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Probably best if we had some sort of public google doc / excel sheet we could all collaborate on

and we list every one of these exchanges, and who contacted them and what their listing fee and requirements are, what step of the process we are in, etc

Right now I am not sure who we have contacted already, who contacted them, what the fees are, etc etc etc

Potential Excel Columns:
Exchange Name, Contacted Already (Y/N), Contacted By (Name/Email), Point of Contact (Exchange Email), Language (English), Listing Fee ($$$), Other Requirements, Notes, Current Status (Hold off, Blocked, etc)

We probably want a 2nd google doc, to list all of our coins info that we need to in order to fill out these exchange listing forms, some of the questions are a bit more technical and would need Robs help

Anything I missed? Anyone want to jump on this?

Please create it Jaap, Im all for it, these higher volume exchanges want a TON of money to get listed

Archived Proposals / Re: Reddit Advertising
« on: March 14, 2018, 08:47:08 AM »
Great, looking like Google is going to Ban Cryptocurrency Ads LOL:

I didnt even get a chance to play with this yet!

I support any and all language translations, the goal in my eyes is to reach as many people as possible with BiblePay,

Only a portion of the world natively speaks English

"When combining native and non-native speakers, English is the second most widely spoken language worldwide"
Guess which language is #1? (Chinese)

List of countries by English-speaking population

"How Many People In The World Speak English?
Out of the world's approximately 7.5 billion inhabitants, 1.5 billion speak English that's 20% of the Earth's population.
However, most of those people aren't native English speakers. About 360 million people speak English as their first language."

gobject vote-alias 045038724b047ba1908bc557777a5c5ae04703230449d1707865b69a162d8bbe funding yes MN1

  "overall": "Voted successfully 0 time(s) and failed 1 time(s).",
  "detail": {
    "MN1": {
      "result": "failed",
      "errorMessage": "GOVERNANCE_EXCEPTION_WARNING:CGovernanceManager::ProcessVote -- Unknown parent object , MN outpoint = c08e28823ddbc92d1822abe608f0283aa84938483dbc6baa105937ee0a6b69a9-0, governance object hash = 045038724b047ba1908bc557777a5c5ae04703230449d1707865b69a162d8bbe\n"

I am getting error when voting on this, is anyone else able to successfully vote?

Hmmm why Magnitude and not RAC?
There is only 1000 Magnitude split between all researchers
Whereas I assume RAC will mostly keep rising
Why not say 1-20 BBP per 1 RAC?

Togos magnitude = 0.  It looks like its because his tasks are showing as "tampered" with.  I will look into this issue now.

Uh oh!
a few days ago
I overclocked one machine and caused cpu to become unstable, and got a computation error in BOINC, so I aborted that task,
That same machine was also not running for a few days and I had to abort some tasks that were past due

Only thing I can think of recently in the past day
is that I have "merged" some aws machines in BOINC website (because the old ones got terminated)
hope that is not causing issues

I basically just run 4 linux commands and never touch these machines again LOL

So far today I:
1. Sent coins for CPID Burn and Staking
2. Performed CPID Burn through GUI
3. Added polpercentage to config

Were there any commands I needed to run?

Wow you have 64 processor machines!?  Arent those $100 a day?
I think youll be #1 in the world!

Its a risky strategy, Im using spot instances,
all of them got terminated unexpectedly last night too, LOL poof gone,

Most of the motivation was that Slovakia reached #1 in our leaderboard
and I couldnt stand for that, I had to beat him LOL

I took down the backup block explorer temporarily to upgrade it to latest version

Is there a way to view all the forked blockchains?
I tried running getchaintips command but it crashes my wallet LOL

Main Explorer is on 33438 (so is a wallet that I reindexed)

Backup Explorer is on 33407

Which chain are we waiting to reach 33440?

I think Togo is the only block explorer left as I think Alex went on vacation, uh I dont know if Togo upgraded his bx.

Upgrading the Backup Explorer right now, should be ready soon

I have same blockhash as Jaapgvk

So we are hardforking the chain right now?

Windows has been released, lets do some testing for a couple hours in prod also before I announce to the masses.

Ok got a Windows Wallet updated to in Production,
I have 1 connection,
I didnt clean any folders or .dat files or reindex,

Should I move forward with updating Sanctuary?

I have same blockhash as Rob and 13 connections on both of my nodes, hmmm

Oh in prod, my bad! I was talking about testnet

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