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is the mac binary out of date? i downloaded it and it seems to show

I'll reach out to MIP now and see if he will build it.  He said he has been too busy for anything over the last couple months.

Is this what DWS (Dynamic Whale Staking) will change to?

I considered that possibility, of removing the DWS budget and making Dash Whale Staking (IE the same initials)-- but, Im really not too keen of removing DWS (dynamic whale staking) because not only do people use it now, but we have a feature coming out in the next release that allows the user to send a DWS via the UI (via SendCoins, via a checkbox for DWS).  And, Ely had a pretty good idea to ask MIP to add DWS to the mobile wallet for Venezuelan citizens to use it to replace their bank account (IE they could click a big red button that allows them to burn a DWS and receive rewards) and thats cools because it fights their constant inflation.

Anyway, the good news is we have this APM - automatic price mooning - going into production soon which should be highly deflationary for us - restricting our capital to be spent when our price is rising.

So I feel like what we should do is design this system as a proof of concept, or prototype, and allocate a budget to it.  I feel what we can do is release it while APM is ON, (which restricts emissions), get a feel for how big the whales would be who use Dash-DWS, and monitor our emissions and then make a game plan to ensure we square up our emission schedule to match the template (as Im committed to matching the original template year over year).  I sort of feel that emissions wont be huge in either DWS or Dash-DWS that puts it out of balance with the reduction effect of APM concurrently.    (This is partially due to the fact that both DWS can be governed by a percentage of new coin emissions which constantly get smaller as times goes on due to our 21% deflation rule - another words its partially self enforcing.  In 2023, we are emitting much smaller blocks and DWS must be a much smaller percentage etc).

The main thing Id like to focus on are the pros of this.  Ive been thinking about the desire for hedges in the world, and if cryptocurrency is a big hedge then this would be a boon (a product in demand for the future).

I can elaborate on this because the array of investments out there include:  stocks, bonds, crypto, long-term-food-storage, cash, hard metals, etc.

The question is will crypto survive if the world moves to a new world order, while USD collapses? 

The simple answer might be we offer a form of diversification and we are getting ready early before the demand occurs?

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: August 14, 2020, 09:30:23 AM »
Thank you all for your interest in BBP.

Anyone who has not received the reward, please read the OP post first.  You must post a faucetcode (not an address).

Please read to discuss making BiblePay a Dash Backed cryptocurrency:

4200 BBP

This idea stems from the desire to appeal to a large user base (IE mass PR/Advertising), without paying a lot of advertising dollars per new user, new user retention, and price appreciation.

What this theoretically does right off the bat is makes BBP more valuable, because we can set this up to ensure that at least the same value of BBP locks up an equivalent or more amount of DASH.  For those who do it, they receive the interest reward.  Those that dont are 'out of the loop' and they will strive to either do it or maybe exit and sell off the coins.

- Doing this would theoretically mean unlimited popularity - since this would appeal to the Entire Dash Investor group
 (I believe this would be more than 100,000 distinct users).  The appeal is, we are saying IF you hold a DASH UTXO, and a BBP UTXO, you receive the DWS reward (about 30% ROI).
I think a lot of Dash investors would consider doing this, because that means earning BBP on their DASH without liquidating DASH.
- Elements of a stable price (currency backed by another currency).  Since BBP would lock up an equiv. amount of DASH, theoretically our price would rise as more and more come in to buy more BBP to lock up dash.
- Rewards for the Dash investor base that currently do not receive rewards.
- Higher interest rewards for BiblePay users who diversified over more than one currency:  This is because with POOS coming, a lot of sancs have no avenue to earn rewards.  With DASH backed rewards, they can put that BBP in the Dash-BBP bucket.
- A 'non participation penalty' for coins that sit for sale on exchanges
- Diversification:  This makes BBP much more like a stablecoin.  This means if you hold $1K of BBP and $1K of DASH, and earn 30% per year, you have twice the chance of weather a crypto-meltdown than if you simply hold one currency.  It might also bring some positive reputation to BIBLEPAY also, to be yoked with DASH much more tightly.
- In wallet - your keys - so you control the security on this - and you do not have to give up your DASH keys or your BBP keys
- DASH has 560% new users in Venezuela this year - and this goes hand in hand with our initiative to provide a stipend to VZ citizens to help them (IE a weekly bread allowance in BBP)
Also our ties with "dashpay" allow users of BBP to spend DASH - therefore we have a positive relationship in spending BBP to dash merchants also.

