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Started working on Q2 update, skimmed through and compiled past 3 1/2 months of forum posts

Anything missing? Better way to order the information?

Next step is adding descriptions and images


Previous Update

Mandatory Upgrade v1.5.1.4

New Block Reward Breakdown:

- 15.0% Monthly Budget
    - 50.0% Exchange (Payoff)
    - 25.0% IT (Software, Technology)
    - 25.0% MISC (Miscellaneous)

- 27.5% GSCs (Generic Smart Contracts)
   - 95.0% PODC (Science Research)
   -   5.0% Healing (Prayer Diary)

- 27.5% RandomX (CPU Mining)

- 30.0% Masternodes (Sanctuaries)


Bitcointalk Forum Locked, Moved to BiblePay Forum

Promotional Videos

=== Mining

RandomX Faucet

Mining Calculator Satellite Pool

Pool Code Open Sourced


First Month Liquidation Report

=== General

New Foundation Website

Fractional Sanctuary
Extra 10% ROI Promotion

Chainlocks Re-enabled

"We are one of the few with: CHAINLOCKS in Production.  (A feature BITCOIN does not have!)
We are the only coin with Monero-RandomX in the Bitcoin branch."

Plan to Decentralize BiblePay

April Updates

PODC Giveaway? (Are these still happening?)

PolisPay Mastercard?

Listed on Vindax Exchange

2 million BBP Bounty to Update WhitePaper

=== Charity

Cameroon One
Get Donation Matching using GlobalGiving

Kairos Inbound Letters

=== Christianity

The Executive Summary of Jesus Christ

Left Behind Letter

Parallels to the Exodus

Prayer Request

=== Misc

BiblePay WhitePaper Chinese Version

WhiteWalrus Articles

"BiblePay: A Cryptocurrency for Christian Charity and Activism"

Production Proposals / Explorer Hosting
« on: May 27, 2020, 12:21:15 AM »
Running Explorer server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

$40/month for May and June, $80 at $0.000168 per BBP = 476,000 BBP

I am requesting 250,000 BBP


Previous Explorer Proposals:

I think this is how HEX works


There are 3 ways to get HEX tokens:

1. You sign Bitcoin addresses (proving you own Bitcoin) and enter it into the smart contract

2. You give Ethereum to the smart contract

3. You buy on exchanges


Smart contract UI:


So how does the referral system work?

You install an Ethereum wallet and generate an Ethereum address

Then you add your address as a parameter to the hex website link

Then you get people to click it, and when they do, it puts a cookie on their computer with your address

and then when the person goes to get HEX tokens
by doing 1 or 2 above (signing BTC or giving ETH) with the smart contract UI

you get a 20% bonus of that HEX and they get a 10% bonus of HEX


Read Contract and Write Contract:

(I see a "referrerAddr" field for the btcAddressClaim and xfLobbyEnter functions)

Contract Code:


BiblePay could do a UTXO snapshot/claim/sign thing, I think you've talked about potentially doing this for DASH coin

And something interesting HEX did as a twist, they made 90% of the free coins from claiming/signing BTC, automatically stake for 365 days, so that people couldnt immediately dump their free HEX coins on the market


So on the "giving ethereum" thing, I believe Richard is getting all that money directly, he never says who owns it, never promises anything, never talks about the money, and says to have no expectations

I dont understand the legal stuff,
here is the disclaimer:


NOTE: Richard Heart may own 50% of HEX


Hope this helps!

Archived Proposals / Re: Explorer Hosting (April 2019)
« on: March 25, 2020, 10:35:38 PM »
$40 USD / $0.00016875 USD per BBP = 237,037 BBP, rounding to 240,000 BBP

I like that BiblePay is 3 syllables

10+ - Decentralized Autonomous Currency / Charity
10   - Digital Autonomous Currency
  7   - DECentralized Currency / Charity

I think a lot of popular brands are 2-4 syllables

Amazon, Nike, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Walmart, Facebook, etc


Of the current options I like DEC - DEcentralized Charity the best

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: BIBLEPAY - RANDOMX INTEGRATION
« on: February 23, 2020, 11:53:46 AM »
Do you guys feel optimistic about this idea?  IE have we come up wtih something good for orphan charity?
Imo, I think its a pretty good pool/system, in that you get two reward streams.  If I was a monero miner I think Id do this , even without helping charity.  Adding orphans on for me is a huge plus on top of that even.

