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Archived Proposals / Re: Togo MasterNodes.Pro Listing
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:17:21 PM »
gobject vote-alias 9b9b0c95d2390dcf8f6bdb3f30bb02a3bf8b8e2c83bf3ccf154cd337345e8835 funding yes NAME
gobject vote-many 9b9b0c95d2390dcf8f6bdb3f30bb02a3bf8b8e2c83bf3ccf154cd337345e8835 funding yes

Archived Proposals / Re: Togo MasterNodes.Pro Listing
« on: December 17, 2017, 08:58:26 PM »

We were added to the bottom of their page in the funding section and tweeted about:


I sent my own personal BTC and got us funded for 1 year!
we were tweeted about again and are currently in their middle Coming Soon section with a status of "Building Server"

Archived Proposals / Togo MasterNodes.Pro Listing
« on: December 17, 2017, 06:20:51 PM »
MasterNodes.Pro is the #1 search results when googling for "masternode coins" and "masternode list"

This should bring us even more exposure to investors looking for masternode coins!

The fee to be listed for 1 year is $400 in BTC at address [REDACTED]

(2 hour)
- filling out submission form
- talking with owners on Discord
- converting BiblePay to Bitcoin and then sending Bitcoin to address
(I may use my own Bitcoin to speed us getting listed instead of having to wait 2 weeks)


I am asking for 89,320 BBP from the P2P budget

2 hour work at $20/hour = $40 + $400 listing fee + potential $20 transaction fee = $460
divided by $0.005150 BBP price = ~89,320 BBP

EDIT: Removed the bitcoin address I sent to

Archived Proposals / Togo BLOOM PR
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:21:55 PM »
We were contacted by April from BLOOM (Be Love! Orphan Outreach Missions)
a Christian Nonprofit that sponsors orphans and much more!

I was sent her initial email by Rob and asked to contact her further (since Rob is really busy)
I have since explained BiblePay and answered emails, and even met up with her in person!

Not only is BLOOM a christian nonprofit that I believe could be our 2nd Charity,
April herself does PR work! and is interested to do PR work for us!


(3 hours)
- writing emails back and forth and explaining BiblePay and answering questions
- tweet about BLOOM and sidebar addition to Reddit about BLOOM

(3 hours)
- meeting in person over coffee and building relationship further

(4 hours)
- future work over the next month helping BLOOM with proposals, wallet setup, questions, etc
- and coordinating about marketing of BLOOM in our social media


I am requesting 47,203 BBP from the PR (Public Relations) budget

10 hours work at $20/hr = $200 divided by $0.004237 per BBP = ~47,203 BBP

The current expected PR budget for the next month is about 1,750,000 BBP

(I am increasing my rate from $15 to $20 per hour since Webster says I am worth 3x more!)

Yes, this is in production/mainnet, I noticed protocolversion went from 70709 to 70710

looks like its slowly hitting the current masternodes and operators are starting them again,
I assume it wont be an issue once the mandatory block is hit?

Im not sure if another start-alis is actually needed or not, How long can a masternode stay in the EXPIRED state?

Yesterday my biblepay daemon crashed in my masternode and it was in the EXPIRED state and when I turned on the daemon again, it went right back to ENABLED, so that was cool.

I know starting a masternode again can take like an hour or so to go from PRE_ENALBED to ENABLED.


Just noticed your post:

"everyone will have to start-many on the sanctuaries, we just had a protocol upgrade."

My mastenode went into state EXPIRED and running "masternode status" in the masternode wallet gave me the same message: "Not capable masternode: Invalid protocol version"

Archived Proposals / Togo Twitter & Reddit & Advertising
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:12:56 AM »
4 months ago in August, I created the BiblePay Twitter and BiblePay Sub Reddit

- I read every bitcointalk post and post updates and news to Twitter and Reddit
- I also periodically go through the past few days of bitcointalk posts and string together different topics that I post about and organize on the Reddit (and keep updated)

There are actually quite a few people who do not read the bitcointalk thread and only read the twitter and or the reddit. They help give people information into more digestable pieces. And the documentation of topics on Reddit do not get lost in the main thread and can live on and be expanded upon and reach more eyeballs who may help out.


