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So, I'm not sure that APM should not be ON right now.

Heres the thing, we thought that RandomX would bring in all these miners, now we are rewarding at full throttle and I see the same 50 miners- but worse, they are all just dumping everything they mine - I know some are loyal yes - but I am thinking the core hashpower from China is just dumping the coins --  so the question is, is this model actually working...  I'm almost convicted to turn APM on for now while we reward our coins (from my personal wallet) in popularity programs first.

EDIT - I feel fairly convinced that we should turn APM on for now, entirely for the reason that our emissions are still ahead by 100MM.  The primary reason being is that I would like to see our emission schedule match verbatim.  I feel that we can still have our popularity program through the Dash Easter Egg expanded reward to 2MM+ addresses, but I feel core emissions should be put under wraps until our next testnet release is finished.  I have some very good news in that area, but I dont want to sensationalize it so you can judge for yourself in testnet in a few days.

4600 BBP


1) I can advertise on some of the crypto faucet sites as pay to click ads.
2) I'll also ask the chainz owner if a banner ad or text link ad is possible on the dash explorer lookups?
3) there is a dash discord too, but not sure if they allow it, so I'll ask...

2900 BBP

Sounds like great ideas Sun!

I have a script pulling the last 2 million Dash transactions now.  I believe it will be finished within 2 more days, then I will update that thread to make the reward scope larger.


4600 BBP

I checked today and saw that I didnīt receive the Dash Stake rewards last 23/12 on block 240895.

If you need any extra info to debug it just tell me.
Thanks a lot.

Please give me the monthly reward amount for this particular stake from 'dashstakequote 1'.

4600 BBP

Announcements / Re: Dash Easter Egg Reward Program
« on: December 30, 2020, 02:14:07 PM »
Hey Rob.

I noticed when downloading windows version it says  version instead of version ???

Happy new Years, Earlz!

Thanks for testing this.

Your right, we had a deploy issue and now the deploy script is working for this version;

Please try now (I was able to see


Announcements / Re: Dash Easter Egg Reward Program
« on: December 30, 2020, 01:28:12 PM »
Hey Rob.

I noticed when downloading windows version it says  version instead of version ???

Ok, thanks, let me test this flow out now, maybe the URL is out.

Also I want to let everyone know, in a few days this easter egg will be expanded to 1 million addresses for DASH.

Hi Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year


You too, and welcome aboard!

4600 BBP

********************** 50 MILLION BBP BEING GIVEN AWAY TO 73 Million DASH ADDRESSES STARTING NOW ***********************

Hopefully, we see at least 7 million of these rewards claimed!

I'm not sure how we can spread the message for this campaign - I suppose we can paste this in the Dash bitcointalk forum and in the dash forums.

If no one starts claiming this within 7 days, I will expand the campaign to 100,000 addresses and 50 MM BBP.

Come on dash users, join biblepay today!

4500 BBP

Its working, but have a strange test message:
Code: [Select]


dashpay XgzNUZZyr275xiY2NjKxrEaR6oYJBH6NHu 0.09214300 0


  "DASH/USD_Price": 0,
  "BIBLEPAY/USD_Price": 1e-005,
  "USD Amount Required": 0.01,
  "Error": "The amount of BBP sent for collateral (1000) does not cover the amount of DASH requested.  Expected amount: 110664.254914286.",
  "BIBLEPAY Amount being spent": 1000,
  "Errors": "BIBLEPAY Price too low to use feature.  Price must be above .00001USD/BIBLEPAY.  Dash price must be above 1.0/USD. You must enter a USD value greater than or equal to $1.00 to use this feature. Running in test mode. "


dashpay XgzNUZZyr275xiY2NjKxrEaR6oYJBH6NHu 0.09214300 1


  "DASH/USD_Price": 107.7564734653401,
  "BIBLEPAY/USD_Price": 8.968000745899999e-005,
  "USD Amount Required": 9.92437120615782,
  "BIBLEPAY Amount being spent": 110664.25,
  "Errors": "Wallet unlock required"


dashpay XgzNUZZyr275xiY2NjKxrEaR6oYJBH6NHu 0.09214300 1


  "DASH/USD_Price": 107.7564734653401,
  "BIBLEPAY/USD_Price": 8.968000745899999e-005,
  "USD Amount Required": 9.92437120615782,
  "dashpay-txid": "0c3431af698fd9369e38311bce7f6a75480ff8aa24e7e0f9b2e89865f7736065",
  "BIBLEPAY Amount being spent": 110664.25

