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Dear Customer,

Over the past few months we have been met with many challenges within the hosting business. Some that have not been overcome.
As result of this we will be closing our doors.  We will be shutting down this Monday 12/9/2019.  We are taking this time to let our customers know so that they may backup and retrieve all of their data before then.
We deeply apologize for this inconvenience.
Thank You.

NOTE:  Hostbrz is only giving valuable customers 3 days to remove their data.  I believe they will be keeping the excess hosting fees and not offering a refund.

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 12/4/2019 23:04
To: yLKSrCjLQFsfVgX8RjdctZ797d54atPjnV
Debit: -11 000.00000000 tBBP
Transaction fee: -0.00821000 tBBP
Net amount: -11 000.00821000 tBBP
Transaction ID: c76dc628ab85cd1eefea170d649bb92aabf085c2a12b84b9d34a25518e6ec05c
Output index: 1
Transaction total size: 821 bytes

Code: [Select]
Debit: -3767.05326650 tBBP
Debit: -3773.29547908 tBBP
Debit: -5065.13451406 tBBP
Credit: 1605.47504964 tBBP
To: yLdnz7dQxUZCpcX1Z9bcBbFz2QBRQgMGZn 1605.0000 BBP

CTransaction(hash=c76dc628ab, ver=1, type=0, vin.size=3, vout.size=2, nLockTime=20102, vExtraPayload.size=0)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(7a4804ef0b14b94c37ca5083dc1675ef3c0d11637282529850c50263e2bc8202, 0), scriptSig=483045022100bde976efea0e, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(bde5dba4fc908e2fe106e5e5040dc213fae425b243a617f0ef6c793c220a2ebc, 0), scriptSig=483045022100a770d7458985, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(c241737398b8becad573bb9887cc659f3705ec684c24ff134e30bba034ef2668, 10), scriptSig=483045022100ffea81996b77, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxOut(nValue=1605.47504964, scriptPubKey=76a91403784bdd3a4cf73272b0bcf3)
    CTxOut(nValue=11000.00000000, scriptPubKey=76a914000000000000000000000000)

DWS: yjMPYG1qXYf2qWU2z1yMtfiSCx7cYcvMm120102yjMPYG1qXYf2qWU2z1yMtfiSCx7cYcvMm115755294901.8160312-08-2019 07:04:5011000.00

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 12/4/2019 23:04
To: yLKSrCjLQFsfVgX8RjdctZ797d54atPjnV
Debit: -11 000.00000000 tBBP
Transaction fee: -0.00821000 tBBP
Net amount: -11 000.00821000 tBBP
Transaction ID: ab6b451724d48b7204ccd5eedad550c2548fac764450f840e8ad14ac28e96a85
Output index: 1
Transaction total size: 819 bytes

Debit: -3779.16221232 tBBP
Debit: -5707.10526530 tBBP
Debit: -3780.86439835 tBBP
Credit: 2267.12366597 tBBP
To: yQzXVa2uKZf1ZvhPnf2WEmPVh9Lx3Q8YYY 2267.0000 BBP

CTransaction(hash=ab6b451724, ver=1, type=0, vin.size=3, vout.size=2, nLockTime=20043, vExtraPayload.size=0)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(34a9e058211f4b6b722b4d26ed096b2dcdcff482f11a6d75b7f1ae0fa4ae5fed, 0), scriptSig=4730440220199ae942e147ad, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(5e0a114a3c01706e76f06f8fb80557323b0b8af25f519585d00ab40afaf954d1, 10), scriptSig=473044022034d0f8f879de64, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(cf7001bdf3774d64d01832f79df9914d24c641ca14fa7d7742c698941a49d6af, 0), scriptSig=483045022100f16448095e47, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxOut(nValue=2267.12366597, scriptPubKey=76a91433449a3c30ed33871f3d12f2)
    CTxOut(nValue=11000.00000000, scriptPubKey=76a914000000000000000000000000)

DWS: yjMPYG1qXYf2qWU2z1yMtfiSCx7cYcvMm120102yjMPYG1qXYf2qWU2z1yMtfiSCx7cYcvMm115755294911.8159312-08-2019 07:04:5111000.00

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 12/4/2019 23:04
To: yLKSrCjLQFsfVgX8RjdctZ797d54atPjnV
Debit: -11 000.00000000 tBBP
Transaction fee: -0.00593000 tBBP
Net amount: -11 000.00593000 tBBP
Transaction ID: 4787a76368dd0715c36c90d02c9f7a65149d63646ab69ffdaf0155cc6231cd88
Output index: 0
Transaction total size: 593 bytes