- setup design/style and uploaded logo and banner
- documented and organized major topics on the sidebar
- I answer as many questions that are posted that I can, and if I can't I post them into the bitcointalk thread
- I have created 76 reddit posts (and have kept quite a few updated with new information)
- currently has 105 subscribers
- 28,352 page views


I cant take full credit for all the traffic, since the Windows and Linux mining guides are on the reddit which people click on from the website, etc.
(I did write both of those guides and keep them updated though)

Windows Mining Guide has had 4.9k views
Linux Mining Guide has had 2.6k views
Combined about 7.5k views


- I analyze, research and use popular hashtags
- try my best to always add relevant emojis and to add images to posts
- Ive posted 76 tweets and 10 retweets (most retweets are of Compassion International)
- I have followed 74 relevant twitter users and liked 373 relevant twitter posts
- currently have 114 followers

1,614 total profile visits
108,126 total tweet impressions ("delivered to a Twitter accounts timeline")


Assuming I spent an average 1 hour a day doing the above over 4 months, that is 120 hours

Going forward I will continue doing this advertising/news-reporting/note-taking/documentation work for Twitter and Reddit and I will bill it quarterly


In addition, I also did advertising/marketing of BiblePay in:
- bitcointalk altcoin discussion and altcoin mining threads --->;u=1087591;sa=showPosts;start=20
- /r/CryptoCurrency and /r/altcoin --->
- Steemit articles --->
- multiple popular Discords (Spacestation, ONEX Capital, CoinSheet, MasterNodesPro, Strape.come (Richard Heart), Dash Nation) 
- in comments section of many online articles in top 2 pages of google results
- in answers of multiple Quora questions

I focused on keywords: "cpu mining", "masternode", "asic resistance", "christian cryptocurrency"
and multiple variations of those keywords, going through the forums and top google results
I also would try to jump into DASH and Vertcoin threads if I could

Ive spent about 20 hours doing the above

There is not much more work I can do advertising since I have already hit all the top relevant articles and threads
Going forward, I will still try to sneak in BiblePay where I can but probably wont be billing for it at all


I am requesting 517,000 BBP from the P2P budget

120 hours Twitter & Reddit + 20 hours Advertising = 140 hours at $15/hour = $2,100
divided by $0.004062 per BBP = ~517,000 BBP

The P2P budget this month will roughly be around 1.75 million BBP (so this proposal will be about 30% of the budget)


gobject vote-alias 46e3ee892800b272a8fa44cf4eda13506c73c297c1bc4773a0b718e7f200b4d3 funding yes SANCTUARY_NAME
gobject vote-many 46e3ee892800b272a8fa44cf4eda13506c73c297c1bc4773a0b718e7f200b4d3 funding yes

Archived Proposals / Togo Backup Explorer and Guide
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:02:48 PM »
When happy_merchant's Block Explorer ( stopped working,
I stepped up publicly and created a new one:

I got beat to the punch by Alex and am running the Backup Explorer
I also created and published a full guide to setting one up
(interestingly the guide currently has 140 views and shows up in top 1-6 results on google searches)


(5 hours)
- research, setup and configuration of Iquidus Block Explorer and setup on AWS
- creation of Block Explorer Guide for future use

AWS (Amazon Web Services) 1CPU 2GB RAM server costs $12/month and I have been running it for 24 days so far

(1 hour)
- Moving forward I will transfer the block explorer to a $5/month 1GB RAM Vultr server
- Once the DNS address is updated I will turn off the AWS server
- I will also add the current config file to the guide (with credentials redacted)

After this I will bill the Vultr server and very minimal maintenance quarterly


I am requesting 23,171 BBP from the IT Budget.

6 hours work at $15/hr = $90 + $12/month AWS = $102 at $0.004402 BBP = ~23,171 BBP


gobject vote-alias 664f6ebfb9de9c448f986dd266db259bf89d5b6ca1ca82af7d37eee4212a3f98 funding yes SANCTUARY_NAME
gobject vote-many 664f6ebfb9de9c448f986dd266db259bf89d5b6ca1ca82af7d37eee4212a3f98 funding yes

Archived Proposals / Togo Sanctuary Guide and Testing
« on: December 15, 2017, 03:45:57 PM »
Starting in October I helped Rob test masternodes (sanctuaries) and helped him improve his original guide:

Throughout that time I posted and updated my own step by step notes in the forum for others
and just recently combined everything into a wiki that I published:


(12 hours)
- helped improve the original masternode guide
- testing, doing research, asking questions and giving feedback
- read, analyzed and documented all the DASH masternode guides
- writing step by step notes to help others
- pinpointed the missing RPC Port issue

(4 hours)
- testing retirement coins
- testing ecommerce

(12 hours)
- the creation, editing and testing of the new step by step Create_Sanctuary_2 wiki guide
- dug up, tested and added the Swap File solution (credit to Rob and inblue), saves operators $5/month per masternode

(12 hours)
- future maintenance/updating of the 2nd guide throughout the next month as I incorporate more feedback and questions
- I will also comb through the original sanctuary test thread and add any additional information I missed
- I will also add some more proposal documentation

- making the masternode setup process easy and painless,
especially if you are new to masternodes or new to linux and or cryptocurrencies in general!


