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matches with my sanc. I seem not to be able to bring more than one sanc online as each time I send create a new address and send the locked funds to the (self) address on the controlling wallet, when I type masternode outputs, the previous output is overwritten and my previously enabled sanc goes missing...

Yeah this is by design (part of Dash).  Basically you can do one of two things:
Either send yourself 4,500,001, then go to coin control and right click and Lock the funds you just sent to yourself, Or
B) You can add the entry to your masternode.conf file, and then restart the wallet, and the funds will be locked, then create the next sanc.

I have an error from my VPS which I am sure does not have a GPU, but does not appear to have any consequences as I am still able to receive immature 3500 tBBP payments which I presume to be mining rewards.

from getmininginfo:

  "blocks": 58834,
  "currentblocksize": 1842,
  "currentblocktx": 2,
  "difficulty": 0.05928717518932814,
  "errors": "",
  "pooledtx": 0,
  "chain": "test",
  "genproclimit": 6,
  "networkhashps": 877889.1198299188,
  "hashps": 306.3897603130411,
  "minerstarttime": "05-02-2019 19:13:20",
  "hashcounter": 2062114,
  "pooledtx": 0,
  "chain": "test",
  "biblepay-generate": true,
  "poolinfo1": "",
  "poolinfo2": "",
  "poolinfo3": "",
  "gsc_errors": "anti-gpu triggered on my CPK",
  "poolmining": false,
  "pool_url": "",
  "required_abn_weight": 1000

This is normal, it means your CPK has solved the last block in testnet and is prevented from mining until someone else solves the next block.

In testnet - we only enforce N-1, but in prod N-1 through N-4 must be distinct.

This error should clear once someone else solves a block.

Rob, thanks for hearing and implementation of my requirements :)
Leaderboard looks good, but sorting by first two columns includes leaderboard stats too (nickname, points, diff, ...) and my nickname is not highlighted.
Healing Campaign results works but :)
sometimes it doesn't show whole text for me. If the diary entry is longer it is not showed correctly.
You can see it on my screenshot:
There is place on the bottom right corner which is not used and it could be used like I sketched :) Or there could be more tx's.
I've tried to sent diary entry with different symbols from send menu and from console and both works, but when I sent it from Send menu it sent only one tx instead of two when it was sent from console.
And when I sent diary entry from Send menu it asks me for password even if my wallet was unlocked with setautounlockpassword. Maybe that is the problem.
Thanks for headlesspassword getting back without arg :)
I'll definitely use it in my VPS.
And next tip for your maybe-to-do list :D
What about to put Bible verses of mined block to tx detail? I'm still looking there and it's thing that I missed. And hash too :)
My idea:

And sorry, that I'm still complaining :D

Thanks for the suggestions.
These are all ready to go in the next version.
Btw, I liked that idea about the verses in the txlist drill in page!  Looks good.

Btw, I noticed that particular diary entry you have in your screen shot (with the TX_OUT stuff in it).  Although this is moot now (since the next version has a wide display), that particular diary entry is not in my exec datalist diary 999.  I think thats a very old corrupted entry when we first started testing.  If you delete your /SAN -r directory and restart, you should see that one purged.  (It would not have been a run-on sentence without the strange field).   Moot anyway, it will work itself out on the next version.

On the diary entry only sending One from the Send Money UI, thats normal because we only send the Healing GSC transmission from that action (but the miner iterates through every applicable project).  A user has to manually type exec sendgscc to send a POG manually.

Let me ponder about that walletpassphrase issue from send money.  I suppose we could use the passphrase.  Adding to my todo list now.

So looking at the last N blocks, I see ABN is working 100% successfully (and we have it on full enforcement mode, meaning the chain will fork if its violated- its been this way since 54000).  I also see the anti-gpu feature has been working properly. 

I see we have reached QT level 60% (the cap).  I'm going to let it sit here for about 8 superblocks and watch things, and ensure we all stay synced with these 3 features.  Then I plan on changing the QT spork cap to 0 (simulating as if BiblePays price surpassed the threshhold of .01 cents, so we can simulate a reversal in QT).  Id like to ensure we can weather a reversal back to 0 QT% without any forks.

We can also test the dip3 deterministic sanc upgrade very soon.

Lets take a look at the scrolling diary entries today and ensure they match the 'exec datalist diary'.  (This is similar to exec datalist prayer).

As far as Watchman, we should do some more testing with that.  Lets do that as soon as the 4th sanc is online and enabled.  Lets enter some more fake proposals and watch the ones that get voted on before the next governance height.

