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Archived Proposals / Re: Advertising campaign on Facebook
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:20:27 PM »
About how many groups are there? and about how many members are in each group?

Archived Proposals / Re: Togo Twitter & Reddit & Advertising
« on: December 31, 2017, 01:54:48 AM »
There was later discussion with jaapgvpk and others in the main bitcointalk thread about backpay, etc,
I documented the discussion on reddit if anyone is interested!:


Update on my 5-7 Quora Answers related to CPU Mining advertising BiblePay

My answers have gotten over 7,500+ views this month!


Also in the past 2 weeks:
Twitter has grown from 114 to 152 followers
Reddit has grown from 105 to 140 subscribers

Archived Proposals / Togo Advertising Round 2
« on: December 31, 2017, 01:38:01 AM »
This is a proposal for all advertising/marketing I did after my last proposal December 16th:
this time Ive gone through and documented it all, if wanted I can also document the previous advertising Ive done if youd like me to.

Ive still been targeting people who are already interested in cryptocurrencies.

I spend time going through the bitcointalk altcoin sub forums looking for relevant threads where I can advertise BiblePay,
below are all the 61 posts I have made in bitcointalk and on reddit and on two articles,
I have about ~9 more bitcointalk threads I havent posted in yet (I like to spread the advertising out so I dont spam the sub sections)

I believe this advertising is growing the number of miners and investors.

If anyone would like to bump/quote any of my posts that would be awesome!

Also if there is any feedback on the wording/structure of the message I send with my advertising, please send it my way!


~20 altcoin mining threads
~21 altcoin discussion threads
~8 altcoin speculation threads
~1 altcoin pool thread
~9 more threads I havent posted in yet but will in the next 24 hours

Bitcointalk has 1.5 million members


~ 5 /r/Cryptocurrency posts
~ 4 /r/altcoin posts

/r/CryptoCurrency has ~350k subscribers

/r/altcoin has ~31k subscribers


- 2 comments and 1 contact


My favorite ad:


I am charging for 8 hours work
- browsing periodically through many many pages of threads and finding and saving relevant ones
- periodically posting to saved threads (periodically to prevent spam)
- tweaking the message based on what the original poster was looking for

In total I advertised in 61 relevant unique places, reaching many many eyeballs, with 9 more places I will advertise in the next 24 hours.

8 hours work * $20/hour = $160 divided by $0.003785 per BBP = 42,272 BBP

I am requesting 42,272 BBP from the PR Budget.


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Invest in Masternodes: Generate CryptoCurrency yield / micro payments.
Posted comment and contacted writer about our coin

A Christian Argument for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Over College Tuition
Posted comment

Archived Proposals / Extra to Orphan Fund
« on: December 29, 2017, 01:43:10 AM »
Since there is still over 500,000 BBP left in this months budget,
I wanted to put 400k in the Orphan fund as extra into the Orphan Foundation address BB2BwSbDCqCqNsfc7FgWFJn4sRgnUt4tsM (still leaving some room for any last minute proposals)


gobject vote-many ab354293e413459c42d52a1511d5351a7a900c2c97cd4c81b6bbf261a196d0c2 funding yes

Okay the other guys were right, there is an error in watchman when getting an object, I bet someone typed in a comma into their proposal amount maybe? hehehe

"decimal.InvalidOperation: Invalid literal for Decimal: '203,096'"

"DataString": "[[\"proposal\",{\"end_epoch\":\"1513805540\",\"name\":\"Help Blue Get A Sanctuary\",\"payment_address\":\"BCrxzSM2kLy8ERww4bch1fesRVFCLv2Tce\",\"payment_amount\":\"203,096\",\"start_epoch\":\"1513805540\",\"type\":1,\"url\":\"\"}]]",
    "Hash": "14ec3b00c46a8f1090be5bc46100e5df547f5e9ed6c3cba8a75ca72b4a9ef572",


I have BiblePay installed on another PC, and it is showing all sanctuaries as ENABLED or PRE_ENABLED,

My controller wallet shows most sanctuaries as WATCHDOG_EXPIRED.

