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** Off grid water production with only air and sunlight **

$6,500 for a system, link to website:

It would be cool if this price came down for those in 3rd world countries.

** Possible Failure of the Banking System Soon **

I was listening to a Christian prophet banker, and she said Oct 15th, the Rothchilds will be forcing banks to include an addendum called 'force majeure' and 'arbitration' in every customers envelopes this month (effective one year ago!).

The rule says: If a bank cannot perform its duties due to civil unrest, martial law or weather the bank will be held harmless (IE wont have to pay you). 
It also says we will be subject to the arbitration hearing (with their attorney or the government attorney) making a final decision.

This is pretty wild, because it really seems like something is under wraps that is aligned with a currency reset.
I remember a couple years ago, I was jogging over a bridge and I heard in my spirit that our money will be worthless.

If you pray about this, it is up to each individual if you need to take it out of the bank.  I feel the freight train coming, but I am standing on the rock (Jesus). 

One other thing that happened this month, Youtube did start admitting censorship of anything deemed a conspiracy theory.  This is a definite milestone into the new Orwellian era.


Production Proposals / Re: BiblePay faucet
« on: October 17, 2020, 09:15:42 AM »

I want to develop BiblePay faucet where users will earn a free BiblePay coins in return of seeing ads.

Project details

Users will need to login with BiblePay address.
Website backend will check if the address is valid via BiblePay rpc command.
Then users will need to click google captcha and submit the form.
Then they will need to wait x amount of minutes until next click.
When user amount reach the threshold the user can ask for a payment.

Admin dashboard

Setting the amount of minutes that users will need to wait until the next click.
Setting the payment threshold.
Setting the ads code.
Extracting BiblePay addresses that requested payout.
Enabling disabling ads placement.

ETA 1 year max.
Result - full source code.
Payout - 1 BiblePay masternode after the website is finished.
Programming languages - front end angular, .net core backend,

Sorry if this proposal request is not right or wort posting here.


This is very interesting; so just to understand correctly if the proposal passes you will start coding it?

One question so far, once it is finished will you host it also so people can use it or would it be our responsibility to host it?

N00b question here:
Would the authors of any articles or content need to understand C#, python or any other languages to do so? Or, would that be a part of what you are describing as a solution to type, save and "pay for" text in the form of an article? TGIF!

1000 BBP

TGIF to you too!

No, the end user would not have to understand c#, but instead, it would be a similar learning experience to wiki pages.  But I checked out steemit, and they also use markdown (like github does).  So basically we would have a markdown editor page that would either come up in the wallet (or on the pool website), it would be a full featured article editor.

I believe the markdown is very compatible, so the only learning curve would be learning markdown to write an article.  The editor has GUI buttons too, so they don't really need to learn markdown to make an article. 

I'll keep working on some type of proof of concept and we can test it.  One thing I learned already in the process is a person can design professional flowcharts and logic diagrams using markdown in a very simple way (IE you can just type in variable names and outputs, and the renderer will draw the logic graph or the flowchart automatically).  So I think you can make some impressive articles with markdown.  The images will be a little bit of a challenge since most people will have to figure out how to host images.  However we have a big leg up on that cause we have document storage in biblepay (BIPFS) and I think we can make a separate utility to store users links.

Ill comment more on the GAS a little later, as Im still trying to make a browser.  At this point Im getting a little more excited about GAS.  I was thinking if everyone had to pay a pay-per-click fee as they clicked around, we could make an entire economy out of the web without ads, etc.  I think this is going to need a custom web server and a custom browser.  But let me expiriment on that.

4300 BBP

Production Proposals / Re: Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 16, 2020, 08:14:27 AM »
I'm confused. Will you provide the BTC in exchange for the 7M BBP as a private exchange?

I thought of burning the BBP after I buy up the sell wall, but then I changed to just continuting the process of selling and buying until it is all gone.

I realize this is an expiriment - and its not known how well this can work.  I think what I can do is record the sell wall before, the accounting, and then after the money is all gone, and we can decide if doing this is worth it in the future.

Ill modify the OP post to be more clear now.


Interesting idea Rob. Another way to look at it would be to set aside a daily pool. Either traffic driven to the articles, upvotes/downvotes, or some other metric could be used to pay all authors from the pool. Might need to ban IPs from known VPNs, proxy, etc and stick to unique IP addresses if you go the upvote/downvote idea. The metric would only apply for the UTC date traffic was received, upvoted, etc.  The daily pool idea is already something BBP has been doing a long time with GSC contracts (PoDC, Healing, etc). The final data is embedded into the daily superblock that is agreed upon by the sanctuaries.

2700 BBP

Yeah, good points.  I don't see why the GSC system could not pay out the daily content related rewards (based on article popularity and content originality and traffic etc).

Im thinking now of making Gas for the system, so that navigation in the system requires payment.  So for example, imagine if we had 5,000 contributed URLs in our search engine, and 100 were original content.  Any click made to any URL automatically charges an amount of GAS (which could be of course, a BBP debit).  Im trying to design the changes to the web browser.  If we keep chrome and firefox without using any plugins, we could have it so clicking on a BBP URL requires the browser to send the Gas in the header of the Get request.  So basically we extend the IETF spec for HTTP 1.1 to include an additional Get and Post header (containing the Gas).  Then the gas could probably go into the pool of rewards for original content (to held reduce coinbase emissions).

Also, Im going to create a proof of concept for the markdown editor.  So far I am using opensource version of '' which is very powerful.  My goal is to make a public facing page in c#
 - in the pool - that lets someone create an article and save it in the chain.  Then we can adapt it to this project after that.  (Its 100% javascript, so it could theoretically be used inside biblepaycore also).

