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Archived Proposals / Re: C++ Blockchain Developer Recruiting
« on: January 20, 2018, 03:41:53 PM »

Original Reddit -------- 341 Views ( and nodesk both point to here)
Crypto Jobs List ------- 362 Views
Crypto Jobs ------------- 229 Views (16 Shares)
Coinality -----------------   88 Views
Blocktribe ---------------   44 Views
Indeed -------------------  243 Views (22 candidates, some C++ exp, no blockchain exp)
RemotelyAwesome -- 307 Views
AngelList ---------------- N/A (4 applicants)
Upwork ------------------ N/A (14 proposals)
HiredCrypto ------------ N/A

I also had interesting discussion with a couple users on the C++ Slack


There are a lot of candidates with great backgrounds, but no blockchain experience, I am going to invite those that are interested to our Slack/Discord and send them the blockchain learning materials I compiled, hopefully some of these seeds will sprout over time

There are other cool job sections we can target like Stack Overflow and Github, and a lot of Remote work sites, but they all cost money to post

Im pretty much finished with the work, a month from now Id like to come back and post the job ad everywhere again, since most of the research/digging has already been done, should be pretty easy. (and we can keep continuing to do this every month) In the farther off future we can also start paying for featured job ads.

For next round we need to target the words blockchain and cryptocurrency in the job title as well (for non crypto boards)

And we should look into finding where blockchain developers hang out and chat

The only other idea we should consider, is poaching/recruiting blockchain developers from other projects.

Overall it is going to be hard to find someone that even matches in skill to Rob while also having the same passion for the project, Rob is worth 10x his weight in gold.

Note: I had not yet setup the real proposal, I need a way to send the biblepay coins to the pool, is there an official way of doing that?

Hey Lichtsucher, You will have to message Rob to have funds transferred into your pool account, otherwise you could send me the funds and I can enter the proposal in for you. Thanks!

Archived Proposals / Re: Bitcointalk Forum Advertising
« on: January 17, 2018, 01:22:01 PM »
Okay, I found a CSS professional. Do you know the best way to contact fox123me?

fox was also okay with someone taking his work and running with it,
so fox doesnt neccessairly have to be in the loop per se

This was the 1st banner that was rejected for being a full image:
But it looks a lot nicer then the current CSS one:

Archived Proposals / Re: C++ Blockchain Developer Recruiting
« on: January 17, 2018, 09:43:56 AM »
Great work! Did anyone reply yet?

The main reddit job post now has over 180+ views,
Ive gotten 4 applicants so far, but I made it to where Im not totally the middle man,
so probably more than half the applicants will go directly to Rob

I wasnt sure how Rob wanted to do this, in a more traditional recruiting environment, the recruiter does an initial email, does a call, sells the position, potentially checks credentials/references, negotiates salary/hourly rate, sets up interview, talks to applicant after interview, etc etc.

Recruiters typically charge a 20-30% fee based on 1st year salary if applicant is accepted/gets the job.
I am not requesting a placement fee, though I would be open to a small one if the community is okay with that. This is how recruiters make the bulk of their pay, by landing candidates into jobs.

(I have dealt with over 100+ recruiters in my career and have successfully recruited a $70k/year software dev at a previous employer)

Rob will still have to do work interviewing/evaluating each candidate, getting them set up and running, etc, and I havent gotten any feedback on what happened to any interested devs from my previous SegWit developer posts, (which is why it can be good to have a middle man to check up on candidates after the fact)

There were 2 comments on the reddit job post that developers wont be interested in starting out initial work for free.