Here is theoretically how this system would work:

BBP would strive to ask users to lock every UTXO with a matching DASH UTXO of equal value or more, in order to create a contract for that UTXO. 
(They would click a command that locks the Dash UTXO-Priv-Key against the BBP-UTXO-PrivKey creating a contract - and at that particular time the DASH UTXO must be greater in price than the BBP UTXO they hold - IE $1050 for Dash and $900 for BBP is OK for a duration of say 90 days).   The BBP wallet would record a current interest rate reward (depending on how long the lock is).  BBP would constantly monitor both the DASH UTXO and the BBP UTXO.  If either is spent, the contract will be nullified.  However, if neither is spent, each month, the BBP user would receive a reward automatically from the coinbase - containing the interest component.  The Lock would continue in place until the duration expires.  (So a 6 month lock would equal 6 coupon payments).

For security purposes, we would not ask the Dash user to give us their private keys - instead we will have them sign the UTXO from the dash wallet using a command we provide, and they will paste the sig into the bbp command.  This will prove ownership of the UTXO on the BBP side- then we will monitor it until its spent.  On the BBP side we will sign their UTXO ourselves and put all this in a contract.

The BBP wallet would pull information from the DASH network to know about their UTXOs automaticaly, and memorize them.  It would then REJECT new contracts that are attempted on spent UTXOs automatically.  Anyone who spends a DASH UTXO mid contract would cause cancellation of the contract, therefore they would lose the upcoming dividend strip.

One thing I like particularly is the free advertising.  Its very difficult to advertise a crypto without paying massive coinbase emission or campaign fees. 

Note that I am not creating this because I hold any DASH myself.  I actually dont have much DASH right now, but I would be willing to do this myself as I can see the value in gaining diversification away from the USD and into dual-cryptos at once.

EDIT:  I am adding the following summary (as of September 5th, 2020) for the sake of the production vote to authorize us to release this first version of dashstake into production:

- This is version 1.0 of DashStake Rewards.  It only rewards users for locked UTXOs that tie DASH + BBP together in a contract.
- This rewards the user a once per month reward, if the contract is still active.  The contract is active if it is not expired, and both the BBP and the DASH UTXOs are not spent.
- (In the next thread (to be created soon), we can discuss a more complicated idea, where we will create a sustainable use case for BBP (a marketplace for buying and selling the staked reward component), and opening up more currency pairs than just DASH+BBP) however this initial system being released is the 'simple' version.
- In production, we authorize Dash/BBP homogenized rewards to share the DWS reward pool, for up to 6 months.  In the next mandatory design in testnet, we will measure the emissions and create a plan to not defer from the original emission covenant (as, we are committed to NEVER spending more than we promised over the long term emission schedule).  This means that we intend to limit our emissions to 2.84 B by the end of 2021.
- In production, the Dash+BBP DWS rate will start out high (about 53%) due to the codes allocation from the kitty, but this will drop as demand increases. 
- I estimate that we will pay no more than 20MM BBP before the end of the year in rewards (based on our budget of 4.3MM in monthly whale stakes allocated in ).
- We will discuss a more sustainable future for DWS rewards in our upcoming thread, meaning that we desire to have a revenue stream for BBP that helps pay for these rewards, very soon in production.  It is my desire to charge either fees or marketplace charges to recoup a large percent of these rewards in our next design, and, to roll this out within 6 months so as to lower the costs yet provide a useful service for the world.
- Part of the impetus of this reward system is creating a partnership with Dash, their investor base, and establishing a PR campaign around DashStake BBP Rewards.

This proposal authorizes the BiblePay Devs to release this feature into Production as of block 221170 (September 20th, 2020).

Its a coincidence that we had a couple religious discussions today - because I was thinking of adding a new forum feature where we monetize religious discussions also (in a dedicated thread).

I'm going to work on that soon so we can get that started, but note that we may not be able to deploy it to prod for about 9 days - otherwise it will disrupt the go live of POOS (POOS has some fractional sanc code waiting in to be deployed).

4200 BBP


Interesting theory. I haven't kept up with 5G, but my understanding is that it is two bands of frequencies. I think Frequency Range 1 (FR1) goes up to 6.0Ghz, but 6Ghz and up being unlicensed, what you're theorizing could very well happen. Seems unlikely from a practical point if 5G would be primarily for smartphones and WiFi using nextgen 6Ghz+ might find some congestion there.

Are you concerned with the magnetic resonance of certain frequencies affecting the body?

Being scanned and recorded because you were in a certain geographic area of interest and being logged permanently in an immutable database is a scary though.