Debit: -503 588.99953448 tBBP
Credit: 492 588.99360448 tBBP
To: yP5GznAJMkYnxggE3BM74FMGrWm2ZFCJML 492588.0000 BBP

CTransaction(hash=4787a76368, ver=1, type=0, vin.size=1, vout.size=2, nLockTime=20045, vExtraPayload.size=0)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(0b62094692049e33fcf3bc7eccb48ee02ae0cb3b9d087ac68cbc3d71b8a95203, 1), scriptSig=483045022100de2345fa4db9, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxOut(nValue=11000.00000000, scriptPubKey=76a914000000000000000000000000)
    CTxOut(nValue=492588.99360448, scriptPubKey=76a9141e3a5469ec7d6141cdf494dd)
DWS: yjMPYG1qXYf2qWU2z1yMtfiSCx7cYcvMm120102yjMPYG1qXYf2qWU2z1yMtfiSCx7cYcvMm115755294911.8158312-08-2019 07:04:5111000.00

Please encapsulate long 'pastes' within code tags.

Were you going to answer the other questions in my post?

Next, try to grep your own debug.log like this:
cd testnet3
cat debug.log | grep c76dc628ab85cd1eefea170d649bb92aabf085c2a12b84b9d34a25518e6ec05c

Please paste the error here.

Your burn is not on my sanctuary log, or in my dev node, so it did not make it onto the network.


Sorry, like I said, I removed the TX. If I run into again, I'll relay it.

How many did you successfully test before that?  Were you inserting a lot of DWS inside the same block, or trying to break it, or what lead up to the failed DWS transaction exactly?

Most likely you were able to get it transmitted locally because it passed all checks at that very second, but the other nodes on the network didnt like it (due to it being out of bounds by a certain parameter).  Once we have a future txid, I can tell you what the parameter was.

But after looking at the code, I dont see any flaws the way it is.  We do check the transaction before accepting it now, so it is not a matter of becoming an orphan because of the biblepay validator.

Production Proposals / Re: PODC TEAM REQUIREMENTS
« on: December 04, 2019, 11:44:20 AM »
Since the second place in the poll (4 votes) is allowing any team with ^1.6 stake, is that option on the table? The selfish part of me wants to limit BBP earnings to just team BiblePay, but the other side says that if you want BiblePay to survive you want to expose it to any many people as possible. That's the mechanics needed to scale a product or service... so ^1.6 stake for any team seems like the better path. The ^1.6 stake is restrictive already, so why limit teams? If you do the analysis, for grcpool with a combined RAC of 749k (240k, 243k, 310k), you would need 1.4 billion to stake BBP. The exponent already limits the RAC whales (e.g. pools like grcpool, CharityEngine, boid, etc)

I agree completely in the sense that if we want to attract unlimited new users, we should allow the possibility of any team (not just GRC), if they stake the collateral.

I'm definitely open as I want the community to get what they want out of BBP.

So, I extended the deadline 7 more days.

I feel that in order to achieve this we need more votes; so my best advice is to try to drum up more votes if you would like to see this change.

Stays unconfirmed in the QT wallet. Can't abandon. I have to Wallet Repair, Recover Transactions 1 to remove it.

2019-12-04 15:22:12
VerifyDynamicWhaleStake ACCEPTED :  Amount 100000.000000, Duration 1, SatPercentAnnual 0.008545, SatPercentMonthly 0.090695, Projected DWU 1.818611, Burn DWU 1.818600GUI: Platform customization: "windows"
What is the TXID?

Production Proposals / Re: Kairos Childrens Fund Recurring charges Nov 2019
« on: December 02, 2019, 08:28:47 PM »

This is HEX telegram bot response to howey:

Theyre about to launch pretty soon, was supposed to go live already an hour ago,
I plan to put $150 of Ethereum into it today, and then sign (prove) I own Bitcoin tomorrow,
and then I plan to stake the coins for 6 years LOL

I dont mean to advertise, and I have no idea if it will go up in value,
but Im a fan of Richard Hearts youtube videos,
even though he can be a bit harsh and I disagree with him on some things,
(before this he really wanted to make a science coin and then gave up b/c it was too hard,
I think he put a good amount of time into it, it was called CFD token (CFD for Computational Fluid Dynamics))

Its fascinating how close the feature is to his description coming from absolutely unknown perspectives from each other.
Ours purely was born out of the desire to attract more new users (plus an e-mail that same night from coinbase: we are now offering a return-staking-reward on POS balances held at coinbase) and I was thinking you know we should make this based on burns (purely because that would make it hassle free).  Its also interesting how the Howey ended up relatively similar - of course that makes sense based on what expectations you are making clear the user should not expect.

