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I think v1.0.8.8 upped the protocol version from 70715 to 70716?

Sorry was setting up / updating a mainnet sanctuary at the same time as this BOINC stuff,
ran into incorrect protocol version error, Ill warn the others to use git checkout to v1.0.8.7


I got my Linux testnet wallet updated,
Ill try the RPC command to associate,
just need to clean my Windows wallet for testnet and send some tBBP from it, will report back!

Sweet, so two things:
On windows boinc, click View | Advanced view.  Click on the Projects Tab.  View the Rosetta row.  Notice the value for "Avg Work Done".  That is your RAC.  You really have to wait for that to get above like 5 to see anything big in BBP.

Cool, I see the project, it had my initial account name,
but once I clicked Properties command it updated and has the correct account name now,
also see: Disk Usage 4.27GB

Projects Tab:
Project: [email protected], Account: togoshigekata, Team: BiblePay, Work done 0, Avg work done 0, Resource Shares 100%,

Theres a Tasks tab, Application Rosetta 4.06 and Roestta Mini 3.78,
most are in "Ready to start" state, a few are "Running" with really small percentages,
randomly they all got "Suspended" for a few seconds, Cpu busy

Tasks that are running look like theyve been running for 32 minutes now, but are only 4-5% done

But in the mean time, the other thing, on finding your CPID - in your Rosetta web account (the linked one you linked), search for : cross-project id in the stats section.  Thats your CPID - it will stick with you forever, even if you launch 1000 machines.  But you dont need to type it into biblepy.  But please paste it in notepad for this exercise.

In BBP, now you should go to the Distributed Computing page, and type in the rosetta user & password and click associate.

Then wait for 6 blocks for confirm to occur.  Then type 'exec getboincinfo'..  If everything worked, your CPID will match the one in notepad.

So I have BiblePay on a remote Linux machine through Putty/SSH (command line) on testnet chain,
and I have BOINC on local Windows Machine,

Do I need to now install latest BiblePay for Windows and run it in testnet to do the above?

On my BOINC homepage:
I see in the "Computing and credit" section inside of "Cross-project statistics" there is "Cross-project ID"
Is that what I need?

I also noticed my BOINC Manager started doing stuff a little while ago on its own,
says Elapsed 00:16:22 and Remaining 05:04:03, Status: Running

So I have BOINC on Windows,
I have latest BiblePay installed on Linux remote machine (command line) running on tesnet on correct chain,
and now I have a BOINC account

So it looks like next step is to do this burn transaction thing with my CPID? and it looks like I need a GUI wallet for that?

I read the Start Guide
and installed BOINC on Windows

it then popped up BOINC Manager saying "Choose a project"
Clicked [email protected] >>> "Communicating with Project" >>>
"Identify your account at [email protected], Are you already running this Project? No, new user - Yes, existing user" >>>
No >>> Email address, password, confirm password >>> Next >>> "Communicating with Project" >>>
"Project added" >>> Finish >>> Opens web page "Finish account setup" >>> Nickname >>>
"Find a team"

Should I search for a team or click "Im not interested in joining a team"?


Also, just a note for others, I forgot testnet has its own folder inside of ~/.biblepaycore called testnet3,
so when cleaning up my old testnet files I had to cd into ~/.biblepaycore/testnet3

Awesome! Ill be testing in a bit,
Do we need any testnet sanctuaries running? I have one available

Archived Proposals / Re: Reddit Advertising
« on: February 02, 2018, 03:59:22 PM »
Is there a way to get feedback (amount of clicks etc) when you advertise on reddit? We could try a bread campaign to start with, with a statistically fair amount of advertisements, and see which subreddits get the most clicks.

I just checked the Dashboard for the Reddit ad website, I found this:
Status, Impressions, eCPM, Clicks, CPC, Spend

eCPM = Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions
CPC = Cost per Click

Also: do we need a banner for this?