Some organizations have looked into blockchain technology for recording votes... but the counter argument there is that you could look up people's voting history when your smartphone or computer is seized, you are forced to give up your keys, and the government could deem you an enemy of the state based on your voting record. There's something valuable about public anonymity and the ability to vote anonymous (yet securely).

2600 BBP
I'm not concerned about the magnetic resonance on the body, just the ionizing radiation and its potential to shake vital organs at certain resonant frequencies.  I'm not going to be wearing tinfoil hats or anything, Ill definitely plead the blood of Jesus over myself if we are here in that stage.  I look at the situation as: The antichrist will not care if the slaves of humanity drink poison or get cancer, just get the information back if they are worshiping or not, etc.

On the patent 060606, I'm actually inferring that patent is going to be way more advanced than our current blockchain sensors.  The chain is fine - its that the patent infers that when the injected luciferase tattoo and whatever nano materials are floating around in the blood this thing will record heart rate and GPS position and activity data, etc.  So those leaders who want to know what your doing I think they will know whose side you are on if you take the mark.

4200 BBP

And also another thing that appears to be coming to pass - one of the prophecies in Dana Coverstones dream (this is one I tweeted out) was that first dimes and nickels wont be available (and thats happening now), then dollars and fives, then (as Sundar Selvaraj said) the world will want to go cashless - in order to usher in the mark of the beast.

Today the Federal Reserve announced they will be making a digital currency soon:

This is a pretty large sign, that a cashless society is on its way.

4200 BBP

If we found Adam's body preserved today, would have had one less rib than the typical 24 (12 pairs)?

Its an interesting question and no one really knows the true answer (unless you pray and get a dream or something), but imho, I think after he came out of the deep sleep, I think his rib was missing, but, since God took it, most likely the flesh was perfectly healed or had a regular scar that would heal, and, since this was before the fall of man, most likely God set it up to regenerate later.

So my answer is he either died with all his ribs (if God set it up to regenerate or if he complained about pain when he was doing gardening), or, maybe he did die with a missing rib.

But I do believe in a literal bible with very few allegories personally.

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

So God created man in his own image,

in the image of God he created him;

male and female he created them.

And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:26-28 ESV)

What we see here is that human beings are absolutely created in God's image. The question is, what does it mean that we are created in God's image? Interestingly, the first thing God says after he talks about his image is the quality of dominion. So, part of humans being in God's image means ruling over the earth, just as he rules by his divine providence.

Interesting Topic buddy!

In order to provide my opinion on this answer, and I say all of this imho, not as someone like Jesus with authority, we have to take into account the entire book of Genesis written in Hebrew.

He says here HE created man in his image first (implying God is male).  Then he adds 'both male and female' implying that Genesis 2:22 is that he is creating a helper, and a method for being fruitful to multiply on the Earth (The rib which the Lord God has taken from man,    made into a woman ....  brought her to the man --)  :
And what I gather from the entirety (since God does not contradict himself) is that he has both the qualities and characteristics of male and female in his spirit, has the outward look and image of a man, and (this part is from Mary K Baxter -- see here :
  )  does not have or need the ability to procreate sexually (IE angels in heaven, sons of God in heaven of the Angelic host) do not need to use sexual organs (I don't know if they have them, Im just repeating testimony that in heaven, they are not marrying or giving in marriage, or producting more offspring -- however in the Millenial Kingdom, those Jewish Virgins ARE being fruitful in contrast to heaven).

I believe that procreation is distinct for this plane of existence.  A female who is raptured can have no more babies, will grow to be 30 years old, and aborted babies will also grow to be 30 - and will live without pain or disease, forever.

I believe God the Father is Male.


BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: August 13, 2020, 10:23:29 AM »
To admin and Rob and brothers who invited me here, thanks a lot.

***** New RandomX Welcome Gift to onboard new RandomX Miners - now 21,000 BBP ! *****

"Code":  B6SK3rjsZb3MgcSYN6Yu8UsKJNtao6S1Yz

Briz Paredes

Hi Briz, thank you for coming.

Welcome aboard!


BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: August 13, 2020, 10:21:52 AM »
Sorry, this my Christian BBP address? BBZTE54mYW82QTqQ6fnCEq2RuLJECvEE7c

Thanks in advance
Hi Amielito,
Thanks for coming.  Of course, we have to conform to the reqs so we dont allow people to take advantage of us, could you please see the OP post and follow those steps instead?

I was just reading the IEEE Spectrum guide to the 5G specification to see what features the IETF is putting in 5G in the future that might be related to the mark of the beast (or the false prophet). 

