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I sent these two Transactions:

5,100,000  880b3a1d3d8766b29b49bd87a43b6f17b4da8235a27a801b0a8ccfd2c6e00bc0  From BiblePay Foundation Wallet (Its now almost empty)
1,000,000 75ada6ce562321a857477b72b69ca96e0f89e2628b2013309c6277e22efda44b  Donation for Tube Wells

If Earlz changes this to 10 wells, we still need about $700!

Hello Biblepay Community.

Here we go again. Fundraiser for 5 more tube wells in rural Pakistan. 
It will help children and families to get access to clean and healthy water.

The goal for the fundraiser is to raise 1000 USD total. The wells cost 200 usd each.
If you want to look more at the Paani project you can use the following link:

From August 2020 until now, biblepay has sponsored the funding for 19 fresh water wells.
Pictures and information about the wells we have sponsored:

Let us come together and make this happen, to be a blessing to those in need.

In the book of Hebrews i found this fitting  verse. Hebrews 13:16  “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

Once the fundraiser is finished i will send the funds to Rob and let him handle the rest.

Every little donation will be highly appreciated.
You can donate to the following Biblepay adress or other crypto adresses in the list below:

Biblepay:  BDkBhuuLtRgzZHenK43xaod5i9FsM5J651

Cardano/ADA:  addr1qxzlml9ku0npejssun6qj9svy7ugg2zd5mhtwy3eswxvx7dsjpkxs04qhu43kzxwrezw003h7sckerlp2edpyd6x9rqqlad4m5

Monero: 43jLCqxs5mp6fDMdA6cNwahjotrw7zej13YFPsmJtC16c2jH6x3ttavUnTJWXgWoNecWNhaMzHhRhBD4xJym4tNAUB2NaJ4

Dash:  XqFrDzKnZNwyCyqz6VqVhhWauPjJqShNut


Zcash:  t1RRo5oizLXx9YY1S7KXSUCtvPqbej2823K


Bitcoin Cash: qqvscw8x200favaytfl6td9m2p5mpf3kf5f77un76m

Nice Earlz!

Hey do you think we can do this for 10 wells instead?
Reason being, I already have 5MM in the foundation to donate to you (thats about $800-$900 or so), and I wanted to donate at least 1mm to this, so we should probably shoot for 10, looking for some outside help until filled?



To prevent biblepay from stalling, we need more testers.

We need to test:  creating a new wallet, sending bbp back and forth in production, watching a few videos on your PC and on your phone, commenting on videos, upvoting/downvoting videos and comments, and just generally make sure its usable.

I agree, I am saddened by this, but I agree that God can provide comfort and peace in all things.
May you believe and fully trust in Jesus as Lord over all. May God bless you all in this tumultuous season.

Hi everyone.  Thanks Twinkle, MIP, RadarDude and Pat for the condolences.
I appreciate it.  He's in heaven as he was baptized within the last year.

I'll try to get back to the grindstone.  God bless you all.

It would be nice if Yield Fields denied referenced BBP on their discord ... 😵😷😊.  There are all their pools and farms except BBP.  Why?
Thank you

Hmm, I dont know.  I will PM Dynaxius and see if he can comment?

I invested in YieldFields when it opened... I hope it starts going back up!

Production Proposals / Re: Kairos Children's Fund Small Business Grants
« on: August 16, 2021, 12:35:46 PM »
Just to update everyone, we now have 13 business proposals:
Those who will be awarded money for their proposal will be asked to repay within 6 months at 1% interest, BUT the money repaid will go to another proposal. So if we don't get enough money for all families, then we will simply give it next time.
I am basing this a little bit on Grameen mico-loans, which go mostly to women for small projects. Women tend to be harder working and better repayers.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks Earlz for funding this Fee.

I voted Yes for the proposals; hopefully you won't receive any no votes!

Funding occurs at 289050!