We will not need a banner, just a Logo and a Headline and potentially a Paragraph with links depending on which route we go,
either Its a Text Post or a Link Post (They click the headline and go directly to a post with more info, or they click the headline and go directly to our link (website, etc))

Im open to doing either and also trying both


Now that we are back live on an exchange open to everyone, Id like to get the ball rolling again on advertising/marketing,

Assuming all the other proposals pass, there is 35,828 BBP left in the budget, assuming $0.003583 per BBP, that comes out to:  $128.37
at a minimum to run a reddit campaign you have to do $5 budget per day,  so this could cover running a minimum campaign for 25 days

It will probably cost a little more than this since it can vary 10-20% over your budget, but Im willing to take the loss to support the project and to start the ball rolling on testing this out. (If this works out, next month's budget for this I will charge for 2 hours of my time to research, set this up and report results.)

Default they set $2 bid per 1,000 impressions, Id like to experiment with some lower bids to see how much value we can squeeze out.
Assuming $2 bid, wed only get 64k impressions, $1 bid we would get 128k impressions, etc

Archived Proposals / Re: Bitcointalk Forum Advertising
« on: February 02, 2018, 03:42:59 PM »
I dont think I can delete a thread, I think I can only delete the original post and change the title,
I think only admins can delete threads sadly


I just sent Theymos another message, I havent heard back from him for over 2 weeks,
I compiled all the previous messages together to give him a recap, hopefully I will be able to change his mind

Since finding experienced blockchain developers is actually very hard, (My Previous Recruiting work:

I propose that we go through the githubs of all the cryptocurrency projects and contact each contributor one by one.
Basically contacting everyone who is already a blockchain developer.


I would work my way down the list of coinmarketcap:
and then find a way to contact each developer (email, twitter, blog, etc) [Note: Github doesnt have a messaging system]

I dont have a time estimate on this, its an unknown, Ill report back as I do a couple hours here and there.
Im not sure how effective this will be either, we may contact hundreds of devs and only get 1 or 2 that are interested, but it might be totally worth it.

Its very important that we find interested developers to work on BiblePay features, security, bugs, etc
especially since Rob right now is basically a solo developer, if he gets ill or hit by a bus, the project could potentially stagnate, lose momentum or lose value.

Ive also thought about finding failed crypto projects, but I assume most of those are just clones of coins and probably dont have higher quality devs, but its another option to think about.

Ill probably document everything in a google excel sheet


Bitcoin Developers:

Archived Proposals / Re: Website Proposal - Website Upgrade
« on: January 30, 2018, 04:19:44 PM »
Here is the original collaboration, outline and research, if anyone has comments:

Archived Proposals / Re: Bitcointalk Forum Advertising
« on: January 28, 2018, 09:51:10 AM »
Bad News on this, Theymos the head forum admin and the one who runs the advertising campaign every week, he rejected BiblePay saying that we are an ICO

So I took the steps he requested and sent him 2 messages afterwards explaining we are not an ICO, but he has not responded in a very long time... I feel like we are being targeted/discriminated against, and on top of that, adrianbits, a known hater of the project, keeps bashing the public Meta thread calling us a scam, I cant set a Meta thread as moderated sadly.

> Well the coins are not technically burned, they're just no created which is a big difference.

Sure, but the bigger question at hand is,
Would it be better that those coins be spent towards work to help grow BiblePay? (even if its only marginally beneficial work) OR would it be better to make everyones coins worth marginally more?
I lean towards the former.


> If you read the previous posts, it also about the image of the coin, the proposals and setting precedents.

What is the image of the coin? Do we have a defined image?
Do we have a defined set of precedents to set or not set?
Does past behavior equal future behavior?
Are we stuck in one direction if we choose a direction or can we and will we change course given the circumstances at hand?

This is a loose/chaotic/growing project, we are the combination of everyone involved and the decisions they decide to make, and the decisions sanctuaries decide to make.

April has been asking what the message and utility of our coin is in her PR proposal and no one has even responded to her. Her proposal has been up for over 3 weeks.