I feel this is an underestimated idea.  As if it should attract a few thousands miners in one year.  I see there are 50,000 connections to minexmr, so we have plenty to pull in if they get wind of this.

We will probably need to run multiple pools to handle the load; probably one pool per 1000 users, etc.  But we can do that, given that our price should rise for each 1000 miners.

I think its a cool feature

and RandomX seems to be pretty popular in the Altcoin Mining section of Bitcointalk

I started a Bitcointalk thread about Merge Mining BBP and XMR:
(Please post in here periodically!)

How do we spread the news of our feature to all the Monero miners?

Archived Proposals / Re: Explorer Hosting (April 2019)
« on: February 03, 2020, 06:57:31 PM »
I am requesting $40 for February

$40 / $9300 per BTC = 0.0043 BTC

0.0043 / 0.000000015   BTC per BBP = 286,738 BBP

Archived Proposals / Re: Explorer Hosting (April 2019)
« on: December 31, 2019, 02:18:43 PM »
I am requesting for January 2020

$40.00 / $0.000136 per BBP =  294,117.64 BBP

Archived Proposals / Re: - Press Release
« on: December 23, 2019, 07:02:00 PM »
This is the Google Spreadsheet that I, Jaap, You and April worked on:
It has 6 tabs

If your interested to jump on any of this Sun, you have my vote for any funding you need


More documentation from my Open TODO List:

"Christcoin is a dead coin now, but look what places it got articles:"


I currently get us free publicity with Masternode Buzz,
they used to use our tweets, but now they seem to only like blogs and medium articles



It can be hard to quantify marketing effectiveness, its hard to track what led someone to clicking to learn more about BiblePay and investing into BiblePay, for instance Dash paid for marketing for an MMA event, how many people came to learn about Dash from that? and then invested? I dont know, and they dont know either LOL

The last 1/3rd of this recent video from Tao and Amanda of Dash talking about marketing/pr was interesting


Of the monthly budget about 1/8th of it is portioned for PR/Advertising/Marketing,
if anyone wants to take a stab at using that money, Im all for it! :)


We also still need help with Facebook if anyone is interested

Upgraded all 3 of my test servers to v1.4.8.4

Im running privatesend on all of them, but no coins are mixing,
this is what I see in debug.log:

This is my config on all of them:


I commented out privatesendmultisession=1 for this round of testing

Im running each of them as QT GUI,
and I typed "privatesend start" into each console

When I check the coins in Send tab >> Inputs,
the denominated coins all show as 0 for "PS Rounds" column

Archived Proposals / Re: PODC TEAM REQUIREMENTS
« on: December 08, 2019, 04:54:17 PM »
I voted:
"Require nothing - give rewards to everyone"

But since no one else was voting for that I changed to:
"Require ^1.6 for non-bbp, ^1.3 for BBP (Allowing Any Team to be rewarded)"

Archived Proposals / Re: BiblePay Woocommerce Payment Gateway Proposal
« on: December 08, 2019, 04:51:46 PM »
Explorer is up to date now:

Here is the other explorer:

This is HEX telegram bot response to howey:

Theyre about to launch pretty soon, was supposed to go live already an hour ago,
I plan to put $150 of Ethereum into it today, and then sign (prove) I own Bitcoin tomorrow,
and then I plan to stake the coins for 6 years LOL

I dont mean to advertise, and I have no idea if it will go up in value,
but Im a fan of Richard Hearts youtube videos,
even though he can be a bit harsh and I disagree with him on some things,
(before this he really wanted to make a science coin and then gave up b/c it was too hard,
I think he put a good amount of time into it, it was called CFD token (CFD for Computational Fluid Dynamics))

Thank you for explaining DWS Rob, I think its a cool feature (I like HEX coin)

I think I got confused from this example on the DWS proposal thread:

Amount staked: 1,000,000
Dynamic-whale-unit reward: 15
This means the user would potentially receive 15000 bbp in reward one year after the coins are burned.

15,000 should be 150,000?

I do not believe I received the Kanye proposal funding,
I just created another proposal, should show up soon

I believe I was looking at the wrong wallet,
I see that I received 1 million BBP at address: yVqyMZPPUw6JrASEgfWsRns7rDkRQFQbVF
on 11/28/19 00:20, Height: 18655

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