Anyways, Will be interesting to see how this all turns out

Archived Proposals / C++ Blockchain Developer Recruiting
« on: January 16, 2018, 11:33:01 PM »
Rob asked me to recruit C++ Blockchain Developers, I jumped on it!
(in past I made posts to recruit Segwit Developer but only targeted Reddit)


Reddit Posts:

/r/cpp -


Hacker News (Y Combinator):

Bitcointalk Forum:

Job Board Posts: ($99 to feature for 30 days)

Job Board In Review / Maintenance: (Database Error) (7 day free, 99$ per listing for 30 day)

Cost Money to Post: (25 euros) ($395) ($300) ($150) aka (199 euros) (at least $5 daily budget) ($199/month) ($49.95 1 month) (Have to contact them first)

Cost Money Recruiters: ($250 per CV, usually 20% base pay if applicant lands job) (Didnt bother) (Didnt bother)


reviewed 17 submitted resumes

skimmed through hundreds of profiles and invited 29 with C++ skills


Learn Blockchain Development (Compiled Resources)


8 hours - Researching Job Boards/Sites
8 hours - Posting Jobs
8 hours - More Job Posts
8 hours  - reviewing, responding to, talking with and forwarding job applicants to Rob
- researching and documenting materials to become a blockchain developer

32 hours at $20/hour = $640 divided by $0.005650 per BBP = 113,274 BPP



1. Did we want to spend any money on featuring job ads / paying for job ads?
$400-800 to be highlight/featured for current posted job ads for a month
$1000 to post ads in other job boards

2. Are there any job sites I missed?

3. Should I attempt to poach developers on other cryptocurrency projects?

4. Other than job boards, what other ways can we find skilled developers?

Z. Any other feedback, concerns, ideas, etc?


NOTE: A month from now we should post all the job ads again, most expire after a month


gobject vote-many 2b648e09c068bc5313c63aa63ba9a628e53869576b9ffdaaa9813498a5b67302 funding yes

Archived Proposals / Bitcointalk Forum Advertising
« on: January 16, 2018, 05:16:21 PM »
I propose that we place a banner ad on the Bitcointalk forum for ~8-11 days
(but wait until we have an exchange back online)

Bitcointalk currently has 1,686,605 Members
and is now ranked a top 1,000 website globally by Alexa


I noticed the Bitcointalk Forum has ads every now and then inbetween thread posts,
there is an auction held by an admin every ~8-11 days,
there are 9 slots, minimum bid is 0.02 BTC, bids can only be multiples of 0.02 BTC

Current Round #233:

Each slot gets 2-4+ million impressions over 8-11 days


Previous Winning Bids:

Auction #232
4 0.14 ChipMixer
2 0.12 Blocklancer
3 0.10 Aengus

Auction #231
3 0.14 FortuneJack
4 0.14 ChipMixer
2 0.12 Aengus

So this would come out to ~1.5k-2k for one slot for 2-4 million impressions over 8-11 days


The banner ad has to be HTML/CSS (and not just an image file),

Our Logo Design files:

BiblePay Colors: Red (Maroon) #971b20, Yellow (Gold) #e2ae24, White #ffffff

Potential Banner Ad Contents:
BiblePay Symbol and Name
"10% of mined coins go to Charity"
"Masternodes now live"

Potential Links:
Main Website:


Current Banner Ad (In Progress):


The previous banner by fox123me was rejected for being one large image,
so he changed it to be just a small image for the logo/name
and the rest is CSS, he requested help with the CSS though, hes totally new to it

Reddit thread:



1. What should the banner say? What should it look like?

2. Should we have multiple links?

3. Anyone with CSS skills that could help?
3a. What is a good way to find someone with CSS skills?

4. Is the cost worth the amount of impressions?

Z. Any feedback? concerns? ideas? Anything I missed?

Archived Proposals / Reddit Advertising
« on: January 16, 2018, 04:16:07 PM »
I propose that we run a Reddit ad targeting specific cryptocurrency subreddits for a month
(starting after an exchange goes back up for us)

Reddit Advertising:

Max bid price for 1,000 impressions can be in range of $0.20 - $100, default they fill in is $2.00

The ad is just a picture, a headline and a link or text post

The picture would be our logo


Im not sure about the headline, this is my idea so far:
main features, call to action and emoji to make it stick out more

✝ BiblePay (BBP) ✝ | New Cryptocurrency | 10% Charity | Masternodes | ASIC-Resistant | CPU Mining Only | Already Sponsoring 180+ Orphans Monthly | Find out more!

