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Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Spanish Translation
« on: August 05, 2020, 10:59:54 AM »
Also, Eli, please post your bbp address also so we can pay you for the two you have completed,

Production Proposals / Monthly Superblock Budget Change
« on: August 04, 2020, 09:21:39 PM »
Since we voted that sanctuaries will sponsor orphans starting in the next mandatory, this means that Sanctuaries are paying the lions share of the charity expenses in the future.

This means that BiblePay should not pay the primary charity expenses from the monthly governance superblock (this is approx. 10% of the coins emissions).

I propose that we reduce the monthly superblock budget (by removing the charity component) and apply it to the coinbase reward, and we raise the sanctuary portion of the coinbase (approximately to the proper percentage that rewards this amount primarily to the sanctuaries).

This means the monthly budget will drop to 4.8 million (from 9.7 million) - and we will clarify the breakdown on the website to:
8.75% - Monthly governance:
- 50% IT
- 25% PR, P2P
- 25% Miscellaneous

And the 8.75% would be added to the sanctuaries, bringing their reward up to 41.25% (from 32.5%).

** Kairos Update **

Kairos is our orphanage partner in the Philippines.  We sponsor 14 of their 24 children.

Please see this update about Kairos, which basically sets the standards for children participation in their program and provides an update about their school program:

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Spanish Translation
« on: August 03, 2020, 02:22:57 PM »
Hi Rob (:

Hehe, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being part of this exciting project.

<COMMENT> I think BBP should remain the same - I strongly believe it is the only Christian Crypto project out there, and that is exactly its inner strength! By doing this work I've learned a lot about it, a little bit about you,  We have to be patient, attach to the Roadmap and have faith that, if we do it for the proper reasons, God will help us all! </COMMENT>

Please let me know when/how we can have a nice chat Rob.



Thank you Ely,  I believe you are right about staying the same.  We built up a brand, and it was a little marred, but now we have fair weights and measures (randomx merge mining + podc), and the Holy Spirit.  And no more swearing in this current forum.

Let's try to build on the foundation that God has given us then.


Very exciting news! I am all for it.

Currently I am using a very limited Internet bandwidth account.
In order to participent in the new storage feature, will I need to pay for a sagnificant internet bandwidth increase ?
Can you estimate how much bandwith each storage participent will need ?

Thanks,  so in this first version, the user and miner - they do not have to mine any data or do any indexing, so for the user experience they will not see an impact on bandwidth or file storage costs.

There will however be a sidechain that syncs metadata from the sancs, so the user will be pulling that down once, but its very minimal - and, they wont pay a significant bandwidth unless they actually pull down documents.  They can do that either manually with commands, or if they navigate to some decentralized type web sites that one of our users create(s).

The sanctuaries will have an increase in bandwidth because they will index the sidechain metadata and also the DSQL queries. 

Today, the encryption is now working, so now we have encrypted, non encrypted, storage density options, lease duration, and paid hosting transactions working.  Another words, in testnet you will be able to pay 3000 bbp to store a PDF with a density of 4 that is 12K in size, encrypted or non encrypted for 6 months, and it will be available theoretically even in the tribulation (due to the fact that its stored in 4 areas of the world).  We have Europe, America East and West, and Canada in the solution.

But the sidechain is not finished, so Im trying to see if we can get that v1.0 finished and into testnet by August 25th so we can potentially roll out a beta version of this for September.

Id also like to keep the BiblePay Greeting Card generator and home delivery of documents in the roadmap, as those two things work through APIs that appear to provide pretty good use case(s).

We finally have a real world use case for BiblePay coming in the very near future.  It looks like the features will be in testnet within 30 days at this point.

Users will be able to host their files in multiple regions (IE with a selectable level of storage density from 1 through 4), for a selected duration (30 to 365 days) and we will support both small and large files.  We can now store long videos that are over 100 megabytes, and our hosting is compatible with HTML5 video tags (so yes, you can write an entire web site using BBP assets).  Side note:  This storage is not a joke either:  The system will be so resilient that we can back the data with real SLAs and guarantees of quality.

One other feature I am working on releasing first (so that it is part of this next release) is the encrypted option.  We will allow the user to encrypt data before it leaves their machine - then they can not only host public assets, but also private assets.  We will also offer an alternative to FTP for corporations who need EDIs.  This solution already works with a high degree of compatibility to SFTP, therefore we will be able to offer an alternative to SFTP.  For example, lets say IBM wants to transfer a morning file to Microsoft at 8AM, they can do it over the BiblePay IPFS encrypted solution and help support orphans at the same time (and cheaper than setting up an SFTP server for one particular integration, etc).

