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Archived Proposals / Re: Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Part 1 of 3)
« on: October 07, 2018, 05:46:19 PM »

Just from my own observations, I saw focused a lot on their own masternode token/coin while branded out doing a masternode forum (BetweenBlocks), a masternode news site (MasternodeBuzz), more PR, etc has a one time listing fee, so I was curious how they would keep funding themselves, but maybe they get enough from ad revenue now? Both sites sell ad spots.

Archived Proposals / Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Part 1 of 3)
« on: October 07, 2018, 04:07:52 PM »
We paid to get listed for one year on Masternodes.Pro (top masternode statistics website) on Dec 17th, 2017.
(we are currently in maintenance, they are updating for mandatory upgrade)

We are 3 months away from needing to relist again, so I would like to start saving up funds to pay for listing again for another year. The relisting fee is 0.1 BTC, 10% discount if we pay in MNPcoin (so we need 0.09 BTC, about $600)

I am requesting 0.03 BTC / 0.00000008 BBP per BTC = 375,000 BBP

Also, I would like to note that when I checked google searching in incognito mode, "masternode", "masternode list", "masternode roi", Masternodes.Pro does not rank #1 anymore, it still ranks #2 and #3, but Masternodes.Online is outranking it now

Trading / Re: Buying a Sanctuary
« on: October 05, 2018, 08:47:17 PM »
Yes, Deal

I was able to set up Ubuntu Desktop and VNC on a $20/month Vultr server, my steps below:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop -y
apt-get install gnome-panel gnome-settings-daemon metacity nautilus gnome-terminal -y
sudo apt-get install vnc4server -y

vncserver # enter password
vncserver -kill :1

cd ~/.vnc/

vi xstartup # copy paste below to file
gnome-panel &
gnome-settings-daemon &
metacity &
nautilus &
gnome-terminal &

sudo apt-get install ufw
sudo ufw allow ssh/tcp
sudo ufw limit ssh/tcp
sudo ufw allow 5901/tcp
sudo ufw logging on
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw status


TightVNC Java Viewer

IP address + Port 5901 and asked for password

vncserver -kill :1
vncserver -geometry 1280x960

I was able to copy paste at first, but now I cant, I can copy out but not in, digging deeper into it

If I ever try it on a smaller server Ill report results


Rob, is the copy paste issue a Vultr problem? or a Lubuntu problem?

Should I try Xubuntu or Ubuntu-Desktop? and VNC?
"Recommended Minimum System Requirements
Ubuntu Desktop Edition
2 GHz dual core processor
2 GiB RAM (system memory)
25 GB of hard-drive space"
512 MB of memory
7.5 GB of free space

Bitcointalk ANN Thread

Bitcointalk users search for the keywords masternode and cpu

Scroll through the Announcement subforum and youll notice what keywords coins use:

I found BiblePay by using ctrl F and looking for keyword CPU

Another note on rating, how can we differentiate between say reviewing a 1 line sentence vs a page vs a 10 page document? Would we want to pay each the same? or would we want to base pay and collateral on how long it takes to review an item? How many words to read, How many minutes in a video, etc

Could someone just vote randomly or all yes or all no on items and make money without having to actually review anything?

Should we penalize bad voters?

This is pretty cool!
- solves the Orphan Letter Writing review issue
- solves the Prayer review issue
- incentivizes more gospel viewing

Just so I understand correctly, is it possible to spam Prayers? or does the person putting up a Prayer have something to lose if they are a troll/spammer?

I could see someone spam 10 terrible prayers, they all get downvoted, everyone downvoting makes money from the blockchain, then the guy makes 1000 bad prayers and we all keep making money downvoting, and hes just trying to waste all our money and review time

So is this what you meant by the escrow? I put collateral on the line, if Im a troll, I lose my collateral and its paid to the reviewers and no new money is given out, if Im not a troll and its good quality content I posted, I get my collateral back and may even get paid from the blockchain with new money? or from a community fund?

