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** Monetizing the Entire Forum **

I am considering the monetization of the entire forum (meaning people will get rewards for original content posted, in all of our topics).

For now however I am starting a beta test:  monetization has been enabled in this forum thread.

To participate please paste your BBP address into the "Forum Rewards" field here:

Monetization should start in about 6 hours.

You will see a cherry in your posts once you get paid for the post (with the amount rewarded) next to it.

The details of each payment will also be in in the deposit report.

My goal is to get this thread up to 1million views. 

10750 BBP

Bounties / BiblePay Forum Activity Rewards
« on: August 09, 2020, 02:30:14 PM »
I am interested in attracting more than one new user to our project per day, therefore we will be offering forum activity rewards.

In this beginning stage, lets call this the beta testing stage, the program will be limited to activity posted in this thread (the op post thread) :

The way it works is our foundation will send you a wallet reward, based on the table below, according to your activity and benevolence.

To get started please follow these steps:

1) Join and create an account so you can post in the above thread.
2) Add your biblepay wallet address to:
Populate the Forum Rewards (BiblePay receive) address field.  Click Save.
3) Ask questions about biblepay in the above thread, and/or help other users.
4) Thats it!  We will assess the rewards automatically once per week.

Please see the following chart for the reward levels:

(Note the post count is the Distinct post count made by the user (deleted and/or reported posts and/or flagged as negative do not count) in that particular Week, and must have positive benevolence, and the posts must be in the OP thread listed above):

Reward = Post Count  *  min((Benevolence/10),1) * 2500

4 posts with a benevolence of 1 = 10,000 bbp
1 post with a benevolence of 20 = 2,000 bbp
10 posts with a benevolence of 50 = 125,000 bbp
1 deleted post = 0 bbp

To see your benevolence, please see your avatar on any of the forum threads.


We will create a report that outlines the summary of the payouts per week; this will let you know the rewards you received (and the community received).

New community member bonus:

APM (Automatic Price Mooning in Production):

Starting September 15th, and pending the outcome of the APM sanctuary vote, we are moving to a new emissions model where we won't be emitting many coins from BiblePay, unless our price is constantly rising on our exchanges day over day.  The rules are very simple, basically, our price needs to go up by 1 millisatoshi per day, otherwise we emit hardly any coins that day (we do emit PODC coins, but thats it).  In light of this Im looking for 7 whales who might be part of a congregation that takes turns in buying BBP (each whale buys to the next millisatoshi, then, they stop until the next whale takes over the next day).  I feel that it is absolutely of no value for me to buy BBP if we don't have other strong backers in the tank with me.  If we can find a group of 7 whales, Ill join the group.  Otherwise I wont promote this idea (of being involved in this). 

I feel at this point the APM feature gives new whales a good reason to buy and hold BBP for a longer duration, as with the impetus of a constantly rising price they will have more insurance to be able to get out of biblepay when they want to exit (as APM should add positive buying pressure).

21000 BBP

Bounties / BiblePay Mass User Expansion - New Forum User Bounty
« on: August 08, 2020, 01:31:39 PM »
We are pleased to offer a bounty of 20,000 BIBLEPAY for new community members-- please follow these steps:

1)  Register a forum account here at, and change your avatar to something other than the default
2)  Download the Core wallet from here (not the mobile version), and sync it:
3)  Read our OP post, and then Make a post containing a question about biblepay here:
4) From the core wallet, click Tools | Info | Console:
From the console, type the command: faucetcode
Paste the faucetcode here in this thread, and then one of our mods will review the steps and pay you the reward.

Thank you for joining BiblePay.

Test results for Coin-Age voting:

Voted with coin age voting For the proposal from the QT wallet - verified that the distinct vote count increased and the distinct coin-age increased: PASS
Voted against the proposal - verified the "No" vote increased and the distinct "NO" coin-age increased: PASS
Verify the Proposals UI independent columns are correct in the datagrid: PASS

*** BiblePay TestNet update, and Unchained Update ***

Please see this wiki first, on our next release that contains BiblePay Unchained:

We need help in testnet testing these new features:

10500 BBP

Todd from Cameroon-One has gotten involved in testnet also. 
We have moved the testnet POOS domain to the cameroon-one domain as of Aug 6th.
We will test POOS overall status (system up, system down), a new orphan, the POOS level, and an orphan in non-payment.