Active Discussions / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: August 07, 2021, 11:27:49 AM »

I retested the SMS verification and it works just fine for me now.

Code: [Select]

We sent you a pin. Please enter it on your account record, and then you will be verified!

So it looks solid.
I also entered another comment and now it looks fine.
I will do some other testing with the pdfs and what not.

Sweet, thanks!  That means the pins should work all over Europe and the US now!

Also plz check out the recently uploaded and trending.

Ill make a town hall as soon as I can , so everyone can communicate.  Im making slower progress, because there is a lot of new code coming in for the core wallet for .17 that I'm getting ready behind the scenes for our next testnet - its a lot of code.  Also, my Dad died, so Ill be traveling this next week.  But I'm going to program on the road.

General Support / Re: mining
« on: August 06, 2021, 09:12:19 AM »
I have installed a wallet. When I open it BiblePay (64-bit), I see this:
"Failed to rebuild the block database"

We don't have that string in our code, but if your block index is corrupt, just restart with:
biblepay-qt -erasechain=1
Or click Tools | Erase Chain.

** August 8th prayer/business call cancelled **

This week is cancelled due to a death in the family.

Active Discussions / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: August 05, 2021, 07:35:27 AM »
Hello Rob.

So i tested again the verification for full voting weight ,  the SMS verification  , i still get the same error message as before.
I noticed a bug when i posted  in comments section of the prayer requests i noticed all of the comments  suddenly became from me although just the most recent one was. I send with a picture:

Other then that  the thumbs up/down works just fine aswell.

I also was thinking if we could implement some sort of random reward say 5-100bbp for watching videos , kinda like odysee/lbry does  and also im thinking if we could do some sort of reward , like reddit if you like the OP  posts and things you can give various rewards.  Just some thoughts flying around.

Hi Earlz!

Do you think you can PM me your Sweden phone # so I can debug?

I will look at this other issue as soon as Im back.

Thanks brother,

EDIT:  I fixed the Comments issue, where it repeated the User, please check if its fixed.
Hey I also put in the "Trending" and the "Recently Uploaded" please see!

General Support / Re: mining
« on: August 05, 2021, 05:59:45 AM »
Thanks for the reply. I mine to the address of the wallet that appeared in my personal account. A month ago, payments on it stopped.


Mining from the pool to the pool is not really supported.  Please mine to your home wallet address.
Also, please don't mine to SouthXChange either; a lot of services do not receive coinbase payments that are sent as multi-v-out-s (like we send from the pool).  You can mine to '' if you want, but that program is in beta, so I still really recommend to mine to the home wallet.

Let me know how much you missed and I can give you a pool balance credit.


General Support / Re: mining
« on: August 04, 2021, 11:34:52 AM »
Hello. I don't know where to write. My mining has not been working for a month. Everything used to work. What to do?

BThis is my BBP address Fq14v9Q4QfqNR9goszj6BZyZ1BhavkUfJ
I was mining on your pool, but a month ago BBP stopped coming
"algo": null,
            "coin": null,
            "url": "",
            "user": "84FS5z91yWiG1kksnjXpkrFhkHRKK2pZ7ByTftabUWoiQjCgvnb4nLba1MhWTT4976JqSdPWAjKkx3381PPCVF4HDRKRKgq.550",
            "pass": "BFq14v9Q4QfqNR9goszj6BZyZ1BhavkUfJ",
            "rig-id": null,
            "nicehash": false,
            "keepalive": false,
            "enabled": true,
            "tls": false,
            "tls-fingerprint": null,
            "daemon": false,
            "socks5": null,
            "self-select": null,
            "submit-to-origin": false

Hi Melhisedek, Love your name,

Anyway, I see you are still mining successfully in the Foundation pool.  (You can see if you are mining by going to the leaderboard in the pool).

Is the problem you arent getting paid?

