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Archived Proposals / Bitcointalk Advertising Round 3
« on: February 18, 2018, 01:24:22 AM »
Previous Advertising Round 2:

I periodically advertise/market BiblePay in the Bitcointalk forums,
if you'd like to help please bump/quote my posts!

I made these posts from January 1st through February 18th

10 hours work * $20/hour = $200 divided by $0.003775 per BBP = 52,980 BBP

I am requesting 52,980 BBP from the PR budget

Bitcointalk - Altcoin Discussion

Altcoin to buy?

Undervalued coins with low market caps

Best undervalued coins for 2018

Low Hyped Coins

Coins under $0.10?

Masternode/Pyramid analysis of new coins January 2018

Your top 3 alt coins to invest in?

Most undervalued altcoins for 2018.

Altcoin under 1$ to invest in now?

The most underrated coin of 2018 so far

Favorite Altcoin?

Coins under $1

Coins worth less than $ 1 which will give x 100

2018's Top 5 Alt Coins?

Good HODL coins?

CPU Mining 2018? ???

altcoins for 2-3 years holding!

Suck At Trading? Earn Passive Income With MASTERNODES Instead

90% of Masternode coins are similar/ponzi's

Top 2 altcoins to invest in NOW.

What is the best Altcoin besides bitcoin?

which alts should i buy now?

what's the best altcoin

What Altcoins are you HODLING?

Which Coins are a great LONG-TERM investment ????

If I had 10 000 $, I would buy...

Which altcoins have potential to grow?

Which coins good to buy hold for 2018?

The State of Masternode Coins

Coins with Masternode?

Best Masternode for $1000


Are masternodes worth the trouble?

Best coin of 2018


Your favourite coins?

Alt coins worth buying

Your favorite coin for investment

Top 10 Altcoins in 2018

Why Jesus Coin will be Nr 1 by the end of the year

Masternode to invest in today?

Altcoins that might survive in the future?

Altcoins that will make you RICH in 2018!

Top Cryptocurrency To Watch In 2018

What coin do you like the most?

Top 5 altcoins to invest in NOW.

Which altcoins are going to change our lives?

Best Altcoins To Invest.

If you had $50, what would you invest in?

Bitcointalk - Speculation (Altcoins)


Additional Gems for 2018?

Next 100x?

best altcoins to invest for 2018 ?

5x gem of the month

The next 100x-1000x coin?

50k$ in which coin would make you a millionaire in 1-2 years?

The next x10 coins for 2018


Best altcoins to buy for 2018

The next x10 coins for 2018

Best crypto to buy now?

What is the best altcoin

Best Altcoin

Hidden Gems For 100x 2018

Hot Coins !

Next 100x?

top 10 altcoins to buy right now

best altcoins to buy for 2018 before price goes to the moon?

Best Altcoin to invest in for 2018 and WHY !!!

Good Altcoin for longterm investment

What coins are about to explode?

Long Term GEMS

my hold coins for the coming years

top 10 altcoins to buy right now

Best crypto to buy now?

What are you buying now?

Best coins for January/February 2018

Long Term Invests

Bitcointalk - Mining (Altcoins)

Altcoins CPU Mining

Any advice for a noob trying to mine with CPU?

Best Coin to mine with PC

CPU Mining

List of Coinn Can Mine on Raspberry Pi

Coins to mine on average PC

Best CPU Mineable Coins in 2018 and CPU Mining Guides

Cpu Mining only coins!

CPU GPU and ASIC mining with old hardware i have laying around!

Old laptop for mining?

CPU mining 2017?

What are CPU only mineable coins?

CPU GPU and ASIC mining with old hardware i have laying around!

what CPU mining softwares or walllets should i use? and which coins to mine ?

Best Coin to mine with PC


Cpu mining

Best coins to mine with CPU?

Can I make profit by CPU mining ?


Ok cool.

So on the superblock creator in prod, I originally convinced myself that dash-central hidden PHP created the superblocks, LOL, so that particular weekend, I wrote the superblock hex creator, hence the reason we arent using the watchman superblock creator that ranks the proposals by vote descending .

So I took a look at that function and I think it looks pretty valuable, so Im going to work on enabling it in testnet over the next few days.  It appears we have two changes necessary to make it work:  1) The biblepay address validator needs one character updated in Watchman, and the superblock proposal ranker requires proposal start and end dates to be really exact, unbelievinably exact, so we need to change the code to allow a fudge of like a week for the target superblock (since we have slow blocks in prod), so Ill make these two changes, then we will need to update our Testnet watchmen, restart them, and create a testnet proposal in the pool.

Ill update more on this as I get closer to being ready to test it.

The advantage here is I believe the triggers will create themselves, and vote on themselves (IE we may not have to vote on the budget anymore).  I think I created that process inadvertently (thinking we had to), but we shall see.