Please see this important information on how to use Unchained in testnet:

BiblePay TestNet - September 2020 Upgrade for TestNet

- Add DWS (Dynamic Whale Stake) from the Send Coins UI (via checkbox)
- Add BiblePay Unchained (BIPFS Upload, Download, Encrypted, File and Folder support), Sidechain, and sidechain sync, and UI for sidechain block count
- Add exec bipfs_list, bipfs_folder, bipfs_file
- Modify Sanc payout to be 8.75% higher and monthly governance to be 8.75% lower
- Ensure our gsc contract contains the APM price (this means sancs will vote in unison for the correct price)

** I will be updating the required test cases in the OP Post Today - I will clearly delineate pre1.5.1.8 test cases from with a horiz. rule so we know what additional test cases to test **

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Spanish Translation
« on: August 05, 2020, 10:59:54 AM »
Also, Eli, please post your bbp address also so we can pay you for the two you have completed,

Production Proposals / Monthly Superblock Budget Change
« on: August 04, 2020, 09:21:39 PM »
Since we voted that sanctuaries will sponsor orphans starting in the next mandatory, this means that Sanctuaries are paying the lions share of the charity expenses in the future.

This means that BiblePay should not pay the primary charity expenses from the monthly governance superblock (this is approx. 10% of the coins emissions).

I propose that we reduce the monthly superblock budget (by removing the charity component) and apply it to the coinbase reward, and we raise the sanctuary portion of the coinbase (approximately to the proper percentage that rewards this amount primarily to the sanctuaries).

This means the monthly budget will drop to 4.8 million (from 9.7 million) - and we will clarify the breakdown on the website to:
8.75% - Monthly governance:
- 50% IT
- 25% PR, P2P
- 25% Miscellaneous

And the 8.75% would be added to the sanctuaries, bringing their reward up to 41.25% (from 32.5%).

** Kairos Update **

Kairos is our orphanage partner in the Philippines.  We sponsor 14 of their 24 children.

Please see this update about Kairos, which basically sets the standards for children participation in their program and provides an update about their school program:

10500 BBP

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Spanish Translation
« on: August 03, 2020, 02:22:57 PM »
Hi Rob (:

Hehe, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being part of this exciting project.

<COMMENT> I think BBP should remain the same - I strongly believe it is the only Christian Crypto project out there, and that is exactly its inner strength! By doing this work I've learned a lot about it, a little bit about you,  We have to be patient, attach to the Roadmap and have faith that, if we do it for the proper reasons, God will help us all! </COMMENT>

Please let me know when/how we can have a nice chat Rob.



Thank you Ely,  I believe you are right about staying the same.  We built up a brand, and it was a little marred, but now we have fair weights and measures (randomx merge mining + podc), and the Holy Spirit.  And no more swearing in this current forum.

Let's try to build on the foundation that God has given us then.


Very exciting news! I am all for it.

Currently I am using a very limited Internet bandwidth account.
In order to participent in the new storage feature, will I need to pay for a sagnificant internet bandwidth increase ?
Can you estimate how much bandwith each storage participent will need ?

Thanks,  so in this first version, the user and miner - they do not have to mine any data or do any indexing, so for the user experience they will not see an impact on bandwidth or file storage costs.

There will however be a sidechain that syncs metadata from the sancs, so the user will be pulling that down once, but its very minimal - and, they wont pay a significant bandwidth unless they actually pull down documents.  They can do that either manually with commands, or if they navigate to some decentralized type web sites that one of our users create(s).

The sanctuaries will have an increase in bandwidth because they will index the sidechain metadata and also the DSQL queries. 

Today, the encryption is now working, so now we have encrypted, non encrypted, storage density options, lease duration, and paid hosting transactions working.  Another words, in testnet you will be able to pay 3000 bbp to store a PDF with a density of 4 that is 12K in size, encrypted or non encrypted for 6 months, and it will be available theoretically even in the tribulation (due to the fact that its stored in 4 areas of the world).  We have Europe, America East and West, and Canada in the solution.

But the sidechain is not finished, so Im trying to see if we can get that v1.0 finished and into testnet by August 25th so we can potentially roll out a beta version of this for September.

Id also like to keep the BiblePay Greeting Card generator and home delivery of documents in the roadmap, as those two things work through APIs that appear to provide pretty good use case(s).

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