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Production Proposals / UTXO Staking on Steroids
« on: March 31, 2021, 05:41:10 PM »
** New Concept - Possible to include this in Next Mandatory Upgrade (July 2021) **

So Togo and I were chatting today about HEX's features and trying to come up with two more positive elements for BiblePay that addresses: Referrals (1), and Mass Adoption for Stakers (2).  (Hex currently has 1B$ staked and we were looking at some of their network rules to see if any make sense for us).  This proposal does not address Referrals, it is simply about mass adoption rules.

One pro for Hex that Togo pointed out is that they make you lock your funds up for a designated time period, and they burn them (like we used to do with DWS).  Meaning that you cannot take it out early.  If you insist on pulling out early there is a very heavy catastrophic fee levied on your original capital.

To lay the known groundwork, we already have an established dynamic DWU (rate of return annualized) set up with UTXO staking based on how many participants are in the leaderboard each day with stakes.  Right now its 14% for BBP-only and 28% for bbp+foreign.

So what I was thinking is why don't we offer a DWU bonus % of up to 2* your normal return, in exchange for locking up the coins with a penalty if you unlock them early.

Lets look at two scenarios, Scenario A is a user who decides to go the conservative route and does not want any penalties (this is our default):

Scenario A (conservative user):
Locks up 1MM BBP + $200 of LTC for a 28% DWU reward.
They get paid 28% annualized on a daily basis.  If they quit early (spend the stake) there is no penalty.

Scenario B (High reward user):
Locks up 1MM BBP + $200 of LTC for a period of 1 YEAR.  This yields 56% (a 2* multiplier is given for the longest term, 1 year.  A 1.5* for 180 days.  A 1.25* for 90 days).
If they successfuly hold the stake for over 365 days there is no penalty.
If they pull out in 180 days, they must pay the network fee of 28% (this is the extra component they were receiving rewards on!). 
We would charge a fee of 280,000 bbp payable to our BURN address.  This BBP would be destroyed (just as HEX does), to make our supply smaller.
This helps FUND the operation for when we pay out higher ROI to others.

You may ask, how do we enforce this if the original coins are not burnt?

We would accomplish this by making a new network rule that requires all transactions sent spending a UTXO would be reviewed, and if a FEE is owed, the FEE is levied to the BURN address.  If it is not spent in a transaction (as the UI will auto-calculate) that transaction will not be mineable, or spendable.  If however they PAY the fee in the TX, it will go through.

So for example, if John Doe tries to send this tx to an exchange, The original 1MM would end up being 750,000 for example.

I think we should make a poll on this idea also!

This might be a good way to really attract new users as high rewards are free word of mouth advertisements.

Active Discussions / June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: March 19, 2021, 10:44:38 AM »
June 2021 Release - Harvest

Welcome to the Biblepay Testnet Testing thread for the Harvest release!

In this thread we will be testing:

- Dash changes:
   We have rebased to 0.16.  Include the major changes to be tested here.

- Legacy features:
   Ensure coverage of our legacy features.  List the main legacy features here.

- Known issue:
   List the remaining to do list here.

- NFT's:
Test non fungible tokens.
- Major sanctuary coverage:
   LLMQ Chainlocks

- Mining:
   Verify RandomX mining still works
   Verify UTXO Mining

- Sanctuary Voting:
   Verify GSCs still work, sanctuary voting works, POOS sponsorships etc

- Add vote to decrease sanctuary coinbase percentage, and decrease monthly superblock percentage, and increase coinbase emission and reasoning here:

For the first 30 days and for safety reasons, the initial releases of use this data directory:

Primary Test Cases:

- Verify dash literals that were changed to BBP (or BiblePay) literals are still captioned as BiblePay in this version:   PASS
- Ensure the randomx hash function works : PASS
- Ensure POOS (proof of orphan sponsorship) for sanctuaries works:
From the Sanctuary Page in QT, I verified the poos status has incremented properly when sancs are banned due to non-payment: PASS
- Show Difficulty and Prayers on overview page: PASS
- Merge biblepay red bezaleel genII theme into dash css files : PASS
- Test montserrat font:  MOSTLY PASS (there are some grids where the font size is slightly too big - we are tweaking those still)
- Test GSC contracts in the sense - are the sanctuaries allowed to vote daily and is exec health working?  PASS
(Sanctuaries appear to vote on the correct frequency).  The contract is being voted in.  The sancs appear healthy.
- LLMQ IX:  Verify quorums form: PASS
Verify IX sends within 7 seconds: PASS
Verify integrity of the quorums (IE chain is not falling out of sync) : PASS (been testing for 14 days so far, need at least 30)
- Test Memorize Scriptures: PASS
- Test BBP Univ:  Final Exam Sim:  PASS
- Verify -erasechain=1 : PASS
- Verify sync from zero in prod & testnet : PASS
- Verify sporks can be changed : PASS
- Verify exec price works: PASS
- Change sanctuary collateral back to 4,500,001: PASS
- Verify getblock blocknumber: PASS (yes not hash)
- Verify sanctuary page list double click has our fields in it : PASS
- Verify tx-desc double click has our debug info in it: PASS
- Verify rolling prayers and rolling diaries on overview page : PASS
- Verify leaderboard still shows prod UTXO lists: PASS
- Verify upgradesanc and revivesanc : PASS
(NOTE: Due to no bridge being present, all sancs need recreated from scratch in prod after mandatory cutover height!)
- Remove DWS, ensure payment path exists for last DWS (getfinaldwsreport is ported into MAINNET, and I ran it and it looks correct) : PASS
- Add Chained Locks icon for high-yield staking in coin control : PASS
- Verify harvest has all of our custom icons in the txlist decoration: PASS
- Modify windows installer to use our images: PASS
- Verify FTP deployment works: PASS
- Rename masternode to sanctuary everywhere: PASS
- Verify testnet llmq params: PASS
- Merge arm64 for SX: PASS
- Cut spam logging, in a way that is dash compatible : PASS
- Verify getblockchaininfo: PASS (Masked our hardcoded bit-state)
- Verify DGW timing to be compatible with LLMQ prod and testnet: PASS
- Verify watchman on the wall (new proposal), vote for proposal, proposal trigger and proposal payment in monthly governance block : PASS
- Verify getgovernanceinfo : PASS

- POOS:  Test that a PAID sanctuary POOS status returns to 0:
- Test Chainlocks (not enabled yet)
- Ensure sanctuaries can run on non standard ports (I ported the code in, but we have only tested Testnets STANDARD port so far)
- Update with all of the changes before pushing Harvest to mainnet
- Triple check the LLMQ params for MAINNET before pushing harvest
- Ensure voting for a watchman proposal handles the result properly:
- Test POP3 emails and smtp
- Test NFT system (add, edit, list, view) and foundation view
- Test referral system

Additional Wiki guides:
See the sections about High-risk staking and conservative UTXO staking here:


Guides by Dash:

Explain Important Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:

- Rebase to and ramifications

*** What still needs done in this version before released to prod ***

- Verify NFTs Add/Edit/List
- Verify randomx mining against prod
- Verify chainlocks
- Verify math on high yield staking
- Verify referral system
- Add poll to approve sanctuary and governance coinbase reward changes
- Ensure APM (automatic price mooning) still reduces payouts when price drops
- Test pop3 emails

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync. 

We are at block  ___73446_____ as of March 23rd, 2021:  Blockhash bcd5757cbaeba04f4f6bb3e36e66d9341a83dba7aee0b0fad4a1bd51c4216f8c.

Testnet Download Links:

     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

Not Ready:
     MacOS QT:

To self compile:
git pull origin develop


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:
(optional:  debug=1)

Place the file in ~/.biblepaytest

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: This version will also work side-by-side our production nodes,
so, you also have the option if you are short on machines, to run TestNet side by side a prod node!

To run a TestNet Sanctuary:

How to create a deterministic sanc from scratch:


Production Proposals / Ethereum Staking
« on: March 02, 2021, 12:33:54 PM »
Our Sanctuaries now act as UTXO oracles, meaning they have the capability to assess another chain's UTXO status.

However we are careful not to add a new 'partner currency' until we have full decentralized support (meaning our chain will not make bad calls). 

I just did some internal testing and found that we can in fact support Ethereum.

Should we open the floodgates for Ethereum staking?

Active Discussions / BiblePay Unchained TestNet development thread
« on: February 26, 2021, 01:20:02 PM »
  This Thread is under construction - please do not post yet 

I am pleased to announce the testnet thread for our upcoming product, BiblePay Unchained.

