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I have a Wiki Guide for PODC I started working on:

If anyone would like to give feedback or add to it, or edit, please do!

Im a Linux n00b, so it took me awhile to figure out how to use GUI on Linux
(I gave up trying to do it on AWS)

With Vultr I used this guide

1. Install Lubuntu GUI and Reboot

Code: [Select]
apt-get update
apt-get install -y lubuntu-core
apt-get install -y firefox

2. Open server from Vultr Interface and Login:
I used Vultr interface, clicked on the server and clicked "View Console" button
I logged in with root credentials

3. Open Terminal:
To open terminal I clicked keys: 

Code: [Select]
4. Run BiblePay QT (GUI)

Code: [Select]
cd home/biblepay/src/qt

./biblepay-cli getinfo
  "version": 1000809,

./biblepay-cli showblock 5228
  "hash": "abe2b88fcf2505896d298cc87e1e5973521232f5d6af1ee097ec1173bfd073bb",
  "confirmations": 8,
  "size": 1615,
  "version": 536870912,
  "merkleroot": "a65f1111d885d724417a228d043d0c83e85b42aef315b869f59805a46f8a321a",
  "tx": [
  "time": 1518202881,
  "height": 5228,
  "mediantime": 1518198342,
  "difficulty": 0.02803181858428088,
  "chainwork": "00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000073b95df414",
  "hrtime": "02-09-2018 19:01:21",
  "nonce": 5494,
  "bits": "1d23ac57",
  "subsidy": 599,
  "blockversion": "",
  "masternodereward": 1399860000000,
  "previousblockhash": "e3b542c31394ccf6c7d16cd0f7cdcc7959dcac6099ffc3a2f017962770f5decf",
  "blockmessage": "",
  "satisfiesbiblehash": "true",
  "biblehash": "00000007e43283f41962ffde2f5fb75a1b96df8775009548dda93c62c7183d74",
  "prayers": "",
  "nextblockhash": "60a47dbedcc91a80c6a5c0a5b81febf119aabae6f27e180f29a27c3616334391"


I wasnt sure with protocol downgrade if I need to start the masternode again, so I started again anyways, its in PRE_ENABLED state now

Whoops I still need to run it as GUI, its non-GUI still, will report back

I have about the same magnitude (360).  So since you have magnitude, you should have received about 31% of the rewards in the last superblock.
Did you have a 330,000 reward in last superblock?

How do I check the superblock?

I had 1 million tBBP starting out, and now I have  about 7.85 million tBBP, I have only mined a few minutes, so I assume the rest is from Research

./biblepay-cli getgovernanceinfo
  "governanceminquorum": 1,
  "masternodewatchdogmaxseconds": 57600,
  "proposalfee": 5.00000000,
  "superblockcycle": 1435,
  "lastsuperblock": 4305,
  "nextsuperblock": 5740

Oh wait we have daily superblocks right?

My testnet sanctuary (masternode) address is: yh4nfiwoS94uqR7yMibib6UDe7kqxXRyCe

My masternode in masternode list: "da2c3baaec7206bc1ea01df1f230e4c4dfa77a5a37ce3a9bf3a078078664c772-1"

Im looking through blocks, mostly see 599BBP payouts:

I do see a 5,997 payout at block 5148 and 5136

./biblepay-cli listaddressgroupings








Removed all the 0 addresses

./biblepay-cli exec getboincinfo
  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "93138f032bdd027fa3246b48bb715a77",
  "Address": "yjUmY8EmuSKf6EWJf4aajWovksV2TQbxWc",
  "CPIDS": "93138f032bdd027fa3246b48bb715a77;",
  "Magnitude": 312.55,
  "LastSuperblockHeight": 5148,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 5247


Ok, yes, the b612 looks good, looks like we are the only ones voting on it ( My hot sanc + Mikes hot sanc).

Guys - we need to ask the hot sancs to run in ./biblepay-qt mode so we can expand our SanctuaryQuorum.

Id like to see more like 6-7 votes on the daily file, so we can prove some of the ground rules, like Am I in the 10% of the Quorum, and also, so I can increase the minimum testnet quorum level for a better test in the next release.

So anyone running the hot sanc in headless mode, can you please switch over to running in ./biblepay-qt (GUI) mode?

