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submitted fix for the recent transaction issue to github.

Thanks, will look into this asap!

Been making great progress on stratis, need to put this down...

This was in testnet, on v1.1.3.7.
Looks like its up to 21MB already hmmm

Im seeing a ton of this message:

ProcessBlockFound: Generated: ######
CPID has solved prior blocks. Contextual check block failed. CPID ######### ERROR: ProcessnewBlock: AcceptBlock FAILED
PrcoessBlockFound -- ProcessNewBlock() failed, block not accepeted
CBlock(hash= **** CTransaction ** CtxIn ** CTxOut

Maybe its because of too small amount of miners in testnet?

Hmmm I accidentally put a $ symbol in front of debugmaster=true instead of a hashtag to turn it off, I wonder what that did

Try removing or renaming debugmaster=true.  The parser probably interpreted that wrong.

Im using 231K on linux and 269K on windows in Prod on 1138 after running for a half hour and being fully synced.

21 Meg means something is really wrong on the node.  Could be those settings...

My log is clean now but I did release a small patch, but it only removed 2 messages.

My debug.log got filled up, I think its from leaving debug=true and debugmaster=true on for all this time, saved last 100 lines of log and removed it and commented out the config options

Only in testnet, or in prod?

EDIT: Ill run two nodes in prod on 1138 and see if something should be done if so we can rerelease a patch.

EDIT:  Is there anything in your saved file we should remove?

TheSnat, could you please see if you introduced this bug with the PODC filters?

Updated to v1.1.3.7

left it running for a few hours, mnsync status  was stuck syncing, I was worried I was on a fork,
so I did a clean and reindex, mnsync status is still stuck syncing,
my masternode shows as Missing,
so I enabled it again and its in PRE_ENABLED state

getblockhash 46512

My hash matches.. let me do some sanc testing to make sure we are emitting PODC superblocks.

So here is a recap on where we are:

I'm nervous about the background prayers, so I put it back in the foreground serially (during load).  I tested this last night. is checked in for linux and now compiling for windows.

As far as test cases, I did test the paid-proposals filter in prod and it passed.  The two proposals left in Prod are the ones we voted down to enter the replacement proposals.  They fall off after 31 days (since the entry date).

As far as test case coverage, to my knowledge everything else passed.

If anyone has any concerns please apprise us.

EDIT:  Windows version is out also.

Today,  I will consolidate all of our release notes together for the mandatory version and we can assess if we are ready for release.

Please take for a spin to ensure nothing is awry.

Quick comment/note about the new proposal view (which is really nice to see!) - it would be great if the spacing on the amounts was done the same way as in the rest of the wallet.

For instance, instead of:

It read:
8 000 000

Not a major thing by any means, but something to consider for a later leisure.

Thanks for the heads up, Yes, we'll add this to a coming leisure.
If you dont see it in the next version after the mandatory please add an issue to github.

Hey, sorry TheSnat, I finally accidentally encountered the long load time for the block index on one of my windows machines (IE > 5 mins, compared to normally 20 seconds).

I think this has something to do with the loading of the prayers in the background...  It makes me nervous; will need to look into it today.

At the worst, I feel its safer if we let the prayers load serially like we used to-and delay the start by 10 seconds... Ill take a look.  I hate to delay the release much longer.

I feel that the 5 BBP will definitely make it easy to abuse the function. 2500BBP I think works well, as you can ask the 2500BBP back in your proposal. If you have a good proposal you have nothing to fear.

This Sunday will be my 'BiblePay day', so I will test a lot and try a lot. A tiny thing that I have for now is that you can still also access the proposal-tab from the top menu. That's probably redundant now.

Yes, Im in total agreement, and I have it set to where we can move the Proposal-Add to the top menu, and just see the Proposals from the left menu; I figured I would leave it like this until Anton gets it as he is working on some things that affect the menu right now.

Loading of the index, was noticeably longer on several machines in prod(I'm talking 30sec to 5+min difference) I suspect this is due to the current issue and all the orphan blocks.   

as for mining,  I have several machines mining 4 cores...  windows of course so no valgrind.  I won't be around tomorrow, but i'll see if i can get logs.

