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Part 1 of this strange event:
I will 'faithfully execute' the office of the Pres.

I cant even find this on google now that censorship is rampant, but I hear that the speaker said in error it was the Inauguration of Obama.  I did physically watch the long 2 minute delay before his speech while everyone looked around wondering why it was windy.

** TestNet update **

So we have been doing really good with testing up to, and so far we have accomplished some testing with non-private pop3/smtp, and got that to work in windows.  It appears the e-mails flow to and from the [external nodes] and the network fills in the holes (for missing e-mail hashed files) properly, and purges them when they expire. 

We started testing dacengine, but I have not received feedback on that here yet - (or gettxoutsetinfo), but I look forward to that.

I wanted to mention, once we started speaking about the enhanced hybrid-utxo mining (mining with foreign pair + BBP using PIN's instead of Signing) I got pretty excited about that idea, and I am trying to squeeze that in now for a release, because it should theoretically make it easy for new users.  We are also adding in LTC and DOGE support while we are at it, so we can launch with BTC, DASH, LTC and DOGE utxo mining.

Im also adding in the Bible Verse memorizer tool for the next release!

So realize a lot is still happening in the mean time.

We should a new testnet released by this weekend.

In the very very near future I plan on adding biblepay-university 1.0 (this is the teaching module for Christianity).  I feel the way things are slotted this may also make it into the next mandatory upgrade.

Yes, THIS! Please and Thank you.
However I can help support, I am happy to do so!


Absolutely, thanks for the energy, well so far, we have the idea to send and receive private pop3 emails using BiblePay as the backbone.  We can also encrypt e-mails for privacy.  We can also support sending to "all" (not implement yet but coming soon) - this might be useful for a massive update or message to a Christian group.

Anyway its kind of obvious to me that we need a decentralized type facebook also that the government cant censor, but that is a big animal in itself - basically an entire side project that needs owned by another dev or set of devs.  I think I can help make the transactions work and talk about decentralized storage ideas.  Or, does that already exist, I havent done any research on that yet - is there a decentralized facebook already?

But first could you share if you see any other groundbreaking needs in the world and what area of expertise you are in?  (IE are you a c++ dev by any chance?)

First, some context-- I'm new to cryptocurrency, but learning quickly, so please consider that with my newbie questions.  :)

I'm really excited about BBP and I am glad to have been led to discover it. I am committing to help BBP as much as I can. First in prayer for the platform, the founders and contributors, and for the many people in the world who will be helped in the name of Christ. Second, in the dual hash mining efforts to help contribute to charity. Third, in helping to tell my friends and family about it, and encourage us all to use it. Finally, fourth (which brings me to my question), I would like to purchase BBP with fiat currency.

In order to do that, what is the most simple and straightforward way to do that for someone in the USA?

Again, I am new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but learning quickly.  There are a lot of very easy options available to directly purchase BTC (or other popular crytpo). What is the most straightforward way for me to do that with BBP?

Thank you!

1000 BBP

Hi Ringa!
Its good to have you here!

We would love to have you help out, we certainly need help in many area to make us more popular.
I think the best bet would be to join us in testnet first:

If you could help test the latest you can tell us if what we have coming seems to be useful for Christians, and at the same time learn about what we already have in the wallet.

Two things Im excited about that appear to be coming in the next release:
- Bible Verse memorizer tool
- Christian exam tool (similar to a certification tool), part of a Christian Teaching endeavor. 

And of course, the ability to do the hybrid-stake portfolio manager and utxo mining (see in testnet).

Welcome aboard!

Bitcoin block 666666 was mined today

Someone left this message there

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good - Romans 12:21”

Thats cool, they have negated the mark of the beast block with the power of God!

:) :) :) Our BIBLEPAY-Paani  Water Wells Project is complete!  :) :) :)

I am extremely honored to inform the community that we have successfully finished the wells in Pakistan!

We have donated to build 13 custom made wells (total), that will perpetually provide water for free for up to 7,800 children!

Remember pure and undefiled religions is helping orphans in distress (James 1:27), and Mark 9:41 (If you give a cup of water in Jesus name you will not lose your reward).

For all those who have scoffed at Biblepay, insinuating that our price is low because we are the shunned offscouring of the world, remember that the disciples of Jesus had to be shunned also (1 Corinthians 4:13 - we are made as filth and scum of the earth - until that moment comes of our blessed hope).  But do know that our price is low because we have spent $250,000 for orphan-charity and therefore we DO have something to show for our low price:  I want to remind those people, that is actually 6,250 child-months of orphan-charity, since we have no overhead.  And now, we have also dug 13 wells for children that incur no monthly charges for these families in water bills!