"Good hacking man" -Rob
"Yeah, Togo, I used your guide and Robs" -616westwarmoth
"Thank you togoshigekata ... thank you ... for your excellent work and guides!" -jaapgvk


I am requesting 135,000 BiblePay coins from the IT budget

40 hours of work at $15/hour = $600, divided by current $0.004441 per BBP = ~135,000 BBP

(I believe this is roughly about 4% of the projected ~3,500,000 BBP IT budget for the next month)


gobject vote-alias e6ff30af51064a281752a6b5fdc03bd9d2fa457af89e1a0021a93661a726c96e funding yes SANCTUARY_NAME
gobject vote-many e6ff30af51064a281752a6b5fdc03bd9d2fa457af89e1a0021a93661a726c96e funding yes

Interesting, I believe I got a similar error when my masternode was still in MISSING status,
once I ran start-alias from controller wallet it went from MISSING to PRE_ENABLED state
and running "./biblepay masternode status" on the sanctuary wallet gave me: "status": "Masternode successfully started"

I updated the backup explorer:
I plan to move it from AWS to a cheaper Vultr server in the near future, which I guess means I would need a DNS record update to point to new address, Ill let you know Rob!


In addition to Robs Original Sanctuary Guide:

I also am working on a more detailed/step by step Sanctuary 2 Guide (wasnt sure what to name it):

Yeah, let me know if you have any issues with that $5 vultr node and the instructions, and if I should merge your instructions in, or do you want to clone the Create_Sanctuary wiki and merge yours into a new one to make a more detailed version?  Maybe that would be better then the gurus can use the generic one and move to your detailed one if they fail?

Im open to either! I did originally plan to create a sanctuary guide but didnt move forward on it, I think this would be a good time to do it since Ill be stepping through the process again :)

Ok, so Im stepping through sanctuary (masternode) creation process, this time with Vultr as host
(I was originally using AWS, but the Vultr pricing is a bit cheaper $5/mo vs $8.30/mo for 1CPU 1GB RAM)
[This is also my first time testing the swap file solution to extend the 1GB RAM]


Note: 1,500,001 needs to be updated to 1,550,001


1. Create Account

2. Add Payment Information

3. Download & Install PuTTY (SSH Client):

4. OPTIONAL: Generate SSH Public/Private Keys

5. Deploy Instance

Instance Type:  VC2
  1. Server Location: Random
  2. Server Type: Ubuntu 16.04 x64
  3. Server Size: 1 CPU, 1024MB RAM, $5/mo (*Assuming using SWAP file later for more RAM)
  6. SSH Key: Add and Select Public Key you added in Step #4
  7. Serverhostname: Add unique name

6. Use Putty to Connect to Vultr Server
Enter IP Address, Port 22, Connection type SSH
You can add your private key file: Connection >> SSH >> Auth >> Browse
You can name and save your connection info:
Session >> Saved Sessions >> Enter a Unique Name >> Save

7. Install BiblePay

7a. Swap File
Before running last command "sudo make", set up the swap file:

Code: [Select]
free #check if swap is 0
dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.img bs=1024k count=1000
mkswap /var/swap.img
swapon /var/swap.img
free #check if swap is 1024


- I failed to do the public/private key correctly I'm not sure what I did wrong, weird
- the swap file thing is interesting I've never done that before


8. Continue on with Create Sanctuary Wiki:
My previous masternode notes:
(waiting for BiblePay to compile so will continue tomorrow and report back any issues I run into)

Alex your work on the Explorer has been AWESOME! Love what youre doing, puts my explorer to shame :P

I did notice your BTC C-CEX price got stuck
I could never get the Markets tab to work consistently, mine only works like 1/10th the time (whats your secret?)

I received the Bible in the mail Tuesday morning and got it out today, Thank you Rob!

./biblepay-cli exec orderstatus
  "Command": "orderstatus",
  "0718083296": {
    "Product ID": "0718083296",
    "Price": 12230,
    "Added": "",
    "Title": "The NKJV, Holy Bible, Larger Print, Paperback",
    "Status1": "PLACED",
    "Status2": "FILLING ORDER",
    "Status3": "USPS XXXXX",
    "Details": ""

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