80 Upgrade for TestNet

- Add scrolling diary entries (over last 30 days) to overview page
- Ensure the daily GSC budget does not go overbudget due to QT changes,
and allow the Sanc Quorum to downvote an overbudget gsc contract
- Modify POBH-Evo to produce consecutive chained bible verses.  We now
produce 7 consecutive verses from the starting point.  This allows the
user who does a 'getblock height' to actually read the passage
- Make the Leaderboard UI support both a Summary or Detail view (this
allows users to view the Healing campaign detail rows). (Fixed the grid
size also, and the left menu click activation color).
- Add the headless autounlock password.  (This allows the password to be
entered via biblepay cli and not enter the bash history) - Usage:
./biblay-cli -headlesspassword <enter>
Biblepay Prompts for headless password
Enter the headless password <enter>
BiblePay shows the length.
To verify biblepay is using the password:  Type ./biblepay-cli
autounlockpasswordlength (verify the length is correct).

Note:  A release is coming in approx 45 mins.

Hi Guys,

I'm having trouble getting the GUI wallet to start in Xubuntu 18.04. I've followed all the installation instructions (coupled with Togo's remarks) and as far as I know everything went correctly.

But when I try to start the wallet with the ./biblepay-qt command, it says:
I think that the headless version starts fine (./biblepayd). The testnet folder etc was created when I started the wallet this way. But when I try to cli into it, it says:
I know it' s not a lot of information, but does someone have a clue what could it going wrong?
I think these two are easy ones, but Im not sure  :)

1) To start biblepay-qt:
cd ~/biblepay-evolution/src/qt
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(I believe you were one level down)

2) To get past the rpc error:
cd ~/biblepay-evolution/src
In another terminal, run

(The RPC is thrown if biblepayd is not running)

I took a look on that in GUI console there is no problem. After command I can use "clear console" and commands are gone. But in headless it's more complicated. But if -headlesspodcpassword still worked it is solved :) If not, put the -headlesspodcpassword there againd and it will be solved ;)
Ok, now I look myself with 5% but before it was you with 4,99% and me with 0,01% with those points. I've tried to figure it out, but I'm still confused :D It's better to use pog_coinagepercentage=.25 and has bigger coin_age or pog_coinagepercentage=1 and has lower coinage? :)
Ok, whatever :) I just thought that being apolitical is good idea.

1.  Yes, probably good to be neutral politically.  I edited the Trump to be a different campaign for breaking demonic strongholds.  (Note that this is really an idea where if we organize properly, we can use this campaign as a biblepay spiritual warfare campaign for a specific purpose in the future - like anti-witchcraft for Trump for example).

2.  Good idea on the headless password, I forgot how smart we were in the past.  I just ported the headlesspassword option and improved it a little (IE it just takes the -headlesspassword arg, then it presents the input box) - ill explain it in the next version.

3.  I modified the leaderboard UI page dimensions and set the stretch property, will be in the next version.  ( I also made that left menu set as the checked color, btw ).

4.  On the issue where I am consuming all the rewards for healing, to give you a better example, I just sent one.  Since this node has 100 mil, and I have the coinagepercentage set for .10%, when I sent my diary entry, it used 10 mil in the stake.  So, please see this txid:  exec getpoints txid:  b242e6c0c6844c474e791294d50b9379f4f24141ec8a529ef0d852d962e739d9.  You will see the Heal rules are like this :  Coin Amount * Coin Age = Points, as long as the diary entry is => 10 chars long.  Now you can make one on your end and compare the points and will probably see how it works.  Now you can also see that there is no real advantage between heal and POG either (since both use coin age).

I was thinking, maybe we should make the POBH miner chain a chunk of verses together in succession, so when we look at a block, we can actually read a coherent passage. 

(Currently we chain them together with math pointers, but we could point to a section, then get 7 verses for example after that verse, and that would let people read something that makes sense when they look at a block).

I've tested locked wallet with setautounlockpassword and it works.
Mining and gsc is working fine.
I've tested HEALING again aand yes there are two GSC txs right now.

And that's al for now :)

I have few more questions and notes.

1. setautounlockpassword  command  is similar like -headlesspodcpassword? Because when you unlock it with setautounlockpassword headless linux it will be visible in bash history and cleaning it out is not effective.

--->  Yes, and so would walletpassphrase (be visible in a bash history), what suggestion do you have, going back to the popup window in qt?

2. Rob, I read those GSC docs, but I still don't understand how are points in HEALING counted. E.g. I sent exec sendgscc "text" and I have around 33k points, but you has more than 18.6M. And that is really huge difference :) Till now I was in HEALING campaign, but without Diary Entry, so I was without reward and only with 1 GSC tx. But like I see, there is only you in leaderboard within HEALING.