Im pretty neutral, Id have to think about it more and also check Gridcoin and their pros/cons of the team requirement

I have 2 testnet sanctuaries up!

Biblepay Upgrade for TestNet

- Add Spork for Team Biblepay Requirement for PODC
- Enforce Team requirement in PODC Contract
- Add PODC Difficulty Measurement for getmininginfo, and add exec podcdifficulty RPC command
- Extend instantsend signing timeout to allow higher transmission amounts
- Increase PrivateSend Mixing Denominations by 1000
- Add team value and warning to exec getboincinfo
- Added exec leaderboard

** Windows is Compiling **

Yeah, this version has really shaken things up...

Can you all please upgrade to 1092c now.... and try syncing again please.

Windows is rebuilding now...

Got one sanctuary updated and running and the other is still updating :)

Hmmm I thought we wanted to avoid having a team requirement?
so that anyone can mine Rosetta without having to leave their research team?

Im pretty much okay with Gridcoin users getting BiblePay and Gridcoin,
but given the incentives in place for that, It would be in my best interest as a researcher to end up joining Team Gridcoin so I could get the rewards for both Gridcoin and BiblePay

What other possible solutions are there?

I run a popular videogame server on a dedicated machine I rent, and it only uses 20-25% of the CPU,
I wanted to run Rosetta alongside it without interfering with the game's CPU, I looked into CPU Affinity for BOINC and there are no options for it,
But on Windows I was able to go into Task Manager >>> Details >> Right Click  boinc.exe and boincmgr.exe >>> Set Affinity
And I was able to set which CPU Cores these should use, after that I added the Rosetta Project, and the Rosetta Tasks created only used those cores  :)
If the computer restarts the affinity settings will get reset, but I only restart the machine every 2-3 months or so LOL
Its probably possible to write a .bat file to set the affinity, but eh, works good enough for me so far

Rob is there anything else you need tested? Ive just been dabbling with BOINC and getting it setup everywhere I can.
Sounds like testing has so far gone very well 8)


Also yeah once PODC is released will be nice to advertise/market BiblePay to users of BOINC, Rosetta, Gridcoin, Curecoin, Foldingcoin, Mediccoin, etc

We can look at how Gridcoin is advertising:

Looks like Banner ad on BoincStats is 300 Euros? so $370? How long does it stay up?

Id love to start playing with Google Adwords

I erased Ubuntu Server with Lubuntu and replaced with Ubuntu, (I am not a fan of Lubuntu now LOL)
I downloaded Ubuntu ISO and put it on a flash drive with program called Rufus (on Windows), and booted from the flash drive to install Ubuntu

After Installing BOINC, The BOINC Manager didnt have a menu, had to use SHIFT + ALT + A to switch to Advanced View,
then I read that you have to full screen the program to see the Menu, which worked, weird

I read in Rosetta forums that average Rosetta Work Unit (Task?) needs 0.5 GB RAM, not sure if its true, I was worried that was my issue of why I was seeing less tasks running, but I think I just had general issues with Lubuntu LOL, I bought another stick of RAM just in case since the machine in question only has 4GB RAM.

The Options >> Computing Preferences is actually really nice, much more functionality than just setting number of mining threads like in POW

Also my significant other has enjoyed seeing the proteins folding in the screensaver and is now okay with BOINC being installed on her PC (whereas earlier with POW she was against BiblePay being mined on her PC LOL)

I haven't been mining BiblePay for over a month or two, but this [email protected] stuff is really cool and has me back in, Im even tempted to get another PC for it!

Archived Proposals / Language Translations - Bitcointalk Original Post
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:36:43 AM »
We need to reach the globe with our message, and since our message is only in English we cannot reach everyone.

I am requesting funding for translators to translate our Announcement Post in Bitcointalk

I have researched which languages have subforums in Bitcointalk
and have created a post on Reddit recruiting translators and have posted about it in Discord and on Bitcointalk.

All 22 Translations have been completed (waiting to receive German):
Reddit Post:

Ive so far spent a few hours doing the initial research, advertising,
communicating with interested parties, checking work, making posts and paying for the work.
The rate is average $25 per translation

The translations are currently on Bitcointalk (Vietnamese is on BitcoinGarden), I will post all translations on all the other crypto boards that support other languages, (I did get banned from forum for doing this though, I got labeled a spammer, I appealed and they never responded back, so its probably best that I do this slowly)

I am requesting $550 for translation payments ($25 per translation for 22 translations)
and 8 hours work at $20/hr ($160)

$550 + $160 = $710 at $0.003061 per BBP = 231,950 BBP

Hey inblue, I hope as BiblePay coin value goes up, we can afford more jobs ads and higher rate to pay interested devs.

zthomas had idea of breaking up the work into smaller units and contracting out that work, he seems to have some good experience with freelancer


I spent 2 hours 2 weeks ago and got all of the contact information on the top ~50 bitcoin developers (a lot of them have started other cryptocurrency projects, a couple are totally anonymous), I figured out a neat way to get their email addresses, of those 50, there were only 2 I couldnt get email addresses for and a couple I skipped because they were totally anonymous.

