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Updated to v1.1.3.4, Sanctuary Enabled still

Update: Few hours, No problems so far

Im filtering by PODC Update, and my transactions are 1,100 BBP
and I check my RAC and its 462.94

so I need 462.94 x 18 BBP staked to get max reward, which is: 8,332.92 BBP
The wallet has 18.9 million BBP

exec getboincinfo:
UTXOWeight: 1112
Total_RAC: 462.94

Archived Proposals / Re: PRE-PROPOSAL - Advertising - Google Adwords
« on: June 26, 2018, 04:16:22 pm »
I used cryptotrafficrank website to help go through top 100 crypto websites, and also included a few other sites

Advertising Links & Cost

Thomas just posted that Facebook lifted their Crypto ad ban, we should jump on that.

Unfortunately I do not own any biblepay websites, Ill have to talk to Rob.

- $4-10 CPM (cost for 1,000 impressions) (Most popular sizes: 728x90. 300x600, 300x250)
- $350-800 Press releases
- $1,000-1,500 Sponsored Story

My goal is to get us to start experimenting with advertising, especially if we have extra funds in the budget,
goal is to get more users, more buyers, more awareness

Currently, my main target audience is still people who are already into/familiar with cryptocurrency


- Move Proposals menu to a tab like Sanctuaries
---- Set Proposal List to be its own internal window
- Add Scrolling and Dragging abilities to Proposal List
---- or Find way to Shorten the information

Should the Proposals Window also show other Governance information?


--- Add Next Superblock Block Number (getgovernanceinfo: "nextsuperblock")
--- Add Superblock Budget Amount (getgovernanceinfo: "nextbudget")

--- Add Estimated Superblock Date/Time
(("nextsuperblock" - currentblock) * 7 min avg block time)

--- Add Visual Indicator or Sort/Separate Proposals based on if they are currently passing or not.

--- Add Full Budget Bar Chart (Total Budget and Currently Passing Budget)


--- Add ability to View Previous/Past Superblocks proposals/charts/info
--- Add Multi Bar Chart Split by Budget sections/types (IT, PR, P2P)

- Add ability to Create Proposal to Wallet,
I assume we still need to wait on this?


- Pop Up / Notification
--- when New Proposal submitted?
--- Reminder to Vote on Proposals X days before end of cycle?
--- when Superblock is mined?
--- when Masternode leaves ENABLED state?

REFERENCES: >>> Governance >>> Proposal List

Archived Proposals / Ads - Google, Twitter, Facebook
« on: June 25, 2018, 06:50:52 pm »

I am requesting $300 from the PR budget, to run ads on Google, Twitter and Facebook for 1 month, each $3/day, afterwards I will report results.

$100 - Google Text Ads
$100 - Twitter Ads
$100 - Facebook Ads

$300 / $0.002448 per BBP = 122,549 BBP


We can pay Google to show text and display ads of BiblePay


I did a little experimenting recently and setup a Text ad campaign with keywords:
- masternode
- cpu mining
- cpu mining coins
- jesus coin
- asic resistant

After 2 days, I have 12 clicks, 817 impressions and $6.18 cost
(Avg CPC [Cost Per Click] $0.52)

NOTE: My understanding is that Google may have banned Cryptocurrency ads?
my ad campaign passed as eligible and is running
I tried to stay away from the keyword cryptocurrency in everything

How the Ad Looks:



- How much money should we start spending on Advertising?
(Ive contacted other popular crypto websites requesting pricing on ad space)

- How much should we spend on Google Adwords?
- Is Google Adwords worth using?

- Should we set up Display ad? (currently only testing Text ad)
- What should the Display ad look like?

- Do you know anyone, or someone we could hire, to help create quality ad graphics?

- What should be in the Text ad? Is the current Text ad okay?
- Are there other keywords that we should use?


Upgraded to v1.1.3.3, re-enabling my sanc

Archived Proposals / Pre-Proposal: Bitscoin Korean Advertising
« on: June 21, 2018, 03:00:52 am »
Is this advertising opportunity legitimate? how much is it worth?


Messages from "Bitscoin Admin#4694" on Discord:


Bitscoin Admin - 06/08/2018
Hi. We will contact you at the request of our site users.(

We are a masternode construction and sharing company in Korea. We are contacting you to form an business agreement with your coin.

If your coin join us as an business agreement, you will be able to update the your coin list on the bitscoin site.

Not only that, it will also be updated to our cryptocurrency news site and masternode coin information site, blog, community cafe site. Please check the site address below.

Bitscoin (Korean version) : (Masternode establishment and share management service)

Bitscoin (English version) : (Masternode establishment and share management service)

Money today the reader : (Internet news site in Korea)

Coin Gazua : (cryptocurrency news site)

Masternode.RK : (masternode coin information site)

Blog : (Bitscoin blog)

community cafe : (cryptocurrency community cafe site)

We also carry out advertising and promotion through various channels such as SNS and messenger.