Cool well good luck with the investment; I hope for an expanding market share with no slowing down.

Ill have to watch his youtube video, he looks a little familiar to me.

Testnet MacOS and Linux binaries also available

So far I could associate the user and everything went smoothly

I will wait for some blocks to run exec rac and post results

Ok good, and btw, we can use help with DWS also.

Thank you for explaining DWS Rob, I think its a cool feature (I like HEX coin)

I think I got confused from this example on the DWS proposal thread:

15,000 should be 150,000?
Oh sorry, your exactly right - it should have been 150K.  I edited it in 2 places just now.

Is HEX very similar to this feature?  And did they also make it staking so they can be howy compliant?

I do not believe I received the Kanye proposal funding,
I just created another proposal, should show up soon


All 3 nodes are running PrivateSend now

Im seeing this, havent seen any mixing yet:

Well on a side note I do recommend using a dedicated wallet for mixing; we definitely should not ask the user to intermingle the CPK PODC wallet with the PS inputs/outputs as I think that will just be asking for trouble.  If you could please test this in a wallet that you are not testing the 'exec rac' on that would be very helpful.

I think your PS might be working now; its showing that out of the 7 nodes, 3 are willing to mix.
That means if you let it run for a while (try the command line, privatesend start)?  see if it mixes over night.
We increased the denoms by 100* so it should consume less bills now.

Im testing Dynamic Whale Staking, I just ran:

Code: [Select]
exec dws 100000 3 I_AGREE yXfpgvjvNJ5aURRQ6porVHSPJzWdiWvk9i
The DWU is 91.1005, does that mean I multiple by 1.0911005 to calculate what I will receive back?

DWS Reference:

So just to clarify, we use Dynamic Whale Units so as to not make any promise of a return in standard banking terms, IE this is more of a staking term.
Another thing to clarify, note that if the screen quote (from exec dws) shows DWU 95 for 30 days), your actual DWU (of 91.1005 above) is based on '3 days' and that is derived from the 30 day duration (we get less DWU for shorter burns, more DWU for longer, and even much more as you can see for locking up for 365 days). 

So to calculate the stake reward you can multiply .911005 * original burn divided by 365 (annualize it) * the duration in days, and that is the Dynamic whale reward amount (plus the original burn amount).

Also you can type 'exec dwsquote 1 1' to see your own burns, with details containing the future maturity date and total calculated amount.

Hey guys, lets test at least 10 burns each if possible, put in an easy to use suffix on the amount like '10001.10' '10002.20' or whatever you prefer and you will easily see you get back 10 in the future- i recommend doing shorter terms because we only have 15 more days of testing left.

I believe I was looking at the wrong wallet,
I see that I received 1 million BBP at address: yVqyMZPPUw6JrASEgfWsRns7rDkRQFQbVF
on 11/28/19 00:20, Height: 18655

Good, thats the one I reentered.  Im fairly certain Watchman is working, because it is the same code ported over from prod.
So Im relatively sure superblocks are going to work.

Ill enter another extra proposal now.

Happened again, only got to block 17444
Im updating to v1.4.8.3
Ok that worked, Im synced up now!

Btw, did you get paid for the Kanye proposal?

Happened again, only got to block 17444
Im updating to v1.4.8.3
Ok that worked, Im synced up now!

Yeah, didnt support syncing from 0, but does.

Production Proposals / Kairos Childrens Fund Recurring charges Nov 2019
« on: November 30, 2019, 07:49:50 PM »
11B   Helena NARCISO   1 - EL   $20
14B   Princess CABUGNASAN   4 - EL   $20
12B   Tajana Veroso   5 - EL   $20
13B  Pepe Gabriel   12 - SHS   $25
16B   Earl Darren Chiu   5 - EL   $20
Rowena Paladar   11 - SHS   $25
12B   Dante Balansag   10 - HS   $23
10B   Jovelyn Cadusale   11 - SHS   $25
17B   Kate Rebutazo   10 - HS   $25

Andy is requesting 1,201,283 bbp to pay 9 of our children up (out of 21) to the end of 2019.

Our total portfolio contains these children at $20-$25 per month:

Eda Mae Omotong
Shane Marie Francisco
Wendy Domik
Rhyejiam Cielo Alqiza
Brent Aaron Cresencio
John Gabriel
Jill Jangin
Ruth Alos
Jacious Amil
Kate Rebutazo
Genevieve Umba
John Rendal

Requesting 1.201MM from the foundation to pay Andy during the non-POOM to POOM bridge era.

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