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My Sponsored Orphan(s) Payment Report

could we have it sort by payment date (descending)?  I noticed payments went out 7/6/2020 for my three kids.

Are you offering a bounty?

Why 30 point type?

Test Case:

- APM (Automatic Price Mooning)
     Verify the subsidy is 7 if an APM decrease event occurs day-over-day
     Verify the subsidy is normal if the price is unchanged, or if the APM increase event occurs day-over-day

1.  Verified that when the price stayed stagnant or dropped day-over-day (this was 7-25-2020), the subsidy did drop from 4283 to 3 bbp.  PASS
2.  Verified that when the price increased (7-26-2020), the subsidy rose from 3 bbp back to 4283.  PASS
3.  Verified the contract contains the price change signal (1,2,3) and the bbp price in satoshi: PASS
4.  Verified the UI contains the relevant info (Current Price, Last Price, Last Superblock Height, Current superblock height, next APM signal) : PASS
5.  Verify the chain can sync from 0 after a price rise and price drop (verify we did not break any business logic) :  I Just resynced to 53769 :  PASS
6.  Verify Getgovernanceinfo does not lower the block subsidy during times of low payments:  PASS
7.  Verify the daily GSC superblock is not lower due to the lowered coinbase subsidy : PASS

Overall test results for APM:  PASS

Test Case:

- DWS (Dynamic Whale Staking)
     Verify the 'dws' and 'dwsquote' commands work as dedicated commands.

1.  Tested 'dwsquote' from RPC:  PASS
2.  Tested 'dws' from RPC:  PASS

ChainLocks and DIP0008:
     Verify that testnet LLMQ quorums are forming, and advancing
     Verify testnet LLMQ locked IX transactions occur automatically, and quickly (IE test autolocks)
     Verify chainlocks locks the block (getblock hash, verify when entire block is IX locked, then it is also chainlocked)

1.  Monitor 'quorum list', and verify 'quorum info 100 quorumid' contains a constantly new quorum of 3-7 sancs with block height fresher than 205 blocks : PASS
2.  Verify LLMQ autolocks, LLMQ IX, and Chainlocks sporks are ON:  PASS
3.  Verify a non-instantsend tx to the foundation in testnet is sent as an autolock : PASS
3b.  Verify the tx is autoconfirmed within 10 seconds: PASS
4.  Verify each new block is automatically locking every tx in the block: PASS
5.  Verify chainlocks is actually locking each block (getblock 53770, chainlock: true): PASS
6.  Verify that when we break the quorum, autolocks turn off:  PASS
(I broke the quorum by turning off all the miners for 4 hours)
7.  Verify POSE banned sancs in quorums have failed signatures : PASS  (quorum info 100 quorumid, look for pose banned sanc, look for bad sig: PASS)
8.  Verify our good sanctuaries will now vote to remove sancs who fail to sign llmqs (in testnet our min vote count is 2 sancs that have the power to boot out a fraudulent sanc, and in this same way we will
ensure this works in prod - this keeps the quorums running even if we have perpetrators acting as a sanc and trying to break the quorums): PASS

1. Thank you. has been revived.

still  error code: -25

3. Just a quick reflection on the POOS.
a. It does place an extra burden on the sanc owners. They need to keep their servers running 24/7 or else get PoSE banned and also keep up Orphan payment or else get POOS banned.
b. Secondly, I presume that that orphan payments will be fixed in USD? Unless there are specific channels set up, frequently small payments in other than USD usually incur transaction fees which can add up. I personally support charities abroad and that is often a real problem.

On 108.63, good, it seems that works as expected then.
On 116.179, good, that is because (as per my original message about marking two of your sancs as unpaid) this one is still set as unpaid.  I just went ahead and set it to paid, so please revive it when you get a chance and see if payments start back up.

On POOS, thanks for the advice:
The payments for POOS are set at $40 USD per month, but are accepted in Paypal, BBP, BTC, XRP, so afaik paypal-intl does not charge any fees  -  so you are only on the hook for intl conversion rate risk.
However remember, in our world, you will be compensated for all of the child sponsorship in BBP Sanc rewards, since our sanc count will drop from 251 to 50 or so - therefore theoretically a sanc owner will receive a much higher reward per month after this starts. 

I'll take a look at the OP post and post some of the test case results.

Do we have any Spanish speaking members that will review our Spanish Forum OP post?

And also, please comment on our Spanish Roadmap?

I support PODC simplification, but I would suggest an even greater coefficient. Small contributors would not be hurt, but running a cpu farm will become very costly. If big boys insist on keeping their places in the leaderboard, so be it - we would have more BBP staked for PODC earnings.

Also podc I think we could simplify by no team requirement and just require ^1.3. all bounce user needs to do is register their cpk. Wcg.rac just needs cpid and rac. Open it up. That will encourage more Bbp staking.

