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These are my notes from doing Masternode testing a month ago:

I am going to re-setup a masternode today and make sure every step is correct and clear :)

Does the Home/Controller wallet need to be upgraded? 

Windows 32 bit download from still has version

I also get stuck on syncing Home/Controller wallet,  stuck at 22 hours behind on block 25684

I think all the masternodes went down?
My controller and sanctuary wallets are on different blocks now >.>

I think I found a solution to watchman

On Sanctuary Wallet (remote linux machine), I added a line to ~/.biblepaycore/biblepay.conf

I got this port number from here:

And I re-ran the Wallet
~/.biblepaycore/watchman$ venv/bin/python bin/
biblepayd not synced with network! Awaiting full sync before running watchman.

Never received this message before!, Waited for sync, ran again and got no error, I was always getting errors!, but I also got no output, SUCCESS!?

QUESTION: How do I check to make sure watchman is working?

Another slight change I made, not sure if it was important, I manually created the /database folder inside the /watchman folder


I got 1 error when running the watchman tests though

~/.biblepaycore/watchman$ ./venv/bin/py.test ./test
====================================== test session starts ======================================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.12, pytest-3.0.1, py-1.4.31, pluggy-0.3.1
rootdir: /home/ubuntu/.biblepaycore/watchman, inifile:
collected 20 items

test/integration/ F
test/unit/ .
test/unit/ .....
test/unit/ ..
test/unit/ ..
test/unit/ .
test/unit/models/ ...
test/unit/models/ .....

=========================================== FAILURES ============================================
________________________________________ test_biblepayd _________________________________________

    def test_biblepayd():
        config_text = BiblepayConfig.slurp_config_file(config.biblepay_conf)
        network = 'mainnet'
        is_testnet = False
        genesis_hash = u'00000ffd590b1485b3caadc19b22e6379c733355108f107a430458cdf3407ab6'
        for line in config_text.split("\n"):
            if line.startswith('testnet=1'):
                network = 'testnet'
                is_testnet = True
                genesis_hash = u'00000bafbc94add76cb75e2ec92894837288a481e5c005f6563d91623bf8bc2c                        '

        creds = BiblepayConfig.get_rpc_creds(config_text, network)
        biblepayd = BiblepayDaemon(**creds)
        assert biblepayd.rpc_command is not None

        assert hasattr(biblepayd, 'rpc_connection')

        # Biblepay testnet block 0 hash == 00000bafbc94add76cb75e2ec92894837288a481e5c005f6563d91                        623bf8bc2c
        # test commands without arguments
        info = biblepayd.rpc_command('getinfo')
        info_keys = [
        for key in info_keys:
            assert key in info
        assert info['testnet'] is is_testnet

        # test commands with args
>       assert biblepayd.rpc_command('getblockhash', 0) == genesis_hash
E       assert '122f423f0912...ae2b957d1ac10' == '00000bafbc94a...d91623bf8bc2c'
E         - 122f423f0912850a871c58f1533dd80be62154bb0c56dfb8cb9ae2b957d1ac10
E         + 00000bafbc94add76cb75e2ec92894837288a481e5c005f6563d91623bf8bc2c

test/integration/ AssertionError
============================== 1 failed, 19 passed in 0.50 seconds ==============================

Only 1 test failed out of 20
and it looks like its just a difference in hash numbers for block 0?
for my testnet machines getblockhash 0 returns:

Good news, I think I got a master node working!
(One gotchya was that with AWS (Amazon Web Services) I needed to add inbound rule for port 40001 in the security group of the EC2)

Love your updates to the Masternode guide Rob!


Bad news, Im having trouble with Watchman:

Im using Ubuntu 16.04

My watchman.conf:
# specify path to biblepay.conf or leave blank
# default is the same as BiblepayCore

# valid options are mainnet, testnet (default=mainnet)

# database connection details

~/.biblepaycore/watchman$ venv/bin/python bin/
Code: [Select]
[error]: unable to open database file
Cannot connect to database. Please ensure database service is running and user access is properly configured in 'watchman.conf'.