So far I have learned some relatively interesting things related to all industries (and crypto):

- The current release is release 16 and includes these features:
- Vehicle to Everything (V2X).  This allows a car to transmit a packet out to every other receiver in range (IE within 300 meter radius).  This will be good for self autonomous cars to communicate with each other (direction, travel, speed, type, etc).  And for jetson type crafts also.
- V2X also will allow high bandwidth transmissions of videos to groups (think for instance if a 200meg video is being streamed to an audience), V2X can send it out to the receivers without routers.  This is specific, because multicast was intended but lost a long time ago (DARPA had multicast in the spec) and router companies eventually cut off the use because the server-to-user model prevails now.  So remember V2X, because this will be a game changer for future content delivery.
- Sidelinking:  Allows cars (or any IOT device) to communicate with another IOT device - without going through the backbone.  This is important because say user A is passing user B in a parking lot (on foot), an app could theoretically allow them to chat or conduct business together without going through the server.
- Location Services:  This one is pretty huge and a complete loss of privacy for everyone.  Right now, phone companies require triangularization to track you (IE a 'fix' on 3 points in space - that is, the data packet timing from 3 towers to be calculated).  In 5g-16, your coordinates can be tracked constantly using ONE communication stream- how can this be?  Because 5g has a built in beamforming protocol - this means it can measure its own sidechannel speeds and get a fix on your location using just one TCP packet (I can grasp this, in that imagine that 6ghz communication is made up of 10 parallel transmissions to a router - that means the data will all flow at different speeds - and the protocol can measure its own beamform to get a fix on one tower).  So basically, the GPS position will become part of the IOT spec inherently.
- Even though all the scientists who back 5g say 'tests have been done its safe' the spec is calling for increasing the frequency range to 6ghz bands - because its wide open - that tells you its also not been tested very well - I only mention this because eventually we will be bathing in a radio wave bath of '6g' at 6.66 ghz (probably)
- Finally, the part that Ive been looking for - Release 17 - still in development:  Extended Reality:  This spec allows all the game makers to beam 3d data to VR headsets and extend reality, think hololens, etc.  More here:

So in summary let me take what I've learned from this spec and apply the most nefarious scenario:

The majority upgrades to 5g phones in 2022.  Release 17 is out and 1 billion IOT devices are deployed.
A gathering is called together at the local square where the confederate statue was burned last month.
The Vatican releases an AI 'app' that is part of the fabric of reality (all who do now bow to the beast will be cut off).

So lets make one assumption first:  A major company extended holo-lens to produce a 3d image in space (similar to the 3d concert experience) - it just basically takes the release 17 data for a VR headset and creates an image of Satan in the square.

Then all those who do not bow to the Antichrist, are logged using patent 060606's cryptocurrency-for-human-body-activity in the 'chain'.

This is getting interesting isnt it?

4200 BBP

I really like the table you created, Rob. My favorite one is about Samson. Overall, God's Will be done, particularly if He is set to make a precedent! Praise Him!

1000 BBP

I forgot to mention something about Samson - I read again the other day earlier in Judges when God was awarding different tracts of land to the Israelites, and giving their enemies into the hands of the tribes.  One thing that I learned about God is (and this is similar to the 6 day war in 1967), when God decides to give the enemies into your hands, the men of war (say you gathered 1000 men, and you are going against 10,000 men), those enemies hearts are literally failing them for fear.  Im not saying the Israelites were not good men of war at all, Im saying to add context to Samson - although being strong enough to pick up a car - I believe when he picked up the jawbone of a donkey - the spirit of God came over him like a whirlwind (like it did with Elijah when he was girded up and ran faster than a car ahead of the chariots), these enemies just basically faint - because Gods presence is both affecting you with supernatural strength and affecting the enemies with a spirit of dread and utter defeat.  In 1967 the Egyptians actually saw mirages and they were completely deceived.

4200 BBP

** Those who Vape are more likely to get Coronavirus **

I find it unbelievable how efficient this coronavirus is (but through the Wisdom of God - I don't - because there is a bigger plan - repentance).

The coronavirus is keeping people out of bars, away from idols (think worshiping sports:  NFL, NBA, etc, before God), concerned for their future, in repentance, thinking about God, with their families - locked up at home, relying on God and Psalm 91 more than masks (we hope they are).

Now I see that even vaping supposedly elevates the risk of the virus.

This is getting stranger each day (but its not for those in the word of God who realize these are all birth pains).

Think about it, you can't place the supermajority of your faith in a mask - its in God, not in the mask.  You plead the blood of Jesus and pray psalm 91 before you go to a dangerous place.

4200 BBP

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