Some emojis we could use: ✝ (looks like forum doesnt support the 3 other emojis I linked, another cross, praying and halo)


These are the subreddits I would recommend targeting:

Altcoin Investors/Traders: ---- 482,858 readers - 43,501 users here now -----------------   47,860 readers -     535 users here now

Other Cryptocurrencies: ------ 18,710 readers - 2,660 users here now ------- 32,056 readers - 2,649 users here now ---   4,793 readers -    111 users here now

(We could target other masternode, asic resistant and cpu only coins as well)

Not sure about:

Day Traders / ICOs --- 105,140 readers  - 3,111 users here now -----------   29,886 readers -     329 users here now

Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash: -------- 671,955 readers - 28,456 users here now ------------- 159,454 readers -    5,186 users here now

In future we could also target christian and charity/nonprofit subreddits
(the headline/messaging would need to be totally different though)


Examples of my previous advertising in Bitcointalk threads towards miners, traders and investors:



1. What is a good max bid price for 1,000 impressions?
(default value they give is $2.00 per 1,000 impressions)

1a. For Reddit is there a way to see what other people are bidding? I couldnt find it, but I know google adwords somewhat shows that information.

2. Should we do a link post or a text post? (a text post could have multiple links)
2a. If a link post, what link should we send people to? (the main website? main bitcointalk post?)

3. What subreddits should we target?

4. What should the headline be?

5. How much should we spend a day for 30 days?
(default value they give is $20 a day, and it can go up to 20% more, so $24 a day * 30 = $720 for a month
which would be 360k impressions assuming $2 bid price per 1,000 impressions)

Z. Anything else I missed, should consider? Any other feedback, concerns, etc?

Archived Proposals / Re: New Charity Organization - BLOOM
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:38:17 AM »
I think I can agree that any new charity proposals should be paused until we are current/up to date financially with Compassion. Id hate to lose any current orphan sponsorships! Thank you for risking your own personal money to keep it going Rob!


PR wise for charities/nonprofits, it would be cool to get a shoutout on Facebook/Twitter/Blog (Social Media) and maybe even get a Logo image that links to us on their websites with a short description.

Archived Proposals / Re: December 2017 IT expenses (payroll)
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:41:47 AM »
Woops I misread, sorry!
I think same scaling issue could happen though, once there are thousands to tens of thousands of letters, will be hard for a small group of people to check them all. I still think its a good idea, just if we could somehow apply it to everyone where we identify programatically users who are good at checking. I see your point of reducing the workload on Rob since he is currently the final gatekeeper, but it looks like any sort of solution will also require some dev work.

Archived Proposals / Re: PR, Communications, Marketing Proposal
« on: January 06, 2018, 10:34:21 PM »
I think this will be interesting to see how this turns out. Just giving some feedback / talking out loud.


Phase 1 - Step 1

I think this is going to be potentially tough, as I see communications funneling through one person as a potential bottleneck
(I like my freedom and lack of red tape LOL, but Im open to do what is best for the project)

Right now I may on average tweet and post on reddit once a day, and potentially post in the bitcointalk forums 0-2 times a day,
as well as Rob who posts in the bitcointalk forums potentially a few times a day. And sometimes we have information that needs to go out right away, like software updates, bugs, issues.

Not only is there the Twitter, Reddit and Bitcointalk forums, but there are also the BiblePay forums, Discord and Slack.
So there are 6 different places we are communicating and talking on.

In addition there is also email (I know Rob gets a TON of emails), there are also comments in other subreddits, comments in other bitcointalk subsections, comments on articles, Steemit comments and articles, and articles written about BiblePay by other people.

So far Id say most communication with the public has been about mining, most of our current users are most likely miners, and the talking has been more technical. But also now we have gotten more interest from investors because now we are more known as having masternodes (sanctuaries), which has also drawn in more speculators, day traders and swing traders.

Who would we say represents BiblePay? or speaks for BiblePay?
Definitely Rob for sure, and I guess me too since Im doing the social media?