This product name is primarily associated with our new "Content Delivery Network" and "File Hosting" at the internet Edge, and our Chrome-browser-extension, and the features related to spending decentralized bbp transactions on the html5 web.   It has very little to do with the core wallet (biblepay-qt), although we will have a few small things to test inside QT such as file-upload and folder-upload for example.

The primary goals for Unchained are the following:

  • Ability to dump a private spending key out of your wallet and import it into the chrome extension for spending later on the decentralized web.
  • Ability for the biblepay chrome plugin to spend both 'checks' or 'currency'.  A check is equivalent to buying something on credit from a vendor. 
  • Proof of concept for pay-per-view web page.  This allows an html5 developer to release news or a blog or a video and be paid per hit.
  • Proof of concept for pay-per-byte web page.  This feature collects charges for bytes consumed by the biblepay user.  A good example of this is a very big video, for example a 900 megabyte video, the user will only pay for the bytes consumed as they watch it and if they click away they are no longer charged for the stream.
  • Ability to protect a biblepay-ipfs hosted file from unauthorized access or ddos.  This prevents bandwidth abuse.
  • Ability to decide at the cloud edge if a user is authenticated (by CPK), paid or not paid, and in good standing (IE not ddossing) the asset.  This feature means we are attempting to abstract this away from the application server and into the biblepay content delivery network.
  • Decentralized code running in VCL (varnish control language) at the cloud-edge to make a call if an asset should be served.  This removes the responsibility from the app server code.
  • Abstracting CPK authentication away from the app server.
  • High performance:  Leveraging the biblepay CDN, your file will be available globally at over 50 pops (points of presence).
  • Durability:  Every file uploaded to bipfs will be backed up at least twice guaranteeing the ability to pull the files back down if you decide to leave or if our network changes.
  • Anti-censorship-network:  Our files are deliberately going to be hosted on decentralized IT sources, away from amazon (big tech) and on Vultr and/or storj, and fastly meaning your content will not be censored.  As a matter of fact our goal is to provide an infrastructure to help grass-roots development for platforms that compete against big tech.  We invite you to create your own version of twitter and facebook to compete against big tech.
  • Automated charges.  We are developing the ability to charge for microtransactions seamlessly at the cloud edge, so you dont have to bill your user.  They will simply access areas for payment and we will keep the balance in a json file for you.  We will also support something similar to bitcoin lightning, a credit/debit balance per account that works in real time.
  • Dash has decentralized on-chain storage.  But its a pay per byte model making it exorbitantly expensive to use for storing any big file.  For example it would be impossible to store a video of 100meg on the dash chain.  However in BIPFS you can rent our CDN for pennies and we will host the file for the duration paid.  Additionally, the difference between BIPFS-CDN and IPFS:  IPFS has no SLA.  There is not a guarantee the other node will even be online or that your data will be preserved for even hours.  With BIPFS-CDN you will have an SLA.  With IPFS there is no SLA and the uptime guarantee can be as low as 0.  Ours will be closer to 99.9%+.
  • Decentralized dapp authentication on dash currently requires an entirely new browser (see Dash google chrome compile).  With Unchained we are looking at plugins to lower the bar on this.
  • Amazon s3 storage has great performance and scale, but absolutely no protection from unauthorized bandwidth usage; actually I beleive they are deliberately trapping users into high bandwidth spikes from unauth bandwidth use for those who are ignorant.  Yes they support amazon-user authentication but that ties your users to AWS credentials.  Our security will support both anonymous traffic and biblepay-CPK traffic, and will protect the files from unauthorized access at the cloud-edge layer.
  • We are looking to provide a seamless html5 (decentralized web) experience with crypto.  I believe we can provide a secure storage area for your private key by encrypting the key per session.  During each new session you can unlock your key with a wallet passphrase.
  • Another goal is to settle transactions immediately in VCL/JSON - no need to wait for tx's to be in a block.  This is similar to instantsend however this process is more about chaining and microtransactions from vendor to vendor.
  • Other decentralized blockchain file storage solutions require an HTTPS gateway!  We will however give you a personal CDN, free!  This means you can directly link your web site assets.

