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Archived Proposals / Re: Server September
« on: September 08, 2018, 05:06:47 PM »
Is it easy to use credit card to pay European companies? (Im in USA)

I just use Vultr since its what Ive been using from the beginning, my masternodes, testnet, and podc are also on Vultr.

Im totally open to use a cheaper service though, Im just not sure which one

If anyone is interested in taking over running the explorer, Ill gladly pass the torch :)

Iquidus Block Explorer Guide

197 Upgrade (Mandatory for Testnet)

- Add Foundation receiving address for IPFS so we can track IPFS
payments separate from donations
- Make wallet prayers private, and require public prayers to be signed
(prevent prayer graffiti)
- Ensure miner does not submit bad blocks (help prevent forks)
- Add spork for non-biblepay-team-payment-percentage
- Refactor Sanctuary Magnitude Assessment process
- Disclose IPFS fee to user before committing transaction.  Charge a
Foundation IPFS fee when committing an IPFS transaction.
- Add IPFS altlink to transactiondescription

Alright all, everyone, please upgrade all testnet nodes.

Windows is compiling....

Upgrading to v1.1.4.9!

UPDATE: Upgraded and Masternode ENABLED

Code: [Select]
getblockhash 59184

Archived Proposals / Server September
« on: September 07, 2018, 10:29:38 AM »
Running the server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

I am requesting $40 for month of September
at $0.000580 per BBP that is 68,965 BBP

I was previously funded $80 for July and August

Archived Proposals / Re: Aug 2018 BBP Telegram Airdrop Support
« on: September 05, 2018, 12:19:44 AM »
This totally has my yes vote, youve been great support sun, I think you deserve even more than this!

8/18 - 0.5hr CoinExchange Chatbox, 0.5hr Godsquad Videogame Church
8/19 - 1hr April/PR, 0.5hr social
8/20 - 1hr social, 0.5hr 616west
8/21 - 0.5hr QIEX, 1.5hr Jaap/airdrop, 0.5hr support
8/22 - 1hr airdrop
8/25 - 0.5hr social
8/26 - 0.5hr social
8/27 - 1hr social, 0.5hr QIEX
8/28 - 1hr testnet, 1hr social
8/29 - 0.5hr social, 1hr testnet
8/30 - 0.5hr social

14 hours at $20/hr = $280 at $0.000656 per BBP = 426,829 BBP


My Past Work:

Previous Proposal:


With lower price Ive cut back my hours

Im back, upgraded $10/month Ubuntu 16.04 Vultr server to v1.1.4.8b of BiblePay

Steps to edit IPFS config in order to expose your IPFS for Biblepay integration:

cd ~/.ipfs
nano config
scroll down to line 47 (the line reads:  "Gateway:" /ip4/

Edit the line to be:
"Gateway": "/ip4/your_sanc_public_ip/tcp/8080"

Stop the daemon and restart the daemon.

Once ipfs is running again, verify you can pull a file from your sanc publically:


Updated ipfs config with my IP Address

Link works!

I had to open up port 8080

Code: [Select]
sudo ufw allow 8080/tcp

"The only thing so far I dont like about the proposal is what West mentioned about 'double dipping'.  I never did like that possibility.  We could offer the ability to create a spork that contains a string of blacklisted team numbers (and I mean in no way any disrespect to the teams, this is precisely to prevent double dipping).  Any team that is alerted on the forum of paying in another crypto for the same work could be added to the key (IE blacklisted) and that would prevent double dipping, except where other coins like BiblePay do not require a team.   Another words:  users who are part of a blacklisted team are not compensated in bbp." -Rob


Is a team blacklist feature part of this proposal?
and do we have a list of teams to start off on the blacklist?

Something was filling up the drives with spam - I found the root cause and modified the miner to require the signed cpid in order to mine and that fixed the spam.

