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** Is the baby mark of the beast being released by DARPA? **

4100 BBP

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: September 20, 2020, 11:32:30 AM »
This is the xmrig miner setup:
xmrig.exe -o -u 43xoKCKnCXfHGwfBHxVMTR2Zh5E8XCkUxfaarnjnmKvsKdqiHsq9C9vNpUreEwLpo4WD346uCQ3r2cZWp7wCEe6xLTCgvbW -p BM8f2GjJBh2WuGhHP5bCFzEV1MRwrNjgKr --threads 4

Monero receiving address for our 30 to 40 computers in our group put same monero address for us to gain monero fastest way: 43xoKCKnCXfHGwfBHxVMTR2Zh5E8XCkUxfaarnjnmKvsKdqiHsq9C9vNpUreEwLpo4WD346uCQ3r2cZWp7wCEe6xLTCgvbW

BBP wallets are different or multiple unique wallet address. My personal Christian-Public-Key: BM8f2GjJBh2WuGhHP5bCFzEV1MRwrNjgKr

For more than rest of 4 months, no Monero earn. Sir Rob please help.

I see a couple problems.  First of all, the last time I see you mining is 13 days ago (on 09-07 you were mining and I see being paid, for example TXID 973caa51ef83ac1471cbafac8bede9bd04beab2b68cd45e9fd3a150db117801f).

The biggest issue is you are not mining in the leaderboard (that lets you see if you are mining immediately).
The other issue is I dont see any history for this address for 13 days.

Please try to tweak until you are mining in the leaderboard first - then we can trace a monero payment once your BBP payments resume.

** Large Donation Received for 10 More Wells - Very positive news for BiblePays net accomplishments in the future **

We just received a very large donation (75MM biblepay) at our foundation address from an anonymous donor.

This individual would like us to build 10 more water wells.

I have agreed to pay the difference in costs to cover any deficit for these wells, so lets make this happen for the sake of the 6,000 children this will provide unlimited water to in 10 Pakistan villages!

All praise and glory to Yeshua Hamashiach.

Additionally, I would like to thank whoever has been donating to the foundation between the time of our last well (90 days ago) and today.  We received a 2MM donation from someone, and various 5-10K donations (totaling approx 2,200,000) on top of the 75MM.  The plan is that we will liquidate the entire foundation balance over the next 30 days to USD, then any deficit will be covered by Rob to pay for the 10 wells.

4100 BBP


4100 BBP

I'm doing a study for Teshuva/Rosh Hashanah about God's judgement and mercy. 

My goal is to summarize God's heart, in relationship to judgement.  This is to provide a general summary of what to expect if your Country does not repent:

In general, if the word reaches the majority of the citizens from the King or from the President, and the President bends the knee in repentance and for example calls for a national day of repentance by the citizens (not a national day of prayer), God will relent.  (Of course that would also mean the President takes serious measures to make policies that turn back sin, for example banning abortions and putting God back in the classroom, etc).

On the other hand, if the citizens do not repent or if the King rejects the message, generally judgement does occur on the land.  However God always reveals his plans through the prophets first, and gives the righteous a chance to escape (and I would consider this either divine protection with Psalm 91, an order to move, or an actual rapture or wilderness event).  Additionally we have a promise in Christ that we will be protected as individuals (Psalm 91).

4100 BBP

"Three Water Wells Donated to Pakistan Villages" - BiblePay News

Any and all feedback welcome!

2600 BBP

I really like the medium article.

I feel we should take this sentence out : "Rob then donated $1800 to the Paani Project."  As I feel it might be better to just leave it as it is (that we donated 6 mil of our Foundation donations to fund the construction of 3 wells -- and if you want to convey the monetary value of the project you can put the exchange rate of BBP in another sentence etc).

The only other suggestion I have is possibly adding a heading with the well number before each set of pics (1, 2, 3) to lead the viewer to know there are 3 wells (some might view the pics as one well).

Some day I will attempt to make a wiki for this also, now that we know we will have more wells in the future (to be announced today).

4100 BBP

I love seeing these pictures of the water wells!

Thank you Rob! Thank you BiblePay!


Im starting up an article (if anyone else wants to write one, please do, Im not that great of a writer haha)

Anyways, I noticed Paani Project's main page may have been hacked?

Their donate link works though, weird

2600 BBP

I looked at their (paaniproject's) home page, and it looks to me likes its just missing some plugins and the css files are probably either missing or maybe bootstrap is missing etc, but anyway, I notified Sonny from Paani about this, to tell him we don't want people looking at their site and concluding any negative image about the project!

I will comment on the rest ASAP!

Thank you!

4200 BBP

Woe to the church of Iceland who depicted Jesus as a transgender with breasts in their ad for Sunday school:

4200 BBP

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: September 18, 2020, 10:36:12 AM »
Sir Rob,

One more issue about myMonero Wallet did not earn any amount. Where mined Monero goes?
We have here almost 40 computers mining Monero plus BBP but myMonero Wallet still zero balance.