---->  On Healing, it only pays 5% of the daily GSC budget (95% goes to POG).  But you must be reading wrong, I actually have 0 right now.  Do a 'leaderboard', take a look at the first 15 rows (only the rows that show healing).  Those rows add up to 5% of the GSC budget.  You are receiving 5% (all of it) and I am receiving 0.  Now on randrews in the pog budget, I have 76.9 million points (18.9%) of the gsc pog budget because on that machine, I mined 105,000,000 bbp and Im staking 50% of it (pog_coinagepercentage=.50), another words in real life, most people would have used 90% of that on sancs and I probably have 1 mil free (not 105 mil free for staking).  You can see how the payout works btw, if you take a gsc txid, and type 'exec getpoints txid' and it shows (you can see the coin*age*factor in the GSC payment doc example also).

3. I understand it correctly, that If I want to be in HEALING I need to write diary entry every day?

--->  You dont need to write one, but if you dont, you will be left out of that payment cycle.  So yes, but you can do it for : warfare, prayers, healing, driving out demons, etc.  Almost any Christian activity.

4. How it will be controlled what is in HEALING diary entry? E,g, I can wrote there every day "My wife was prayed with our children before go to bed for ...", because they everyday pick someone who are they prayed for and I will be in every HEALING reward. Or I can wrote there some fairytale and if it is not controlled I'll be there too.

---->  For now, God will monitor it (as it pays so low).  In the future at the end of the year approximately, we will have reputation scores. 

5. There could be some output e.g. exec healinginputs where can be visible all inputs.

---->  Yes, I love that, I did of course realize that, but let me add that to my punchlist now.  It would at least be useful for us to see the fruits of our labor on some type of scrolling view on the overview page .

6. Leaderboard output from menu item show only cumulative leaderboard. Would it be hard to get there some other buttons and after click show e.g. POG only and second button HEALING only leaderboard?

---->    Hmm, Ill add this to my list as a "potential nice to have todo", these either get passed to another dev, unless I have time ( as compared to some of the other priorities that come up around here day to day, like making the pool hashes work and testing with Capulo).

7. BTW, after the 1422 update and "Decrease Leaderboard default grid size" it's worst for me. Leaderboard window is smaller, with both scroller and not reflecting the GUI window size. Wallet window size cannot be smaller. And if you pick up Leaderboard from menu, it is not "lightened", there is lightened your previous view. In my case on screenshot it is "Send". Here is screenshot:

---->  Ok, I see its not expanding to the size of the window, I added this back to my todo list.

9. Now I'll be little personal. Rob, I think that we could be apolitical. It is not good to mess Biblepay with some political attitude. I'm writing about BiblePay_Healing_Campaign wiki page. I saw it before, but didn't tell anything even though if there were prayers in wallet, but now I saw it again and it's not good. Just take a look on last sentence: warfare example. I don't know how it looks in US, but here for most people is Trump with his behaviours and acts something like bad joke. And he is definitelly not good example of Christian. Many people has many political attitude, but most of Biblepay-related people are christians and I think it's not good to divide people with political themes.

----->  Its an overall good thing to encourage Christians to bear fruit through: spiritual warfare campaigns, healing the sick, casting out demons, praying (IE the things Jesus commanded us to do), spread the gospel etc.  Your specifically talking about my use of Trump as an example in a wiki.  So yes, we should make it a different example (thats all). 

As far as Trump being a good Christian himself, (and the following paragraph is Not related to BiblePay in any way, its my personal view):   We know here in the US that Trump came from a prior life of sinful activities, owning a gambling casino and had many wives, but a Christian can also repent- and the point is that we are not saying we are behind Trump because he is the savior of the US, we are behind him because we view he is our chosen Cyrus, that God can Use anyone for his master plan, and Trump is here to represent Christians in the best way possible in this broken world.  This means giving us extended grace, not caving to the NWO, helping usher in the end times, building the 3rd temple, provoking Ezekiel 38, etc.  Its the opposite of being rounded up into fema camps and being beheaded.  So this spiritual warfare campaign is strictly to protect the president from harm, let him not be slandered, and be a vessel for Gods will in America.  Its just one of many exampels of possible warfare.  One good example is praying for the welfare of Slovakia, to break demonic strongholds down in all your cities and that Gods precious gospel may penetrate deep in all those strongholds.