We also have a c# version of BIPFS coming out in September.  This allows c# developers to send files through biblepay without using the c++ wallet.
Therefore, a user can either:  Send a file through the c++ wallet and automatically pay the storage fee (and we do have a dry-run quote), and the file is sent through c++, or they may download our c# opensource solution, and add a charge key (this allows their BBP wallet to be debited when they send a file).  Either way, the file will contain the same storage parameters and quality levels.

I am also working on one suggestion I received from Ely:  that if we offered an easier to use Dynamic Whale Stake option, more people might burn whale stakes.  In response to this, I'm adding a method to the biblepay-QT wallet to invest BBP for 90 days (without going to the command line) from the UI.  The user will click "Dynamic Whale Stake" (and the default will be 90 day duration), they type the amount to burn, and click Send (this is similar to donating to the foundation). 

On a different note I was thinking back about comparison of this project from the beginning til now, from God's perspective.  I believe that this project is much more aligned with God's true purposes now than where we were in the beginning. 

Finally, comparing BBP to Bitcoin:  To mine bitcoin, you have to use an ASIC and you compete with a farm of mining monopolies who have more money and more machines in a smaller number of hands than you.  With BBP, you use commodity PCs with RandomX, and each individual has their own stake.  With BBP, our charity is raised in two revenue streams:  XMR, and by contributing sanctuaries.  Our charity expenses are no longer being spent right out of the coinbase (or from the governance budget).  This will lower the impact of sales pressure.  We have PODC (cancer mining), so half of our electricity is spent for good use, and the other half is merge-mined (meaning we dont have to spend the entire electricity cost from BBPs pocket).  Our only deficiency is in Mobilizing our use case so we become a usable currency.   This is the primary advantage bitcoin has over BiblePay.



I saw this chart today of BTC/DXY.  It is 'postulating' that a devaluing dollar is causing a bullish BTC value.

It almost looks like one is hedging the other.

I'm not fully trusting in long term BTC investing, because I still believe a lot of old-timers in the stock market short the BTC futures. 
But its possible that as the dollar collapses, those old views might be out the window now.

Im also very hesitant to buy BTC when its price is high, especially since I feel that during the next riots in the US, there will probably be a drop in BTC, at least once more.

Anyway this is just to notify everyone of this trend - and that potentially, its time for the dollar to drop significantly.  China and Russia are now trading almost all their oil trades in Yuan now (that is devastating to the dollar).

And, with Coronavirus causing the fed to print trillions more, the dollar does not look very healthy for the long term.

I certainly feel a deflationary investment is much more sound than the dollar.  Now all we need is to make BiblePay's base as strong or partially as strong as DASH, then we can allow investors to feel at ease when they go to liquidate BBP positions.

It all starts here - with a positive outlook and a growing community.

** July XMR Liquidation Report **

We raised 3.94XMR in July 2020 (3.62 bbp.miningpool + .32 foundation) or ~$320 (compared to 3.029 last month).

This means we grew by 30% this month!

Great Job RX Charity miners!  You paid for 8 orphans this month!

Hi Mr.MIP, may God bless you. I am elyelma, I am the responsible for the Spanish Translation. You're absolutely right! I don't know when I've missed thie "e", maybe the autocorrector (It changed it again in here when I wrote to "prove") - it is in fact "provee" - I have corrected it. Please let me know if you find any other situation. Thank you very much for the proofreading.

Best regards,


Thanks Ely for the great translation work!

And thanks MIP for proofreading it.

MIP can you please check the Spanish roadmap when you have a chance?


Many thanks for your excellent support!
We narrow the problem to the fact that I cannot get information for "exec price".
You suggested that I have network issues with SSL.

I ran the following command :
And indeed, I saw that the ISP added a cyber protection that blocked this communications.
I asked my ISP to disable this, and indeed all is fixed, including "exec rac"


Oh great man!  Thanks, I'm glad its working again.

Just reminding everyone:  No one has tested coin-age-voting yet.

Hi Rob,
This doesn't stop for the last 3 days.

Hmm, it almost sounds like maybe your biblepay.conf got erased or something.
Lets confirm a few things.
First, if you erase the debug.log, and restart the core wallet, and wait about a minute, look in the debug.log and see if it says LoadResearchers::Processed nnnnnn CPIDs.  Should be 32,000 in there.