Marry Christmas ;D

1000 BBP

Merry Christmas to you too!
And I'm glad it worked on your third try.

I took a look at the responses, and I have a hunch that when the wallet is first warming up, it might not yet have the proper BBP prices cached, because it seems like it had the midpoint after the second execution.  Which is still really strange because I have not seen absolutely any problems with the wallet getting our price or BTC or DASH from the API before (so far). 

Anyway Ill keep an eye on it and if I see any cache failures Ill certainly look into it.

4500 BBP

General Support / Re: New wallet install on Win 64
« on: December 27, 2020, 10:17:47 AM »

yesterday i tried to install an new wallet on a fresh installed Windows 10 System. I downloaded the and install it to the standard directories.
After starting the wallet the first time it stucks. In the left down corner it shows: Connecting to peers...  The right down corner shows: 0 active connections to the network.

We also try to activate upnp, we manuelly accept it in windows firewall, we reinstall... but nothing would help.
Today, i tried a new install on a completly other pc in a an other network: but is it exactly the same: no connection?!

What did we wrong?

Every Helpf would be awsome <3

Thank you and welcome aboard!

Sometimes it takes 15 mins to get peers downloaded, or it could be the system time.
Could you please check the system clock and timezone first?

If not you can try 'addnode add'
'addnode add'


Announcements / Re: Dash Easter Egg Reward Program
« on: December 26, 2020, 08:16:12 PM »
Send to me :) I am just resuming my WCG activity - 450,000 credits so far 3.1M + WCG points for our Team Biblepay!

BIBLEPAY: BNmyajfpURJ89cDBsrwuytds9PivJXqhCy
Absolutely, sent a tip!  Welcome back my friend.

I will explain this Dash easter egg very soon.

Announcements / Dash Easter Egg Reward Program
« on: December 25, 2020, 07:36:39 PM »
*** DASH Easter Egg New User Campaign ***

Welcome to the Dash Easter Egg new User Campaign!

In this campaign, we are excited to show Dash users some of our features in hopes that Dash users may decide to use both Dash and Biblepay.

Some of our features include:
- Ability to read the KJV bible inside the core wallet
- Ability to create prayer requests in the wallet (Click Send and check the Prayer checkbox)
- We tithe 10% of our Mining emissions to orphan-charity
- We embrace the RandomX algorithm, meaning normal home CPUs can mine bbp
- We have sanctuary governance, meaning if you sponsor a child you have the right to be a sanctuary which earns you a reward
- We have dynamic whale staking - this gives you a staking type reward on holding extra biblepay (see 'dws' in the rpc console)
- We have daily smart contracts which allow us to pay our PODC participants for cancer mining
- We have pop3 and smtp mail forwarding in the wallet, and in-wallet chat

We have created our first promotional campaign for Dash.  In this campaign we have allocated 375 million bbp (allocated over 73,000,000 dash addresses), with a randomized reward between 5000, 10000, and 1 million bbp.  These addresses are DASH addresses that received DASH between block 1 (inception) and block 1,395,000 (Dec 2020).

You can find out if your public address is in our reward list here:
NOTE:  Since there are now 73MM addresses, we can't list them all, but know that every single dash address used is in the reward program!

If your address is on the list, you may claim your reward by following these instructions:
1.  From Dash Core, enter the RPC console and type:
signmessage <reward_address> bbp
(Where reward_address equals the address on the report with the reward).  If you do not own that public key the command will give you an error, otherwise it will give you a signature.
Copy the signature to the clipboard.  If you do not have a clipboard, you can use "".