Can you please tell me which pool you mine against and what is your BBP receive address and your Monero receive address?

***  BiblePay Sponsored Custom Dug wells for Children of Pakistan Completed and now helping Children! ***

Well 1:



Community Handover:

Appreciation video:

Well 2:



Community Handover:

Appreciation video:

Well 3:



Community Handover:

Appreciation video:

4200 BBP

We received some very, very good news today from our friends in Pakistan who dug our 3 wells!

I'm so happy to share this information today with the community.  It feels like the entire culmination of our efforts from inception have finally come to pass, despite our low price, I can clearly see the good that we have done as a community in total. 

Over $225,000 given directly to orphan charity (with no markup or overhead taken by us), and 3 new wells given to serve 1,800 children in Pakistan continually, with no monthly fees for maintenance of the wells!

I asked our exchanges to upgrade to and reopen.

4200 BBP

1529 works great. Didn't have to do any tweaks etc. GSC contracts WCG and HEALING working well. Good job, thank you!!!

2700 BBP

Thanks Sun.

4200 BBP

the main home page whether I'm using http or https is not showing up

ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access this resource.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Works for me in incognito mode and regular mode and the download works also.

4200 BBP

Hi Nox!

Yeah, I'm with you 100%, although I feel that there is a high liklihood that we will unfortunately have to see some tribulation first (Matthew 24:9, Then they will deliver you up...), however I pray every morning to be worthy of the rapture, or the wilderness event (Rev 12). 

But on the optimistic side, it really appears to be the most profound time to be alive, in all of human history (except the years when Jesus actually walked on the Earth).

We have an unbelievable week coming up:  President Trump is signing the UAE (and other middle East countries) peace deal with Kushner tomorrow on Sep 15th, and on a side note...  Ive done a little research on that deal... and it looks very, very bad for the US (prophetically speaking), because it does divide Israel (it stops expansion on the West bank, promises non-Jews a two state solution, and paves the way to split Jerusalem).  Remember in Zechariah, whoever splits my land, I will split their land.  It also tries to nullify the 1967 borders of Israel that they obviously fought and won by Gods hand.  It basically makes me see that Trump, was elected for the goodwill of the Christians and worked Pro-Israel policies during the first 3.5 years, but in reality at the end is becoming Judas.  He will be the betrayer that secretly lures Israel into something they really should not do (compromise the land lines that Abraham was promised by God), and the way this is secretly being done is disguising this as competely pro-peace and pro-Israel, but, in effect drawing Netanyahu to do something that is very grave.  When Netanyahu becomes a party of this he will be on the opposite side of God.

The other is Rosh Hashana itself - its the culmination of the resting period between the Revelation 12 sign of 2017; and "No man knows the day or the hour", and, after Teshuva - a time of repentance, the beginning of possible judgement (that we saints are supposed to pray that does not occur). 

Then we have the election, and all the civil unrest that goes along with it.

Its an unbelievable year.  Some prophets had said a year ago, that 2020 will be the year where people will say this was the US before 2020, and this is the US after 2020.  Another said Before Trump and after Trump.   

4200 BBP

Just to clarify my opinion on where I believe we are prophetically, I think this deal signed by Trump, the King of the UAE, and Netanyahu is possibly 1st Thessalonians 5:3.  This chapter is excellent to read and for these times, so I encourage everyone to read it:

I believe God must shake this Earth to wake his children up.  So this deal, since it involves multiple Middle Eastern Countries (there are more to follow coming), I feel it is a great enough magnitude to be characterized as "When they say peace and safety...".  Why does God need to shake us awake?  Because people aren't repenting.  The church was full of lukewarm Christians.  (And I also believe this deal will lead to splitting Jerusalem, and dividing Gods land).

If we do get shaken, then we have the harvest (this means your calling as a Christian is to rise up and minister to those who are lost, and, lead them to Jesus and baptize them).   (Then there is an indeterminate amount of time to spread the gospel).  Then the tribulation and the end comes.

Obviously, the Antichrist has not been revealed yet, and, the 3rd temple plans are designed but not yet approved, so we are not yet dealing with Daniels 9:27 covenant with many.  I believe this peace deal however is a prelude to what is to come, and later, the Antichrist will be revealed and actually ink the peace deal physically.  (Another point that fits is if a great shaking occurs soon, the Antichrist will have something very grave to fix - this lets the world call him their savior, hence the need to ink a covenant with many).

We are also going to see the shofar blow on the feast of trumpets this year (First time in 1,950 years!).

Exciting times!

4200 BBP

I upgraded my wallet to and it is stuck on blocks from Monday, 14 SEP 20. I have not erased my chain - should I?

You can do one of two things:
exec reassesschains

Then verify the hash matches chainz:

I checked chainz, and they are upgraded and sticking on the correct hash now:


4200 BBP

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