I think the project is still pretty young and still definitely in a beginning startup phase, but I think we could blow up pretty quickly and good PR will become more and more important.


Phase 1 - Step 2

There is a 2nd website in development, but nothing created so far, we have a viewable google doc, let me know if you would like viewing and editing access.


We do have information about BiblePay in multiple places, Ill just list them all to also help step 1 above:

Main Information:
Original Bitcointalk Post:
Moderated Bitcointalk:
BiblePay Wiki:

Other forms of information/communication
BiblePay Forum:


Phase 1 - Step 3

Currently I have been targeting those already trading cryptocurrencies and mining cryptocurrencies,

Examples of my advertising/marketing:


The average person is still not as interested in cryptocurrencies sadly.

Bitcoin Demographics:
"91.8 percent defined themselves as male, 72.5 percent said they are white and 65.8 percent declared themselves a techie."

7 Stats That Highlight A Millennial Propensity For Bitcoin


Phase 2 Step 1

We definitely could use help on Facebook, I think Matt currently owns the BiblePay facebook page but hes only made maybe 3 posts in the past 3-4 months and has I think 12 followers.

Im not sure how to talk to / target / advertise to the regular average joe about Cryptocurrencies and BiblePay.


BiblePay Summary


I know Rob is doing some Google Adwords advertising, but Im not sure what keywords he is using,
for my own advertising Ive used the keywords:
cpu mining, asic resistant, masternode, christian cryptocurrency (and variations of those)


Hope this information helps!
Ill try to give more feedback later on, but I dont really know much about PR, but most of this sounds pretty good.

Archived Proposals / Re: December 2017 IT expenses (payroll)
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:13:52 PM »
Sorry as well for hijacking the thread.

I forgot to add that I do agree with your conflict of interest concerns on the pool 616,
there has been a lot of FUD around the fact that Rob is running the main pool, which potentially scares some miners and investors, especially since there are some targeting BiblePay that have been amplifying this concern. (similar concern has come up recently about charity fund in the subreddit, sigh) [but I do think the reduced mining fee for writing letters gets a lot of miners writing letters who otherwise wouldnt write any letters]

I think the masternode letter writing is a neat idea, but I think it might be too small of a pond to just have masternodes writing letters (currently 84 masternodes), when there are potentially hundreds or thousands of others out there in the future that may be interested in writing letters (as well in the future there may be thousands of orphans to write to, even tens of thousands). Though I do understand more people more problems and there have been some already trying to game the current system. Hopefully a similar system that youve brought up could be applied to all users (though it is very hard to pinpoint anonymous users over the internet, as they can change IP addresses / email addresses, etc and keep attempting to game the system)

Archived Proposals / Re: New Charity Organization - BLOOM
« on: January 06, 2018, 04:47:40 PM »
Responding to Rob's Feedback


1) We have a $10,000 deficit with Compassion and have not even minted our first superblock.
Why dont we wait for that to occur, before adding a new risk.  That occurs at block 24600.

December 2017 Compassion Expense Reimbursement (Monthly Orphan Premiums)
2,894,609 BBP

Extra to Orphan Fund
400,000 BBP

My understanding is that the December Charity proposal would bring us current on any expenses?
3,294,609 BBP is going towards Compassion expenses for this 1st superblock.

I do see the risk with the superblock though, hopefully it goes smoothly super early Sunday morning.
But if it doesnt, it could potentially cause days of delay and extra work,
which means more days the funds wont be able to go towards expenses still racking up.


2) We have 189 children with compassion who are not paid a cent in advance (IE if we miss next months payment we lose them all).  Some of us here like 616West have suggested that we pay at least 6 months into the future for these children, as it is really frowned upon to start up new sponsorships with kids from Bloom when we have not even paid a few months in advance with the kids we have committed to.

616west and I both saw the monthly behavior as high risk in the bitcointalk forums long ago,
616west being more vocal lately about it, but do you have plans to change this behavior?
and start budgeting months in advance or adding cushion?

