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Up to you Rob, but do you want me to send traffic to medium article, or do you want a blog post within somewhere? I think domain is better so visitors can click around afterwards if s/he is interested in the project.

Do we actually have any blog software running on - IE did we install one on the wordpress server?
Or what would you recommend?

I can make a tweet URL on, but I have not actually maintained real blog software historically.

4200 BBP

Good morning, Biblepay, and Happy Wednesday!
in the last three days, there have been some pretty massive credits entering my wallet. For weeks, the results of dual mining were coming in pretty low, such as 0.3, or 1.0. From Monday (9/28) on, I have seen credits as high as 2700+! I am surprised at such a drastic change. Did anyone else experience the same? Should I expect it to stay that way, or is this an anomaly? Thank you and God bless!

1000 BBP

Its probably right because our exchange price went up recently.
Please type 'exec price' and see the exchange narrative and if it went up we have 24 hours of normal emissions.
On a side note, you can also see the narrative on the overview page in QT.  (Above the prayers).

Also just to double check please ensure you are synced (as far as the best block hash) against chainz.

God bless you too RD!

4200 BBP

** SAI is thanking us for our support **

I would like to thank you for your continued support of the orphans we care for in Venezuela. The children in the orphanage are healthy and receiving regular meals and medical care, thanks to your loving kindness and generous donations.

As you know, SAI does everything possible to help these children and we are grateful to have you as our partner in this mission.  We thank you and all your donors for making such a huge difference in their everyday lives.

Steven Malca
South American Initiative

4200 BBP

I saw the Dash stake rewards came in smoothly last friday, thatīs a great way to get some ROI for hodled BBP coins!
Thanks again to Rob for the effort taken on implementing this.
Thanks MIP!

4200 BBP

I created another version in my style, All props to Rob!:

Any and all feedback welcome!

Better start staking before I spread these guides to the Dash community!
(Earlier stakers get better rewards!)

2600 BBP

This is awesome Togo.

I'm sure we could also eventually mention getting the vout from the dash block explorer, but I haven't investigated that too much yet.

This looks very straightforward for the user!

4200 BBP

Medium Article

Twitter Tweet

Any and all feedback welcome!

Please help spread to Dash users!

2600 BBP

This looks great Togo!

Thank you for putting this together.

I think this news will spread very quickly now.

(I see we have 13 dash stakes in 'dashstakequote 2' already). 

4200 BBP

I overheard Farag saying today something about Matthew 24:7 and he was saying : (at the end of the age... ) Race will rise up against race ...
And I was not familiar with that verse said that way (I read the NKJV), and I thought hmmm that sounds like Black Lives Matter.

Then I read the original Greek meaning of 24:7 and its:  A nation, or tribe, living together (of Gentiles) will rise up against each other.  I thought that was pretty shocking.

It also goes together with Rick Joyners prophecies about civil war at the end of the age.

So I think 24:7 has a double meaning, civil war in the streets, and nation rising up against nation (IE war).

4200 BBP

Does anyone have thoughts on BBP/BTC at 0.6 sats? Is it because of the recent 75M that was sold for the 10 wells?

2700 BBP

I sold the 77 mil over about 7 days or so and received .40 btc and this was just completed.  I am converting it to dollars tonight (just in case BTC crashes soon).

Next I will order the 10 wells within the next 7 days and chip in the difference.

So the selling is over.  Notice how the sell wall increased on SX from 70 mil to 100 mil.  This is what I was referring to where we have at least one buyer that immediately puts the coins back up for sale at a higher price.  Its one of my pet peeves about the sell wall.  I realize we gain the liquidity and credit however, but I am not completely happy with this constant idea to dig ourselves back out of a hole every time we raise money etc.

Thanks everyone for voting on Bololex!  It looks like we will be listed soon if all goes well (most likely we will only need 1 star next week):

4200 BBP

Hi Rob, I guessed so after writing my first post about it, thatīs why I moved one collateral utxo here: a9dc5156f59cba9261dccc92d31ea597bb9b9f877070f828f695e7d5311e4ac8-1

Which is 1 BBP less than the official collateral amount.
But the result message is the same

This is what I read in debug log:
Code: [Select]
ExtractAPM Height 221839=3.000000 GetDashStake::Using bbpaddr BG54CPavbTGBy54LdjaoSww6ZmMfhupwZe and dash addr  dash amount 0.000000
Deciding between bbpvalusd 286.810000 and dashvalueusd 0.000000 and qty of 0.000000 and 4500001.000000 = 0.000000 VerifyDashStake::REJECTED Dash amount too low.Consensus::ContextualCheckBlock::TestBlockValidityLite  (code 0)

Ok I did modify a spork that might be it, please try restarting the client and try again.

