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Archived Proposals / Use Togo's Bitcointalk ANN Redesign
« on: December 05, 2018, 02:06:16 pm »
Bitcointalk is the #1 cryptocurrency forums, (
we have a thread in the ANN (Announcement) section created by Rob

A lot of coins are released/launched in the ANN section:

this is where BiblePay was announced and where we got our starting miners and starting discussions,
and its still the main place the community checks and communicates on

and every time someone makes a post in the thread we become the top thread in the ANN section,
giving us lots of visibility to potential miners, speculators, traders, investors, etc looking for interesting coins


Our original (unmoderated) ANN thread has 113k views,
and our current ANN thread (with moderation turned on) has 120k views


This is the current ANN design:

This is my attempted ANN redesign:


I think it is important that we have a good ANN design,
I offer my incomplete design to the community
and am pushing to have the current design replaced

NOTE: Currently only Rob can edit the ANN thread

Archived Proposals / Hosting
« on: December 05, 2018, 01:38:28 am »
Running Explorer server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

I am requesting $40 for the month of November from IT
at $0.000402 per BBP = 99,502 BBP

Previous Proposals:

Archived Proposals / - Funding Repayment (Part 3 of 3)
« on: December 05, 2018, 12:46:44 am »
Original Post:

I am requesting 444,444 BBP from the PR budget

Archived Proposals / Re: Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Parts 2 and 3)
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:17:14 pm »
Good news,

I was able to get 0.1 BTC from selling all the BBP coins (I did have to sell 50k BBP extra of my own coins)

MNP_Mike accepted direct Bitcoin payment, and confirmed receiving payment!

He also is offering us a free 7 days of banner advertising!
Desktop:   1000x60px
Mobile:     300x50px

I will probably need some help creating a banner if anyone is interested

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Mass Adoption for BiblePay
« on: November 23, 2018, 05:18:05 pm »
We are truly blessed to have so many options, you are amazing Rob

My vote is for exploring Proof of Giving (POG)

Further discussion:

As a masternode owner, I am totally okay with losing short term ROI for long term growth,

I also believe Rob's heart and mind are for POG

For the average user, mining becomes just buying some coins and donating a little every day
(time frequency dropdown and a BBP amount),
could even default these values to Daily and 10 BBP and auto start once coins are added to the wallet

I am requesting $300 / $0.000388 per BBP = 773,195 BBP

This is for November 1st through the 16th, the rest of the months work will be donated.

Previous Proposals:

Past Work:

Latest Work:


My Profile:

=== Posts:
- Ownership List

- Forum Signature Guide

- 2nd Explorer Request

- BOINC Cruncher Setup Guide

- CPU Mining Subreddit

- BiblePay (BBP) vs Gridcoin (GRC) vs Byteball (GBYTE)

- Anonymous Masternode Voting

=== Comments:


Rosetta Forums:

=== Thread:


World Community Grid Forums:

=== Thread:,41236

=== Posts:,41044_offset,170#598020,41160_offset,0#598076,26547_offset,1320#598401



=== Posts:
- Masternode Hosting

- BOINC Team Requirement Removed

=== Replies:
- Happy 14th Birthday WCG

=== Retweets:
- CPU Miners Club
- Thor Challenge Ending





My Profile:;u=1087591;sa=showPosts

- Posts:
Charity Investigation
Resource Views/day
Google Ads
Forum Signature
Charity Info
Explorer Setup

- Announcement Redesign





- Block Explorer Maintenance
-- Reindexed, tweaked, published settings/scripts

- PrivateSend Coin Mixing Testing
-- Running 1 liquidity provider for network, published script


Archived Proposals / Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Parts 2 and 3)
« on: November 16, 2018, 07:55:56 pm »
Previous Discussion:

mnp_jaime Today at 11:41 AM

"Dear Team

As a reminder; your annual listing fee to is due. Listing renewals cost .10 BTC or equivalent in our native token MNPCoin. Your listing renewal to is greatly appreciated and we are continually working hard to make the site a great analytical tool for masternode coins and the communities that follow each of those coins.  We have many new features in development, and please keep in mind we will be raising our dues to 0.20 BTC in the near future so take advantage of our lower fees now.

If you wish to renew your listing with please email support at [email protected], or by visiting our discord channel atl:  and a member of our staff can assist with the renewal.Thank you for your time in advance, we appreciate your business and we hope you decide to keep your project on our platform; we look forward to hearing from you again soon."