Togo August 17, 2017

It looks like you might be in the process:


3) We dont even have an exchange online right now accepting bitcoins.  I think its a bad idea to set a precendent to ask for half of our charity budget right off the bat, when our price is uncertain.  Lets try to get a pulse on our average price after c-cex comes back online for a couple weeks first.

So far I believe this is just a pre-proposal for discussion, so no actual proposal has been entered into the blockchain yet.

April so far has requested 667k BBP, which would be 23% of Decembers Charity budget.

Also a note, this current superblock, about 123k BBP is going to be burned because we didn't get enough proposals.

Having no exchanges is up is really bad though, because we have no way to sell Biblepay coins into Bitcoin into Dollars to pay for expenses. CoinsMarkets hopefully comes back up in the next few days as they upgrade their servers from too much traffic, and C-CEX hopefully comes back up end of January.


5) Im not sure if Togo asked you about this, but here is one huge question.  We currently have IT integration where we can view an orphans Bio by clicking a link.  Would we receive IT integration with bloom for the one new orphan?  Could we write letters electronically?  Could the orphans handwritten letter/reply be stored as a PDF so our pool could show the inbound letter to the user?

Im not sure if BLOOM has this ability.

I think this requirement is going to be harder for any small business/nonprofit/charity to do, programmers are expensive, but I do think it is a really cool ability that you have spent time integrating into the pool website and that Compassion offers (and its one of the awesome features of the BiblePay coin).

Im just worried a lot of the smaller charities/nonprofits may not be technologically advanced nor have the money for API support for letter writing. (Compassion had 617 million in revenue in 2013). Do we want to risk keeping most if not all small guys from getting funding due to this? (most businesses are small businesses).

I wonder if we could get a programmer position to help charities/nonprofits with this Letter API ability?


7) Is there any PR bloom could give us once we instantiate a relationship of more than 5 orphans per month?

I think this is a good question, but on the flip side so far to my knowledge Compassion hasnt given us any PR (whereas they have been getting some PR from us), do you plan to also ask Compassion for PR?


Overall I share most of your main concerns Rob, I do think it would be wise to wait on any and all proposals while the exchanges are down and the 1st superblock hasnt paid out successfully yet. But I do believe this is still just a pre-proposal to get feedback / start discussion.

I think this would be a beneficial starting relationship with BLOOM, Im not sure how many other christian charities/nonprofits are going to be comfortable writing a proposal and handling funding in cryptocurrencies.

I hope everything works out, I believe it will, and I hope we can all learn and grow and help as many in distress as possible!

Thank you Rob and April!

Archived Proposals / Re: Listing at
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:30:58 PM »
Awesome that you did this! And also double awesome that they lowered the fee some for you!  8)  :)

Archived Proposals / Re: December 2017 IT expenses (payroll)
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:30:10 PM »
The main pool has integrated features: faucet, gospel links, orphan letter writing, proposal system
This is why I haven't really advertised the MinersOfMen pool since Id like people to use this main pool for those abilities, specially the orphan letter writing.
I think at some point these features could be moved out, but I like that it is all in one place, one stop shop. And that there is a mining reward for letter writing.
So I think payment for pool development work is definitely warranted, is definitely IT and definitely part of development.
I don't think Rob listed any pool work here though, I think his documents he linked are stored on the pool.

Archived Proposals / Re: YouTube tutorials - Discussion Thread
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:23:38 PM »
I think the list you have is great!

  • Voting with Sanctuaries  -
  • Setting up a Miner on Windows
  • Setting up a Miner on Linux
  • Setting up a Masternode on Vutlr
  • What is BIblepay?

In addition, I think the average person could use help on how to buy BiblePay (how to buy bitcoin, setup account on exchange, transfer bitcoin to exchange, place buy orders, etc)

How to write orphan letters, how to use the pool, how to use proposals to get paid for work, other than that cant think of anything else! Ill post back if anything comes to mind.

  • How to buy BiblePay
  • How to write orphan letters
  • How to use the pool
  • How to use proposals to get paid for work

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