Production Proposals / Mandatory Upgrade Changes
« on: February 12, 2021, 08:31:30 PM »
This proposal seeks authorization to change the following parameters to allow a transition to our new UTXO staking environment:

- Phase In UTXO rewards and start to phase out PODC rewards:  In month 1 (March 2nd through April 2nd) - Decrease WCG PODC GSC contract emission percentage from 95% to 45%.  Increase UTXO Staking percent from 0% to 54%.  Decrease Healing percent from 5% to 1% (NOTE: This is not at all because we want to penalize healing - this is simply to increase our rewards to hard rewards only - I would like to give this campaign a continuing life at 1% because of the great good it is doing).
- In Month 2 (April 3rd and forward), Decrease PODC rewards from 45% to 0%.  Increase UTXO from 50% to 99%.  Healing stays at 1%.
- Increase our annual deflation rate from 30% to 36% until our emission matches our schedule
- APM Changes: Emit coins when price is sideways or up (in contrast to Up)
- Disable new DWS whale stakes, but allow emission of unpaid existing stakes
- Disable DashStakes (note we allow these to be transferred to new UTXO stakes)

TestNet Discussion Archive / February 2021 Testnet Thread (Tribulation)
« on: January 05, 2021, 10:44:40 AM »
February 2021 Release - (Tribulation)

Welcome to the Biblepay February 2021 Testnet Testing thread for the Tribulation release!

In this thread we will be testing:

- User Record:
     Verify the user can store their RSA keypair, long/lat pair, POP3 preferences

- P2P Chat and General Chat:
     Verify the Encrypted and non Encrypted Chat Features work
     (Tested Encrypted Chat user to user:  PASS)
     (Still need to test General Chat room and more user to user chat)

- POP3 and SMTP Decentralized Email:
     Verify the Network works as a pop3 server (mail from the network to your e-mail client)
     Verify the Network works as an SMTP server (mail from your e-mail client to the network)
     Verify functionality - sending encrypted and non encrypted e-mails, receiving emails, and attachments
     Verify the SMTP fees and propagation behavior and backfill
     ToDo:  Mini User Guide to explain how to set network settings and actually use the Decentralized E-mail feature.
     (Test Send email through BBP:  PASS  -  tested charges plus attachments and cc and bcc and multiple recipients)
    (Test Receive email from BBP:  PASS)
    (Test encrypted EMAIL:  NOT TESTED )
- DAC:
     Verify you can report on the Dac Engine:
     We need to test listdacdonations
     Verify you can make an anonymous gift to the DAC:  PASS
     Verify the DAC allocates the gift properly to the charities and or to the children:  PASS (We allocated 76% + 24% to two voted in recipients) and we tested 'exec dacengine'
- TxOutsetInfo:
     Verify actual money supply, and outstanding DWS effect shows the exact money supply

- UTXO Mining:
    Verify you can be paid for UTXO mining
    Verify the integrity of a BBP UTXO stake, and the integrity of a foreign UTXO stake

     Verify the Sancs can vote in an orphan or a charity
     Verify the orphan list and the charity list

-  UTXO Staking from UI
     Verify you can stake a UTXO from the UI, or from 'utxostake'

- RPC commands
     Verify 'exec give'

- BIBLEPAY University 1.0
    - Verify Course Material links brings you to each course in Module 1
    - Verify Final exam material for each course
    - Verify Exam room works properly

Additional Wiki guides:

Explain Important Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:

For those following us this is easier to understand nevertheless the intended changes starting at Tribulation_Height are:

- DWS will temporarily stay enabled for existing payments only (but will be disabled for new stakes) until all old stakes are paid.  This is so we can promote UTXO mining instead.
- UTXO mining is more efficient than DWS.  With UTXO mining you can be rewarded the coinbase mining block reward when you add a new UTXO stake, and, additionally you can receive a perpetual reward in the UTXO leaderboard (daily).
- DashStake will be disabled, but, you may re-stake the dash stakes as UTXO stakes.
- BiblePay will support more crypto-currency partners for UTXO mining!  For example, at the cutover height you can stake BBP, or BBP+Dash, or BBP+BTC.  Once successful, we plan on voting more pairs in!
- UTXO mining appeals to 17 million Dash addresses, and 450 million unique Bitcoin addresses, giving us a large potential new user base!
- RandomX merge mining is still fully implemented for block security.  Since we are merge mined, no one can come in and "buy" BBP with hashpower.
- For all the blocks that are Not new UTXO transactions, our RX miners still get the subsidy!  The UTXO subsidy only goes to new staked UTXOs as a reward to bring popularity to our network from other (foreign UTXOs) - IE newbies.
- When you stake BBP only, you receive approx. half the reward.  When you stake BBP+DASH or BBP+BTC, you receive up to double the reward.  The reward is based on the lower of the two values * 2.  For example, if you stake $200 of BBP combined with $150 of Dash, your UTXO is valued at $150 * 2 = $300.   If you stake $200 of BBP alone, the UTXO is valued at $200.  If you stake $150 of BBP + $200 of bitcoin, the stake is valued at $150 * 2 = $300.00.
- We will hold a sanctuary vote for the efficacy of UTXO mining vs. PODC for the coinbase reward.  This vote will suggest that UTXO mining is phased in and PODC phased out.
- Depending on the outcome, the PODC campaign percentage will be decreased first by half (to allow UTXO mining to start) then in decrements of 25% per month until PODC is phased out and UTXO is phased in.  All PODC miners can transition into making UTXO positions to receive new rewards in the UTXO model effective when PODC is disabled (sourced from UTXO mining).

*** What still needs done in this version before released to prod ***

- Reporting the DAC metrics:  Show the sponsored children, the totals, the audit data you would normally find in ''
(this decentralized accountability)
- Reporting of the accountability Historical data.  This would make our history available so a user does not need both prior web history + blockchain data to see our giving history.
- Test BITCOIN staking
- Make sure this release is user friendly from the UI
- Ensure we have the wiki guides ready

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync. 

We are at block  ____58050 (hash 936794dadbbeba1625e1410f9a2e9a44645b6c0ee70678337d385f834077b999)_____ as of January 8th, 2021).

Testnet Download Links:

     Windows 64-bit:
Not Ready:
     MacOS QT:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

To self compile:


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:

Place the file in ~/.biblepay

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: This version will also work side-by-side our production nodes,
so, you also have the option if you are short on machines, to run TestNet side by side a prod node!

To run a TestNet Sanctuary:

How to create a deterministic sanc from scratch:


Announcements & Fundraisers / Dash Easter Egg Reward Program
« on: December 25, 2020, 07:36:39 PM »
*** DASH Easter Egg New User Campaign ***

Welcome to the Dash Easter Egg new User Campaign!

In this campaign, we are excited to show Dash users some of our features in hopes that Dash users may decide to use both Dash and Biblepay.

Some of our features include:
- Ability to read the KJV bible inside the core wallet
- Ability to create prayer requests in the wallet (Click Send and check the Prayer checkbox)
- We tithe 10% of our Mining emissions to orphan-charity
- We embrace the RandomX algorithm, meaning normal home CPUs can mine bbp
- We have sanctuary governance, meaning if you sponsor a child you have the right to be a sanctuary which earns you a reward
- We have dynamic whale staking - this gives you a staking type reward on holding extra biblepay (see 'dws' in the rpc console)
- We have daily smart contracts which allow us to pay our PODC participants for cancer mining
- We have pop3 and smtp mail forwarding in the wallet, and in-wallet chat

We have created our first promotional campaign for Dash.  In this campaign we have allocated 375 million bbp (allocated over 73,000,000 dash addresses), with a randomized reward between 5000, 10000, and 1 million bbp.  These addresses are DASH addresses that received DASH between block 1 (inception) and block 1,395,000 (Dec 2020).

You can find out if your public address is in our reward list here:
NOTE:  Since there are now 73MM addresses, we can't list them all, but know that every single dash address used is in the reward program!

If your address is on the list, you may claim your reward by following these instructions:
1.  From Dash Core, enter the RPC console and type:
signmessage <reward_address> bbp
(Where reward_address equals the address on the report with the reward).  If you do not own that public key the command will give you an error, otherwise it will give you a signature.
Copy the signature to the clipboard.  If you do not have a clipboard, you can use "".

2.  From BiblePay, enter the RPC and type:
claimreward <reward_address> <signature>
Paste the signature from your clipboard in <signature> and paste your reward public key in <reward_address>.
If you are a winner, biblepay will report the amount you won in the command and unlock the funds for you to spend!

