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Archived Proposals / Re:
« on: July 05, 2019, 06:10:01 pm » just received 2nd payment of 0.03 BTC,
2 more payments to go, entering proposal for 3rd payment

BBP Link:

Tweet about us:


Archived Proposals / Re: Masternodes.Online - Collateral Change
« on: July 05, 2019, 06:04:05 pm »
Masternodes.Online has been paid now

Archived Proposals / Masternodes.Online - Collateral Change
« on: June 05, 2019, 06:06:34 pm »

"BBP will be need to order the linked product for the collateral change...
We delist coin after 45 days if they do not pay for maintenance following collateral changes.


Coin Maintenance For ALL Collateral Changes/Coin Swaps/Rebrands

I am requesting 0.051 BTC / 0.00000003 = 1,700,000 BBP from the PR budget

Archived Proposals / Explorer Hosting (April 2019)
« on: May 09, 2019, 10:55:42 am »
Running Explorer server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

I am requesting $40/month for April 2019
$40 at $0.000423 per BBP = 94,563 BBP from IT


Previous Proposals:


Sun was funded and started running an explorer

Its cheaper, faster and has more features

If someone else steps up to run another Id be very open to take mine down

Archived Proposals /
« on: May 09, 2019, 10:41:49 am »
I was contacted by MasterGlenn#1090 on Discord, he works for,
they are interested in having us listed on their platform

Its 0.15 BTC for a lifetime listing, and they are open to being paid in installments,
and since MasterGlenn and Cliff are both Christians, they are also offering us a 20% discount,
so total is 0.12 BTC

From a google search of "masternode list", they rank as #5 link


If the community is interested, I would propose that we pay 0.03 BTC in 4 installments,

(0.03 BTC /0.00000007 BTC per BBP) = 428,571 BBP from PR budget


We are currently listed on:

Masterndoes.Online - [0.125 BTC lifetime, currently they charge 0.25 BTC]

Masternodes.Pro -  [0.1 BTC yearly] (currently in maintenance until next wallet release)

TradersGateway  [?] (Chinese) - [0.1 BTC lifetime]

Coins Masternode Buzz - [free] (I believe they're the same people from

Thank you for looking into it Rob!

v1.4.2.8b, both Ubuntu, both command line daemon, one Ubuntu 16.04, other Ubuntu 18.04,

I was checking the log that didnt have debug=1 in it and couldnt see anything stick out,

by crash, I mean it started up and I typically keep entering "biblepay-cli getinfo" to check its progress, but it would give me some RPC error and biblepayd wouldnt be inside "ps -ef", and Id have to start it up again, and then it would crash again

I just downloaded the one that had debug=1 on, about to go through it, 80mb debug file


I believe this is the relevant section of the debug.log, hopefully it is and Im not wasting your time
(uploaded it to file hosting site, 4.7MB)


Code: [Select]
2019-05-08 04:50:28  ABN OK: 1.000000 LoadExternalBlockFile: Processing out of order child 7d37aaa250a86221b5ba434365aec3dc127183af7ccbabdec9367b7e9fa14719 of 4e5bcad04e7082d25315cfc964b463c70f8053de1e68013e532ce38f43d78d95
2019-05-08 04:50:28 ERROR: ReadBlockFromDisk: Deserialize or I/O error - ReadCompactSize(): size too large: iostream error at CBlockDiskPos(nFile=0, nPos=39353)
2019-05-08 04:50:28 *** Failed to read block
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Error: Error: A fatal internal error occurred, see debug.log for details
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Interrupting HTTP server
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Interrupting HTTP RPC server
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Interrupting RPC
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Exited http event loop
2019-05-08 04:50:28 addcon thread exit
2019-05-08 04:50:28 mncon thread exit
2019-05-08 04:50:28 PrepareShutdown: In progress...
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Stopping HTTP RPC server
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Unregistering HTTP handler for / (exactmatch 1)
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Stopping RPC
2019-05-08 04:50:28 RPC stopped.
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Stopping HTTP server
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Waiting for HTTP worker threads to exit
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Waiting for HTTP event thread to exit
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Stopped HTTP server
2019-05-08 04:50:28 CDBEnv::Flush: Flush(false)
2019-05-08 04:50:28 CDBEnv::Flush: wallet.dat checkpoint
2019-05-08 04:50:28 CDBEnv::Flush: wallet.dat detach
2019-05-08 04:50:28
BiblepayMiner -- terminated
 0CDBEnv::Flush: wallet.dat closed