So all I did was encrypt the wallet, the wallet turned off, I turned it back on,
(so its just an encrypted/locked wallet, no setautounlockpassword, and no manual unlock)

and then I typed "getmininginfo", looking more carefully, it says I have hashps,
but in poolinfo3 says "Unable to create abn tx (wallet locked)"
and in gsc_errors says "POG: Sorry, wallet must be unlocked"

for "exec sendgscc", its the output
 "Command": "sendgscc",
 "results": 1
but I only see "Mined" transactions in my transaction list
Should it send a GSC Transmission transaction as soon as I run that command?


Testing now with "setautounlockpassword"

I typed "getmininginfo" again
poolinfo3 and gsc_errors are now empty

Im a little confused though, if my wallet has been locked this whole time,
Im still able to get "Mined" transaction rewards?

I typed "exec sendgscc"
and immediately saw a GSC Transmission transaction pop up

1.  Its a very, very complicated beast when you first boot.  To test this, please start the wallet encrypted, then type 'walletlock' then 'setautounlockpassword blah'.  The reason for this is an error is thrown when the first mining thread is started and you havent finished typing in the setautounlock, and that error is not cleared for 3 mins.  So you really have to disregard the first error in getmininginfo.
2.  After the error has cleared, then ensure you are mining with HPS and no errors with the setautounlockpassword only.
3.  I found out today that results:1 only means that sendgscc created a tx (but didnt necesarily send it).  So, I just removed it.  But i also see that *if* an error occurs, a ERROR row will also appear.  So please retest that, and just manually check the txlist to see if it was sent, and if it was then it passes.
4.  On the 'exec sendgscc', it should send one - if it didnt, check the log under CreateGSCC and see what the reason is - like I replied to Orbis - the reason is bubbled up to getmininginfo also.

I just want to note, when I tested the encrypted/locked wallet, I didnt use: "setautounlockpassword", should I test again using that?

Hmmm, u mean u just manually unlocked it?  Yes, please test it with being locked and with only the setautounlockpassword set, that way it will confirm a locked user can abn mine and send gsc.

I tested last night successfully but more eyes are better.

So I've tested 1423 and mining is working with locked wallet perfectly.
But GSC is not working for me.
Like Togo, my I have
Code: [Select]
"results": 1, but no tx was made.
After wallet unlock it's working.
I've tried
Code: [Select]
exec sendgscc "healed a leper on the street" and it works too.
But when I tried
Code: [Select]
exec sendgscc "healed" there was
Code: [Select]
Diary entry incomplete. (code -1)Are there some restriction in sendgscc "text"?

Rob and can you explain me please how GSC exactly works?
When I run it for longer time it sends 4 GSC-Transmission (every hour) before I receive Smart-Contract-Payment.
How is the testnet speeded? Are those 4 hours like one day and it means that there were 4 GSC tx per day?

So, testing sending the gscc transmission with a locked encrypted wallet, with the 'setautounlockpassword' set, I just tested this, and my GSCC went, so its not the password causing it (if yours didnt send I recommend looking in your log under "CreateGSCTransmission::Fail::" and see if there is an error.  We do bubble the error to getmininginfo now also, but it is erased after 3 mins so check the log.  You can just run it again and look for the error).

Regarding the diary entry, it must be 10 chars or greater - so I just expanded that error message for the next version.

BTW, the most common GSC error is if you have a high setting set for your pog coinagepercentage (pog_coinagepercentage key) and you have more than 500 tx's in your wallet - check to see if they need consolidated once by going into coincontrol - and if they are not consolidated click Send some and consolidate the wallet first.   The error in the log would be something like GSC transaction size too large for a block.

We have 2.5 min blocks in testnet, so that means we end up with 4 GSC blocks per day (instead of 1 like prod).  And then we also have one GSC transmission per hour per project (instead of one per 24 hour in prod).  We only send ONE GSC per project - so that should mean you should see 2 per hour.     One for HEALING and one for POG.

I added the links for the docs for GSC to the OP post, let me know if there is still something that is unclear on GSC.

Thank you for clarifying Rob!

Upgraded to v1.4.2.3 and did a reindex, ran into an error reading a bad block,
doing a full clean now and reindexing again

getblockhash 55072

Looks like we match, good.
I see diff is at .31 - not too horrible.  We have 9 in the leaderboard, not horrible.

I dont know if anyone noticed this cool new feature in getmininginfo, but if your CPK triggered the anti-gpu latch you will see the error.  Its kind of cool to see you are the one who solved the last block.

(BTW, any errors in getmininginfo are cleared in about 3 minutes- this gives you a chance to see them).

90 Upgrade for TestNet

- Push ABN, GSC, and Anti-GPU errors up into getmininginfo errors
- Fix ABN bug preventing creation of ABN transactions (causing very slow
- Note: in 'exec getabnweight nnnnn' you can see the coin*age data

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