Theres a note at the top of "My Sanctuaries" that says:

"Note: Status of your sanctuaries in local wallet can potentially be slightly incorrect.
Always wait for wallet to sync additional data and then double check from another node
if your masternode should be running but you still do not see "ENABLED" in "Status" field."

I wonder if we are just seeing incorrect data / experiencing a wallet glitch/bug in our Controller Wallets?

Archived Proposals / Re: Listing at
« on: December 21, 2017, 01:07:53 PM »
I first found them when .pro went offline for about two weeks earlier in the year.  I cannot remember if I read a post or googled it.

One difference I believe, and I will get confirmation on this, is this is a one-time fee.  Whereas with .pro it is (if I read correctly) a yearly fee.

I forgot is a yearly fee! This is totally worth it then! I will be voting yes :)

Archived Proposals / Re: Mike (nananaminer) - Pool mining Script
« on: December 21, 2017, 01:05:46 PM »
Nananaminer's script improved upon my Linux guide and basically made a one click miner for command line users.

I had no idea there was a -y flag that would automatically say yes during the install process, that is neat.
With my guide you have to enter in each line one by one and click enter all the time.

This script also has a parameter to add a worker name and auto add it into the config,
it also auto sets up the config with the pool settings.

This script probably helped a few Linux/Ubuntu users start mining (one click mining basically),
but probably also helped miners with many machines install on all their machines quickly,
miners strengthen the network and make us more resilient to 51% attacks.

There is still a few hundred thousand coins in the IT budget for this budget cycle, I vote yes.

Archived Proposals / Re: Listing at
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:20:27 PM »
Good job jumping on this!

Im still not really sold on, why do they cost 6x more than

I think there site might be a little more readable, but Im not sure what makes up that price difference, especially since ranks insanely better in google searches. (I haven't look into the different sites features at all though)

How did you guys end up finding them?

I still think its good for us to get listed on all the masternode sites, so although being hesitant/concerned I will vote yes on this if nothing better / more pressing comes up. This will draw in even more people to the coin :)

I also think you should budget in the cost of your own time doing this!

I noticed all the Sanctuaries have fallen into WATCHDOG_EXPIRED state, is something going on? or something we need to do?

I copied the masternode winners for block 21600 to 22032,

I then pasted it into excel and did Data >> Text to columns and split by Other colon ":"
then I deleted the extra columns (and I only used the first winner in the list)
then I used this excel command in 2nd column to get counts: =COUNTIF(A:A, A1)
then I copy pasted the counts by value to new column and deleted the previous count column
then I removed duplicates in 1st column

