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I sent 777 tbbp   to your adress and swiftly i checked transactions and saw the Lightning bolt on the transactation, then i clicked on details on the transactions and i saw it said "verified via instantsend" i believe it said then after Another few seconds i read the details changed to "locked  via chainlocks".
Code: [Select]
Net amount: -777.02300000 tBBP
Transaction ID: 9e760de3985c03bcd7380c9c4a1644a4b0d9621ffe645463abd34bf61cae8c21
Output index: 1
Transaction total size: 2293 bytes
    "merkleRootMNList": "9844f3964b70392ede45b01271dbabde52dd8a9941d3e477df41e369722ac92a",
    "merkleRootQuorums": "e80d380788feea436fb1409f94fe86c240fe9e19eaebb67d385e4fa6813a179e"
  "time": 1618333924,agnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.\r\nPhi|1|21| For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.\r\nPhi|1|22| But if I live in
  "nextblockhash": "5a78915237af134015af86475685756d20ca241d802e3f85063274441363572b"

Hi bro Earlz,

So yes Im very very happy we are maintaining the consensus here, we still have a chainlocked chain, sancs are all healthy including yours, we still have an llmq quorum, and, I got your 777 via instant send.  Yes I checked the last block and it is chainlocked.

So yes your sanc is working fine. 

Do you think you can test the creation of a gift card?  We still need to test the send gift card from the UI, along with an included USD gift value.  You can create one from the top level menu Misc  | new gift card.  As mentioned prior you still have to set your éxec setmyaddress first.

EDIT: And btw in my last mail I think I asked if you got my pop3 reply to your mail in testnet can you please check if that worked?

And Pat could you make one too, never got a new one with a gift card amount yet.


Figured out the problem, it was my tBBP, added some, and the NFT purchase now works...


You are now the proud new owner of an NFT. Please see your biblepaycore home wallet NFT list to find 242be9fcc840427cadd33d2dd1c9fafae5261577c8b5e503b0663c7ad288f1d5.

Ok thats great, you just reminded me-- I think we need a few more features for NFTs to really work more like opensea.

For one there is no way to formally download the NFT even if you buy it.  You just get a hash code.
So we need some download link especially for the owner.
But Id like to see:  Low Quality download link (IE demo URL) and Hi Quality (encrypted download link) - for Buyer.
Ill look into this asap; I think it would be a good feature.  This way someone can upload the demo URL (for example for a piece of art, the low quality watermarked version) but when it is purchased, the buyer can download the HQ link.

The other thing Im going to try to implement is "buy it now price" and auctions.  If the auction site simply keeps track of highest offer, and allows the Owner to "accept" then a purchase can take place, otherwise offers keep coming in on it.  But the buy it now button could be driven by the minimum_buy_it_now amount field... This would give us more traffic and use I think...

Hi Rob,

Tried to purchase my NFT

With the following error...

Sorry, the purchase failed. You have not been charged.

Pat, Im not sure if I am not passing through the proper error message (Ill check when I get back to the house in a couple hours) in the mean time please check that in your Account Settings, you have your tBBP address (for the ownership of the NFT) pasted in that field?  And try it again in steps, and if that does not work please try to deposit some Real BBP into your account (IE more than the cost of the tBBP), dont worry it wont be spent and if it gets spent Ill send it back to you etc.

Remember please also test NFT Edit, and NFT view (from the core wallet etc to make sure you can View the nft by double clicking on the nft you own).  You can always create more for these tests.

BiblePay Core Wallet - - Leisure Upgrade

- Add additional warning message to prod, during easybbpstake (or
easystake) that informs the user if they do not have a coin between
1-9999 the command they need to run to make one.
- Add the DWS final whale stake report for Rob (this lets Rob manually
pay the discrepencies on the last day of DWS)

Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 12, 2021, 08:13:58 PM »

I see that you created an NFT pdf on deliverance.

I went into the pool and bought the NFT for 5 (which currently btw is the only option, because we dont have auctions, we just have buy it now).

Then I waited a few blocks and I can see the NFT in "my nfts".
Then I edited it and change it to 5555 minimum bid amount - and marketable.

Now it should be back in the marketplace.

Btw, now that I own it you should not be able to see it in your list or edit it.

But if you want, you can buy it again.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 12, 2021, 07:43:33 PM »
Hello Rob and Pat.

So yeah finally i have the testnet sanctuary up and running.

Its the 37.120.... one

Still have some stuff to set up on the VM , but by all looks i ran the ./biblepay-cli masternode status  and i got ready ready
Im thinking gonna let it run over the night and see what happends, if its stable or reboots or whatever.

What would you like me to test out Rob?

Suppose could try out the test cases for the nfts that i saw you wrote.
Have a good one// earlz
Hi Earlz, welcome back brother!
Its great to have you helping out especially with a sanctuary cause we really need to ensure chainlocks are rock solid!  Thanks for setting up a sanc!