Testing this morning on one home linux and one VM block index seems to load fast, I think it might have been an anomaly.

I'm creating some proposals from the wallet now. Am I correct in asserting that the fee for the proposals are paid right from the wallet (the fee seems to be 5 BBP now, but that's probably because we are in testnet)?

Frankly, I think that is amazing!
Yes, the reason its currently 5 bbp, is we went live with that value last year.  However I feel that will end up eventually being abused (as it was in the pool at first), and also, we have been charging 2500 historically in the pool, so I made a transition point as of August 1 to switch over to 2500 BBP for the collateral fee.  So in prod, it will temporarily be 5 also until that date.

Im going to look at any outstanding test cases; we really need to ramp up testing this weekend in order to try to get a version out soon; we cant notify the exchanges of a coming mandatory unless we are sure of a release date.

hmm, testing heat mining, did you change something there?

I noticed .3.6 seems to take longer to load the block index. (could be cause of the forks going on currently in prod).

I also had some crashes on the windows client on 3.6 while mining.  (go back to machine and the wallet is just gone heh)

edit: crashes seem to be because of the mining issues today, may not be related to the update. so far had 3.1,3.3, and 3.6 crash

Hmm lets test everything in testnet today; not a good day to intermingle testing with prod.

No, doesn't take longer to load the block index.  Lets try to only post a statement if you KNOW its true.  Meaning that you ran a baseline and have something to compare to.  And you know your hard drive cache was empty both times.

Hmm, shouldnt have any crashes if you are mining on one thread.  What are you mining with, 60 threads?  And what OS?  It would be helpful to post the tail of the log (in a code snippet of course) if you encounter a crash.  Try to reproduce it on linux with valgrind then you can give me the line #.

All, is ready for testing for all platforms.

In this version we now have the ability to add proposals.
NOTE: You must have your wallet unlocked before submitting the proposal.
After submitting the proposal you must check back on the Proposal Add page after 6 confirms to see if it went in the chain.

Lets test that.

Lets also test the ability to heat mine in 1136.

We also moved the Proposal List to an integrated tab for more professionalism.
Additionally, we made the List update whenever you switch tabs and give it focus.

Hopefully this version will become the release candidate.

Regarding the last outstanding test issues before go-live, I think we are now 95% there.

Recently 616 had a feature request in github suggesting we allow PODCH-heat mining to occur as long as the user has magnitude within the last 7 days, to keep them operating continiously.  This has been merged in the newest version,  So that needs tested from the perspective that can still heat mine without an error.

(I tested from the perspective to see if all CPIDs who have mag in the last 7 days are in my exec datalist search feature, and they are, so its relatively safe).

I believe we tested TheSnat's filters.  They look good.

On this next version, I enabled Proposals List UI in Prod so we can not only see the list of our 10 in prod, but lets test the filter to see if they dissapear after this superblock hits.

Regarding mature consensus, it passed test.  I also see we have been making quite a lot of PODC superblocks.

Ill take a look to see if we missed anything.

Windows is compiling.  Linux has been released to github.

I'm curious the logic behind this feature...  If in fact its during the great Tribulation, the last thing i'd want is to give away my position..
What is the source for this data?  (sounds interesting overall)

Sure sounds good.

I think there should be a control option for the popups as well..  (ie simple way to turn them off in the gui)
Perhaps a new tab on the options screen?

Well its sort of a multi-use feature.  Im thinking of having people store their nickname, long, lat (of street corner) and Christian testimony in the chain, and optionally e-mail address and BBP receive address (using a Contact Card - Add feature).  This would allow us to send/receive to each other by nickname or email.  And read others Christian testimonies.

The idea behind the great trib feature is if the rapture occurs, the idea is a user could go to our map and find areas of light (IE other biblepay users) to camp with. 

If you want to add a checkable option, sure, you could add it somewhere in the settings page, what about in Settings | Options | Wallet as another checkbox?  If you want a new tab go for it.

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