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I was contacted by Mr. Backwards over Discord with interest
in offering us advertising on his Twitter:


94% of his followers look real:

"I would ask upfront 1/3 of your mn cost so 550k BBp. You would send me some graphics, then we can build a tweet together and launch it. Then few days later do another with slightly different angle. After that we can assess going forward long term with how results were for us"

At $0.002 per BBP, that is $1,100 for one or two tweets?
I think the price is too high, with that much money we could potentially pay for 2,000 real followers on Twitter.

I would just like alternative opinions, let me know!

7/1 - 3hrs advertising, 1hr website, 1hr social
7/2 - 2hr website, 1hr advertising, 1hr QIEX
7/3 - 1hr misc, 2hr social, 1hr testnet, 1hr feedback
7/5 - 1hr social, 1hr misc
7/6 - 1hr misc, 1hr social, 2hr reddit redesign
7/7 - 1hr social, 1hr forum, 2hr misc, 1hr advertising
7/8 - 4hr advertising, 2hr pr
7/9 - 1hr social, 1hr advertising
7/10 - 1hr misc
7/11 - 2hr misc
7/14 - 2hr social, 1hr misc
7/15 - 2hr misc, 1hr news, 1hr forum, 2hr social, 2hrs documenting, 1hr advertising

48 hours at $20/hr = $960 / $0.001990 per BBP = 482,412 BBP

I am requesting 482,412 BBP from the PR Budget

Production Proposals / Re: 2nd Biblepay Faucet
« on: July 15, 2018, 12:36:00 pm »
I messaged SEO_Account on Bitcointalk a few days ago, no response so far,

the faucet website is saying the balance is zero

"Faucet balance is too low please try again later"

UPDATE: Just got message from SEO_Account!

"The largest Masternode Stats data website in China"

Point of Contact: in BiblePay Discord

Listing Application:

0.05 BTC for 6 Months Listing
or 0.1 BTC for Permanent Listing


we paid 0.1 BTC for 1 year with
and 0.2 BTC for permanent with


I am requesting 0.1 BTC / 0.00000032 BTC per BBP = 312,500 BBP for permanent listing

Can we also please consider plug-ins for translations? Would be great to have it in at least Spanish, Korean, Chinese.
Ah, yes. Good suggestion! We actually talked about that in the past. I will look into it :)



Polylang Pro:
99 euros, yearly renewal $?? to get updates

WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML):
1 year: $79 + $39 yearly renewal, or $195 lifetime

qTranslate X:

It seems like people reviewing these plugins recommend WPML:

Not related to this specific request, but you should consider removing BiblePay Explorer transactions from showing up in Google. Maybe just home page, Top 100, etc... But just TXs links will clutter up the Google search engine results.

We have 3 explorers currently, Togo, Nox and Licht

Rob owns the domain

How do you stop website from showing up in Google?

I use Iquidus Explorer on an Ubuntu machine:

This has my vote!

I am requesting $300 from the PR budget, to run ads on Google, Twitter and Facebook for 1 month, each $3/day, afterwards I will report results.

$100 - Google Text Ads
$100 - Twitter Ads
$100 - Facebook Ads

$300 / $0.002448 per BBP = 122,549 BBP

I freshened up the Facebook page,
and now Im testing my first ad,
"boosting" a post I made, for $25 should reach 12-83k users,
right now the ad is "in review"

UPDATE: My ad was rejected lol
"For ads that promote cryptocurrency and related products and services, the advertiser must first receive our prior written permission. You can apply to become an eligible Cryptocurrency and Related Products and Services advertiser. We also recommend that you have a look at our Cryptocurrency Products and Services policy for more details."

Cryptocurrency Products and Services Onboarding Request

I submitted a request

This was in testnet, on v1.1.3.7.
Looks like its up to 21MB already hmmm

Im seeing a ton of this message:

ProcessBlockFound: Generated: ######
CPID has solved prior blocks. Contextual check block failed. CPID ######### ERROR: ProcessnewBlock: AcceptBlock FAILED
PrcoessBlockFound -- ProcessNewBlock() failed, block not accepeted
CBlock(hash= **** CTransaction ** CtxIn ** CTxOut

Maybe its because of too small amount of miners in testnet?