Is this the culprit?
Code: [Select]
2019-05-08 04:50:28 ERROR: ReadBlockFromDisk: Deserialize or I/O error - ReadCompactSize(): size too large: iostream error at CBlockDiskPos(nFile=0, nPos=39353)
2019-05-08 04:50:28 *** Failed to read block
2019-05-08 04:50:28 Error: Error: A fatal internal error occurred, see debug.log for details


From other logs it seems typically theres:
Code: [Select]
ThreadRPCServer method=stopor with GUI
Code: [Select]
GUI: requestShutdown : Requesting shutdown
GUI: shutdown : Running Shutdown in thread

Upgraded both wallets to v1.4.2.8b yesterday

I tried to just run them normally, but they would crash right away, tried to reindex and same thing, didnt see anything in the log (may have forgotten to add debug=1), so I wanted till today and tried again with reindex, both worked a couple hours ago

getblockhash 69207

Also, that gobject listwild is very useful!

In Sanctuaries tab, I only see DIP3 Sanctuaries tab now

Name of my masternode is MN1, and in Transactions I notice rewards going to MN1-D address

In the cold setup, on the remote masternode, for masternode status command,
I see lots of new fields!

Code: [Select]
./biblepay-cli masternode status
  "outpoint": "e94e309dfc51d4166294a300a8e4a935c36e81614c95bc7ccf4b4abd054fb1b9-1",
  "service": "",
  "proTxHash": "04b7167841f9c174d135eed04c4011b077b4ead1b3c5050d45eae8e0a409e2e9",
  "collateralHash": "e94e309dfc51d4166294a300a8e4a935c36e81614c95bc7ccf4b4abd054fb1b9",
  "collateralIndex": 1,
  "dmnState": {
    "service": "",
    "registeredHeight": 63324,
    "lastPaidHeight": 64958,
    "PoSePenalty": 0,
    "PoSeRevivedHeight": -1,
    "PoSeBanHeight": -1,
    "revocationReason": 0,
    "ownerAddress": "yZZ64ZSubgwAbSU6y7hpTNLV75ASDS4JeQ",
    "votingAddress": "yZZ64ZSubgwAbSU6y7hpTNLV75ASDS4JeQ",
    "payoutAddress": "yhTodPvmgv2RagCgtmPFvENztSm2FTeRRm",
    "pubKeyOperator": "02ea2b9f2dcad455907f2aaf547087118cb7ec30a12d0f2a529ea41125ea05e41ba5ad53bece8d1a0362a1c4f344c0a9"
  "state": "READY",
  "status": "Ready"

In Proposals, I voted Yes for Speaking_Hall, No for Dog_Mascot and Abstain for Minecraft_Integration
(How do I check votes? gobject getvotes hash? and how do I link it back to an address?, Looks like it links to a masternodes collateral hash?)

Before we enable dip15 (deterministic masternodes), we need to copy our 'masternodeblsprivkey' to our cold sanctuary biblepay.conf file (just like we usually copy the masternodeprivkey over there).

For cold masternode setup, we will need to:
1. Local/Controller Wallet:
replace the masternodeprivkey value in masternode.conf with masternodeblsprivkey?

do we need to also:
2. Remote/Masternode Wallet:
A. replace the masternodeprivkey value in biblepay.conf with masternodeblsprivkey?
B. or add new line masternodeblsprivkey=?

I was able to set up a cold masternode successfully,
and was able to upgrade to a dip3 masternode successfully!

Masternode IP:

Setup another wallet, Upgraded both my wallets to v1.4.2.7

getblockhash 63152

I still have an old hot masternode (1 wallet), setting up cold masternode now (2 wallets)

Hey Rob, what are the steps to upgrade to a deterministic masternode?

From some digging, looks like you added a command in v1.4.1.7:
Code: [Select]
exec upgradesanc sancname

I upgraded but forgot to turn my QT back on, Im up now and match

getblockhash 62042

Masternode was in UPDATE_REQUIRED status, just started it, now in PRE_ENABLED

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