> I think if work is being done without being approved first, then it should not be a surprise if the proposal following it for "past work done" is not necessarily approved.

I totally agree, did you read this?

Ill pull out the important counter argument:

"A large risk/downfall of the propose and wait scenario, someone could propose that they will do X, Y, Z, we pay them, and then they take the money and run,

in these back pay scenarios, we already see that the work is done and the value the work has broughten (so the person doing the work took on the risk and sanctuary owners didnt take on any risk)

I was willing to take the risk."


> I think we will start attracting people in the "help/loan" section of bitcointalk if any easy work can be done and just have a bill given to us.

I think thats a large jump/assumption, right now we barely have people doing work for us, Id LOVE to have more competition in proposals, sanctuary owners would finally have to put in more work LOL :) and proposal submitters would have to compete with each other


> Finally, If we have extra coins or coins to "waste", I'd rather have them go to Compassion, Cameroon or Bloom so that we stick to our charity purpose and image instead of being

Where were you last budget? I stood up and saw the budget wasnt going to all be used and last minute made a proposal for an extra 400k BBP to go to Compassion.

Alex, We are both, We are not just a charity, we have a budget that can be used for all types of work, development, advertising, marketing, public relations, etc etc, We are a Charity and 10% Charity, 10%, Half Charity, Half


What do you believe the purpose of BiblePay is? What is the image of BiblePay in your eyes?
Id like to ask this to everyone


Also I dont mean anyone foul harm by my words, I know debates can get a little heated, and I do enjoy debating,
I hope through this conflict we can learn from each other, we can find resolution, we can have our beliefs challenged,
we can think of things we never though about, and we can grow and become stronger.

Guys, your debating about 110 dollars worth of work for a 60 product online merchandise shop LOL

The combined time of us all talking on this thread was probably worth over 100 dollars...

Last budget we burned 123k coins, we barely still have any proposals for this cycle and you guys are barely commenting or giving feedback on the few proposals that are already out there

I feel like you guys have good intentions but are probably being overly critical given how very young the project still is.

If you guys think you can use the coins better, then please go ahead and make proposals and do higher value work.
But so far I dont see many people stepping up. We have to work with the little we have.

We've had this pricing and risk doing work beforehand discussion in the bitcointalk thread, I documented it all:

I also have an unofficial TODO list, no one really has commented at all on work that could be added to that list,
Ive been documenting it (without asking beforehand if I should document it LOL):

If you guys have such great ideas of how the coins could be better spent, then please lay them out, execute on them or direct motivated people to them, but otherwise in this Zazzle situation, you helped run off someone who was passionate to help the project.

Self gains only?

EDIT - Shop gone.

Goodbye, take care all the best in your futures. I am moving on to find a less morbid community. I would of just removed the thread but with it being at the top I couldn't, all the best in your futures but I can't stay around a community like this.

Hey Alt-J90, I think you should at the very least be rewarded for the work youve done so far if you keep the Zazzle shop up. So please consider adding a proposal or editing this one for the base work.


Some general reading for everyone:
Evaluating How Much a Dash Budget Proposal is Worth

Original Reddit Post:

Rob mentioned on bitcointalk that he was going to buy an item from there,
Im interested to buy a coffee cup/mug

I think having BiblePay in the shop name would be good, as opposed to just Glory Goodies.

I agree with Alex that the items would only mostly be useful to already investors, but I do think it could cause a few others to become interested slowly by word of mouth / proximity (wearing BiblePay t-shirt outside and at events, driving car with BiblePay bumper sticker, etc)

Is this the best use of Marketing funds? Im not sure, Alex brings up the point that a T-shirt Drive could potentially be better.
Is it too early in our development to focus on branded items in a shop? I dont know

Other Marketing/Advertising being worked on or in progress:  Google Ads (Rob), Bitcointalk Ad, Reddit Ad, Website Development

ALT-J90 is very interested to help the community and has been posting a lot on Reddit and is looking for different avenues to help.
Does anyone have other marketing ideas?

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