Archived Proposals / Ban Slovakia from Talking for 6 months
« on: September 29, 2018, 05:53:46 PM »
Slovkia was already banned from Reddit, Discord and BiblePay Forum, all on separate past occasions for his toxic behavior (like cursing, spreading misinformation, attacking christians, etc)

I believe he is a constant de-motivating, de-moralizing and distracting force, even though he does provide a little bit of value. I believe he has been given way too many chances to change and that he has shown zero interest in ever changing his behavior.

I would like to request that Slovakia be banned from all BiblePay communication channels for 6 months for his behavior

Known Alts:
slovakia (bitcointalk)
klondike (biblepay forum)
canopussy (reddit, discord)
legendarywoman (reddit)
cluster (slack)
rene (facebook)
michelle (telegram, bitcointalk)

You cannot ban someone from a Bitcointalk thread, but I believe if you ask them to stop posting in your moderated thread and they keep posting it is considered abuse and is bannable by Forum Admins

Archived Proposals / - PR Funding Repayment (Part 1 of 3)
« on: September 29, 2018, 01:04:36 AM »
I helped fund and push forward the airdrop mining campaign run by Jaap,
He received 1 million BBP but needed another $750 to pay for PR

I paid 0.12 Bitcoin to for Listing/PR

Jaap's Airdrop Proposal:

Since our budget is low I am requesting over three budget cycles:

0.12 BTC / 0.00000009 BTC per BBP = 1,333,333 BBP Total

I am requesting 444,444 BBP from the PR budget

Sanctuary set up, PRE_ENABLED

I clicked Business Objects menu and was able to click around Contacts and Gospels and was able to open Gospel link

I saved my wallet.dat using winscp, and destroyed the server
I spun up a new Vultr server in Dallas, 2 CPU this time,
Installed BiblePay, set tesnet=1 in biblepay.conf,
I couldnt sync at first, I added and was able to sync
Installed lubuntu-desktop
(tried to mess with VNC but I failed, grey screen)
Connected with Vultr View Console button
Installed ipfs
Installed boinc and boinc-client
Ran through the DC tab buttons, everything worked, I have 5 rosetta tasks running

Should I set back up a masternode?

Ok so I did:

sudo apt-get install boinc boinc-client -y --reinstall
(previously only reinstalled just boinc-client)

closed and reopened QT Wallet, went to DC tab after awhile, says 1 current task
I entered email and pass, clicked "R&H Diagnostics"

Boinc Installed: yes
Rosetta_Account: c1f31**5954
Rosetta_RAC: 6830.33
CPID: 93138f****15a77


UPDATE: Running boinc command manually, it crashes with  gstate.init() failed, Error Code: -180,_error_code:_-180

Im going to turn off the server and spin up a new one

I went to "Distributed Computing" tab,
clicked "Create and Attach R&H Account",
got a pop up "Fix BOINC Configuration" "E-mail must be populated.Password must be populated."

Entered in email and password, clicked "Create and Attach R&H Account" again
"Fix BOINC Configuration"
"Boinc_Installed: Yes
Rosetta_Account: c1f31***5954
Attaching Rosetta Project: Attached Successfully
Rosetta RAC: -1

"R&H Diagnostics" button, have to enter in email and pass and similar output
"Boinc_Installed: Yes
Rosetta_Account: c1f31***5954
Rosetta RAC: -1.00"

My Current Tasks on DC Tab is 0

Do I have to start boinc manually?
Im watching top and only see boinc pop up for a split second every 30 seconds

ps -ef I see /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/boinc --dir /var/lib/boinc-client >/var/log/boinc.log 2>/var/log/boincerr.log

I ran

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install boinc-client -y --reinstall

and I now have a /boinc-client folder in /var/lib


boinccmd help now ouputs "Authorization failure: -155",

Opened QT wallet, Debug Console, exec rosettadiagnostics email pass
Boinc Installed: Yes
Rosetta_Account: c1f31****8d5954
Rosetta_RAC: -1.00

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