Code: [Select]
B4icq9xMoey9SUN14Zosu5eJyh53GpMuDE 4
 B547NvFM2TUeCKxEGcxCxpt8as42pyS4po 20
 B5Ac1kfZd47aogmrHKzQM1SR65f2HidfJJ 24
 B69kMjn6a8vRH5bmVEdahheKqCqHoJejoz 7
 B6W3399nVAFE9c9AmPBd7qeWLd1r9czz2u 8
 B75XgzyKekgRTJ5JzTgqsCqw482MeH2MW6 21
 B77a6qHMJKmowXMRfTUy8a8dNc1DT5DHn4 18
 B8se8LxzDo9AKmSB9fnY38gbc3ubedRZxJ 20
 B8VyJEETEgaYirHeckJANQBd82AKfLkvfe 1
 B8xCuX4CoaP4nCgazT8sqh3R1f4nxMvdFt 6
 B9bXsooS8fQMpnXEWxMRiTuaCgDN8GeCAm 8
 B9ocKvVZg17at8bGa4dU4xybZ9eFnMu1o2 5
 BBkb2V8oAFex1ZZs4VMo9qB6PUt6gbFZd2 3
 BByjk8Hp9wUvaM6pXEC2yseEjh6GXJTBKm 8
 BC99kkb2mvz6SRdAVYRsgKaoWeuYavYLUT 7
 BCb8B85R4mpuiy62Sbs9W4Xv2w5CVEJ5TS 18
 BCKNkErkLgFHRdp2SufbWp9vmhyDTVhSUQ 7
 BCrPqL3MchGHogP7cGtxFT7jM2B1aSeAUN 7
 BDkocGarpfSBMuT15p9dQzsAfNqsgb2UHh 21
 BDQk4KG2Mhx9u4yiNW83p2nLN4LTm9qKCE 8
 BGAZhgeSqPgVt9L9CT2BJR6yHZy2UfyoVb 8
 BGW1hEmxB48ydQpmJk5cpPoMrdCxWocbBs 8
 BJ8VuuDM2bcDAYEED49Yk7Fm2TEUSgekug 7
 BJbN7u9CKqyCR4QJ7WihchDXaBwYoF9Hcq 8
 BJyURkU96QieSxF73LxcQM1N6tFhghLqmw 7
 BK9wLCCVSRKyiq27GhTrvqsivJBgYC6h7f 8
 BKcPm29NX2BjJ2N9ZD3ZjP1AV1tG5B32Mk 7
 BKFgb6K73erhccQs9FYnq5C7y4AspAMhyu 6
 BL3q4ox7DXzE1WsvvKZjAiFGVBEc5vDKpa 6
 BL3xzrS7rA721F8ztVMs2vQcrp2pHWctSF 6
 BLWrBmujyTdv2qxwn8KDFpUFrTvH7AbmD1 13
 BN6iwaYKKeqVS3QC9MfCXpH1C7CdsEeQbt 1
 BNidV9kWAZECM1sEtg7ZiQyYn2ghDY6mN9 6
 BNkdFRRo2Cycyvc37tVaNW4FCiFDrR9QDV 9
 BPUJUqxGcqKuJsj7gHATX9BsPCyKJ2rN9w 6
 BPXpXpsVAMM2cyzkMsSQ8xVJetbLNX6tQz 8
 BQ4kjMzQUEcQdMMpvhDMNt2McfhxzKztRX 16
 BQfd2t6iEi49ugwU2LkQBhUS3F2AnsZWYY 15
 BQjqyH4QCUhuNmUKw8apELsPqbmEC5jpUV 6
 BQKWtsB8L6DxeWbWVQbm86qvpUot1DWSAb 6
 BQtrk6tacdZwhftqQTmbBwG84fm2o1YFGo 2
 BRUjgRr1nVL4rt8Kks3thFDdsQSLQBCj43 8
 BSrFn8zpC48AykVANWcjVEve5tzn8NQNRE 7
 BSv2sd6jRutxDsFef7tznJjaNLrdvq3nfS 5

The one thing I dont know, is I dont know how long each of these sanctuaries has been online, sanctuary that just started vs one that has been on the past 2 days, if we had that amount of time enabled data, then we could do the statistical analysis

For instance B8VyJEETEgaYirHeckJANQBd82AKfLkvfe is someone I just helped get setup on Slack a few hours ago and he got 1 payment so far

I looked up Rob's notes on the winning algorithm

"As far as "luck" of winning the spot, we are using an algorithm where the nodes rank is determined by how close its vin is to the blockhash its voting on, so its really luck."

"The winner is based on the delta between the masternode vin and the blockhash, so that makes the winner random, thats why they can repeat back to back."

What is the masternode VIN?

This kind of reminds me of the Price is Right LOL but going both ways up and down
I think some VINs could have really unlucky spots being sandwhiched between other VINs, does that make sense?


Have to be careful extrapolating from a small data set, there is going to be randomness / fluctuations with smaller amount of data

I think Rob mentioned the algorithm has something to do with a hash number being near a masternode's number, Id have to look into it, sounds interesting

Archived Proposals / Re: Togo BLOOM PR
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:17:58 PM »
gobject vote-alias 13d938defec6e110ef0df251654c544d5dc9c57cf015a1ea8bb60538899b5643 funding yes NAME
gobject vote-many 13d938defec6e110ef0df251654c544d5dc9c57cf015a1ea8bb60538899b5643 funding yes

Archived Proposals / Re: Togo MasterNodes.Pro Listing
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:17:21 PM »
gobject vote-alias 9b9b0c95d2390dcf8f6bdb3f30bb02a3bf8b8e2c83bf3ccf154cd337345e8835 funding yes NAME
gobject vote-many 9b9b0c95d2390dcf8f6bdb3f30bb02a3bf8b8e2c83bf3ccf154cd337345e8835 funding yes

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