Do you know where the file spam is Rob?
My testnet machine is at 99% disk usage again haha, I closed biblepay for now until next update,

I appreciate all your hard work Rob! and thank you to everyone helping test

UPDATE: Thanks sunk818, it was the debug.log in ~/.biblepaycore/testnet3

ok just sent another transaction,
in transaction details I see green "IPFS Document:" hyperlink "Navigate to document Q*"
Open Attachment button works now, it opened up the image in Firefox

1 confirmation so far

Im unable to duplicate it, but I believe the confusion stemmed from the Attached File field being missing the first time I was using the Send tab after upgrading, and then it showed up on the Add Recipient. It shows up every time now.

I also had no idea there was a multiple recipient feature LOL


When I click "Open Attachment", no action occurs,
Im using Lubuntu with just Firefox installed

I composed the link above as a guess

Transaction ID: 51bf312343f303c1ca9234f2515b8947738a0303fd8742b4b7d4aa377620cbf0-000

{PACK} {MT}MESSAGE{/MT} {MK}OUT_TX{/MK} {MV}  {/MV} {/PACK} {PACK} {MT}ATTACHMENT{/MT} {MK}OUT_TX{/MK}{MK}{/MV}{ipfshash}{/ipfsash}{/PACK} ...

Im unable to copy paste from Vultr Console / Lubuntu (nor know how to change resolution)
(What Linux GUIs do you guys use in Testnet?)

I had to upgrade my server, was freezing up, 100% disk usage, couldnt pinpoint the issue, didnt see anything big in ~/.biblepaycore hmmm


I clicked the Add Recipient button in the Send tab,
It opened a 2nd set of duplicate inputs with an extra Attached File field
I had already filled out the first set of inputs, and filled 2nd with same info,
I clicked send and it said I couldnt have the same address in both,
I got confused b/c I wasnt sure why I needed 2 different addresses, put in a diff one and sent

I think this is the correct link format? (address file attached to and filename):

Code: [Select]
invalid ipfs path: selected encoding not supported
Transaction only has 1 confirmation so far

Ive updated, cleaned and reindexed my testnet server, v1.1.4.7

Code: [Select]
getblockhash 53960

Old notes on setting up Testnet Masternode:

Ive installed ipfs in /home and have the daemon running

Masternode says PRE-ENABLED state, but I just started it again anyways,
"masternode list" shows all other masternodes as NEW_START_REQUIRED?

UPDATE: Masternode ENABLED now

Do we need multiple masternodes enabled to test?


Please test this gateway with a file uploaded outside of biblepay into IPFS:

Code: [Select]
This site canít be reached took too long to respond.
Search Google for ipfs biblepay org 8080

Archived Proposals / Re: Proposal - listing BBP on GIN MN platform
« on: August 22, 2018, 10:42:44 PM »
What other services are out there that are competing in the same space as GIN? How does GIN compare?

I think it would be cheap to buy enough coins for a low cost masternode and test out the GIN platform


- "One-click 3rd party blockchain masternode setup"
- "Masternode setup & administration UI"

In Development:
- "Shared masternodes UI"


White Paper:

"GINcoin aims to solve two big issues that are currently
holding Masternode coins back and impeding their
rightful ascent:

1. Deploying and running a Masternode requires
significant technology know-how:
a. Deep understanding of the blockchain
b. Launching & maintaining a server
c. Setting up of masternode software

2. Setting up a Masternode requires considerable financial efforts (and, as detailed below, trust)
The two problems force investors to rely on Shared Masternode groups and schemes, usually lead by a
developer willing to do the work in exchange for a share of the Masternode (or its generated rewards).
This forces a trustless-system to work in a trust-dependent way, and not few are the cases where
ill-intentioned individuals scam investors and keep the collateral for themselves."

Archived Proposals / Re: Legal Formation of The BiblePay Foundation
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:04:06 AM »
I did add a clause in the bylaws that says in case of a deadlocked vote,
the boardmember with the least seniority, that vote is discarded.

Just to clarify, "boardmember with least seniority" means lowest age? lowest rank? least amount of time involved?

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