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exec cpk togotesting
// worked, waited 4 confirmations then

exec associate Byteball_3b162762 X
// did not work

"Sorry, we found you as a researcher in WCG, but we were unable to locate you on the team. Please join team Biblepay or team Gridcoin to proceed."

on World Community Grid website, I see the "My Team" tab has BiblePay and I see my username in the list of Team BiblePay members

Linux 64 bit QT v1.4.6.9


Also thank you oncoapop for the 10 million tBBP!

Glad you were able to pinpoint the issue Rob! yay!

I downloaded v1.4.6.9, and I was able to successfully send coins!

How many coins are needed for a sanctuary?
I have 2,020,209.26 tBBP right now

Here is another receiving address:

For sure, sent you message on this forum and bitcointalk forum a little bit ago

My getblockhash matches

Code: [Select]
getblockhash 14700

Hmmm, I could pass you the server credentials privately if you are interested to check it out directly

I performed a zapwallettxes

has 165 confirmations and 7,000,000 tBBP
I believe these are the coins you sent me yesterday

has 11 confirmations and 1,000 tBBP
I'm not sure where this came from

I cant dumpprivkey for either address
"Private key for address X is not known"

Linux 64 bit QT, I got a signing transaction failed message,
I did an erasechain and a rescan

Im still getting signing transaction failed,
I tested with two different inputs by themselves sending to another address

getinfo shows version: 1040607

Debug log just shows:  "Unable to calculate fee, singing failed for"

I noticed for the Linux 64 bits QT link it says:

But I think it should be:

I replaced i686 with x86_64 and it worked, running QT version now!


Here are my old notes on using GUI on Vultr server

1. Install Lubuntu GUI and Reboot

Code: [Select]
apt-get update
apt-get install -y lubuntu-core

2. On Vultr Server Information page click "View Console" button in top right

3. Press Ctrl - Alt + T to open a Terminal


Ill setup a sanctuary now

Here is an empty tBBP address:  yQHcgNP61KhRBuSsE4SUL1iZ6DAZZ8Ab63

Here is debug log:

2019-11-06 02:11:32 ThreadRPCServer method=sendtoaddress
2019-11-06 02:11:32 Unable to calculate fee, signing failed for

Wallet is unencrypted and unlocked

Code: [Select]
./biblepay-cli listreceivedbyaddress
    "address": "ygWv5C6vncjW9xZUC7cGkrFysswG1raMFA",
    "account": "",
    "amount": 5947608.19497465,
    "confirmations": 31,

Code: [Select]
./biblepay-cli dumpprivkey ygWv5C6vncjW9xZUC7cGkrFysswG1raMFA
error code: -4
error message:
Private key for address ygWv5C6vncjW9xZUC7cGkrFysswG1raMFA is not known

Ive never dumped before so I am not sure if I am doing it right

So I do have a question though, we had a bug in with the transaction signing.  MIP had reported that he deployed where the fix is.  Could you please double check the reported version of your client?

For sure, yes, I am on version of the Linux 64 bit Daemon,
and I confirm that I cant send the coins to a new address
"Signing transaction failed"

I assume since the privkey is public, anyone else could also claim those test coins,
Im trying to send them to a new address, but its saying "Signing transaction failed",
Maybe I have to wait a few confirmations?

I match this blockhash

getblockhash 14005       266323d2e7daa74d570577a667ad8ed536c622c1f0b286d39605a964eb5dce9a

and Im currently at:

./biblepay-cli getblockhash 14318


I was able to import the privkey!

./biblepay-cli importprivkey cUWA5YrRZteBEo1hnqWv3xquyDY4V9zyJTeSqHtFeiCmjJsTxVoT

and I now have 4,000,000 tBBP, Thanks!

I was able to download these two files using "wget URL" command:

Linux PC 64bits Daemon:
Linux 64 bits QT:

But I had to remove the extra dash in evo--testnet for the daemon version

I was able to unzip with "tar xzvf FILE" command
I see biblepayd, biblepay-cli and biblepay-tx
Im running ./biblepayd with erasechain
and I ran getinfo and I see error message "Loading PODC Researchers..."

Now I have 3 connections and Im shooting up fast on blocks! Yay!

I still seem to have troubles getting connections

My Test server IP address is:

My biblepay.conf file is:

Code: [Select]

Ive just been using daemon, havent setup/run the gui yet

getinfo shows my version as: 1040502

I have done -erasechain a couple times,
Ive even gone in a manually deleted almost everything in the /testnet3 folder

Maybe I just need to use a precompiled version?
I am now noticing that you have in the posts,
whoops! on my end, Im on from source
Ill use one of the precompiles and report back

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Just curious, Did Nick ever reply?

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