This is because the hot sanc must execute QT functions to process the Rosetta credits files.

Ok so sanctuaries need to run as GUI (QT),
With Windows I just use Remote Desktop,
For Linux I will have to google solution, and hopefully 1GB RAM Vultr server will support GUI?

Quick search, I am seeing many solutions: xRDP, VNC, X11, Blackbox, Ubuntu Desktop, Any recommended?


===== Proof of Distributed Computing (PODC)

How to Get Started with Distributed-Computing:

Distributed Computing:

BOINC Team BiblePay:

Testnet Thread:

Testnet Block Explorer:

===== A. Install Rosetta

== Linux GUI

apt-get install boinc-manager boinc-client

Click Activites >>> Search >>> Boinc >>> Run Boinc >>> Add Rosetta - Use existing User

== Windows

1. Click on Recommended Version - Install the 9.56 Meg version without VirtualBox (VirtualBox is not necessary)

NOTE: If you do not trust the software, you may install the Virtual Box Version - this runs the miner in a sandbox, but it runs slower and is a 98 meg download

After Installing BOINC Manager will open

2. "Choose a project" >>> Select "[email protected]"

3. "Identify your account" >>> Create an account

4. Set your Nickname

5. "Find a team" >>> Search for "BiblePay"

===== B. Setup BiblePay in Testnet

1. Install BiblePay

2. Run BiblePay in Testnet
Add testnet=1 in biblepay.conf or can run exe/daemon with -testnet flag

NOTE: Testnet has its own folder inside of /.biblepaycore named /testnet3

3. Check if Synced on Correct chain:

getblockhash 2576


4. (OPTIONAL) Clean out old chain data

Bottom of post - "CLEAN UP AFTER INSTALL"

===== C. Link BOINC Account to BiblePay

=== GUI
Go to Distributed Computing page, and type in the rosetta user & password and click associate.

=== Command Line
exec associate rosetta_email_address rosetta_password

Then wait for 6 blocks for confirm to occur. 
Then type 'exec getboincinfo'
If everything worked, your CPID will match the one in notepad.

NOTE: "Please wait 24 hours to see yesterdays boinc RAC and magnitude in Biblepay"

How to re-associate my CPID to a new wallet?

This is Only if you lose your wallet or want to move your CPID to a brand new wallet.
Most of the time if you keep your wallet.dat you will never want to do this.
But if lets say you throw away your old PC and move, and buy a new PC, yet your existing CPID has say 100,000 credits, and you just want to associate that old CPID with a brand new wallet, Biblepay would say "Already_In_Chain". 
To perform this action type:

   exec associate rosetta_email rosetta_pass force

This will forcefully kill the old burn transaction and reassociate you. 

===== D. (OPTIONAL) Setup Sanctuary (Masternode) in Testnet

500,000 tBBP Collateral/Escrow Required

1. Setup Hot Sanctuary

NOTE: "the Hot sanctuary is all you need in testnet. We dont need to deal with starting and stopping those from the controller wallet or protecting the funds."

NOTE: "On the hot sanc, all you really have to do is
send the collateral to yourself (the 500,000 even), then add:

In the biblepay.conf, and leave the masternode.conf alone. 
(On the testnet sanctuary itself)."

NOTE: If anyone is mining in prod and wants to run testnet side by side your prod masternode, just do this:

./biblepay-qt -testnet -masternode=0 -rpcport=45000

That will allow it to boot side by side without taking your prod node down.

2. Run in QT (GUI) Mode

NOTE: QT (GUI) is needed for PODC SanctuaryQuorum, sanctuaries must execute QT functions to process the Rosetta credits files.

TMIKE: I'm running the sanctuary on a shared vCPU with 0.6GB of ram and using xfce.
Try this (I used vncserver in place of tightvnc):

ROB: Im still using vultr for my sancs, so what I did is installed graphics on the machine (using Mike-Ts similar info post),
then I just VNC in using the inbuilt vnc viewer (they have a link to VNC viewer on each server in the web list).


? ? ?

exec getboincinfo

exec testvote

exec listdccs

===== E. FAQ:

1) How do I find out how much RAC (recent average credit) my CPID has for Rosetta?

Go to the BOINC manager (on your PC), click on Projects, and on the row with Rosetta, take a look at the RAC field.

