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Rob, After I exposed my feelings about you publically here:, this is the first thread you responded back to, I took your 1 hour response as a stab, Its kind of like if I asked on your IT proposal:

"I noticed some of these code commits are only a few lines of text, What is your WPM? I could type this out in a few minutes"

Sure you typed your words out in a "nice" tone, but its a total stab.

You said you could do the work I do in 1 hour, I asked when you could start, and now your labeling me as disrespectful? LOL You say similar things to others, like "Why dont you start your own coin then?" Its okay for you to say things like that? but not for me? Sure Rob. Double standard much?


You used to be FOR paying people for their work Rob, at some point you changed along the way... (Have you become Amazon?)

Im already rounding my times down and donating so much of myself

If the masternode network decides they do not want me doing work, I will gladly stop


My centralized risk was already reduced over time, Jaap and Luke both have admin access to everything, can you say the same though Rob?

Talking about centralization, You yelled at me in the past after I brought up that the proposal system was centralized because users had to go through you to put funds into their accounts to create proposals. And you were upset I researched and got someone to test doing it by command line to bypass you. My goal has always been to reduce centralized risk.


And now you spent $300 on a new extra charity item when we still have prior obligation with BLOOM, and have chosen to not pay me $480 for work I posted way before LOL

Rob, Have fun playing politics and trying to spin this and trying to hide behind being a "nice" guy and technicalities, Ive been a loyal servant but I'm not your Yes man anymore, Don't dish it out if you cant take it


I will be stopping my work if I cant get paid for it.

Archived Proposals / Re: in Spanish (
« on: October 19, 2018, 05:02:00 am »
Old Website Notes, Multi language Wordpress Plugins:


Polylang Pro:
99 euros, yearly renewal $?? to get updates

WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML):
1 year: $79 + $39 yearly renewal, or $195 lifetime

qTranslate X:

It seems like people reviewing these plugins recommend WPML:"


Im for a Spanish website,
If we get and setup one of these plugins above, we could keep them together,
but Im not necessarily against them being separate

Id get in contact with Jaap, he currently works on the website

Look forward to this Fixer!

Archived Proposals / Re: Bitcointalk Forum Advertising
« on: October 18, 2018, 09:07:47 pm »
Rejected a 4th time

"Still no. I'd probably only be comfortable with BiblePay if a lot more info, news, and third-party reviews of your practices come out. As-is, I'm not particularly convinced by your responses to my previous concerns (though admittedly I don't have time to spend more than a few minutes looking at it), and I see a lot of red flags. If I was convinced that BiblePay was like "Litecoin with a bible theme and a donation thing", then I'd probably allow it."

Bitcointalk Investigation:
"Topic: BiblePay (BBP) - Are BiblePay's Charity Donations Legitimate?  (Read 246 times)"

Bitcointalk post with some ideas:

Archived Proposals / Re: October recurring sponsorships
« on: October 14, 2018, 12:42:08 am »
Did Ginger email back about whether they would accept BiblePay or Bitcoin directly?
How much time should we give them to comply? I think its been about 3 weeks so far, I think a few months might be reasonable

Is Compassion willing to give us any PR? They've never talked about us publically,
yet they have received, probably the majority of our Charity funds.

I do not think that people trust their CEO Statement about us coming from an email:

Jim uses Twitter:
I wonder if we are getting filtered out from reaching his desk,
would be interesting to contact him directly
I could make a post about how much we have donated to Compassion and tag him in it

The IT work I do is so minimal I just lump it in with the PR work I do


1. Social is the combination of Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram and Bitcointalk.

Three to Four times a day I read through Twitter tweets to see ones we can click like on, see ones we can retweet, see ones we can comment on, and see which tweets I can use to spread news to our community.

And multiple times a day I read every Bitcointalk message

I also poke into multiple other competitiors discords/telegrams/reddits and read all of their latest posts peridoically

Any news I see, I spread to all platforms, and each platform has different formatting
like with Twitter I edit images and add emojis and hashtags

Your paying me to spread BiblePay news to the world,
and the world crypto news to BiblePay for basically $10 a day


2. I charge for testing, Ive charged multiple times in the past and Ive promoted publically that I would vote yes on anyone to be paid for testing, I believe everyone should be paid for their work.

Rob, just a few weeks ago in testnet you were asking:
Where is everyone? Why is no one helping in testnet?

The people doing work should be rewarded, that is good business.


Last month I donated the 2nd two weeks of my work,
I plan to continue doing the same until our value goes up 3-4x


Rob If you think you can do what Im doing for Social in 1 hour every 2 weeks,
that sounds like immense value and savings, when can you start? ;)

Archived Proposals / Re: Ban Slovakia from Talking for 6 months
« on: October 13, 2018, 03:43:53 pm »
I didnt want to get in the middle of this drama, I was hoping things would work out naturally, thesnat kind of forced my hand into talking by risking exposing my previous conversations with him, but I also felt maybe its finally time for you to hear what I have seen Rob given the continued drama between parties.

Do we need a clear set of forum rules posted somewhere?

1. Do not make assumptions or false statements
2. Talk in a nice tone and manner, be polite and appreciative
3. Be willing to do work/research/experience, or Find someone who can, People are busy

Some sort of 3 strike your out system would be interesting,

I made this thread because Slovakia upset me enough to where I lost motivation to do any work for the day, and it wasnt the first time it had happened, and I knew he was probably effecting other team members, Ive since clicked ignore on his profile, but to be good PR person I have to know everything everyone is saying so I click unignore every time he posts, sigh

I worry about the emotional wellbeing of the people doing work. I dont think most people realize how much sacrifice is going on already and how close to the edge of sanity people are already at.