Note that you must have BiblePay or higher (this version is not released as a mandatory yet, so please download it from here until our Feb 2021 mandatory upgrade is released):

     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

To self compile:

Archived Proposals / ROKU Mining Launch Thread - Get Paid to Watch TV!
« on: November 25, 2020, 02:29:30 PM »
We are officially launching ROKU Mining on Wednesday Nov. 25th, at 3PM CST!

To become a Roku miner, please follow these instructions:

Follow the getting started guide here:

Please post here if you have any questions.

EDIT: The reward has been changed to be 100K per day for 7 days until we retire the program.

The payments will be based on your Sanctitude.

To see the Roku Leaderboard, click here:

TestNet Discussion Archive / BiblePay TV (Alpha release) - for ROKU TV
« on: November 21, 2020, 05:10:06 PM »
I am pleased to announce the alpha release of BIBLEPAY TV is now ready for testing on ROKU.

BiblePay TV has the long term goals of providing this functionality:

- Watch Christian TV, by category.  Some categories are:  Rapture videos, Christian Testimonies, Heaven, Hell, NDEs, Christian Movies, Salvation, Core Christianity.
- Sponsor an Orphan:  Sponsor an orphan with BIBLEPAY for a short duration (7 days), or medium or longer duration.  We are working on the ability to let you send BBP to your roku device using the Roku-ID as the receiving address.  Then you can SPEND BBP from your ROKU device just by entering your 4 digit BBP PIN code!
- Pay-Per-View (alpha):  This feature will let you watch a Christian Movie for a certain amount of BBP (similar to renting a movie).  This feature does not yet work, as we are currently trying to get the BBP-signing working for the coins!
- BBP Advertising Campaigns:  Since there are over 150 million roku devices out there, BBP TV is the perfect place to show off BIBLEPAY.  We are working on the ability to pay users (using our advertising budget) to watch BIBLEPAY TV.  Then they can see our 30 second ad, to raise awareness of the crypto.  This should drive some new user traffic into BBP.
- User Content Uploads:  You will have the ability as a user to add content to BIBLEPAY TV!  For now you can simply upload the video using the foundation link (here).  In the future as this gains traction we can decentralize the upload process by moving the link to our sanctuaries.
- ROKU MINING:  This proof-of-concept is not yet in alpha.  I will add a discussion link for this soon.  The idea with ROKU mining, is we could theoretically reward the coinbase mining reward to those distinct users who are watching BIBLEPAY TV.  I will address this in more detail.

How do I add BIBLEPAY TV to my ROKU:

We are not yet a public channel, and therefore you must log into your ROKU account from your PC and then click this link:

Our vanity access code is "biblepay".
Once added click your "HOME" screen on Roku and you should see the biblepay Logo!

If you don't have a ROKU device, you can buy a streaming stick for as low as $29 on amazon:

All feedback is appreciated!

Bounties / Convert WhitePaper to German
« on: November 01, 2020, 12:03:07 PM »
We are offering a 4 million BBP bounty to convert our EN whitepaper to German.

Please find the original Docx here (this has been refreshed in July 2020 to show PODC and RandomX features):

Note:  Please modify the docx file then submit it; then I will modify it to PDF and save it on our shared drive. 


For reference only - the finished product in English:



It appears that dave_bbp is going to do this, please Dave confirm that you are working it so no one else takes it, Thanks!

Production Proposals / Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 15, 2020, 10:41:43 AM »
Use the 7 mil in this proposal to sell it to raise BTC to buy up the sell wall on SX.

100% of this proposal is geared toward raising funds to buy up latent coins.

Accounting will be provided.


To be more specific, I plan on selling the 7MM on SX, then using those funds to buy BBP, then repeating this process again (until all the funds are gone).
And recording the Sell wall before and after, and the BTC/BBP amounts for each round. 

In this thread we can discuss God, Jesus, the way to salvation, Heaven, Hell, Dimensions, and anything that is considered off-topic in the core biblepay discussion threads, but has religious overtones.