All praise and Glory to the God of the Universe, his Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Project Blog:

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« on: January 20, 2021, 04:55:53 PM »
It sounds like a superb idea if i understand it correctly.
Correct me if im wrong Rob, but this would make it possible to utilize a wallet like ledger live right?
If so not bad not bad :)

Yes sir, I was just thinking of electrum myself cause someone asked about enhancing it with a signature feature at one point; but yes, you could then use SouthXChange even (generate receive address, send to yourself on the exchange, do not spend it), Ledger Live, an external hardware key, or anything actually.  You could even make flash drives with one wallet.dat and one stake on it per flash drive and call it a 'security', lol.

Yeah, sounds pretty interesting so far.  I think this might work.

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« on: January 20, 2021, 02:28:42 PM »
** UTXO Staking Enhancement Coming **

So lately I've been trying to come up with an idea to make the utxo staking idea easier for mainstream users.  Its obviously hard to get any kind of adoption in our wallet if its hard to use, and of course, if they have to boot another wallet, send a stake, sign a key with an RPC command and then somehow jump through one clipboard to another to paste the 'signature' its asking them to jump a pretty high bar. 

So fortunately, I think I have a solution that will enable us to make this very easy and still give us high security.  UTXO Staking 2.0:

Let us require the bitcoin user to send a specific value in the suffix (determined by a BiblePay checksum), from any exchange to any wallet online or offline in bitcoin.  So this obviously sounds pretty easy.  The go to biblepay, biblepay automatically creates a CPK (we do that already that we use for the user record for RSA and also for staking rewards).  BiblePay will give them a 6 digit pin right on the overview page (or on the rpc, maybe they type 'get stake pin').  This is easy too.  Now they send BTC with that pin suffix from anywhere to anywhere. 

Then they go back to BIBLEPAY, and they type 'stake BTC_ADDRESS'.  Where BTC_ADDRESS is the place they send the stake to.

Then the sanctuaries monitor this, and induct the stake into the leaderboard.  Of course they have to match the stake with the same amount of BBP (as we already require) otherwise they get very very tiny rewards, etc.  But as you can see this makes it super easy to work with BTC or DASH.

So heres a live example:

User one enter the biblepay wallet, and gets their pin 123456.
Then they go to their bitcoin wallet or their favorite exchange, and send 1.00123456 btc to themselves.
Then they come back to biblepay and paste their destinatetion BTC address in the stake command as above.
Now they are in the leaderboard with $30,000 of BTC stake value (as long as they staked $30K of BBP) for example.
This entry stays in the leaderboard until the BTC is actually spent.  Once they spend it, the UTXO is spent.

Do you guys like this?

If so, I will revamp UTXO staking to utilize this new idea so we can test it.
I feel that it will be much easier to test also right?

The idea is to appeal to the mainstream who want to hold long positions, and we can be their portfolio manager.
We always wanted to be the 'deflationary' coin of choice, but without users, we could not get there.

I understand people will be ticked off about losing PODC, but we only have 39 PODC users.  At this point we've given PODC a long test and the users have not flown in droves, unfortunately.  We have a good partner with GRC  who can handle that side of the house.  We have to be known for something of our own.  And that can be freedom related anti censorship features.

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« on: January 20, 2021, 10:11:08 AM »
Update:  I test sent a picture to myself and also a normal letter and it seems like i got the picture in the inbox that i sent and i see in transactions section in testnet wallet  that the transactions went thru  and getting some confirmations.

So i suspect maybe it was that i was still running old wallet maybe can you try and send email again rob with a picture.

Note: I need to reply to you about the mining reward, for the utxo also, thats great.

Hey I do know why you didnt get the pic , despite upgrading:  The email hash was still stored on the windows drive, and since it didnt change it still had the original 1.5crlfs...  So to re-test this, I can also send a brand new mail - which I will do now, but also just as a side mention:  On windows, you can delete :  %appdata%\biblepay\SAN\email*  if you want.  That should force the machine to pull in the old e-mails again and rewrite them.  You dont really have to do this as they will erase eventually anyway, just wanted to mention it.

On the thunderbird e-mail error, I think that one would have recovered by itself.  Every 5-10 mins the ports recycle and it was probably just recycling the port during pop3 retrieval.  So I think during the next poll, the email client would have gotten through...  let me know if you have any unrecoverable errors going forward.  I think even if you did not reboot the biblepaycore, it would have recovered, theoretically.

Let me send one now, and Ill get back again.

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« on: January 19, 2021, 02:28:41 PM »
SMTP? Add another amazing and underappreciated way to send bits in and out of DAC Core wallets :)
Lets hope we get appreciated for *something* eventually.  I can see at least being a top 500 coin, but not a top 2000 coin.