I guess I had a slight memory lapse and just realized, during our last poll, we did open up PODC 2.0 to everyone.
Let me reaffirm the parameters with everyone here that are currently live in prod:

- All teams are currently Welcome and can join PODC
- We Require you to have > 256 RAC if you are not on BiblePays team (on BBP, you can have any rac > 1)
- We require a 1.3 exponent for BBP RAC
- We require a 1.6 exponent for non-biblepay rac

Just to double check things, I searched a few CPIDs and let me provide some examples:

This researcher 923b49353af748c0c4006d4051bbf04d is not on Gridcoin or BiblePay, and requires 183,180 coin-age for his 1946 RAC (^1.6)
This researcher, 92257a71c0d0379cf559b9928010cfa6, is in Gridcoin, and requires 3,896,605 coin-age for 13,157 rac (^1.6).
This researcher, 40c30af534b3f08356d776677af8b28a, is in BBP, and requires 5881 coin-age for 793 rac (1.3).

I confirm we have configuration 0 in prod (this is smartcontract-server line 76).

So it appears we are pretty welcoming already to everyone.

I wonder if there is anything else we need to do?
On a side note, I recently lowered the minimum RAC to 90 in test (for non-biblepay teams), and I will be testing that and if it succeeds we can make that change (which simply means non-bbp researchers will be paid if they have more than 90 rac and enough stake).

And just to confirm my commitment with PODC:
I think PODC is still a gem that helps set us apart from the crowd, in that we offer humanitarian computing-- and we help cure cancer.

During the next sanctuary vote (for subsidy changes), I only intend to vote on releasing the charity component of our monthly governance superblock to the coinbase (this would give the sanctuaries a higher reward)- because they will be paying the charity going forward (after September mandatory upgrade).  I do not intend to vote to lower the PODC GSC budget percentage.

Also podc I think we could simplify by no team requirement and just require ^1.3. all bounce user needs to do is register their cpk. Wcg.rac just needs cpid and rac. Open it up. That will encourage more Bbp staking.

Probably not a bad idea, given everything we know at this point.  In that we only grew to 54 researchers since PODC 2.0 launched.

And, we need to take Talismans suggestion into account also (higher exponent or the same exponent).

I would like to encourage people to help in testnet, so that we can implement coin-age voting in the core wallet also.

Let me look into creating a poll for this.

And Ill add an item to my todo list now to look into binary storage for RAC.  Maybe we can load all the RAC in for all of WCG at once.

I've reached out to him three over the last few months but he has been difficult to reach after covid-19 started. The wallet version was out of date and was not updated for months. I suggested bbp be pulled from the faucet since withdrawls were not possible and it looks like freefaucet at least read my communications (although never received a reply ever).

Oh OK, good.

Archived Proposals / Re: Automatic Price Mooning
« on: July 26, 2020, 09:02:07 AM »
I think the mining rewards for BBP should be left alone. Changing the reward based on the BTC price is too disruptive.  Changing the emission schedule will make newcomers feel unwelcome and not give a fair opportunity for newer community members that have invested in hardware and electricity. The mining mechanic is well established with all cryptocurrencies and I see more downsides to a feature like this. [/size]Miners will HODL if they feel they can sell for more later. Give miners a compelling reason to HODL (e.g. sanctuary or DWS) and they won't sell the BBP.

One problem I see with BiblePay though in its current state, is I think everyone feels hopeless.  I look at the sell wall (of 80 million coins) on SX, and thats what we got with conventional mining and conventional sell pressure.

One thing about APM that I really like is it gives us hope.  I feel like if I wake up every morning, and any one of say 5,000 of us (pretending we have a bigger community by then) could go on SX and move us up one satoshi to keep the mining going, that is 'hopeful' compared to 'bleak'.

I actually feel the current ecosystem is 'bleak' unless we had a proposal in that guaranteed 5 new users per day - but I cant dream one up that actually works.  We started talking about referrals and DWS, but we stopped.  If we can blend in one that works, maybe conventional would still work.

Additionally to these feelings I actually feel like maybe APS could actually cause a sharp rise in price if ever break through the resistance (IE if the wall is ever sold).

1. "613535d6ea651c5b5c3c224ab782409da6a873b8c10dda3216c6da9a6098f7de-1": "       POSE_BANNED yXmJk6MpzoSej7dThs99kLr92Bt6BYy1YQ 1595486691  52832",
Result of update: (initially updated, tried again and this is the second result. Sanc
  "service": "",
  "state": "POSE_BANNED",
  "status": "Masternode was PoSe banned")
error code: -26
error message:
18: protx-dup

2.   "7392277be75eac0b90f2faea5a023565d1b408ecc045a17074d49bc227532a60-1": "       POOS_BANNED yXmJk6MpzoSej7dThs99kLr92Bt6BYy1YQ 1595467363  52785",
Result of update:
error code: -25
error message:

3.  "900c710e527cd634ca2c0e3d30d8f0a9983f0b8a5b93964adb1b8a7f5902b034-1": "       POOS_BANNED yXmJk6MpzoSej7dThs99kLr92Bt6BYy1YQ 1595468292  52786",
Result of update:
error code: -25
error message:

Note the error messages on the sanc themselves
BiblePay Core RPC client version
> sanc status
  "outpoint": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-4294967295",
  "service": "",
  "state": "POSE_BANNED",
  "status": "Masternode was PoSe banned"

Don't know reason for ban - mandatory upgrade (POSE) or POOS when queried from sanc itself.