Please check the attached agreement proposal PDF file for more details.

Bitscoin is the largest masternode construction and sharing company in Korea.

Many people are using it through our site, so it works very well.



Bitscoin Admin - 6/20/18  at 3:21 AM
To list coin on our bitscoin site and conclude a business agreement, you must have coin information on the masternodes ( site and you will need to send us 0.5 BTC and 11550001 BBP coin.

If you want to pay only for BBP coin, you will need a total of 3100002 BBP coin.

Korea's influence in the cryptocurrency market is huge. In addition, our bitscoin is the largest among the masternode service companies in Korea. In addition, P2P systems and exchange functions will be added to the market. In this way, you can get even more benefit by adding coin ads and promotions to the various sites we operate.
In addition to opening coins on the bitscoin site, we will help promote and advertise the coins through various channels such as the cryptocurrency news site, masternode ranking site, cryptocurrency community site, SNS and messenger.
And this is because various banner advertisements and community promotions are accompanied.
BBP coin will be able to inform more people in Korea market and will help you to develop.

The bitscoin site has about 3,600 members, and we operate the cryptocurrency community cafe site with about 2,700 members.
The number of telegram members is about 3300, and the rest of other messengers, SNS, blogs, and other sites are at least 200 and usually more than 1000.
We're managing about 3,200 masternodes.


Bitscoin Admin - 6/21/18 at 2:39 AM
We can make enough agreements.

Fee adjustment is possible.

Korea is very influential in the world's market for cryptocurrency.
You must be interested in the Korean market.


I saw a PODC Update Transaction fire off 10 minutes ago :)
(It doesnt look like I can filter by Type "PODC Update" in the Transactions Tab)

Update: Now I saw a "PODC Payment" transaction, I paid 1,045.4 tBBP

Archived Proposals / Re: Bitcointalk Forum Advertising
« on: June 19, 2018, 09:50:21 am »
I submitted a 0.04 BTC bid for 1 ad banner slot in this weeks auction

Im testing the waters to see what theymos says

I dont think I was in the PODC superblock again

CPID:  c9a2065f******

RAC: 32.59
TaskWeight: 100
UTXOWeight: 19

I dont think its auto sending PODC Updates, hmmm, I have a lot of available coins for staking so Id expect to see 100 for utxoweight, and I also dont see any of the podc update transactions in my transactions tab (I forgot how they look exactly, but I believe the look like payments to yourself, which I only have 1 of, and I think thats when I ran exec podcupdate the one time manually)

I only added config options to set up Sanctuary, I dont think config is the issue?:

Code: [Select]

BOINC Manager and BiblePay Daemon are both running and fighting for CPU, I wonder if that could be a potential issue?

Maybe I am missing something?

Awesome! Thanks Rob!
Just let me know if theres anything else I can do :)

My CPID is c9a2****

So I guess I will be in the next PODC superblock since I got RAC late


I checked Proposal List, I can still view the proposals and I can still change votes on them,
What should the behavior of the Proposal List be after Budget SuperBlock is mined?

v1.1.3.1b - $5 Vultr Ubuntu 16.04 cloud server - Hot Sanctuary /w BOINC

ok I finally got some RAC a few minutes ago,
I ran exec getboincinfo, saw that I have RAC, TaskWeight and UTXOWeight
I ran exec podcupdate

I changed my vote to Yes on Groundbreaking proposal
I ran exec testvote (what does it do?)

Current Block:  31,546
Monthly Super: 31,570
Daily PODC Super: 31,591

I tried to use my current Rosetta Account in the Distributed Computing tab, but it popped up "ALREADY_IN_CHAIN",
So I used a 2nd Rosetta account, forgot to join Team BiblePay, got error message in "exec getboincinfo"

Installed BOINC Manager, and attached project using Account Key

Now I am waiting to have positive RAC, so I just need 1 task completed

UPDATE: There wasnt enough RAM for the task, had to:

Code: [Select]
swapoff -a
and make swap file bigger:

Code: [Select]
dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.img bs=1024k count=3000
mkswap /var/swap.img
swapon /var/swap.img

Ill check up on things in 4+ hours when I have some RAC :)

UPDATE: Task is taking 10 hours to complete, Im at 9 hours complete so far

Updated to v1.1.3.1b 
"- Add ability for Proposal UI to refresh the list view after a vote occurs"
Tested and it works!

Archived Proposals / Re: Add Proposals UI to Biblepay
« on: June 16, 2018, 08:55:17 pm »
Yes Vote from me!, Good work Bhavani!

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