3 server network traffic so that we can send encrypted mails to each other.  This also empowers the tribulation saints - to allow them to communicate in the end times.  I think it also allows email blasts from an advertiser, or from one of us with censored info.  Info big tech doesnt want you to see on youtube or google.  Say for instance the mark of the beast is coming out - we can send an email blast out to all.

But getting to the actual answer, the rsa keypairs do not exist yet in bitcoin or dash.  But although we did not create any part of RSA, credit goes to them, we did add RSA to biblepay for a different project a while back, so that explains how our core wallet already has the keypairs sitting dormant.

The way it works is your public CPK would register an RSA keypair (and of course your biblepay wallet would keep your private key private - similar to it being in wallet.dat but it will for now be in ~/.biblepay/SAN/privkey.priv and it would never be revealed).  When we have a list of contacts (which should be in testnet very soon!), then when you go to send an encrypted e-mail to another biblepay user, it will be encrypted with HIS/HER public key, and when s/he goes to read it it will be decrypted on the fly on the screen with their private key.

Then later we can make it also send money , etc.

These new features aren't required to be used and won't affect mining either.  These are just use cases Im trying to bring into biblepay that are optional that add value.  For example, a new user could download bbp, buy 5000 bbp on the exchange, and pay 100 bbp to send some encrypted emails to their friends or our network over a channel that never reveals the bytes (over our network). (Using the RSA keys for the encryption).

God bless you too brother!

4400 BBP

** Our website should now be faster! **

Cloudflare just released a product called APO for Wordpress, which theoretically makes the site 300% faster (and it costs us $5 per month).

So I went for it.

Let's see if's speed increases.

4400 BBP

** Our Whitepaper is now in 3 translations **

See OP Post "WhitePaper" section.

Thanks Dave_BBP!

4400 BBP

Bounties / Re: Convert WhitePaper to German
« on: December 15, 2020, 08:19:31 AM »
Thanks. I think there's always room for improvement of course, but it's not an urgent matter for sure.

If you would be so kind, you can send the reward to "BPUw8eSDd7wtSK1wx412pqUDQ8gJxN8yv7". You can reduce it by 10% and send that tithe directly to the foundation.  ;)

Sent, Dave!

Thank you sir!

Sorry for the delay, we are having some unusual problems at the house.  I will definitely put the whitepapers online and in the OP post asap.  (I have a request to update the exchanges also).


I uploaded the whitepaper source docs here:


I will add these to the OP post now.

RandomX giveaway for new miners is now available:  25,000 BBP:

We are temporarily offering a 1,000 BBP per block bonus at also.

4400 BBP


Glad to hear DWS is being updated and will be more secure and robust :)   Some people on discord were asking if it is safe DWS is safe to use and I think after your changes, it will be even better! I noticed all the return amounts quoted are at 0.00 the last few times I've checked but better to wait I think.

2900 BBP

Cool; and on that --  I posted an update about the 0.00 a couple pages ago saying its not a bug, but, all the payments in this month had brought the projected DWU down to zero, so yes its still safe to use, but we dont allow 0 return stakes so effectively its really off temporarily until the system pays out about 7-14 more days of payments.

4400 BBP

BiblePay discussion / Re: General Religious Discussion Area (And off topic)
« on: December 10, 2020, 07:56:53 PM »
I just listened to this short Kim Clement and from what I hear, it's coming to pass!

I'm psyched about this next term for Trump!

If this comes to pass, Trump will be filled with the Holy Spirit (as Ive been praying for a year now for example)!

Its hard to imagine a 'stronger economy' while I expect judgement and repentance, but I think its still possible to have Grace in America, and repentance at the same time in the next 4 years.

God bless you all and I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving!

So I'm getting excited about BiblePay again, especially since we are a small community with immense growth potential.
The thing I'm excited about in our future, is how we can fulfill an on-demand use case and therefore be a useful service to the world (and to God's Kingdom).

Although I firmly believe the DAC idea (this is, the global donation address that automatically allocated funds to orphans even if our core members die, and allows our Sanctuaries to govern our charity relationships) is a good one alone, I am receiving more use cases (all credit to God) that I believe are not only possible, but probable for us.

Although BiblePay TV on Roku is also good, and I think we can keep that going in the background, I'm going to focus on some things next (in parallel to the DAC) for our next release.

Think of these features that fill two missions :  battling internet censorship, and providing emergency communication during the Tribulation.  (We could possibly name the release BiblePay Tribulation).