Note that any time we have a mandatory upgrade, all sancs that are part of the current quorum will end up getting POSE banned.  This also happens if all of us have our miners shut off.  Yesterday for example I had a power outage here and no one was mining for about 4 hours, so we had a lot of members of the quorum get pose banned. 

Today, I have a single thread miner running on one of the sancs - so theroetically none of us that are at the 0 ban level should increase.  Im going to be watching that.

I see your sancs:, and 108.63 are both POOS banned.  The way you can tell if you are POOS, or POSE, or both is:  700=POOS, 100=POSE, 800 = BOTH.
I see your two POOS banned sancs are both POOS+POSE banned (thats good) because they didnt pay their theoretical orphanage bill.

Ill set as PAID now: OK 63 is paid.  Please revive it now.

Thats good you got the code -25 earlier, when trying to revive the POOS banned sancs.  Thats correct, people cant revive them unless the bill is paid first (this keeps people from slipping in and out and getting half paid by sending 15 revivals per month and tricking us).

Yes, I see you revived earlier.  Good.  The "protx-dup' just means you sent a duplicate revival tx before the network fully processed the other one.  That doesnt hurt anything.  I think it takes about 2-3 confirms for us to all see the revival occur.

So far this test case (for cameroon one orphan-banning vs revival) has passed for me and for you.

Let me know if you have problems testing the test cases I posted in the OP post.

I dont know if you run the QT wallet or not.

On a side note, do you like the idea of POOS?  Didnt see any comments about it in the POOS thread.  How do you feel about sanc owners paying for an orphan?

Its OK now

In the current client it self heals once every 102 blocks also.  The September 2020 release should fix this for good.

Hi Rob,
I am getting this today, nothing changed on my side:
Code: [Select]
"Command": "rac",
"cpid": "b0d53dbe05be041a1539606b610d34aa",
"temporary_cpid": "b0d53dbe05be041a1539606b610d34aa",
"Error": "Your CPID is linked to your CPK, but we are unable to find your research records in WCG; most likely because you are not in team Bible Pay yet.",
"Step 1": "Log into your WCG account at '' with your WCG E-mail address and WCG password.",
"Step 2": "Click Settings | My Profile. Record your 'Username' and 'Verification Code' and your 'CPID' (Cross-Project-ID).",
"Step 3": "Click Settings | Data Sharing. Ensure the 'Display my Data' radio button is selected. Click Save. ",
"Step 4": "Click My Contribution | My Team. If you are not part of Team 'BIBLE PAY' click Join Team | Search | Bible Pay | Select Bible Pay | Click Join Team | Save.",
"Step 5": "NOTE: After choosing your team, and starting your research, please give WCG 24 hours for the CPID to propagate into BBP. In the mean time you can start Boinc research - and ensure the computer is performing WCG tasks. ",
"Step 6": "From our RPC console, type, exec associate YourWorldCommunityGridUserName YourWorldCommunityGridVerificationCode",
"Step 7": "Wait for 5 blocks to pass. Then type 'exec rac' again, and see if you are linked! ",
"Step 8": "Once you are linked you will receive daily rewards. Please read about our minimum stake requirements per RAC here:"

When I type exec rac from my end, everything looks fine for your cpid:

Code: [Select]


exec rac b0d53dbe05be041a1539606b610d34aa


  "Command": "rac",
  "cpid": "b0d53dbe05be041a1539606b610d34aa",
  "CPK": "BEr8Jp4bWmR1LbPfhRQ2n1eCt4p9FVENLk",
  "wcg_teamid": 35006,
  "next_podc_gsc_transmission": 209612,
  "team_name": "BIBLEPAY",
  "researcher_nickname": "coinsinspect",
  "total_wcg_boinc_credit": 10905129.7,
  "total_wcg_points": 76335907.89999999,
  "wcg_id": 1096341,
  "rac": 55589.113978

Can you please restart the client, wait 5 mins for the masternode sync to occur then after 'mnsync status' shows 999 try again (exec rac) and tell me if its OK?

I believe this issue is fixed in testnet (its a glitch that occurs during load in one of the buffers, but its pretty rare).  It was fixed in testnet.


Please join us, we need help to make a quality product.

Does anyone want to test coin-age-voting?

I thought the community wanted the ability to vote on proposals outside of our sanctuary votes?

If so:

Please run the testnet QT wallet and vote on the proposal in testnet (Bikers 4 Jesus).

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