Ok, I see you 37.120 in sanctuaries and your status is perfect (not pose banned).  As I mentioned POOS banned is OK (that means a sanc is on the level 2 payment tranche which is currently 1 bbp, but we were just recently discussing on our Sunday prayer call, that it might be an excellent idea to raise this level 2 tranche payment to maybe 200-500 bbp, just to allow non-orphan-sponsoring sancs to optionally help keep the network running and that helps keep us decentralized). 

Anyway yes, it would be cool for us to send at least a few IX locks to each other.
Can you please send me a small amount of tBBP to yQE49VaaaF599dJgQzmFkHqjHp4xbQ2oAu and immediately look at the txlist and see if the lightning bolt appears within 7 seconds?  Then double click and see if it says verified via instantsend?

Then do a getblock blocknumber of the Prior block and just see if it says  chainlock:true.

Then on your sanc do a 'quorum dkgstatus' and 'quorum list' and you should see some quorum info of the current quorum.

Then you can also test out greeting card Create - send a greeting card with some USD in it, and paste the URL here.  Ill then show you how the recipient will cash in the value and then I will send one back to you.


Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 12, 2021, 07:38:06 PM »
Hi Pat!

Oh ok I see the problem-- in this case the problem was NOT on your end!  It was in the code.  So basically whats happening here is its adding the extra paragraph and the virtual gift card but its not going into the card!

Ok, let me do a fix on this issue and redeploy it so we can test this as a team (this ensures its actually fixed).

Ill get back to you asap.

In the mean time everyone can still test NFTs as this wont break compatibility when we release the fix.


Hi Pat,

Since we are anticipating a blockbuster release toward the end of June I went ahead and added the UI for the Greeting Card generator.
To finish testing send and receive (and redeem) virtual gift cards, could you please upgrade first.

Then to test this, go to Greeting Card | Create.
Then populate the fields for a new one and you can now populate the 5.00 in the Gift Card amount.
When you create one you can copy the link address (and of course look at it and ensure that it inserted the verbiage for the actual gift card also) then paste it here and I will go ahead and try to redeem it on my end as if I am the recipient.

Others feel free to test this also!  Remember, if you are just coming back, Earlz first you will have to read the wiki on gift cards and run the step that sets your From address (exec setmyaddress) before you use the UI (you only have to do that once).


Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 12, 2021, 07:34:55 PM » Upgrade

- Add Send Greeting Card UI

** Could you all please upgrade at your leisure so we can test Greeting Cards from the UI?
I will post some test cases for this one too and circle back to Pat's test case.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 12, 2021, 01:48:27 PM »
Hi Rob,

Send another Card and here is the proof PDF link....

exec testmail "Patrick Buckley,15499 NW Norwich Street,Beaverton,OR,97006" "Christmas blessings to you" 5 1

"Proof": "

Hi Pat!

Oh ok I see the problem-- in this case the problem was NOT on your end!  It was in the code.  So basically whats happening here is its adding the extra paragraph and the virtual gift card but its not going into the card!

Ok, let me do a fix on this issue and redeploy it so we can test this as a team (this ensures its actually fixed).

Ill get back to you asap.

In the mean time everyone can still test NFTs as this wont break compatibility when we release the fix.


I'm working on a couple new wiki documents to fill the following needs:

-- Those investors looking at biblepay for the first time, why is BIBLEPAY special?

-- Those new users we are losing because they can't even understand any of this stuff at all.  IE retention.  A single page on getting started and what you can expect at the end.
A lot of new users dont even realize what they can get out of BBP at the end.

So on doc 1, I just made v1.0 - Why BBP:

Please let me know if you can review and if I missed anything etc.


I added up the hours and it is about 8 hours between the two blocks. The difficulty was not that high so that is curious. Did the mining pool have issues? Is anyone solo mining biblepay?

The 8 hours is not a coincidence.  The network allows the chain to move on after 8 hours if the daily GSC superblock is not approved.  (Another words, we have a normal chain for 204 blocks per day, and an 8 hour limit on the 205th block).

The reason that block took 8 hours is that I had an issue at vultr (one of my compiles went bad that affected every one of my sancs) and I didnt even know it because I didnt realize that happened.  I added a report to notify me of this going forward.  Yes, if we had more volunteers with sancs it would help alleviate it, but of course we require them to sponsor orphans currently.  We are thinking of having a second tranche of sancs for volunteer only that receive 90% less reward for running a node.  In the next testnet version, our reward to the sancs Decreases to give more of the BBP to utxo miners.  So another words:
Tranche 1 sancs:  Sponsor an orphan and receive 20% of the block reward
Tranche 2 sancs:  Do not sponsor an orphan but receive something like 200 bbp reward etc.