4300 BBP

Production Proposals / Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 15, 2020, 10:41:43 AM »
Use the 7 mil in this proposal to sell it to raise BTC to buy up the sell wall on SX.

100% of this proposal is geared toward raising funds to buy up latent coins.

Accounting will be provided.


To be more specific, I plan on selling the 7MM on SX, then using those funds to buy BBP, then repeating this process again (until all the funds are gone).
And recording the Sell wall before and after, and the BTC/BBP amounts for each round. 


Thank you for starting this new thread. I was sure there was another elsewhere on the board, but this is good. The Youth Pastor at my church preached this morning. The text was from Zephaniah ( It was really good. The justice of the Lord will come down on Israel and the world at some point (maybe sooner than later). However, we've been given His Grace via the blood sacrifice of the only perfect lamb to have ever lived as a man, Jesus. Thank God!

Amen - those are good verses - and Zephaniah 1:18 always stands out - it makes me wonder when the hyperinflation causes a days wages to pay for 1 loaf of bread, I think it means 'for those who trusted in riches' their silver and gold will not deliver them (they will hide their face from the wrath of the lamb).

And of course that God expects Israel to be a Holy Nation, so they are only going to be blessed when they keep his commandments!

Praise God!

** Our Future Features **

Note that what I write below does not materially affect the current roadmap.  If we do decide to program any of these new features, they will instead be ADDED to the roadmap.

So, I have three ideas that appear to be 'relatively good' and appear to have strong potential.

However, not every idea that has potential is worth doing, especially if it is not aligned with God's vision.  (Mark 8:36).  What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world... applies here.

Idea A:   However, I prayed about this one, and did NOT receive a green light.  So, I am putting this on the back burner.  (For those Christians out there who ask, what do you mean, I actually heard prepare for the rapture instead.  I realize this is hard to comprehend, but realize if you have the Holy Spirit living in you, we need to listen to HIM).

Idea B:  This idea adds a DWU (dynamic whale unit) marketplace to BBP allowing us to establish 'stake' rewards for other currencies.  In essence a user would hold many long cryptos and use biblepay to receive the stake component of the reward.  For example, if you have 10MM BBP you may lend the part of the component to the other party, to complete the contract.  This idea, I believe is still possible in the future but I have not prayed about it.

Idea C:  This new idea came to me (all credit to the Holy Spirit) the other day.  I felt that it would be useful for BBP to reward those who create Christian Content.  Now when I thought of this, the idea had more to do with coinbase (mining rewards) going to a person who created an original article that is read on the WWW.  But I thought about it for a while, and I think this in general can be expanded to make BBP a place that make Christian Content available.

Lets break Idea C up into some smaller components:  A markdown editor.  This allows a BBP user to go directly in and use an editor to create a new article (or a paraphrased edifying article), or rework a very long bible chapter, etc.  The idea is to give them the tool that will allow lists, tables, images, fonts, etc, similar to a blog and also similar to steemit posts, where we can take the emitted markdown and store it in the chain (or in the pointer to our BBPIPFS storage), and retrieve it and display it as html. 
Somehow, we would have the ability to browse and upvote/downvote the content (this is for monetization and popularity).
And, possible a BIBLEPAY version of google for Christians.  I could see a new Christian Search Engine that pulls up all the content via a search bar.
We might also want to compensate users for adding links into our search engine.
And, possibly embed public keys into URLs, to have the URLs with monetization (IE require payment of 1bbp to read an article) etc.

4300 BBP

** Religious Discussions have been Moved here **

Please 'Notify' (IE Watch) that thread for breaking religious alerts.  And I will also try to tweet them out of when they are important.

Please use the new thread for general religious discussions, and going forward we will use this thread for general biblepay-core discussions.


4300 BBP

Very Explosive:

4300 BBP
Rob, thanks for posting this.
I watched the video. I am a little disturbed there was such a discussion at such high levels. However, I am confused about when this occurred, what exactly the vaccine was for (to fight against what exactly?) and which religious extremism they were discussing to try to eliminate? All of it - regardless of the religious text that was read to the individual? I mean, if I were in the testing chair and someone read to me a "religious text" from some pagan religion that exulted in child molestation (for example), then I am pretty sure my mind would "light-up" in disgust as well. However, if they were to have me sing some praise songs and love on Jesus, then a whole different situation would be evoked. Explosive? Yes!

1000 BBP

The Executive Summary of Jesus, Video:

Link 2 for download:

Feel free to use this video as you see fit.

Note:  The BiblePay Logo is in this video.

I read your comment about your Adwords account being closed because of advertising the video.
But donīt expect too much from youtube... you are on enemy territory there.

I believe they will try to put us the chip with the excuse of a remedy for CV.
If you don’t follow then you will be considered an outcast.

Yeah either that or maybe the antichrist has dreams of a society that is constantly tracked and paid in cryptocurrency for 'activity' but the activity must be GPS located and conforming with the plans of the antichrist (go here, buy a vial of tainted baby blood, worship the beast, come back to location 1, etc).

I have been hearing many negative things about the potential 'vaccine' for coronavirus.  The prophet Tracy Cooke claims he saw God take him to the Wuhan lab, and watch it being created as a weapon.  He said the vaccine will be designed to kill people.  Then when I woke up, I believe the Holy Spirit made me know that the Gates vaccination tests that resulted in thousands of dead Indians, those were intentional deaths - because the vaccine is going to be a killer vaccine.    A friend sent me a video last night with Dr. Buttar (here it is   )  that anyone who has had an official flu shot in the last few years probably tests positive for coronavirus naturally.


Example Left Behind Letter (for those that missed the rapture): 

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