4200 BBP

Hey guys. satoshi0x here from Team BiblePay on the World Community Grid team. Been participating in that for a long long time and 24/7 as a matter of fact. GSC rewards have been coming in fine and since upgrading to the last manadatory upgrade v1.5.2.9 on windows (64-bit) wallet I have been able to stay in sync with the current chain shown on the chainz explorer. A few questions...

It appears I am on the right chain now. I stuck with you over the past month with all the different chain splits and updates. "exec reassesschains" finally got me in sync with the newest mandatory upgrade :). I knew when difficulty was hitting 0.00 and the rewards were coming in like wildfire I was due for another trip to my RPC console :). Or update altogether. No sweat.

What is going on though? Are we constantly changing versions and splitting onto forks because of new features being implimented? I keep it simple by just participating in WCG and running BOINC Manager (latest version of course), participating in WCG on Team Biblepay, receiving the GSC rewards, and occasionally getting mined blocks although my rewards for mined blocks (on 8/4 was last for +2 708.09 BBP) and since 9/11 I have received one for +6.00 BBP, +2.39 BBP, and +2.39 BBP (9/19 was the last). What happened to rewards? Is that a new protocol for rewards? I only use one-click mining out of the GUI for windows 64-bit. I mine other crypto on the computer, my focus with BBP is to get my rewards from GSC payouts via WCG. It's steady and enough for me :). As I slowly approach 50,000 BBP mined using the latest mandatory upgrade - I wonder what is next? Obviously at 0.6 satoshi per BBP on southxchange, I wouldn't dream of "cashing out" - it feels like with the way this project is using Bitcoin Core developers since 2009, Dash devs since 2014, and BBP since 2017... there's a lot of reason to the madness. Is this coin meant for some sort of great good? The integration of GSC and BOINC has me exciting. I have always loved the whole BOINC distributed computing idea tied to a team of Crypto community participants and am even more intrigued that our payouts from the GSC are tied to our participation in that.

What the reasoning behind all the other features I'm not using? What direction are we going in? Surely there is some reason to keep adding such features from other projects like Monero (RANDOMX MINING, Dashpay, and other things) all the while using the Berkeley DB 4.8.30 that the oldest of ancient merge mined w BiTCoin SHA-256 coins use (like Devcoin Core for example, and I also believe I0Coin Core - both are using Berkeley DB 4.8.30 from April 9, 2010). Other projects moved on, but I believe there's a reason for both old DB, new features, and the fair CPU mining + innovations like GSC payouts with old distributed computing software projects like BOINC - since 2003, a very awesome tool for great causes...

The price crash, I get it. These features seem to cause the need to constantly upgrade the wallets. Moreso than any project I've seen. I also believe the long run value won't necessarilty depend on BTC pairings etc on exchanges. But I am interested to hear the theory behind price crashes? I mean I'm getting 52 outbound and 10+ inbound connections per my debug console - seems like a lot of data moving in and out of this network. So active! Are we just suffering from exchanges not being able to compute our true value?

All the PODC power we're putting into BOINC for example, there's not necessarily a monetary value assigned to those credits we earn but we do get paid BBP proportionally so I plug away. Getting BBP through that kind of GSC mechanism is fun. If I am not mistaken all the value in Uniswap is because of the implementation of a humongous General Smart contract itself. Are we not doing the same to pair our project with BOINC and WCG?

We're definitely innovating! But I cannot possibly keep up with where we are headed and why price changes and forks seem to be crushing out "satoshi" value. Is that intended? Once last fair buy in to a network and blockchain with more in store as a project? Clearly #1 I value human participation in the future value of any project. As a Catholic, now Christian accepting of all faiths under that umbrella and seeing our roots in our predecessors (Old Testamant > Tanukh and forward into others since that use the same scripture) I love the idea of unifying the common good through religion and crypto (PODC, donations, financing, as well as a worldwide payments network that could bring great wealth to areas the fintech world has neglected thus far - but Biblepay has not!)...

