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I was able to set up a cold masternode successfully,
and was able to upgrade to a dip3 masternode successfully!

Masternode IP:

Setup another wallet, Upgraded both my wallets to v1.4.2.7

getblockhash 63152

I still have an old hot masternode (1 wallet), setting up cold masternode now (2 wallets)

Hey Rob, what are the steps to upgrade to a deterministic masternode?

From some digging, looks like you added a command in v1.4.1.7:
Code: [Select]
exec upgradesanc sancname

I upgraded but forgot to turn my QT back on, Im up now and match

getblockhash 62042

Masternode was in UPDATE_REQUIRED status, just started it, now in PRE_ENABLED

Upgraded masternode earlier to v1.4.2.5, upgrading again to v1.4.2.6
Ive just been upgrading, havent been testing anything lately (but still interested to try out TOR)

Keep fighting the good fight Rob!
Every attack makes BiblePay stronger!

Bitcoin Security: Bubble Boy and the Sewer Rat by Andreas Antonopoulos

I cleaned wallet and reindexed, and restarted masternode

getblockhash 58859

Do I match?

So all I did was encrypt the wallet, the wallet turned off, I turned it back on,
(so its just an encrypted/locked wallet, no setautounlockpassword, and no manual unlock)

and then I typed "getmininginfo", looking more carefully, it says I have hashps,
but in poolinfo3 says "Unable to create abn tx (wallet locked)"
and in gsc_errors says "POG: Sorry, wallet must be unlocked"

for "exec sendgscc", its the output
 "Command": "sendgscc",
 "results": 1
but I only see "Mined" transactions in my transaction list
Should it send a GSC Transmission transaction as soon as I run that command?


Testing now with "setautounlockpassword"

I typed "getmininginfo" again
poolinfo3 and gsc_errors are now empty

Im a little confused though, if my wallet has been locked this whole time,
Im still able to get "Mined" transaction rewards?

I typed "exec sendgscc"
and immediately saw a GSC Transmission transaction pop up

I just want to note, when I tested the encrypted/locked wallet, I didnt use: "setautounlockpassword", should I test again using that?

Thank you for clarifying Rob!

Upgraded to v1.4.2.3 and did a reindex, ran into an error reading a bad block,
doing a full clean now and reindexing again

getblockhash 55072

Reporting back, I was able to run "exec sendgscc" with encrypted/locked GUI wallet,
 "Command": "sendgscc",
 "results": 1

we also should be testing the auto unlock password;
ensure you can mine with a locked encrypted wallet, and ensure you can send a gscc also.

I clicked Settings >> Encrypt Wallet

"getmininginfo" shows hashps

I tried to do "exec sendgscc true"
but I got message "Diary entry incomplete. (code -1)"

Looks like I went on a lone fork, I reindexed and Im back in agreement

Upgraded to v1.4.2.2b


Yeah on the anonymous talk, I think its important for fungibility to have anonymity,
I also think its important for personal safety,
I think in the much much past you may have been open to disable PrivateSend?,
but it sounds like you may now lean more towards privacy/anonymity?

Also, I noticed in the evo docs theres a section about Tor

Casa Node just added a Tor update

I really dont know much of anything about Tor,
Ive heard rumors/stories that most of the exit nodes have been compromised,
but anyways Id be open to testing it out for BiblePay

Thank you for answering all my questions Rob!

do you have blockhash 06af* for 52240? 
Also whats your IP for your sanc, Id like to see if it shows in my enabled list.
(You see 4 enabled in your sanc list correct)?
Are you in the leaderboard yet Togo, as I only have 5 participants there?

Im in agreement on blockhash for 52240
My masternode IP is:
I see 4 ENABLED masternodes

I never registered my cpk, so I just ran "exec cpk togo"

How do you view the leaderboard?
"exec prominence" is not working for me "Command not found"

Also do I need to run "exec join pog"?
Are POG and ABN different things?

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