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Upgraded all 3 of my test servers to v1.4.8.4

Im running privatesend on all of them, but no coins are mixing,
this is what I see in debug.log:

This is my config on all of them:


I commented out privatesendmultisession=1 for this round of testing

Im running each of them as QT GUI,
and I typed "privatesend start" into each console

When I check the coins in Send tab >> Inputs,
the denominated coins all show as 0 for "PS Rounds" column

Production Proposals / Re: PODC TEAM REQUIREMENTS
« on: December 08, 2019, 04:54:17 PM »
I voted:
"Require nothing - give rewards to everyone"

But since no one else was voting for that I changed to:
"Require ^1.6 for non-bbp, ^1.3 for BBP (Allowing Any Team to be rewarded)"

Production Proposals / Re: BiblePay Woocommerce Payment Gateway Proposal
« on: December 08, 2019, 04:51:46 PM »
Explorer is up to date now:

Here is the other explorer:

This is HEX telegram bot response to howey:

Theyre about to launch pretty soon, was supposed to go live already an hour ago,
I plan to put $150 of Ethereum into it today, and then sign (prove) I own Bitcoin tomorrow,
and then I plan to stake the coins for 6 years LOL

I dont mean to advertise, and I have no idea if it will go up in value,
but Im a fan of Richard Hearts youtube videos,
even though he can be a bit harsh and I disagree with him on some things,
(before this he really wanted to make a science coin and then gave up b/c it was too hard,
I think he put a good amount of time into it, it was called CFD token (CFD for Computational Fluid Dynamics))

Thank you for explaining DWS Rob, I think its a cool feature (I like HEX coin)

I think I got confused from this example on the DWS proposal thread:

Amount staked: 1,000,000
Dynamic-whale-unit reward: 15
This means the user would potentially receive 15000 bbp in reward one year after the coins are burned.

15,000 should be 150,000?

I do not believe I received the Kanye proposal funding,
I just created another proposal, should show up soon

I believe I was looking at the wrong wallet,
I see that I received 1 million BBP at address: yVqyMZPPUw6JrASEgfWsRns7rDkRQFQbVF
on 11/28/19 00:20, Height: 18655

Im testing Dynamic Whale Staking, I just ran:

Code: [Select]
exec dws 100000 3 I_AGREE yXfpgvjvNJ5aURRQ6porVHSPJzWdiWvk9i
The DWU is 91.1005, does that mean I multiple by 1.0911005 to calculate what I will receive back?

DWS Reference:

I do not believe I received the Kanye proposal funding,
I just created another proposal, should show up soon


All 3 nodes are running PrivateSend now

Im seeing this, havent seen any mixing yet:

Happened again, only got to block 17444
Im updating to v1.4.8.3
Ok that worked, Im synced up now!

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Exchange Listing - BISQ - Decentralized
« on: December 02, 2019, 01:36:06 PM »











How to List an Asset


How can Bisq avoid legal action for not being KYC/AML compliant?

I tried the Bisq decentralized exchange


Given our issues with Centralized Exchanges,
I believe we should look into supporting true DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges)

No Listing Fee, But Requires some Technical steps

The market timing isn't great right now,
but its something I believe we should heavily consider later on,
or at least have a few people experiment with

What is the correct chain?

I have 3 nodes on block 19600

getblockhash 19600

I kept trying to get another node to sync up to that, but it kept syncing to block 17444 or so,
even when I deleted everything in the data folder twice, and did addnodes for oncoapops IPs

Ill try again

I kept trying to erasechain but kept getting to a lower block height than you guys
I had to totally nuke my testnet3 folder (delete everything except the biblepay.conf, deterministic.conf, masternode.conf and wallet.dat files)

So now my 2 nodes and my 1 masternode are all synced with oncoapop

I'm still having same issue with mixing, cant find random masternode

How does vecMasternodesUsed variable work?

Code: [Select]
int nCountEnabled = mnList.GetValidMNsCount();
int nCountNotExcluded = nCountEnabled - vecMasternodesUsed.size();

LogPrintf("CPrivateSendClientManager::%s -- %d enabled masternodes, %d masternodes to choose from\n", __func__, nCountEnabled, nCountNotExcluded);

I couldn't do mixing with my 1 masternode server, it gives an error, I guess masternodes cant mix?,
"client side mixing is not supported on masternodes"
so I have it down while I use another data directory and wallet for mixing,
in addition I also spun up 2 other servers

I'm getting this message on all 3 servers:

Code: [Select]
2019-11-23 19:42:35 CPrivateSendClientManager::GetRandomNotUsedMasternode -- 7 enabled masternodes, 0 masternodes to choose from
2019-11-23 19:42:35 CPrivateSendClientSession::StartNewQueue -- Can't find random masternode!

biblepay.conf settings:
Code: [Select]

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Exchange Listing - Birake
« on: November 23, 2019, 01:40:19 PM »

Birake is also offering a discount of delisted CryptoBridge coins

Special Listing Price: 0.06 BTC

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