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Im testing Dynamic Whale Staking, I just ran:

Code: [Select]
exec dws 100000 3 I_AGREE yXfpgvjvNJ5aURRQ6porVHSPJzWdiWvk9i
The DWU is 91.1005, does that mean I multiple by 1.0911005 to calculate what I will receive back?

DWS Reference:

I do not believe I received the Kanye proposal funding,
I just created another proposal, should show up soon


All 3 nodes are running PrivateSend now

Im seeing this, havent seen any mixing yet:

Happened again, only got to block 17444
Im updating to v1.4.8.3
Ok that worked, Im synced up now!

Archived Proposals / Exchange Listing - BISQ - Decentralized
« on: December 02, 2019, 01:36:06 PM »











How to List an Asset


How can Bisq avoid legal action for not being KYC/AML compliant?

I tried the Bisq decentralized exchange


Given our issues with Centralized Exchanges,
I believe we should look into supporting true DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges)

No Listing Fee, But Requires some Technical steps

The market timing isn't great right now,
but its something I believe we should heavily consider later on,
or at least have a few people experiment with

What is the correct chain?

I have 3 nodes on block 19600

getblockhash 19600

I kept trying to get another node to sync up to that, but it kept syncing to block 17444 or so,
even when I deleted everything in the data folder twice, and did addnodes for oncoapops IPs

Ill try again

I kept trying to erasechain but kept getting to a lower block height than you guys
I had to totally nuke my testnet3 folder (delete everything except the biblepay.conf, deterministic.conf, masternode.conf and wallet.dat files)

So now my 2 nodes and my 1 masternode are all synced with oncoapop

I'm still having same issue with mixing, cant find random masternode

How does vecMasternodesUsed variable work?

Code: [Select]
int nCountEnabled = mnList.GetValidMNsCount();
int nCountNotExcluded = nCountEnabled - vecMasternodesUsed.size();

LogPrintf("CPrivateSendClientManager::%s -- %d enabled masternodes, %d masternodes to choose from\n", __func__, nCountEnabled, nCountNotExcluded);

I couldn't do mixing with my 1 masternode server, it gives an error, I guess masternodes cant mix?,
"client side mixing is not supported on masternodes"
so I have it down while I use another data directory and wallet for mixing,
in addition I also spun up 2 other servers

I'm getting this message on all 3 servers:

Code: [Select]
2019-11-23 19:42:35 CPrivateSendClientManager::GetRandomNotUsedMasternode -- 7 enabled masternodes, 0 masternodes to choose from
2019-11-23 19:42:35 CPrivateSendClientSession::StartNewQueue -- Can't find random masternode!

biblepay.conf settings:
Code: [Select]

Archived Proposals / Re: Exchange Listing - MergeDEX
« on: November 23, 2019, 11:11:20 AM »
Togo: So on the shared order books thing, are the orders also on Birake itself?
Greggy: yes

Archived Proposals / Exchange Listing - MergeDEX
« on: November 23, 2019, 11:00:17 AM »
Greggy#2823 on Discord from the Merge Team posted:

"we are helping out coins that have or are being de-listed by CryptoBridge
as we have a partner that has joined our team"

Listing Price: 0.05 BTC

Hey Rob and MIP,

Im trying to download
Linux 64 bits QT:
But I think its a 0kb file right now?
Tested on Ubuntu with wget and downloading through web browser on Windows

I voted for the Kanye West proposal:

gobject list all proposals

Let me know if you receive the funds.

I do not believe I got the funds for this proposal, looks like superblock passed recently,
I believe the proposal had 4-5 yes votes and 0 no votes,
I do still see the proposal in the proposals tab, hmmm

I setup a masternode

I used these old testnet notes:

I noticed I didnt have to run: masternode start-alias
and it seemed like its not a command anymore?

then I updated to deterministic

I see myself in the Sanctuaries tab!


Also I see a GSC Transmission just sent a block ago, Label: WCG for 10564.60703610 BBP

exec rac also works

exec associate
// returned: Associate v1.2

worked! Thanks!


Boinc has been a bit unstable for me (I think my computer is kind of dying a little lol), but it will freeze my machine up when running it for awhile (monitor will come on but Ill get no signal), Im going to test using the VirtualBox download

I updated to latest version with precompiled Linux 64 bit

exec associate 0
// returned: Unable to find 0.

exec associate Byteball_3b162762 XXXX
// I was able to associate successfully!

wcg_member_id:  1073152
wcg_points:  21186268
cpid:   93138f032bdd027fa3246b48bb715a77
rac:  294.861381

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