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However I do think the hardware phone will be ready within 30 days if anyone wants to buy one!
We have a couple Philippines users,so rates fore Philippines would be nice.I have some Philipines here in my place to.

Hi Akkin,

Good news and less than good news.

The good news is the BBP phone can call the Philippines, the less than good is the rates are about 16 cents per minute.  I posted the reason above this post that some Countries are more expensive.

On to the "how" to call one of the restricted Countries:  By default our softphone (and hardware phone) doesn't allow you to call a country where the rate is greater than .05 cent a minute unless you put in a manual override for the Country in your wallet.

To authorize calling to the Philippines, simply do this:
Click on Phone | Rate Overrides
Add the country code "PH" to your list.

Once this is added, you will be able to call the Philippines.

Hardware phone should be out any hour.

Why are some Countries more expensive to call than other Countries from my BiblePay Phone?

Some smaller carriers do not have bilateral agreements:

Some carriers with cheaper international consumer rates have sister mobile networks in different european countries which means they are able to move traffic around their own networks in order to optimise their cost. Some carriers that do not have the ability to do this will have an agreement in place with different carriers in respective local markets and pay a fee to terminate international traffic onto other carrier networks. This increased cost will be passed onto the consumer.

Certain carriers may also have bi-lateral agreements in place with different operators to achieve lower cost of termination in certain countries. It is also possible for carriers to leverage high volumes to achieve lower rates based on traffic from their own mobile customers e.g. they may be able to run promotions for certain countries, increase traffic volumes and negotiate lower rates.

Carriers and aggregators focusing on the B2B market:

A few different quality bands are available on the market at different price points. Even the top voice providers have different quality/price brackets depending on the supplier as an example you can expect to see tiers of prices that are reflected by the success level of connecting each call, the audio quality you will experience, the number that the recipient sees and even the duration of rings that the recipient can hear.

Higher quality connections will have less hops in the supply chain and better infrastructure in place to achieve business critical termination.

However I do think the hardware phone will be ready within 30 days if anyone wants to buy one!
We have a couple Philippines users,so rates fore Philippines would be nice.I have some Philipines here in my place to.
Hi Akkin,

Cool, yeah the hardware phone should be ready before the end of the day.  Ill get an extra picture and add the instructions here also.

Ok, checking on the Philippines...

don't worry about the call I'm joking with it ...
By the way we still need 4.500.001 BBP to start a new sanct ?

Hi Alex,

Yes sir, still 4,500,001 and the easiest way it to use the EasySanc instructions up in the red sea release.

I think one of my nft is sold because it is not showing up in my nft anymore but my wallet balance isn't updated!
I sent a message back in the other thread.

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: June 24, 2023, 08:02:30 AM »
I think one of my nft is sold because it is not showing up in my nft anymore but my wallet balance isn't updated!
No, I get a CC when one sells (just in case its an orphan), and I havent seen any sell since Jesus Phreak.
Also, when one sells you can still see it in the store under the new users BBP address.

I would need the hash for the item to check it.

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: June 24, 2023, 07:57:48 AM »
I made a promo :
posted on twitter and youtube

Thats amazing MR-A, thank you for this amazing contribution!

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: June 24, 2023, 07:57:01 AM »
 I posted 3-4 times now on my facebook site.No one show intress,belive they dont like that we earn money in Jesus name.One guy he put his foot down,"no way"so its not only in exchange we have a big wall:(  God bless,stay strong in thise woke time,they are real dangerus,when they get support by goverments,its crazy in Norway right now.

Thanks for trying.
Yeah, they probably are very suspicious because so many communities are just out to steal money from users.
This currency is really by the people and for the people.  The distribution is out to everyone who ever bought BBP, its not a centralized thing.

And we have the best interests of children in the equation.  10% to orphan charity.
Now we are providing a real service to people (phone).

But I think people will start to wake up once some of the big banks fail and they realize that crypto is better security for your money than a bank, in many cases.

Rob, the softphone is awesome.

I have an Atlanta phone number, so you have to call me so I can say hi.
This is crazy... I love it

I would like to start the sanctuary in the next few days perhaps I will ask for some help.

However my phone number BBP is 0014706047011

Thanks a lot...

Hi Lalex,

Hey, thanks a lot!  That makes it worth programming.
Yeah, I havent had time to call my mom so I don't have much time to call today but thank you for sharing that. 
I did put a hardware phone in my sons room last night and now we can call each other with BBP phone #s!  (I want to make it so you can associate one BBP key per phone extension but thats not released in the UI yet).

However I do think the hardware phone will be ready within 30 days if anyone wants to buy one!

Also, if anyone finds they can't call their favorite country or don't have the correct rates for a certain country, just let me know and we can add that country to our phone system.

