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Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 31, 2023, 05:13:28 PM »
Hi Akkin,

Can you please delete your %appdata%\biblepay\bms\bms.log so that we can start fresh again.
I am compiling v0.17.3.6 now.
Honestly I am not 100% sure if this solves it because this is a peculiar one.
But, I did find a bug that might be the problem; I tested this by simulating a connection to a sanc and it appears to work, so lets try this release.

Ok v0.17.3.6 is out there, please try this one.


PS:  Yes, I think we got the bug, this one works from a clean windows install.

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 31, 2023, 11:22:23 AM »
and here from debug when i click on unchained

Creating block with version 1342177280 CreateNewBlock(): total size 1000 txs: 0 fees: 0 sigops 100
2023-05-31T11:48:04Z CMasternodePayments::GetMasternodeTxOuts -- Masternode payment 52220000017 to BHWYXKkt2pZUpP7rw264V71MyZWsHwwrim
2023-05-31T11:48:12Z 9009 LegPlatformRID windows=9051:: qcoreapp=C:/Program Files/BiblePayCore, final=C:\Program Files\BiblePayCore\bmsd.exe
2023-05-31T11:48:19Z Started Unchained PID  platform=win-x64, app=C:\Program Files\BiblePayCore\bmsd.exe  Args=    pid=3676   msg=CGovernanceManager::SyncSingleObjVotes -- sent 0 votes to peer=6
2023-05-31T11:48:34Z CGovernanceManager::SyncSingleObjVotes -- sent 0 votes to peer=8
2023-05-31T11:49:01Z POVS::Sanctuary Connectivity Test::0
Creating block with version 1342177280 CreateNewBlock(): total size 1000 txs: 0 fees: 0 sigops 100
2023-05-31T11:49:05Z CMasternodePayments::GetMasternodeTxOuts -- Masternode payment 52220000000 to BHWYXKkt2pZUpP7rw264V71MyZWsHwwrim
2023-05-31T11:49:43Z 9009 LegPlatformRID windows=9051:: qcoreapp=C:/Program Files/BiblePayCore, final=C:\Program Files\BiblePayCore\bmsd.exe
2023-05-31T11:49:50Z Started Unchained PID  platform=win-x64, app=C:\Program Files\BiblePayCore\bmsd.exe  Args=    pid=16312   msg=

Ok, were getting a little closer, because this shows that your MSI did successfully extract the Unchained BMSD bootloader and ran it (that explains why it looked like it was spinning or doing something).

But then it failed inside your big log post with some type of firewall issue.

(Meaning in essence it could not upgrade itself from the bad version from 2 days ago to the new 5.1 version of the web site), meaning its hosed.

So let me look into those firewall errors in detail next.


Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 31, 2023, 11:17:51 AM »
still doesn't work rob!

Not enough info, sorry

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 31, 2023, 11:17:38 AM »
Stil nothing pop up when click on unchained

Thanks, I see you posted your log, this will give me something analyzing...

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 31, 2023, 05:17:24 AM »
Sorry to say,the unchained dont accurs,when i click on it there is something happend,couse i see my cpu  temp increase fore a sec or 2 but no page accurs.
Lets check a couple things:
a) Your on right?
b) Did it recreate the %appdata%\unchained.conf file and there are two lines in there now (and its got a timestamp > yesterday) right?
c) Could you paste your %appdata%\biblepay\bms\bms.log  and Ill check it out

d) Optional, but might be a little helpful: If you delete your %appdata%\biblepay\debug.log and restart unchained again, and ensure wallet is unlocked and click on the Unchained button, there should be a line written in there like this:
2023-05-29T16:09:03Z 9009 LegPlatformRID windows=Started Unchained PID  platform=win-x64, app=C:/Program Files/BiblePayDev/BiblePay.BMSD  Args=    pid=0   msg=POVS::Sanctuary Connectivity Test::1
That line can be helpful if you paste it here as it shows why it didnt launch

e) Just to double check, in your "c:\program files\BiblePayDev" do you have a new BiblePay.BMSD.EXE file with timestamp > yesterday?
f) When you clicked unchained, did it pop a box saying it is upgrading, or do nothing?


Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 30, 2023, 09:54:23 PM »
Ok guys, sorry about that, I introduced a couple bugs into the windows version during the final compiles.

Lets try this again.

Just to be sure there are no bugs, before you re-test, on windows, navigate to (in file explorer):
Delete the "unchained.conf" before relaunching the new wallet.  This just clears your unchained config file so we can ensure all the normal things happen in order this time.

I just released a new windows version.  Please be sure you are upgraded to

Now we should be able to retest properly and provision new lines.

Good luck.

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 30, 2023, 08:01:13 PM »
rob I've funded it with 5009 bbp but when I click on unchained icon nothing happens

Ok thanks for trying; Let me reproduce with a clean empty wallet guys.


Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 30, 2023, 04:40:07 AM »
Good morning.
Im running window 11, the wallet sync and i run it as administrator,i click on unchained:no page show up, but i got an address in wallet named UNCHAINED.Nothing in the config,Shall i send more than 5001 real coin to this testnet wallet?
Like I mentioned in the prior post, we have to test Unchained in Mainnet, because there is no testnet version of the phone system as it makes real calls which have real network costs per minute.
Yes, you should fund that Unchained key with real BBP first, then click on the Unchained button and then you should see the unchained app.

For the next version, I made a pop up dialog appear when it is upgrading to better inform the user (in contrast to the way it is now using a toast message).

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 29, 2023, 12:25:34 PM »
Ok, Windows is ready to test!

Note that the version was ticked up to; please verify this is your version.

I updated the link for Windows in the OP Post (see the first post for the download link).

Instructions: Red Sea:

Download the windows installer and save on the local hard drive.
Run the installer.
Change the default installation location to "c:\program files\biblepaydev" (this prevents the testnet version from overwriting the prod version).
Run the program with no testnet flag in mainnet (Because we need to test in mainnet, as the phone system does not work in testnet).

Once the wallet is loaded, if your wallet is Locked, unlock the wallet before clicking the unchained menu (otherwise you will receive an error).

Give it some time to launch (you should see an info message explaining that Unchained is upgrading).

Fund your BBP Unchained key with more than 5000 BBP by doing this (with real prod funds):
- Find your address by clicking File | Receive Addresses | Copy the Unchained entry public key
- Send BBP to that address, send more than 5001 bbp

Launching Unchained:

Click the Unchained menu option.  (Note, if you attempt to launch the Phone without 5000 BBP, you cannot provision the Phone).
From Unchained Desktop, Click Phone | Phone Service.
Click the Provision Tab.
Choose a State, and an Area (this allows you to choose the 3 digit area code you prefer for your home phone number).
Click Provision.
Once provisioned you will see your phone number on the Phone Service page.
Now you can make phone calls and receive phone calls.
To call yourself, find your Phone Number on the Phone Service page, then dial yourself.

Good luck !

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 29, 2023, 05:51:58 AM »
Last items on checklist for Rob to finish right now:

1.   Verify the unchained auto-provision keypair works for a clean wallet
       (The error when not provisioned should be moved to a msgpage)... Right now wallet blows up

2.   Run through a final end to end test for release linux (this basically means I need a batch file to copy the linux release into the correct folder when they install it)

3. Run through the upgrade process, when we push an upgrade does the end client upgrade (this keeps web content fresh)

4.  Ensure the revivesanc command is called automatically by the core wallet so as to pay investor nodes internally (this is a little batch job running in core wallet for investors)

5.  Verify the BBPAPI checks the latest version hash vs running version hash and attempts to upgrade the DLL if its out of date, or, if autoupgrade=0, ceases to work after mandatory upgrade

6.  Test the IPC msg when it needs an upgrade notifies the user.

7.  Change home page on unchained to talk about changes - rather than the current banner

8.  Make sure the installer for windows copies the BMSD file to windows %appdata%\biblepay\biblepay\BMSD

9  Chmod 777 biblepay.Bms so the installer can run

10  Create biblepay/bms.conf or touch the file does not exist, currently blows up the wallet

11.  Throw UI sorry you must fund your wallet on the ui rather than a silent log message

12.  Talk about zoho,email,phone on general thread

13. Fix buildbiblepay.txt file to not include old dependencies and freshen

14. Ensure the phone launches on localhost so they dont need an SSL key

I'm working on this list right now. 