Source Code:


~/.biblepaycore/watchman$ venv/bin/pip list

inflection (0.3.1)
peewee (2.8.3)
pip (9.0.1)
pkg-resources (0.0.0)
py (1.4.31)
pycodestyle (2.3.1)
pytest (3.0.1)
python-bitcoinrpc (1.0)
setuptools (36.6.0)
simplejson (3.8.2)
wheel (0.30.0)


So it seems like database file isnt getting created? Im not sure
Looks like peewee library handles the database stuff?

if driver == peewee.SqliteDatabase:
        db_conn = {}

db = driver(db_name, **db_conn)

Thank you so much for answering my questions!!!  :D


he did run "masternode genkey" command in the remote Linux wallet, interesting, Im still confused on that

he also sets in vivo.conf

Settings >> Options >> Wallet >> Show Masternodes Tab >> OK

These Dash Guides look like their masternode genkey is run on local home wallet
" a more simple method of running a mastermode directly on a Windows platform, if you have enough confidence that your digital cash is safe. With this method, you will be using your wallet directly as a masternode, keeping it open 24/7."

Im stuck installing watchman:

This command I get an error:
venv/bin/python bin/

[Errno 111] Connection refused
Cannot connect to biblepayd. Please ensure biblepayd is running and the JSONRPC port is open to watchman.


We are testing Masternodes (Sanctuaries) functionality on the Testnet chain, using Test Biblepay (tBiblePay) coins

2 machines with 2 separate IP addresses

you are setting up a Masternode on a remote Linux server (Sanctuary Wallet)
and storing tBiblePay coins on a local Windows PC (Controller Wallet)

PART 1 - Controller Wallet (Windows) TestNet

On local/home Windows PC:

1. Download & Install latest version of BiblePay:

2. Enable and Run Wallet in Testnet Mode

Find and Edit biblepay.conf file in %appdata%/BiblePayCore folder,
Add line below and Save:
(Note: Can also edit biblepay.conf from Wallet Menu >> Tools >> Open Configuration File)

3. Run BiblePay

4. See Green Background on loading screen and on Icon, also See tBiblePay name for coins
On command line, use ./biblepay-cli getinfo command and check for: "testnet": true

5. After Loading, Close Wallet

6. Edit biblepay.conf file, add lines below and save:

7. Run BiblePay

8. Ask in this Forum for someone to send you 500,000 tBiblePay (Test Biblepay coins)
Post your Receiving Address:
Wallet Menu >> File >>> Receiving Addresses >> Right Click >> Copy Address
(or start mining coins: setgenerate true X)


PART 2 - Rent Linux Cloud Machine

1. Research and Choose Cloud Provider (AWS, Google, Azure, [Vultur], etc)  and Create Account
2. Choose Machine to Rent (Recommend: Ubuntu 16.04, 2GB RAM)
3. Payment Method
4. Connect to it / SSH (Putty SSH Client for Windows)


PART 3 - Install Sanctuary Linux Wallet


PART 4 - Run Sanctuary Linux Wallet Testnet

On remote Linux machine:

1. Enable & Run Wallet in Testnet mode:

Edit ~/.biblepaycore/biblepay.conf file and add

2. Close wallet:
./biblepay-cli stop
-or if stuck-
ps -ef #view processes
kill PID

3. Run BiblePay:
./biblepayd -daemon

4. Check that blocks number matches home Windows wallet and that testnet=true:
./biblepay-cli getinfo


PART 5 - Financing your Sanctuary Masternode

1. Generate private key on Sanctuary Masternode Linux machine

./biblepay-cli masternode genkey

(Store this as your MASTERNODE_PRIVATE_KEY)

2. Controller Wallet - Show Proof of Coins
sendtoaddress MASTERNODE_ADDRESS 500000 "" ""

3. Wait for 15 confirmations
(Note: Testnet chain mines blocks every 1 minute,
turn on miner if no one else is mining so confirmations can go through: setgenerate true 1)

4. Controller Windows Wallet - Edit masternode.conf:
Add line below and Save:


ALIAS: Any name/label that you want to call your masternode
IP: Your masternode IP (Your masternode VPS's IP)
MASTERNODEPRIVKEY: This is the private key that you placed in your remote configuration
TRANSACTIONHASH: This is the transaction hash for the transaction in which you got your 500000 BBP deposited.
INDEX: This is the Index of your transaction for that address I'll show you how to get it in a bit.