Next test:
exec rac b0d53dbe05be041a1539606b610d34aa
This should show CPK BEr8J* (as I see you are linked in the chain correctly).
If it does, go to File | Receiving addresses and verify that CPK actually matches your CPK.

Last test:
exec boinc1
Verify your wallet spends 1 bbp from your CPK successfully.

One of these things should reveal the problem.

My Sponsored Orphan(s) Payment Report

could we have it sort by payment date (descending)?  I noticed payments went out 7/6/2020 for my three kids.

Are you offering a bounty?

Why 30 point type?

Test Case:

- APM (Automatic Price Mooning)
     Verify the subsidy is 7 if an APM decrease event occurs day-over-day
     Verify the subsidy is normal if the price is unchanged, or if the APM increase event occurs day-over-day

1.  Verified that when the price stayed stagnant or dropped day-over-day (this was 7-25-2020), the subsidy did drop from 4283 to 3 bbp.  PASS
2.  Verified that when the price increased (7-26-2020), the subsidy rose from 3 bbp back to 4283.  PASS
3.  Verified the contract contains the price change signal (1,2,3) and the bbp price in satoshi: PASS
4.  Verified the UI contains the relevant info (Current Price, Last Price, Last Superblock Height, Current superblock height, next APM signal) : PASS
5.  Verify the chain can sync from 0 after a price rise and price drop (verify we did not break any business logic) :  I Just resynced to 53769 :  PASS
6.  Verify Getgovernanceinfo does not lower the block subsidy during times of low payments:  PASS
7.  Verify the daily GSC superblock is not lower due to the lowered coinbase subsidy : PASS

Overall test results for APM:  PASS

Test Case:

- DWS (Dynamic Whale Staking)
     Verify the 'dws' and 'dwsquote' commands work as dedicated commands.

1.  Tested 'dwsquote' from RPC:  PASS
2.  Tested 'dws' from RPC:  PASS

ChainLocks and DIP0008:
     Verify that testnet LLMQ quorums are forming, and advancing
     Verify testnet LLMQ locked IX transactions occur automatically, and quickly (IE test autolocks)
     Verify chainlocks locks the block (getblock hash, verify when entire block is IX locked, then it is also chainlocked)

1.  Monitor 'quorum list', and verify 'quorum info 100 quorumid' contains a constantly new quorum of 3-7 sancs with block height fresher than 205 blocks : PASS
2.  Verify LLMQ autolocks, LLMQ IX, and Chainlocks sporks are ON:  PASS
3.  Verify a non-instantsend tx to the foundation in testnet is sent as an autolock : PASS
3b.  Verify the tx is autoconfirmed within 10 seconds: PASS
4.  Verify each new block is automatically locking every tx in the block: PASS
5.  Verify chainlocks is actually locking each block (getblock 53770, chainlock: true): PASS
6.  Verify that when we break the quorum, autolocks turn off:  PASS
(I broke the quorum by turning off all the miners for 4 hours)
7.  Verify POSE banned sancs in quorums have failed signatures : PASS  (quorum info 100 quorumid, look for pose banned sanc, look for bad sig: PASS)
8.  Verify our good sanctuaries will now vote to remove sancs who fail to sign llmqs (in testnet our min vote count is 2 sancs that have the power to boot out a fraudulent sanc, and in this same way we will
ensure this works in prod - this keeps the quorums running even if we have perpetrators acting as a sanc and trying to break the quorums): PASS

1. Thank you. has been revived.

still  error code: -25

3. Just a quick reflection on the POOS.
a. It does place an extra burden on the sanc owners. They need to keep their servers running 24/7 or else get PoSE banned and also keep up Orphan payment or else get POOS banned.
b. Secondly, I presume that that orphan payments will be fixed in USD? Unless there are specific channels set up, frequently small payments in other than USD usually incur transaction fees which can add up. I personally support charities abroad and that is often a real problem.

On 108.63, good, it seems that works as expected then.
On 116.179, good, that is because (as per my original message about marking two of your sancs as unpaid) this one is still set as unpaid.  I just went ahead and set it to paid, so please revive it when you get a chance and see if payments start back up.

On POOS, thanks for the advice:
The payments for POOS are set at $40 USD per month, but are accepted in Paypal, BBP, BTC, XRP, so afaik paypal-intl does not charge any fees  -  so you are only on the hook for intl conversion rate risk.
However remember, in our world, you will be compensated for all of the child sponsorship in BBP Sanc rewards, since our sanc count will drop from 251 to 50 or so - therefore theoretically a sanc owner will receive a much higher reward per month after this starts. 

I'll take a look at the OP post and post some of the test case results.

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