That is the number Biblepay uses to calculate your Magnitude in the wallet once per day.

2) How do I view my CPID and magnitude in the wallet?

A. The first way is to click the Distributed Computing tab in the GUI and view the bottom left "CPID" and"Magnitude" values.(This requires

B. The second way is to click on the RPC, and type 'exec getboincinfo'

Im also getting this message randomly in my console:

EXCEPTION: N5boost10filesystem16filesystem_errorE
boost::filesystem::last_write_time: No such file or directory: "/home/ubuntu/.biblepaycore/SAN/magnitude"
biblepay in ProcessMessages()

Try creating /home/biblepay/.biblepaycore/SAN and see if it goes away?

cd ~/.biblepaycore
ls SAN

Looks like SAN directory exists, but its empty, so I guess it cant write the magnitude file?




A. Setup Remote Linux Server

B. Install, Run and Stop BiblePay

C. Set Wallet to Testnet
cd ~/.biblepaycore
vi biblepay.conf

cd home/biblepay/src
./biblepayd -daemon


1. Ask for 500,005 tBBP (test BiblePay) on the forum, post your address:
./biblepay-cli getaccountaddress ""

2. Create a new address to send escrow to:
./biblepay-cli getaccountaddress MN1

Copy the Address Output

3. Send 500,000 tBBP to escrow address:
./biblepay-cli sendtoaddress yaSJC1njhL6aMgVcVSUFLVujegXDG73uYo 500000

Copy the TXID Output

4. Turn on mining for a few minutes to make blocks advance
./biblepay-cli setgenerate true 1
./biblepay-cli getinfo
./biblepay-cli getmininginfo
./biblepay-cli setgenerate false

5. Get the VOUT
./biblepay-cli masternode outputs

Copy the VOUT Output
1 or 0

6. Get the Private Key
./biblepay-cli masternode genkey

Copy the Private Key Output

7. Stop BiblePay
./biblepay-cli stop

7. Add Sanctuary to masternode.conf
cd ~/.biblepaycore/testnet3
vi masternode.conf  (i insert, :wq to write and quit)


MN1 92gwjXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX da2c3baaec7206bc1ea01df1f230e4c4dfa77a5a37ce3a9bf3a078078664c772 1

8 Add flags to biblepay.conf:
Note: I added same to both biblepay.conf files, in main folder and in testnet3


9. Open Ports in Firewall
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ufw
sudo ufw allow ssh/tcp
sudo ufw limit ssh/tcp
sudo ufw allow 40001/tcp
sudo ufw allow 9998/tcp
sudo ufw logging on
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw status

10. Start masternode
./biblepay-cli masternode start-alias MN1
NOTE: Weird mine was already started somehow

11. Masternode Debugging
./biblepay-cli mnsync status
./biblepay-cli masternode list
./biblepay-cli masternode status

Wait for Masternode info to sync, AssetID 999 MASTERNODE_SYNC_FINISHED:
./biblepay-cli mnsync status

12. Install Watchman
sudo apt update
sudo apt -y install git python-virtualenv virtualenv
cd ~/.biblepaycore
git clone
cd watchman
virtualenv venv
venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

13. Set Watchman to Testnet
vi watchman.conf
Comment network=mainnet  (add # in front)
Uncomment network=testnet (remove # in front)

cd ~/.biblepaycore/watchman && ./venv/bin/python bin/

Make sure this command gives no output and then add it to crontab

crontab -e

# i insert
* * * * * cd ~/.biblepaycore/watchman && ./venv/bin/python bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1
# :wq

14. Wait for Masternode Status to go from PRE_ENABLED to ENABLED,
turn on mining if no one is mining
./biblepay-cli masternode list


Let me know if this is correct, seems to be working for me so far, but Im still in PRE_ENABLED state


I had a BOINC screensaver pop up when I was idle, was cool to see,
You can also click on each task and theres a "Show graphics" command

Thanks for the responses Spongel! I just got into cryptocurrency the end of this summer, this is all very interesting.
Ill have to spend some time and read the Bitcoin whitepaper.