Im not sure how to vote on this proposal, I wish I didnt have to make it to begin with

Archived Proposals / Re: Ban Slovakia from Talking for 6 months
« on: October 12, 2018, 07:45:16 pm »
I think this drama should just be resolved, its distracting and energy wasting and makes BiblePay look bad, I'm disappointed in all parties involved.

Rob, I think theres room for improvement on your handling of criticism,
Thesnat and Sun, you guys have been rude, and hold Rob to unrealistic expectations

An instance where you didnt handle criticism well Rob, long ago in testnet, 616west pointed out that your understanding of the RAC forumla was wrong, you got upset, and then it turned out he was right,

I can go through the history and point out more things like this.

Here is an example of the aftermath of you getting upset at another person:

In general its bad PR and bad Business to get upset with the customers, LOL
I think we have to "kill em with kindness", or just ignore them, thats where Ive gotten to with Slovakia


Rob, after you got upset with me about the proposal system, I did start communicating with you less :(

You are a human too and have emotions and breaking points.
and You are extremely underappreciated and extremely overly criticized.

Youve sacrificed so much for this project, and built something unique and amazing.

Its tough dealing with the public. Ive almost snapped at someone in BiblePay myself.

Anyways, There is a slight pattern of you driving a few people away Rob LOL
Whether they would have left naturally anyways, I dont know

Throughout the history of the project Ive had a few people come talk to me after getting upset with you,
and I just have to explain that your a mad genius under stress LOL,

My goal is to spread BiblePay to everyone, to get and keep as many people as I can into the project, to multiply our growth and message

Naturally there is going to be drama and disagreements,
I think the drama will only increase with time and with more people involved

I dont think you need more criticism Rob, I think you need more love, I really wish people would see that

I worry about you every day Rob <3


A monthly or biweekly BiblePay voice chat / conference call  would be cool, I think it could help the community feel more connected to each other, and realize there are humans on each end.

Archived Proposals / Server Costs - October
« on: October 10, 2018, 08:09:38 am »
Running server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

I am requesting $40 for the month of October
at $0.000652 per BBP = 61,349 BBP

Previously funded $40 for September

and funded $80 for July and August

9/16 - 2 explorer, 1 support, 0.5 social
9/17 - 1 advertising, 0.5 social, 0.5 QIEX
9/18 - 0.5 social
9/19 - 1 social, 0.5 testing
9/20 - 1 social, 0.5 misc, 0.5 PR
9/21 - 0.5 social, 0.5 emails, 0.5 website, 0.5 google analytics
9/22 - 1 google analytics, 0.5 mintnodes, 0.5 explorer, 0.5 social
9/23 - 0.5 google analytics, 0.5 forums, 1 social
9/24 - 1 social
9/25 - 0.5 social, 1 testnet, 0.5 explorer
9/26 - 0.5 dash research, 1 testnet
9/27 - 0.5 social
9/28 - 0.5 social
9/29 - 0.5 GIN testing
9/30 - 0.5 social, 0.5 GIN, 0.5 CryptoBridge

23.5 hours at $20/hr = $470 + $10 for testnet server = $480

$480 / $0.000652 per BBP = 736,196 BBP

I am requesting 736,196 BBP from the PR budget


My Past Work:

Previous Proposal:

Archived Proposals / Pre-Proposal: CryptoShib - Coin Review
« on: October 09, 2018, 05:24:31 am »

Alexa Ranking

Listing + Review + Promotion (1 month) - $250 (Includes premium position on Home Page that gets maximum views)

NOTE: I am writing this proposal at the request of Cryptoshib#8540 from Discord

Archived Proposals / Re: Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Part 1 of 3)
« on: October 07, 2018, 05:46:19 pm »

Just from my own observations, I saw focused a lot on their own masternode token/coin while branded out doing a masternode forum (BetweenBlocks), a masternode news site (MasternodeBuzz), more PR, etc has a one time listing fee, so I was curious how they would keep funding themselves, but maybe they get enough from ad revenue now? Both sites sell ad spots.

Archived Proposals / Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Part 1 of 3)
« on: October 07, 2018, 04:07:52 pm »
We paid to get listed for one year on Masternodes.Pro (top masternode statistics website) on Dec 17th, 2017.
(we are currently in maintenance, they are updating for mandatory upgrade)

We are 3 months away from needing to relist again, so I would like to start saving up funds to pay for listing again for another year. The relisting fee is 0.1 BTC, 10% discount if we pay in MNPcoin (so we need 0.09 BTC, about $600)

I am requesting 0.03 BTC / 0.00000008 BBP per BTC = 375,000 BBP

Also, I would like to note that when I checked google searching in incognito mode, "masternode", "masternode list", "masternode roi", Masternodes.Pro does not rank #1 anymore, it still ranks #2 and #3, but Masternodes.Online is outranking it now

Trading / Re: Buying a Sanctuary
« on: October 05, 2018, 08:47:17 pm »
Yes, Deal

I was able to set up Ubuntu Desktop and VNC on a $20/month Vultr server, my steps below:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop -y
apt-get install gnome-panel gnome-settings-daemon metacity nautilus gnome-terminal -y
sudo apt-get install vnc4server -y

vncserver # enter password
vncserver -kill :1

cd ~/.vnc/

vi xstartup # copy paste below to file
gnome-panel &
gnome-settings-daemon &
metacity &
nautilus &
gnome-terminal &

sudo apt-get install ufw
sudo ufw allow ssh/tcp
sudo ufw limit ssh/tcp
sudo ufw allow 5901/tcp
sudo ufw logging on
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw status


TightVNC Java Viewer

IP address + Port 5901 and asked for password

vncserver -kill :1
vncserver -geometry 1280x960

I was able to copy paste at first, but now I cant, I can copy out but not in, digging deeper into it

If I ever try it on a smaller server Ill report results


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