What's in store? Why the price crash? Why so many forks? And what's up with the 9/11 (6.00 BBP block reward), 9/18 (2.39 BBP), and 9/19 (2.39 BBP) rewards I've mined since getting on chain again? Did something change? My last mined block 8/4 was par for the norm at (2708 BBP). All of these appear on the explorers and confirmed. Current block and difficulty show on both explorers and my wallet.

Am I missing something?

Thanks and sorry for all the quesitons. I just registered here, maybe there's a better place for all this but I work as an Admin Team member for Devcoin since the beginning of this month and have heavily been working on promoting their Stellar DEX/Horizon asset/OTC trading to get people involved in our projects next steps - so while I've been running WCG and BOINC 24/7, sometimes I only have enough time to get my wallets running properly and miss all these amazing details of what the heck is going on :)

Will do better going forward but please catch me up if you can. I want to be a part of this in as big of a way as I can. Keep up the great work. This community is thriving and I'm LONG BBP, thick and thin. No worries :)

Daniel (satoshi0x on WCG - even though the wallet leader board doesn't accurately reflect my participation - check WCG site to see stats:

1000 BBP

Hi Sat,

First of all thank you for sticking with us through the thick and thin.  Its certainly a challenging environment now. 

Let me try to answer some of the technical questions first then we can move on to passionate future endeavors and allegience and loyalty.

First of all, on chain forks from mandatory updates and non-intended forks, let me say that we never want any unintended forks.  We've had a few unintended forks over the last 3 years and obviously if we could re-do those 3 quarters we would go back to testnet and prevent them to begin with.  I remember one was a business logic rule, another was .14 LLMQ dont actually work in BiblePay even with the DIPS, and one bug in prod.  But otoh, all of the mandatory upgrades we had with consensus changes were actually necessary.  Of course knowing what I know now, I would go back to the original launch and launch with one consensus and the current GSC code and not have mandatory upgrades. But to address this properly you have to understand the nature of a 'groundbreaking feature' and a hard fork.  If we believe we have something in testnet that is groundbreaking, and it changes even one consensus rule, then the next mandatory will have a hard fork in it.  Ive been trying to release 'ground breaking changes' for 3 years.  So that is the risk in this endeavor.  We are stabbing the irons in the fire (or shooting fish in the barrel) until we find the Holy Grail.  Maybe we should stop shooting the fish and actually pray about it and let God provide the feature.  (On a side note you asked about RX, you will have to research that issue historically.  I intended POBH to actually work permanently, and that was before the bright minds who created RX created it, and POBH was ported to a GPU.  We wanted to stay as a CPU coin so we went to RX.  I am very happy with what that achieved, as it lowers the cost of mining, provides dual revenue, and keeps BBP distributed on CPUs; and I argue that its a better model than ASIC mining as it results in no monopolies).

As far as the price crash there is a reason for most of them however you can take this as an opinion.  We had an initially strong PODC rollout in early 2018, and 40MM staked collateral.  Then when we switched to POG, those users left and that 40MM became a sell wall.  Problem #2:  Our first year, a lot of us bought BBP ignorantly without doing the math on what 2B supply should actually be priced at.  (Myself included, although, remember at the time I just blindly supported the project to help the orphans).  And finally this last sell off is purely from the liquidation of 75MM BBP for the 10 wells. 

The bottom line about this project is, simply at the mercy of concrete business fundamentals.  Basically in order to succeed (that is, to a very high degree financially, priced more than .01 per coin) we need to have a solid and real use case for BBP that puts the individual token in demand.  If each token becomes rarer and rarer for a real reason, then the price will rise and we will be successful.  If its a weak non essential reason (like PR games or PODC collateral) its questionable if that will actually work (it may  work over a long term as people leave the project and coins become rarer but generally) I think we need something that massively makes us rare and valuable.  I no longer deal with the stock market being completely loyal to Jesus and zero to mammon now but Ill make one point, I used to remember there was a relationship between S&P 500 DITM puts and interest rates which let those traders constantly make easy money for years and it seemed too good to be true, but my point is the one market had a real use case for those hedging interest and the other market for those buying the S&P500 stocks, so they both had a reason to exist but yet the arb between the two went on for 20 years.  So BBP needs something like that, a real reason to live, and be useful that people will constantly want.  Something like bringing the tribulation news, the Christian news without ads, for example to the masses.

