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** Bend the Knee **

Please everyone, bend the knee:

Production Proposals / Re: Vote on Future Currency Name II
« on: June 24, 2020, 09:24:38 AM »
DAC is probably easier to rank on Google as there's only 129M as opposed to DEC 2.1B results.

there already a company called xDAC though.

I was looking at caritas (latin for charity) but I see the catholic church already owns the domain.

Good points.   

I think we will need to veer away from the XDC and XDAC ticker ideas with (xdac being taken by a website) and XDC being taken by a chain that is < 1000 $ market cap, etc (plus I see two XDC tickers on coingecko).   We can think of more.  DACBBP is good on one hand because it keeps our old ticker in, but it might be viewed as too long to be catchy so Im not sure that we want a 6 character ticker..

DAC itself for the domain name and coin name seems pretty solid so far - with the primary question being: will we actually grow if we do this.

Rob, does the pool need to run on windows or can it run on Linux also? Is there any documentation on how to setup a pool or a link to github? Let me know as would like to look into setting up a pool. Thanks

In addition to what Togo said:

- Its windows only on the server side
- Here is the first version of the starting a pool doc:

This is what the 400 Rabbi's in Israel really think of the Trump peace plan:

Make no mistake, you won't read the truth in the run of the mill media.
The Trump plan does cut into some of Israel's sovereign territory, and makes a Palestinian Capital in East Jeruslem (the apple of God's eye).

Be very afraid if this is passed (by the US president no less) before the Nov elections (as Im sure those in US politics will try to force this through as a pro for Trump).

The one who splits Gods chosen land, that is within the covenant of Abraham, pokes at God's eyes.  The one who splits Jerusalem gets split.

I encourage Trump and Netanyahu to pray on this before they ink the deal. 

Production Proposals / Vote on Future Currency Name II
« on: June 20, 2020, 10:08:12 AM »
First I would like to say that switching our currency name from BiblePay to DAC is in the spirit of growing the community and not blocking potential users who might view us as overly religious.  We are not doing this in any way because we are ashamed of the gospel; but instead to appeal to a broader cross section of the world first.

We can still keep the bible in the wallet, and spread the Gospel of Jesus in certain specific areas (such as the doctrine section of if we re-brand.

Anyway, Jesus said the Gospel is for those who are sick and or in need (not for those who are already saved and sealed).

In our last vote, our community strongly gravitated towards re-branding in contrast to having dual brands.  One of the old questions was: Should we keep both biblepay and DEC, and the supermajority felt it was not a good idea to maintain two brands. 

The supermajority liked DAC more than DEC also (hence why I have more choices up above for variations of DAC).

In light of that, this vote attempts to hone in on the recommended currency name (and see if the idea is maintained).

There are 3 tiny coins with the ticker DAC already:  Davinci Coin and DACash (DAC) and DACC - Decentralized accessible content chain (DACC).  I think what we would do is hold a separate vote for the ticker.  We could possibly make the ticker XDAC  (none are taken like that) or DACBBP.     So for example:  We would be Digital Autonomous Currency (XDAC).

I prayed about this decision and I'm not receiving any negative response about switching from BIBLEPAY, but I don't want to influence the voters, so please vote.

Finally on the Charity vs Non-Charity debate, during the last vote more people voted for autonomous currency than autonomous charity.  This is another case of keeping ourselves generic (and not pegging us to the stigma that we spend all the investors money on charity or that the price will always go down because its all spent on aid etc). 

If anyone has a variation that is even better please post it and Ill consider adding it to the list.  We own,,, and  I kept coin out of this because I believe its just too generic compared to dac and dec.

Hi Rob,
In fractional sanctuary my deposit address is empty.
So I cannot deposit.

Hi CI!

Thanks for the heads up:  It looks like when we added the deposit report's pagination, we removed the address from the display only.


So Rob, is it a requirement to mine on a pool these days or can the wallet/external miner solo mine? Just wondering if we have centralized on Pool mining at this point. Let me know as I have been away for a while. Thanks

Welcome back my friend :

So you can solo mine, from the core wallet, but for one the core wallet built in miner is about 90% slower than the Xmrig version (so most people dont do it).
Additionally the block will only be solved if network diff drops below .10 or the block is late (thats over 30 minutes from the prior block).

Here is one doc how to mine with RX:

It seems to be working for now. I also added this pool into Awesome Miner, which was interesting! But, because you can add a complete command line string into the advanced section, I am again Dual Mining! Thanks Rob!

Wow, that sounds really cool!

We also have this pool:

I'm glad to hear we are much more compatible with the mainstream, finally!

Maybe someday we will be a dac-xmr (merge-mined pair) while helping 65,536 orphans.
(Or BBP, if that's how God wants it).

Cancel that last. All I am getting now are "Connection reset by peer" errors.

Yes, what I thought was the permanent solution wasn't the complete fix.  The [pool] server downloaded some windows update that made it unstable (its server 2012R2).  Im going through each possibility and rolling back or reinstalling until we get it resolved.  I have to reboot the server continually.

Things are looking a little better now, this time, knock on wood.

The server is coming back up now!  Good luck everyone to a brighter orphan future.

41 connect error

Good news, I found the root problem.  Its been fixed, and I believe it will now be stable again going forward.

Archived Proposals / Re: Add new charity partner - SAI.NGO
« on: June 17, 2020, 03:34:09 PM »
Could you please consider a child from Kenya.
Absolutely, this is a decentralized coin, so please add a proposal with the information for the charity and their corresponding guidestar and relevant integriy information, etc.

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: June 16, 2020, 09:44:03 AM »

I think as far as my capital goes, everything is in order. I've been pushing everything I get from the fractional sanctuaries right back in. However I can't edit my deposit address anymore... probably because the wallet doesn't exist. Also the balance is currently negative but hopefully that changes when the sanctuaries do their thing.

So... if you or any other admin could change the deposit address into something that still exists (either BRsa8zBeNWHsPSKMxsn4ULjDtmBJub5n7o or BFrbGpJv774y5qG3q3LF2zduhcY2f31gLZ), I'll just keep piling interest on interest and maybe mine when I get my mining back in order as the new update broke everything.  ;D

Ok looks like you are getting there now with your setup, good.
First technically you are supposed to be randomx mining to earn the full reward - as Im trying to bring more RX miners in.

But I did send you 7.7K anyway just to get started; if you do start RX mining please post again and Ill send you more as a gift.

Regarding the Account receive address for deposits for your individual account, thats actually generated from the foundation side and is designed to take deposits.  So it should actually be fine the way it is.  (You can test it by sending a few BBP to it and after a few blocks you will see the deposit come in).

Sure let me know if something is materially wrong on the Deposit report.  If its just a few cents negative due to something like a partially watched video no problem it should correct itself during the next fractional payment.

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: June 16, 2020, 08:15:53 AM »
Things are getting clearer even more,  that wallet was in SouthExchange and I emptied it to the fractional sanctuaries which in turn led to the wallet getting deleted too.

This wallet should be more current:

Great, as long as you have all your capital you are good.

Please post a faucet-code when you are ready to claim the reward.  To get that, see the op post.

** SouthXChange has lowered confirmation requirement **

Due to our stability with chainlocks, SX has lowered confirmation requirements to 9!

Also, they are working on integrating instantsend for an even faster confirm.

EDIT:  You can send up to 500,000 via instantsend in one confirm!

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