Feel free to also discuss:

- Conspiracy Possible Facts
- New One World Relgion
- One World Currency
- New World Order
- Rapture Dreams
- Prophetic Dreams and Visions

I don't think it is beneficial to discuss "Conspiracy Theories" (for example, unproven theories about moon landing or JFK, etc).  Just things related to the coming tribulation and pieces of the puzzle that clearly turn conspiracy theories into facts.  IE, please try to post edifying material for the body of Christ who is asleep, etc.

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Self Directed Portfolios
« on: September 06, 2020, 04:54:24 PM »
This idea is in the concept phase.

Please read this baby level starter:

I plan on adding a section for technical design also, that will elaborate on how we will pull this off. 

To give you some background on this, we have a feature going into production at the end of the month called "Dash Stake Rewards".
The idea with Dash Stake is to attract Dash Investors into BiblePay, as long term BiblePay users and investors.

The way it works is, if you hold a Dash UTXO (an unspent coin), and a BBP UTXO, you may run a command that creates a contract out of those.
This contract is called a Dash Stake Reward Contract, and currently has a fixed duration of 6 months.
The contract locks in a certain DWS reward (this is similar to an APR % ROI on an investment, except since it is a staking reward, we don't call it APR, we call it DWS).
As an example, if you hold a $1000 Dash Coin and a $1000 BBP coin, you can earn about 40% DWS (annualized) on those coins as long as they remain unspent and locked in the 6 month contract.

The contract emits 6 payments, one per month, for the monthly reward amount. 

Expanding on this idea, SDP extends the specification to not just one coin, but to many coins, for example BTC and ETH.

These extended coin contracts would share from our global reward kitty for one (so no, we would not emit an unlimited amount of rewards).  A BTC stake would lower the amount available from the global kitty.

But, to make the idea more sustainable it will also have marketplace elements (as seen in the wiki).

Please feel free to discuss.

My longer term goal is to add enhancements to the idea that contain fees for revenue, that aims to makes our coinbase emission low.

Archived Proposals / BiblePay Air Wallet TestNet Thread
« on: August 27, 2020, 09:08:23 PM »
Welcome to the Air Wallet TestNet Thread!

Please run the following tests on the air wallet:

- Log in with Credentials, record your public and private keypair.  Ensure the same credentials always derive to the same keypair.
  Send some BBP to and from that particular wallet.
- Log in with new credentials, send some bible to and from that particular wallet.
- Ensure the residual amount is still available in each separate wallet keypair.

Test other currencies:

- Test Doge, BTC, LTC

Coming Soon:

Support for DASH.
The ability to sign UTXOs from (within air wallet).  This allows a user to do this easily outside of the core wallet.


You cannot quickly create and send a new transaction until the first broadcast goes into a block.  Once the tx is mined, then the wallets balance (and internal UTXOs are updated).  If you try to spend funds quickly in succession without waiting you will receive an error.



Main Testing Page:

Option A:
You can download the source to your drive into a directory such as c:\\airwallet, then run index.html from your google browser.
Option B:
You can access it from here:

This idea stems from the desire to appeal to a large user base (IE mass PR/Advertising), without paying a lot of advertising dollars per new user, new user retention, and price appreciation.

What this theoretically does right off the bat is makes BBP more valuable, because we can set this up to ensure that at least the same value of BBP locks up an equivalent or more amount of DASH.  For those who do it, they receive the interest reward.  Those that dont are 'out of the loop' and they will strive to either do it or maybe exit and sell off the coins.

- Doing this would theoretically mean unlimited popularity - since this would appeal to the Entire Dash Investor group
 (I believe this would be more than 100,000 distinct users).  The appeal is, we are saying IF you hold a DASH UTXO, and a BBP UTXO, you receive the DWS reward (about 30% ROI).
I think a lot of Dash investors would consider doing this, because that means earning BBP on their DASH without liquidating DASH.
- Elements of a stable price (currency backed by another currency).  Since BBP would lock up an equiv. amount of DASH, theoretically our price would rise as more and more come in to buy more BBP to lock up dash.
- Rewards for the Dash investor base that currently do not receive rewards.
- Higher interest rewards for BiblePay users who diversified over more than one currency:  This is because with POOS coming, a lot of sancs have no avenue to earn rewards.  With DASH backed rewards, they can put that BBP in the Dash-BBP bucket.
- A 'non participation penalty' for coins that sit for sale on exchanges
- Diversification:  This makes BBP much more like a stablecoin.  This means if you hold $1K of BBP and $1K of DASH, and earn 30% per year, you have twice the chance of weather a crypto-meltdown than if you simply hold one currency.  It might also bring some positive reputation to BIBLEPAY also, to be yoked with DASH much more tightly.
- In wallet - your keys - so you control the security on this - and you do not have to give up your DASH keys or your BBP keys
- DASH has 560% new users in Venezuela this year - and this goes hand in hand with our initiative to provide a stipend to VZ citizens to help them (IE a weekly bread allowance in BBP)
Also our ties with "dashpay" allow users of BBP to spend DASH - therefore we have a positive relationship in spending BBP to dash merchants also.