Also because Im in a few other coins Discords, I was able to get in contact with a blockchain developer that left a project, he seemed somewhat interested in ours but is taking a break for now.

Ill try and finish up the Bitcoin dev contact gathering, and then send them all emails and then report back here a week after that, I assume alot of these Bitcoin guys get spammed a lot, depending on how this goes then Ill jump on the next coins

Archived Proposals / Re: C++ Blockchain Developer Recruiting
« on: February 15, 2018, 11:27:02 PM »
Original Reddit --------  628 Views ( and nodesk both point to here)
Crypto Jobs List -------  644 Views
Crypto Jobs -------------  442 Views
Coinality -----------------  399 Views
Blocktribe ---------------    97 Views
Indeed ------------------ 1,065 Views (56 candidates)
RemotelyAwesome - 2,925 Views
AngelList ---------------- N/A (14 applicants)

So In almost 4 weeks, we went from 1,600 views to 6,200 views
Since its been about a month now, I think a lot of our free job posts will run out soon and Ill have to do another round of posts


I read a statistic a couple weeks ago that there are 16 open blockchain developer jobs for every blockchain developer.

We really need BiblePay coin value to go up 3-5x+ to have a more strong/healthy IT budget

Archived Proposals / Re: Reddit Advertising
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:50:16 PM »
Advertising wise, Ideas/TODO:

1. Need More Graphic/Sleek Website (from user feedback, Thomas is working on this:
2. Google Adwords (I think you are doing this Rob?)
2a. From the Dash posts I linked above, looks like you can still target subreddits through google through the sidebar ad
3. Bitcointalk Posts (Ive done this 3 times in the past, example:, please quote/bump my posts)

4. Discord (I got banned from one Discord already)
5. News/Articles (need to compile websites we can reach out to, can look at Christcoin as starting example, Ive made some posts on Steemit)
6. Youtube Videos

7. Facebook groups? (user akija sent me a list of crypto facebook groups we can post in)
8. Facebook page (Matt runs our current page:, could use improvement)
9. Masternodes.Online and Masternodes.Pro (their ads are expensive!)

10. Language Translations (
11. Bitcointalk Scam Posts (Im going to write about potential strategies for this, sadly shows high up in google search results)
12. Bitcointalk Original Post (Add more keywords to title, make post more streamlined, add graphics?)

Ive also left comments on Youtube videos, Articles and Reddit Posts (I did get one comment deleted on Reddit already)

Any other Advertising/Marketing ideas?

CoinMarketCap - $10k minimum order

Archived Proposals / Re: Reddit Advertising
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:21:37 AM »

"This email is to inform you that your creative "BiblePay #1 - Link Post - Steemit" has been rejected under campaign
"BiblePay #1 - /r/Cryptocurrency /r/CryptoMarkets /r/Vertcoin" for the following reason:

Reddit does not permit the promotion or advertisement of single securities, other tradeable financial assets, or financial advising.
This includes, but is not limited to: websites that promote cryptocurrency pre-sales, token/ICO sales and websites that offer financial advice.

Wow, did not know this...

Looks like Dash ran into same issue recently:

Any ideas?
Worst case Ill donate most of these funds to the Compassion Charity Fund

I feel like I keep running into walls :(
Ill keep running into them :)
but yeah this is bad, first Bitcointalk and now Reddit,
Im pretty sure Facebook banned crypto ads fairly recently as well.
Where else can we advertise? LOL

Upgrading my 2 testnet sanctuaries now, one of them I had to totally clean the .dat files and blocks and chainstate folders,
the other one disconnected when compiling

How to Update and Clean Wallets

TMike are your sanctuaries all in state: WATCHDOG_EXPIRED?

If needed I can spin up some more testnet sanctuaries but it seems like you got it covered :)

Anyone know how to maximize BOINC CPU in command line on Linux?

I just checked on my Linux machine with top command noticed only 7 boinc/rosetta threads running at 100% CPU,
when I was expecting to see 16 threads at 100% CPU (like I saw after first installing BOINC and linking Rosetta)

I found some config files in the /etc/boinc-client folder: cc_config.xml and global_prefs_override.xml


This guide shows a giant config file:
cpu_usage_limit option stands out

Ill poke around some more tomorrow

I installed lubuntu-core and was able to open the BOINC Manager GUI and set my Options >>> Computing Preferences

Is 4GB RAM enough for [email protected]?

Also other than those crazy $3k server processors it looks like the AMD Threadripper 1950X for $900 is the best CPU to use, not sure how it plays out budget wise when you also factor in a more expensive motherboard and liquid cooling though. Curious how the power usage/electricity costs play out as well.

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