Hmmm I accidentally put a $ symbol in front of debugmaster=true instead of a hashtag to turn it off, I wonder what that did

My debug.log got filled up, I think its from leaving debug=true and debugmaster=true on for all this time, saved last 100 lines of log and removed it and commented out the config options

Updated to v1.1.3.7

left it running for a few hours, mnsync status  was stuck syncing, I was worried I was on a fork,
so I did a clean and reindex, mnsync status is still stuck syncing,
my masternode shows as Missing,
so I enabled it again and its in PRE_ENABLED state

getblockhash 46512

Updated to v1.1.3.6

New tabbed Proposals List
Proposal Add
and "exec totalrac"

6/14 - 2hr testnet, 1h social, 1hr misc
6/15 - 2hr testnet, 1 hr social
6/16 - 2hr advertising, 1hr forum signature, 1hr misc, 1hr social
6/17 - 4hr advertising, 2hr testnet, 1hr social
6/18 - 1hr social, 1hr testnet
6/19 - 1hr social, 1hr testnet, 1hr advertising, 1hr misc
6/20 - 2hr misc, 1hr social, 1hr forum, 1hr Chinese
6/21 - 1hr social, 1hr misc
6/22 - 1hr misc
6/23 - 1hr misc
6/24 - 1hr social
6/25 - 1hr social, 1hr misc, 2hr advertising/pr
6/26 - 3hr advertising, 1hr doc, 2hr testnet
6/27 - 2hr advertising, 2hr misc
6/28 - 2hr advertising, 3hr misc, 1hr doc
6/29 - 2hr facebook, 1hr social
6/30 - 1hr social, 1hr misc, 1hr advertising

61 hours at $20/hour rate = $1,220 / $0.001861 per BBP = 655,561 BBP

I am requesting 655,561 BBP from PR


Some of what Ive been up to:
- Communicating Updates and Crypto News/Research on Twitter, Reddit and Bitcointalk
- Bitcointalk Advertising
- Testnet Testing
- Support
- Advertising Research of Top 100 Crypto Websites
- QIEX Weekly Progress Updates
- Google Adwords
- Forum Signature
- CoinMarketCap Explorer Fix
- Facebook Page


Togoshigekata Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1087591;sa=showPosts

Togoshige Reddit Profile:

BiblePay Twitter:


Thank you for your support!

This is my potential Google keyword research so far:

the NO list are keywords that when I tested adding them, werent approved right away like all the other keywords, so Id get scared and remove them

Code: [Select]

dash cryptocurrency,
cpu cryptocurrency,
cpu only cryptocurrency,
bitcoin mining,
cryptocurrency mining,
crypto mining,



masternode coins,

best coin for cpu mining,
best cpu mining coin,
cpu coin,
cpu mining,
cpu mining coins,
cpu mining profitability,
cpu only mining,

asic resistant,

altcoin mining,

dash coin mining,
dash mining,
dash wallet,
dash coin mining,

christ coin,
jesus coin,

coins of the bible,
scripture coins,

charity coin,

gridcoin mining,
buy gridcoin,
gridcoin pool,

boinc coin,
boinc gridcoin,
boinc manager,
boinc projects,
rosetta home,

Interestingly, only a few of these keywords get a vast majority of traffic, in order of most traffic:
dash >>>> masternode >>>>>>>> dash wallet, jesus coin,  altcoin mining, cpu mining >> masternode coins

If anyone has other keyword ideas, just let me know!
Google Adwords is neat, I just played around with their Keyword Planner tool.


Also good news, I contacted owner of the BiblePay Facebook page, an old miner named Matt,
got him to add me as an admin, and then I added Jaap as an Admin,
I cleaned up the page a little and added some pictures, Ill try to start posting any Twitter updates to Facebook as well,
If anyone is interested to be an admin or moderator of the Facebook page, just let me know!

I started poking around the Facebook Advertising stuff

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