Here is theoretically how this system would work:

BBP would strive to ask users to lock every UTXO with a matching DASH UTXO of equal value or more, in order to create a contract for that UTXO. 
(They would click a command that locks the Dash UTXO-Priv-Key against the BBP-UTXO-PrivKey creating a contract - and at that particular time the DASH UTXO must be greater in price than the BBP UTXO they hold - IE $1050 for Dash and $900 for BBP is OK for a duration of say 90 days).   The BBP wallet would record a current interest rate reward (depending on how long the lock is).  BBP would constantly monitor both the DASH UTXO and the BBP UTXO.  If either is spent, the contract will be nullified.  However, if neither is spent, each month, the BBP user would receive a reward automatically from the coinbase - containing the interest component.  The Lock would continue in place until the duration expires.  (So a 6 month lock would equal 6 coupon payments).

For security purposes, we would not ask the Dash user to give us their private keys - instead we will have them sign the UTXO from the dash wallet using a command we provide, and they will paste the sig into the bbp command.  This will prove ownership of the UTXO on the BBP side- then we will monitor it until its spent.  On the BBP side we will sign their UTXO ourselves and put all this in a contract.

The BBP wallet would pull information from the DASH network to know about their UTXOs automaticaly, and memorize them.  It would then REJECT new contracts that are attempted on spent UTXOs automatically.  Anyone who spends a DASH UTXO mid contract would cause cancellation of the contract, therefore they would lose the upcoming dividend strip.

One thing I like particularly is the free advertising.  Its very difficult to advertise a crypto without paying massive coinbase emission or campaign fees. 

Note that I am not creating this because I hold any DASH myself.  I actually dont have much DASH right now, but I would be willing to do this myself as I can see the value in gaining diversification away from the USD and into dual-cryptos at once.

EDIT:  I am adding the following summary (as of September 5th, 2020) for the sake of the production vote to authorize us to release this first version of dashstake into production:

- This is version 1.0 of DashStake Rewards.  It only rewards users for locked UTXOs that tie DASH + BBP together in a contract.
- This rewards the user a once per month reward, if the contract is still active.  The contract is active if it is not expired, and both the BBP and the DASH UTXOs are not spent.
- (In the next thread (to be created soon), we can discuss a more complicated idea, where we will create a sustainable use case for BBP (a marketplace for buying and selling the staked reward component), and opening up more currency pairs than just DASH+BBP) however this initial system being released is the 'simple' version.
- In production, we authorize Dash/BBP homogenized rewards to share the DWS reward pool, for up to 6 months.  In the next mandatory design in testnet, we will measure the emissions and create a plan to not defer from the original emission covenant (as, we are committed to NEVER spending more than we promised over the long term emission schedule).  This means that we intend to limit our emissions to 2.84 B by the end of 2021.
- In production, the Dash+BBP DWS rate will start out high (about 53%) due to the codes allocation from the kitty, but this will drop as demand increases. 
- I estimate that we will pay no more than 20MM BBP before the end of the year in rewards (based on our budget of 4.3MM in monthly whale stakes allocated in ).
- We will discuss a more sustainable future for DWS rewards in our upcoming thread, meaning that we desire to have a revenue stream for BBP that helps pay for these rewards, very soon in production.  It is my desire to charge either fees or marketplace charges to recoup a large percent of these rewards in our next design, and, to roll this out within 6 months so as to lower the costs yet provide a useful service for the world.
- Part of the impetus of this reward system is creating a partnership with Dash, their investor base, and establishing a PR campaign around DashStake BBP Rewards.

This proposal authorizes the BiblePay Devs to release this feature into Production as of block 221170 (September 20th, 2020).

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