2.  From BiblePay, enter the RPC and type:
claimreward <reward_address> <signature>
Paste the signature from your clipboard in <signature> and paste your reward public key in <reward_address>.
If you are a winner, biblepay will report the amount you won in the command and unlock the funds for you to spend!

Note that you must have BiblePay or higher (this version is not released as a mandatory yet, so please download it from here until our Feb 2021 mandatory upgrade is released):

     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

To self compile:

I tried this now, and I am getting:
Code: [Select]

dashpay Xmp7Jn3ZwScHxszonELBzwahVfBfFZALvH 0.10829200 0
  "DASH/USD_Price": 104.5496443586454,
  "BIBLEPAY/USD_Price": 8.793400001400001e-005,
  "USD Amount Required": 11.3227264840413,
  "Error": "Dash Address is invalid.",
  "BIBLEPAY Amount being spent": 128763.92,
  "Errors": "Running in test mode. "

1000 BBP

Hi and Merry Christmas,

The issue has been resolved.  It was a trivial problem but hard to find.

Please try now.

4400 BBP

Details are in your mail now, thanks a bunch!

1200 BBP

So I took a look at the actual block with the shorted payments, and I believe this was caused by an older staker (there is one in the block that was pre-September 2020) and then your stakes (post September 2020).

Actually, this logic is not absolutey 100% certain (its certain that we have a mix of pre-post wallet stakes), but its not certain about the FIFO order causing the overlimit issue - actually let me put this on the debug list and see if we need a stronger rule for the Jan 2021 release... 

Ill look into this and add it to testnet.


4400 BBP

Hi Rob,

I have noticed the last two superblocks (240895 and 241100) yielded negative returns for my DWS stakes that were burnt on November 22nd & 23rd. These are the ones I had placed just before the DWS window issue reduced the DWU to zero.

Everything worked as expected for more than a month (since November 20th, to be exact); but these last two days was a surprise. Could you please look into the issue when time permits?

Cheers and Merry Christmas !

Can you please give me your BBP receive address for the DWS?

Merry Christmas to you too.

4400 BBP

Update on our next version, which will theoretically include the DAC features 1.0, and decentralized encrypted SMTP:  The version is almost ready for testnet (the harder things are already working now).  I will be looking for testnet testers soon.

On another note, I have a new idea for popularity that we can try (similar to airdrops but different):

I think if we make a campaign that gives out something like easter eggs, say for example, 50,000 BBP that is sent as a multisig transaction from our chain to public keys in another chain (for example Bitcoin or Dash), we can make it so the recipient has to download biblepay, and sync biblepay, and run a command to import their private key to receive the reward.  This would at least mean the user has a little investment (they cant just take the reward on an exchange and sell it) they have to at least sync the core wallet.  That means we have a chance at some user retention.  Then I can make the core wallet "know" this was an easter egg, and bring up a pop-up window that offers them to tithe 10% to the foundation of that gift for orphan benefits, and it can also show our web site URL and our forum to try to get them to come to the forum to become a community member (of course they can just close it and cash out the reward if they want and never come back).

The recipients would work like this:  The campaign generator would send out say 1000 easter eggs to random users from the Dash or Bitcoin block explorer that made transactions in the last 90 days. 

Theoreitcally word would get out from our forum to one of their forums that free money exists on our end and it would cause some publicity. 

The reason for the multisig transactions is then I can recall the unspent funds after 90 days to "recycle" this campaign and start a new one.

Id also like to add metrics so I can track how many conversions we get (IE we can see how many easter eggs are claimed vs unspent per campaign).  We can do that by writing a program to scan the UTXOs from each campaign from a text file emitted per campaign, etc.

EDIT:  I think we should make the reward random from 1000-70,000 that way we can send out more but still keep high interest due to the potential.  For example, 1000 1000's, 500 2000's, 100 10000's with less of the higher rewards.

4400 BBP

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