Hi Rob,

I will try first with the binaries before another compile attempt, but the problem is I cannot find them anywhere (biblepayd, biblepay-cli). The wallet download on does not contain them (it only downloads that file with BMSD extension), and the github release page also does not list the executables among assets.

Hi Talisman,

Oh sorry, it looks like my last compile only added BMSD into the linux zip, that was a fail.  Ok, I re-released the linux build and now the has all the files.

I also added the linux zip here:


We are now solving 7 minute blocks on sancs!  Pretty exciting.  It was a little hairy getting past block 428001.
SouthXChange put our wallet in maintenance and are still in process of upgrading.
Bololex and and Chainz Block Explorer have upgraded.

My BBP hardware phone is awesome, I actually really like it.  The quality is great.  I'm going to give my son a hardware phone this week (so I have two in my house).  Had to call someone in Chicago the other day for 373 seconds and got billed a pretty cheap rate :
373   $0.146   ₿ 2753.20   f139b1df68a44681f03bf299c57033dbc176bea955ffdd7dc884f67eaffe0661   
When you make a call you get billed on chain.

Our hardware phone should be out within 30 days!  If anyone is interested in getting one, push me to get the info out sooner.  The hardware phone is about $40 and comes with a US phone number and all calls automatically get billed to the chain and has the same global rates as our softphone.

All this really involves is plugging in the phone into a cat5 jack in your house and navigating to the Config page and punching in a few lines of settings in the phone and it works immediately.  It takes your phones BBP address' private key.  Its an extremely cool setup.

Regarding our long term roadmap, there is a new service coming soon called Marqeta.  Remember we have an entry to eventually release BBP debit cards on our roadmap?  Marqeta legally integrates with cryptocurrencies in the US.  I'm hoping to get that slated as a project within a year as well (after our finances improve).  They require a certain amount of collateral to set up (dont have the details yet but I inquired).

Hi Rob!

Been a while, hope you are doing fine. I just checked out the new release. I really liked the Phone System idea, that may be the ice breaker into the realm of use cases. Thanks a lot for your efforts!

I wanted to set up a sanctuary, but failed compiling the daemon on Ubuntu 20.04 with the instructions provided at

Then I attempted to download the Lin64 bins from the website, but what I ended up with is a file called BiblePay.BMSD - never seen such an extension. Do you have any suggestions?
Hi T,

I hope you've been good as well, good to hear from you.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to a bright future as well.  I think the phone could be good for businesses or anyone with more than one phone number.  Or people who make LD calls a lot.

Anyway, first on the BMSD file:  On the Linux version, the extension is actually blank (thats normal for Linux executables).  You dont really need that file to run a sanc.  Its only used if you click on the Unchained button, then its used to launch firefox and allows you to use the softphone, and the email service, etc.

I installed a few Ubuntu 20 sancs over the weekend and didnt have a problem compiling it, but, admittedly I already had mostly synced gitlab repos so that could be the difference.

Could you please share the output of the compile problem so I can attempt to address it?

In the mean time you can use the linux binary if you just install it somewhere and run biblepayd as a sanc.

(It only calls BMSD if you run biblepay-QT and click the Unchained button).

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: June 19, 2023, 05:36:20 PM »
when i click post after attaching the files the reply doesn't post

Sorry to hear that, seems to work for me.

I had a server this weekend that failed to launch on first click because it was Upgrading, then 5 mins later it launched every time.  Thats prob it, imho.  Ill add a "We are installing BiblePay BMS" for our next release, in the mean time, it seems to work pretty good for users who install it, click once, wait 5 mins then it works every time after that.

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: June 13, 2023, 06:50:14 PM »
still facing a bit problem...
the unchain doesn't always open...

First, I would do this 3 times so I can get an idea of whats happening:
1) From task manager, kill BiblePay.BMS.EXE
2) Launch Unchained
3) Log the result
4) Repeat this 2 more times
5) Report this to me so I know the % of launch success

If it doesnt work 100% of the time, then you can send me your:
%appdata%\biblepay\bms\bms.log file along with your %appdata%\biblepay\debug.log along with the synopsis.

In my case, it launches every time and never fails to launch.

Please include any actions that led up to it and the outcome.

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: June 13, 2023, 06:46:49 PM »
If i send coins to my UTOX-RETIREMENT-ACCOUNT will i then be a investor sanc?I redraw all my stake coins before the change.


The UTXO Retirement account really doesnt do anything special now.  Its now just a regular address.

In order to have an investor sanc, you have to actually create a Real sanc using the EasySanc doc:
(Listed in this post)

Once you have a real sanc, it will give you rewards even if you leave it offline you will get half.  (Except for the fact that your controller wallet must run at least every few days to revive the investor sancs).

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