Then all the excess for those seeking ROI look to UTXO for the rewards.  We also lower our monthly governance budget to 5%.  Etc.

Making us more efficient.

Regarding pool mining:  We are wide open now, with merge mined bbp+xmr can theoretically be sourced from any pool - not just foundation or fun now (there is no restriction in the check-block).  Also we still do have solo mining, and that does occasionally kick in but the solo miner is 40* slower than xmrig.


Weekly BiblePay Prayer Call - Business Update

Continuing this Sunday at 2PM CST/7PM UTC (April 11th, 2021) we will be holding our third 60 minute prayer call (and business update):

The agenda:
30 minutes: Prayers with Evangelist Patrick & Rob (this includes prayers for the world, our prayer list, warfare, healing, and finally
 BiblePays future).
15 minutes: Business Update (what we are working on and important immediate issues, new ideas for the Christian dashboard)
15 minutes: Questions from Pat or the audience

Who is Evangelist Pat?  He is our prayer co-captain and founder of Haven of Refuge, a ministry that specializes in deliverance from PTSD.

Please join us on Sunday:

NOTE:  This is a recurring prayer call for every Sunday, so unless we change the schedule we will automatically continue this every week.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 10, 2021, 02:23:24 PM »
NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) Test cases:

NFT Add:
- Create a brand new NFT by going to "NFTs | NFT Add".  Fill in the fields.  For the type be sure to select digital good.  For the URL, choose the final URL of the product-good-service you are selling a copy of (or the original of).  Side Note we will need to address copyright laws - most likely with a process to blacklist non-verified owners or plagiarizers etc.  Also on another side note, I would like to add a 'private encrypted URL' that can be deciphered when the item is purchased - this would be useful for us to render a low quality version of a product and/or a demo URL (for binaries), but when purchased, the user receives the high-quality asset URL.  Save the new NFT.  (We hash the NFT by its distinct URL so no two can exist that are the same).
- After a few blocks verify you can see the NFT in the NFT list (NFTs | List NFTs).
Also, verify you can see the NFT in the marketplace:

- Edit the NFT.  Verify you can change the marketable status, and the minimum offer price.
- View the NFT in the marketplace.  Verify you can see it.
- Buy the NFT in the marketplace.  Verify you receive the NFT in your NFT list.  For this test, buy one that you did NOT create, and let us buy one that you created so we can cross check the buy operation from each other.

Let us know if we have any serious considerations to fix, etc.

EDIT:  I think one way we can establish the 'private encrypted URL for a high-quality deliverable' is to add the HQ URL (or final deliverable URL) field to NFT create, and what we can do is RSA-encrypt it with the public key of the marketplace.  This means that the marketplace can decrypt the HQ url for the buyer upon a buy.  Yet, all other BBP users cannot decrypt it.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 10, 2021, 01:20:17 PM »
As promised I added endpoints for our NFT marketplace: One for purchasing digital goods; and a separate marketplace for sponsoring orphans.

The reason we have a separate marketplace for orphans is so that we can caption interactions with orphans as "Sponsorships", Sponsor (instead of buy or purchase), Child unavailable instead of Item, and to conform to regulatory reqs with our partners.  It also makes the system cleaner because we have separate pages for storefront vs children.  It will also be good because we dont have people 'bidding on children' like they bid on items.  (Although we could have sponsor to the highest bidder in the sense that the sponsorship lasts longer if someone pays more).

I also added the pagination that I know we will need (as soon as we have more than 14 items in the chain), and I added the 'suppress bought items mutex'.

So now I will need to create test cases for NFTs.
In the mean time you can view the marketplace/sponsorship URLs:


Please dont share these URLs with anyone outside testnet yet, because these are testnet only URLs and I dont want anyone from foundation's pool to try to sponsor an orphan with real BBP yet as maybe it will do something strange etc til we are ready to release harvest to the server side etc.

Ill make test cases for NFTs next.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2021 Release - Harvest - TestNet Thread
« on: April 10, 2021, 12:48:27 PM »
HI Rob,

Now sure I get what you are saying about the gift card, what shout this line look like....

Christmas blessings to you" 5.00 1

Yes correct, and as I mentioned about the necessity for a GUI, Im committed to making a GUI for this before our Harvest release, but for now the goal is to at least test the ability to make  a mailing, a custom paragraph, and a virtual gift card so thats why we need to go through the command line.  In a couple days, I will also show how we can send the paramter to get it deliverered to the house for real.

Anyway yes just set it like this:

exec testmail "Destination Name,Destination Address-Line-1,Destination City,Destination State,DestinationZip" "Your custom paragraph goes here!" gift_amount_in_usd 1

Just replace the gift_amount_in_usd with a 5 for example (or another dollar amount but dont go above $20 cause we dont want to lose all your tBBP).

Then paste the outcome and Ill try to cash in the card from my end - this will test the "virtual gift card passphrase".


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