First we will start with an anonymous user record.  We need to bring back anonymity to make everyone understand that we dont want to collect personal information.  However we can still have an anonymous type user record for this feature - this is  a UI page in the wallet that contains:  CPK, NickName, Longitude, Latitude, RSA public key, optional external email address, and Optional testimony notes.  The purpose of this record is for the great trib.  (Note the reason for Long & Lat is to let the user synthesize their nearest street corner on a map, but not their exact address).

Imagine if the internet becomes so censored that DNS addresses are being blacklisted.  Then imagine that bitcoin and biblepay ports are UP, but videos and general chat messages and social media are all monitored.

I imagine that direct DM (direct messaging) through the wallet would be valulable again:  Again notice this distinction:  Ability to send money from user-user, PM each user, or PM a chatroom, would all be valuable in the great trib if the wallet connection is up and parts of the internet are down.  Say John Doe wants to find Robs Christian camp, or wants to send $10 to Jane Doe via BBP.  This would become very valuable.

The other thing is Id like to do is integrate E-mail into BBP.  Im thinking of both internal and external POP3 email.  For one, people can pay BiblePay fees to send an e-mail On-chain, and/or addl fees to send e-mails through our network off-chain (for attachments).  Im thinking of this use case:  If John Doe wants to E-mail Jane Doe and they want to use the BIBLEPAY chain, this person can pay 100 bbp (or whatever per KB) to send an on-chain email.  We also need to make encrypted email receipts with BBP cash attached.  This cash can only be opened by the recipient.  (Also, Im working on multisig transactions for e-mail.  This allows you to seize back your BBP if it is never claimed.  BBP will have commands to automatically send 1-of-2 multisig transactions in the next testnet release.  We just need to add these to e-mails.  The use case is also good for marketing:  Those non-opened marketing emails can be re-claimed, and BBP recovered by the marketer).

We will also be rolling out RSA keys for each user, and these public keys will also be stored in the user record.  This will allow Encrypted DMs and encrypted emails.  Note that the data stored in the chain cannot be read by ANYONE except the recipient!  Whats nice about encrypted DM, is we will be able to leap along with the signal protocol (with all of the features of signal-dm), and do more than they can do, simply because you will not need a keyexchange or a trusted third party.

Let me explain the advantage of BBP DM with RSA over Signal:  If HTTPS is hacked (and some sources claim there is a prism that does that), you are trusting either discord, google, 3rd party eavesdroppers with the text up to the point of Signal encryption, then it is theretically safe until it reaches the end user.  With Biblepays RSA encryption, your biblepaycore client will encrypt the traffic with RSA before it leaves your screen (before it hits the network or the chain), therefore your conversation or email will be unhackable (to the extent of the 2048 bit key etc).  This will be a huge feature if we can actually market its use case properly. It will also be easier to use- you can just pick a biblepay nickname (those are stored in the user record page) and either send an e-mail or a DM (encrypted).  Each of us will all have an RSA keypair associated with our user record.

Exciting times!

PS:  I forgot to mention, I realize DWS is a great feature and is under demand and needs streamlined to make it available all the time.  Im working on streamlining it for our next release to set a floor - fixing sensitivity and making it for all intents and purposes to be available at a minimum of .05-DWU -- so that people are not turned away.  Also increasing the max burn amount from 1MM to 2MM with a higher daily cap to cover more funds per burn, etc. 

4400 BBP

Rob, PKMAN999 on Discord said Altilly is having a sale. No listing fee until end of the year. I used them before. They are transparent and nice group of people. Any chance we could get listed there? - Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange. Core Values: Security, Transparency, Ease of Use, and Fast Execution.
No listing fees , UNTIL DEC 31, 2020

2900 BBP

Thanks, I submitted the application.

4400 BBP

Quick question - I have not received any BBP for mining on XMRig for the past two days. Is there something blocking? Or, do I need to check something. I have made no changes. The last received BBP was ~ 1AM on 2 DEC 20.

1000 BBP

Hello, I haven't received any XMRIG reward since 12/02/2020 either. 
However I see the txid in history block.

1000 BBP

Sorry guys -- Ive been dealing with a water leak (but I actually have been getting some work done at random hours), anyway, I see the problem on the first pool (foundation.biblepay):  Someone withdrew more than the hot wallet amount and it needs more funds (which is normal).

On this pool, we have all the records intact going back about 40 days, so there is no problem with the pool paying the catch-up amounts automatically.  I see thousands of payments that need paid going back to Dec 1st or so.  I think these payments will start flowing out within the next 4 hours.

Everything should go out now!

God bless you all.


4400 BBP

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