As far as allegience to BOINC vs. Gospel vs. something else, first of all, I dont think we fulfilled our mission yet.  We need to ramp up gospel features, but there is a chicken and egg problem right now.  We arent building massive Gospel features while we have such a weak user base who barely participates in those.  The killer feature is not released yet (that makes our token rare and valuable). 

My point is I dont mind inviting a volunteer to help permanently manage or handle the BOINC side and keep it as part of Biblepay.  I do believe we need horizontal scaling here at Biblepay, that is a horizontal development effort and community effort to help us grow.

Regarding Berkeley DB 4.8:  We continue to stay with 4.8 along with Dash because newer versions break the compatibility for the wallet.dat file.  The reason we are a fork of Dash is to gain decentralized governance (monthly budgets, sanctuary voting) and recurring payments, and for the ability for sancs to vote on our GSCs.

Wow, you really are crunching now.  You probably have a CPID that goes back before 2019, or did you just start this year?  Anyway yeah we are only pulling in the points from WCG (and RAC from the single project) at this point to keep the GSC contracts simple.  Yes, I believe you are correct about Uniswap.

4200 BBP

I donīt think this is the case, both Dash UTXOs are ok:


Code: [Select]
dashstake 8e5d3da184bdad9823c5df0315486968e36727c8ee7c780c67ebe595ae35f899-1 cc1ce7df0095928a997ad76f7ce6b7cd5a3d4092052deb390c6d5ea3cc568bf5-0 [signature-here] I_AGREE

  "DWU": "48.0351",
  "Error (Not Sent)": "Dash amount too low. Unable to verify Dash Stake. "


Code: [Select]
dashstake c5362771138f9956c8f0fbb8ec38a2e5d5407c11733e3b9f2c37b618d3804647-1 ec38ade4cb569c2b5b13f799781b3fb44151121c70c92ffc3aa6dd56722ca955-1 [signature-here] I_AGREE

  "DWU": "48.0351",
  "Error (Not Sent)": "Dash amount too low. Unable to verify Dash Stake. "

So there seems to be something else that I canīt figure out.

Oh ok, yes, I see your Dash Stake is good, (4.5) and has the correct vout.

I think the problem is you are not allowed to use sanctuary collateral as a dashstake (we block both sanctuary collateral, 4.5MM, and 1000DASH).  Imagine someone trying to use 1000 DASH LOL.

This is because in theory they can double dip if we do that.  (I think we forgot to put in a specific error message for that).

Please try a different BBP UTXO and let me know if that was the problem.  Then I will add a todo item to add an error message for that case.


4200 BBP

I see Paani has fixed their home page:

4200 BBP

How do we know the right amounts for Dash and Biblepay? I am using now 1 DASH = 1M BPP which is current proportion as per SouthX price now, but it says "Dash amount too low"


To get past that, you just have to have more than .000001 Dash in the UTXO.  (Maybe you were using the wrong vout - like maybe the change).

Also, if one stakes $250 of BBP and $750 of Dash, the stake is based on the BBP amount, however if they stake $750 of BBP and $250 of Dash, the stake is based on the equiv amount of $250 of BBP.  So it always calculates the lower dollar value of the two to lock in the contract then each month is paid the same until it either expires or gets spent.

4200 BBP

I tryied the PC, the smart phone and a notebook on my  home, with differente browsers....  few minutes ago i asked to a friend , in another city into a MacOS machine to try, and he get the same message....
Then, i tryied acces trough a VPN in Germany, and this way works.... probably is something related to Brazilian connections, or in country backbones or in the web host of the site.... The unsual situation is t, i can access the and the without any errors.... is just with the pages on website under the (without the www the issue persists).

It sure is an interesting phenomenon, if all of Brazil is blocking downloads from our DNS address

For now I added this link here (for the windows version):

Note that I will have to manually update this on the next mandatory.

Please try and see if it is revealing.


4200 BBP

Thanks, but even the direct link to the file show me the same error, could be somethig in my network? Firewall , AV software ou anything like that?

I think its possibly something on your end; maybe try incognito mode, or try a different machine just to isolate the problem to that one machine.

Also, try disabling browser plug ins.

4200 BBP

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