You might be out of sync - please paste the Version of your wallet - you should be up to
You can get this in Wallet | Tools | Info
And make sure you are synced up to the chainz block:

** Major BiblePay Announcement concerning the Core Wallet **

First leading up to the reason behind this change:  Our industry is extremely volatile.  The code is changing (and improving), bitcoin is introducing new features at a rapid pace, these are being pushed down to Dash, dash is implementing security commits and refactoring, and optimizing, etc.  Things like optimizing LLMQ, chainlocks, adding HD wallets, adding decentralized APIs and things.  The blistering pace makes it very hard to maintain BiblePay core with all of our customizations' while releasing all of their new code at the same time (especially when core classes change making it challenging to refactor without rebasing).   (There are over 450 new bitcoin commits in the last quarter coming into the dash branch, and even after our latest rebase, its looking like its essential for yet another rebase by the end of the year!).

So I've been praying about this, and I feel God is leading me to a solution where the core wallet remains pristine (IE 99% binary compatible with Dash since Dash is our chosen branch with governance).  And that means that our code has to live either in another module, or in unchained.  I've been analyzing the potential possibility of porting everything that we have done into the sidechain and allowing it to run from  After this analysis, it appears to be a solid solution that will actually help us and improve our long term potential.

So this is what biblepay-core will look like in the future:
  • A fully dash compatible wallet, with all the bitcoin features, with our branding and logo and left toolbar menu and CSS. 
  • A master interface, speaking c#, to interface with our sidechain. 
  • A button to take you to unchained from the core wallet.
  • Our daily superblock would be running on the sidechain, and the Portfolio Builder rewards would be paid to your unchained wallet account.  The leaderboard report will be available from unchained.  There will be no leaderboard in biblepaycore.  (On a side note, if you all want to make a poll if we should remove the leaderboard and just have a private report per user (IE for anonymity sake for each users positions), I would be interested in that outcome).
  • NFTs and Orphan NFTs would be running from unchained.  We will remove NFTs from the core wallet and rewrite the NFT-Add/Edit pages over on unchained.
  • Scripture memorizer, Read the Bible, and Core Gospel would run from unchained.  (No menu changes in the core wallet).
  • RandomX mining will still work from the core wallet, but, we will make an attempt to use the Dash miner for solo mining.  If it fails, we will move back to the bitcoin-biblepay miner.
  • Twice a year, we will be able to pull in all of the latest important wallet updates and push them as a mandatory into the core without breaking the core wallet!
  • Since we will be Fully dash compatible, perpetually into the future, large industrial investors will theoretically never hesitate to buy BBP in large quantities since we will have more security and future compatibility.  (IE our testnet and code-playground will be in Unchained TestNet, therefore will never risk modifications to the core wallet code).
  • We can then invite C# devs into the project which I believe are more readily available than c++ devs.

In light of all this, I'm currently porting all of our custom code over to Unchained.  My goal is to release a new 0.17 branch core wallet by the end of the year that is fully dash compatible, delivering on our c# roadmap promise also.  At the same time, we can set a milestone to upgrade unchained from Beta to MainNet during the end of year release.

In the mean time, once this Beta version is ready for testnet, I will call for massive testing.  We need help with both core-wallet testing and Unchained testing.

On a side note, we still need help with unchained beta testing (see the TestNet threads).

Production Proposals / Re: Kairos Children's Fund Small Business Grants
« on: August 03, 2021, 10:33:41 AM »
And Andy, one other way we can manage this is putting in a governance proposal for part of this.
We have about 2.5MM available in the August budget, so this is not all for Charity but I think half of this might be a good number to potentially be approved as a proposal.

If you want to enter one for the amount you think might be voted in and use this thread as the proposal, you can go into "Proposal Add" from the wallet, and add a proposal pointing to this thread.


And like Earlz said, you can also provide donation address and ask for donations up to the amount you are seeking that the budget doesnt cover.

Kairos Childrens Fund has posted this here regarding a potential proposal:

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