4.a Get TRANSACTIONHASH and INDEX from running this command:
./biblepay-cli masternode outputs

You will get a string that looks like this:
"06e38868bb8f9958e34d5155437d009b72dff33fc28874c87fd42e51c0f74fdb" : "0",
The long string is your TRANSACTIONHASH, and the last number is the INDEX.

5. Controller Windows Wallet - Edit biblepay.conf:
Find and Open: %appdata%/BiblePayCore/testnet3/biblepay.conf
Decide on RandomUsername and RandomPassword to use for RPC credentials
Add Lines below and Save:


6. Restart Controller Wallet

7. Sanctuary Wallet Remote Linux Machine, Run Firewall/Port commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ufw
sudo ufw allow ssh/tcp
sudo ufw limit ssh/tcp
sudo ufw allow 40001/tcp
sudo ufw logging on
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw status

8. Sanctuary Masternode Linux Wallet - Edit ~/.biblepaycore/biblepay.conf:

(MASTERNODE_PUBLIC_IP, Public IP Address of Remote Linux Sanctuary Wallet_

9. Sanctuary Masternode Linux Wallet - Restart BiblePay:
./biblepay-cli stop
./biblepayd -daemon

10. Controller Windows Wallet - Start Masternode?
masternode list
masternode list-conf
masternode start-alias MASTERNODE_NAME
(Note: MASTERNODE_NAME is from Step 3. b when you added Masernode information to /testnet3/masternode.conf file)

mnsync status
(Masternodes take a few minutes to sync(

masternode start-alias MASTERNODE_NAME

masternode help
masternode debug

11. Sanctuary Masternode Linux Wallet, Check Status:
masternode status


PART 6 - Watchman
How to install Watchman on the Wall

1, Clone & Install Watchman
sudo apt update
sudo apt install git python-virtualenv virtualenv
cd ~/.biblepaycore
git clone
cd watchman
virtualenv venv
venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

2. Set Watchman Config
nano watchman.conf
- Ensure the 'watchman.conf' file (in the watchman dir) is pointed to testnet and not mainnet (by putting a # in front of the main and unpounding the testnet)
[For nano editor, ctrl+O to save file, ctrl+X quit]

3. Run Watchman
venv/bin/python bin/

4. Setup Watchman in Cron:
crontab -e
Add this line:
* * * * * cd /home/YOURUSERNAME/.biblepaycore/watchman && ./venv/bin/python bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1


Settings >> Options >> Wallet >> Show Masternodes Tab >> OK


Dash Masternode Guides:

More References:

500k tBBP please :) yPn4ibkbAHo9jB1SthLEFqzRVpsDmfWTN3

EDIT: Mined a bunch of coins, now waiting for them to mature


- How to start Biblepay Daemon in TestNet mode on linux command line?

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: TestNet Testing Thread
« on: September 06, 2017, 10:46:44 am »
I saw the comment about the outgoing orphan letters on the bitcointalk-forum, so I would like to give some (hopefully helpful) feedback:

I know you could write letters in de old pool, but I can't find that option in the new one (nor can I figure out how to upvote letters), but maybe I'm just not seeing it. Another thing is that the 'BIRTHDAY TODAY' notes aren't really helpful, since they were only valid on the day they were added, so it might cause some confusion.

1. Go to Pool website:
2. Go to "Orphans" tab >>> "Sponsored Orphan List"
3. Right click row of Orphan
4. Write Letter, click Save!
5. Letter Writing Tips:

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