On another note, a lot of the crypto community thinks Masternode coins are fairly centralized,
for example the head Bitcointalk Forum admin Theymos rejected us from his semi weekly banner auction (he doesnt allow ICOs)
"the architecture is maybe quite centralized (masternodes) perhaps it could be considered "an ICO with more steps""

FoldingCoin - HackerNews

Gridcoin - The Bad

How does GRC "securely" reward BOINC computations?

"nevertheless destroyable by a malicious actor with reasonable funding, since it relies on a centralized service to distribute its data."
"there is some concern about Gridcoin's dependency on a second outside network (the various BOINC projects and statistics collections and so on) which could be an issue for people who believe that it negatively impacts Gridcoin's decentralization as compared to Bitcoin, which has no such external dependencies."

Gridcoin vs Golem


I definitely see Swongels point and agree with his reasoning about decentralization,

But also going along that line of thinking, how truly decentralized is Bitcoin?
Theres a group of devs called Bitcoin Core that control commit access,
theres no inherent way to pay the Devs from Bitcoin itself and so they get funding from outside investors/donators that most likely have strings attached,
theres also the issue of mining becoming more and more centralized with ASICs with a few major players/groups controlling the majority of the network hash power,
Is Bitcoin decentralized?

How secure is the hardware that runs miners and nodes and wallets? Are there government backdoors built in?
How many people actually read the code that gets added to Bitcoin, How many have the skill to understand it?
Could someone pay off/bribe/blackmail all the Bitcoin devs?
Could someone hack 51% of Bitcoin's 11,000 full nodes?

Could a supercomputer come about that makes SHA 256 obsolete? How soon would we know about it?
What if the internet and computer use becomes extremely censored and monitored?
What happens if electricity across the world gets shut down?
What if the government prints more money and buys 51% of the currency?

How much does the average cryptocurrency investor or average person truly understand and care about 100% decentralization?
Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic, Ripple vs Stellar

Also its kind of funny, whenever there are any issues in the crypto space (coin fork/clone, trade scam, coin scam, exchange scam, etc),
theres tons of people who want the government to step in or want to add regulation

Is rewarding scientific research worth the risk of some centralization?
Is there any way to reward science research without centralization?

Im still quite new to cryptocurrency and I only know a little, just thinking out loud, I look forward to learning more!

I think the mining cycles going towards research is pretty awesome,
though I am also slightly worried about potential security concerns,
but Im down to see how it plays out.

Thanks Rob, youre awesome!  8)
Look forward to testing more!

./biblepay-cli exec getboincinfo
  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "93138f032bdd027fa3246b48bb715a77",
  "Address": "yjUmY8EmuSKf6EWJf4aajWovksV2TQbxWc",
  "CPIDS": "93138f032bdd027fa3246b48bb715a77;",
  "Magnitude": 0,
  "LastSuperblockHeight": 2673,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 2772

 ./biblepay-cli exec associate [email protected] XXXXXXXXX
  "Command": "associate",
  "E-Mail": "[email protected]",
  "Results": "Successfully advertised DC-Key.  Type exec getboincinfo to find more researcher information.  Welcome Aboard!  Thank you for donating your clock-cycles to help cure cancer!"

Im also on block 2721
./biblepay-cli getblockhash 2721

999998.99983900 BBP left after running the associate command (had 1,000,000), so it used 1.00016100 BBP


So what ended up happening with that, I linked my Rosetta Account / CPID with that BiblePay Wallet?,
Is it just a certain address from the wallet? (the one that paid the burn fee?)
all current addresses of the wallet? future addresses generated by the wallet?

Will the address in this wallet be the one that receives funds from the daily superblock (assuming I did enough CPU research that day to get paid)?

What happens if I want to change the wallet that should receive the funds? Will I have to do the burn thing again but from the new/other wallet?


It looks like the BOINC tasks are these like 5 - 5 1/2 hour tasks that you have 8 days to complete,
Do you only get credit once  you complete a task? (My work done still says 0, but my tasks are each only 26-28% complete)


How many tBBP do I need for a test sanctuary? I think I remember reading 500,000?

Ok looks like 500,000 is correct:

I need tBBP for address:  yQooaKF2sH3MqeqfFamycsMTaGtSkwc464
Enough to create a santuary and pay 1 BBP for the association

EDIT: Thanks got 1,000,000 tBBP Balance now

Looks like my Windows testnet sent all my tBBP

Is there a testnet block explorer? Found it:

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