- Ability to donate to our 'dac' from anywhere
- RandomX merge mining
- Long portfolio positions and ROI for those
- SMTP/POP3 (anti censorship features)
- RSA encrypted chat


- Bible Verse memorizer UI
- Christian certification degree training (multiple choice certification tests for Christianity in-wallet) and possibly a printable PDF


- Fill the gap in the places where Big Tech failed humanity.  They are obviously censoring freedom of speech now.  Pro freedom of religion, anti-censorship (social network) features.

Active Discussions / Re: February 2021 Testnet Thread (Tribulation)
« on: January 19, 2021, 02:22:27 PM »
Hi Rob!
Yes, that machine was a left over from last testnet! I had left my VPS on and recently just upgraded to the latest testnet wallet and it automatically joined with all the credentials from last testnet session.

Aha, good to know, thanks!

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« on: January 19, 2021, 02:14:32 PM »
** Tackling the DAC Donation Test Case **

So lets go ahead and tackle the test cases for 'giving to the decentralized autonomous charity' through the UI and the RPC.

Our brand is still 'BiblePay' and we have no intention to be called DAC.  DAC is our organization structure (not yoked to 501C3, and fully decentralized away from govts and corporation structures). 

The DAC allows a charitable person, or a crypto-whale, to come in and easily contribute to help orphans in distress.  IE they dont have to go and sponsor an orphan for a long term commitment, they can be confident the money is spent properly, and they can do it with crypto in one shot.

The way we do this is the DAC engine automatically allocates the payment across our voted in charities and first to our sponsored children.  Later it expands or shrinks (children) automatically as time passes.  We do this in a decentralized way so even if our key members die, the existng sancs have the authority to expand or shrink both the orphans and the charities.  We will talk about the sporks for doing that in another test case but lets focus on the rich crypto whale who is passing by and wants to simply give $1000 to our DAC to help orphans. 

Method 1:  Give from the UI (Send Money):
Click into Send Money, check Donate to DAC.  Enter amount.  Click Send.

Method 2: From the RPC:
From the RPC, type 'exec give amount' (TODO: Rob will remove the word exec ASAP).

Copy the TXID to the clipboard.
To see how it was distributed type 'getrawtransaction txid 1'.  Note that the tx went out to multiple partners based on a smart allocation.  The allocation has to do with how much we are currently paying monthly for our orphan commitments.

To see the projected breakdown, type 'exec dacengine'.
Right now in testnet, we only have 2 charities:  Cameroon-One and KAIROS.  The cameroon one % is currently 76%, and the kairos is 23%.

Verify that your donation went to the two charity addresses and that the percentages are correct?

I will also explain how the DAC reports each orphan and the monthly amount in a separate post.

Active Discussions / Re: February 2021 Testnet Thread (Tribulation)
« on: January 19, 2021, 01:53:51 PM » - Mandatory Upgrade for TestNet

- Fix SMTP for Windows

MIP, will you please notify us when MAC is ready?

Others:  Please send a couple test e-mails to me and/or each other (Im  [email protected]  ).

I will send an email to :  MIP, Earlz, and foundation as one email (please test Multiple recipients).
NOTE:  We still do not support CC or BCC, but we do support Multiple Recipients in the "To" field.

Lets also test receiving in Windows.

I will post more test cases also.

Active Discussions / Re: February 2021 Testnet Thread (Tribulation)
« on: January 19, 2021, 01:44:13 PM »
just a note to say I received all pending emails since 14th Jan.

Thats awesome.  Yeah, I havent tested this yet, Ive been waiting to release the windows version and I planned on starting the e-mail testing phase over with all of us again (so we know we are all on the same version).  Ive been away from the machine fixing a part that blew out in our shed. 

I will try to check in this windows compile within the next few hours then we can all try some brand new emails.

Active Discussions / Re: February 2021 Testnet Thread (Tribulation)
« on: January 17, 2021, 07:20:10 AM »
Version ready for MacOS

And we have good news!! I could connect my Thunderbird to Core client email account!

I don't see any mails in my inbox, so if you sent me anything in the past, it is not here.
I sent an email to Rob now and it generated a transaction and it seems it succeeded.
So this is pretty exciting!

I also received 2000 tBBP last 13th Jan into my CPK.

I will leave my client open in case you want to send me anything. I will also have the general chat window opened.

Thats awesome MIP, but I actually still have to check in the fix for SMTP that breaks windows, etc.  Thats why I stopped sending emails etc.

I will check it in in the next hour.

I have a meeting though in an hour so I cant test chat right now but Ill post asap.


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