"BIBLEPAY (BBP) Renew 12/20/2018"
"have grace period up to Jan 1st before it gets delisted"


Our next budget cycle should pay out November 29th, and I assume the next after that around December 27th?
Im worried how long it may take, if they may increase the price,

Also bad news, we missed out on the 10% discount promotion

Given the above Im requesting both parts 2 and 3 now so we can pay them right away

I have 375k already, worth $142 at current price of $0.00038 per BBP

0.1 Bitcoin at $5,567.99 = $556.79, so still need $414.79 / $0.00038 per BBP = 1,091,553 BBP

I am requesting 1,091,553 BBP from the PR budget


Our coin sticks out on,
on we are typically buried to the 3rd page
I think its still an okay investment

Archived Proposals / Explorer Hosting
« on: November 16, 2018, 07:35:05 pm »
Running server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

I am requesting $40 for the month of November from IT
at $0.000390 per BBP = 102,564 BBP

Previous Proposals:

Archived Proposals / - Funding Repayment (Part 2 of 3)
« on: November 16, 2018, 07:28:27 pm »

I am requesting 444,444 BBP from the PR budget

Rob, After I exposed my feelings about you publically here:, this is the first thread you responded back to, I took your 1 hour response as a stab, Its kind of like if I asked on your IT proposal:

"I noticed some of these code commits are only a few lines of text, What is your WPM? I could type this out in a few minutes"

Sure you typed your words out in a "nice" tone, but its a total stab.

You said you could do the work I do in 1 hour, I asked when you could start, and now your labeling me as disrespectful? LOL You say similar things to others, like "Why dont you start your own coin then?" Its okay for you to say things like that? but not for me? Sure Rob. Double standard much?


You used to be FOR paying people for their work Rob, at some point you changed along the way... (Have you become Amazon?)

Im already rounding my times down and donating so much of myself

If the masternode network decides they do not want me doing work, I will gladly stop


My centralized risk was already reduced over time, Jaap and Luke both have admin access to everything, can you say the same though Rob?

Talking about centralization, You yelled at me in the past after I brought up that the proposal system was centralized because users had to go through you to put funds into their accounts to create proposals. And you were upset I researched and got someone to test doing it by command line to bypass you. My goal has always been to reduce centralized risk.


And now you spent $300 on a new extra charity item when we still have prior obligation with BLOOM, and have chosen to not pay me $480 for work I posted way before LOL

Rob, Have fun playing politics and trying to spin this and trying to hide behind being a "nice" guy and technicalities, Ive been a loyal servant but I'm not your Yes man anymore, Don't dish it out if you cant take it


I will be stopping my work if I cant get paid for it.

Archived Proposals / Re: in Spanish (
« on: October 19, 2018, 05:02:00 am »
Old Website Notes, Multi language Wordpress Plugins:


Polylang Pro:
99 euros, yearly renewal $?? to get updates

WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML):
1 year: $79 + $39 yearly renewal, or $195 lifetime

qTranslate X:

It seems like people reviewing these plugins recommend WPML:"


Im for a Spanish website,
If we get and setup one of these plugins above, we could keep them together,
but Im not necessarily against them being separate

Id get in contact with Jaap, he currently works on the website

Look forward to this Fixer!

Archived Proposals / Re: Bitcointalk Forum Advertising
« on: October 18, 2018, 09:07:47 pm »
Rejected a 4th time

"Still no. I'd probably only be comfortable with BiblePay if a lot more info, news, and third-party reviews of your practices come out. As-is, I'm not particularly convinced by your responses to my previous concerns (though admittedly I don't have time to spend more than a few minutes looking at it), and I see a lot of red flags. If I was convinced that BiblePay was like "Litecoin with a bible theme and a donation thing", then I'd probably allow it."

Bitcointalk Investigation:
"Topic: BiblePay (BBP) - Are BiblePay's Charity Donations Legitimate?  (Read 246 times)"

Bitcointalk post with some ideas:

Archived Proposals / Re: October recurring sponsorships
« on: October 14, 2018, 12:42:08 am »
Did Ginger email back about whether they would accept BiblePay or Bitcoin directly?
How much time should we give them to comply? I think its been about 3 weeks so far, I think a few months might be reasonable

Is Compassion willing to give us any PR? They've never talked about us publically,
yet they have received, probably the majority of our Charity funds.

I do not think that people trust their CEO Statement about us coming from an email:

Jim uses Twitter:
I wonder if we are getting filtered out from reaching his desk,
would be interesting to contact him directly
I could make a post about how much we have donated to Compassion and tag him in it

The IT work I do is so minimal I just lump it in with the PR work I do


1. Social is the combination of Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram and Bitcointalk.

Three to Four times a day I read through Twitter tweets to see ones we can click like on, see ones we can retweet, see ones we can comment on, and see which tweets I can use to spread news to our community.

And multiple times a day I read every Bitcointalk message

I also poke into multiple other competitiors discords/telegrams/reddits and read all of their latest posts peridoically

Any news I see, I spread to all platforms, and each platform has different formatting
like with Twitter I edit images and add emojis and hashtags

Your paying me to spread BiblePay news to the world,
and the world crypto news to BiblePay for basically $10 a day


2. I charge for testing, Ive charged multiple times in the past and Ive promoted publically that I would vote yes on anyone to be paid for testing, I believe everyone should be paid for their work.

Rob, just a few weeks ago in testnet you were asking:
Where is everyone? Why is no one helping in testnet?

The people doing work should be rewarded, that is good business.


Last month I donated the 2nd two weeks of my work,
I plan to continue doing the same until our value goes up 3-4x


Rob If you think you can do what Im doing for Social in 1 hour every 2 weeks,
that sounds like immense value and savings, when can you start? ;)

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