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 29, 2023, 05:45:22 AM »
I want to promote this new phone function !
Can I get the phone access for windows ?

Hi Mr. A,  yes, absolutely.
Thanks for your interest!
I've got windows 96% compiled, and very, very close to releasing it to testnet.

Thankfully today is a holiday in the US, Memorial Day, so I should have this done within 4 hours!

I'll post my Todo List now, just to give everyone an idea whats going on and please peek back here before end of day and we can start testing.

And here is a peek of what is possible in the future (IE end of 2023) if there is interest in the BBP phone system and it grows, we can release hardware phones as well for your house or business:

The first phone, YeaLink is on the pricy side ($199 per phone, and it has color LCD and can display the BBP logo in the background).  Imho, its a little too pricy to start out with, but it could still be an option for us to release a config file for people who happen to choose YeaLink).

However the second phone is very promising (GrandStream 1610).  That phone is only $39 and could offer a real market for end users to simply buy one for their house and it seamlessly integrates into the BBP phone network (it rings just like a normal phone, and can call any country in the world for 2cents a minute billed right out of your biblepay wallet automatically).  You can plug it into any LAN jack and it just works as a home phone.

The real use case is for small businesses.  If someone has 10 employees and they pay a huge monthly fee (usually $20 per month + 7 cents per minute for long distance), this is where BBP can shine.  That business could literally save 80% off the cost of the phone bill and host 10 BBP public key/phone number accounts accomplishing the exact same high quality phone connection.

Alright, here is a peek at the new BBP softphone, which is part of the Red Sea release (testnet thread):

God bless all BiblePay users.

Let me talk about some exciting things that are happening that imho, could put BiblePay on the map.

These are the big changes that should affect the roadmap that we can talk about in greater detail:

- Unchained web site is no longer relied upon for any real use case (except it will be up for spreading the gospel).  All of the features in biblepay core wallet will be moved the biblepay unchained desktop application which comes with the core wallet.
- BiblePay staking is being retired in favor of 'investor sancs'.
- BiblePay RandomX mining is being retired in favor of Sanctuary mining.
- There will be two types of sanctuaries:  (Passive/Investor)  and  (Active/Normal).  The Investor sanc pays a 50% reward.
Investor sancs replace staking.
- We will have a BiblePay phone system.  Ill post screen shots of our softphone for the core wallet (that version will be v1.0 and will be released in this Red Sea release in June/July).  The future proof-of-concept, hardware phones, will also be possible and I will post some pics of that running in development (they actually work in POC mode!).  I believe we could have hardware phones by end of 2023, if there is interest.
- We need to talk about advanved use cases for a phone network.  This includes one-to-many phone numbers per user, a UI that allows reorganizing BBP-addresses to PhoneNumbers.  A UI for Routing Rules, which route calls to your organizations BBP accounts.  And finally call center dynamic routing, which allows a virtual phone number to ring into staff that has a 'presence' (A presence is a user who is not on a call and not in do not disturb mode).
- Future use case for Biblepay:  A single desktop app that includes an Outlook type email client, which connects to BBP network for exchange like e-mail, a gitlab competitor, a Zoho One competitor, a Project Mgmt solution, a ticket system, and a competitor to Microsoft Teams.  Basically, a one stop shop office app that gives small businesses a full collaboration app (similar to basecamp and zoho one) but affordable.  The BBP core wallet would host the code that launches the single integrated collaboration app and BBP provides the back-end services for this app.

But I am most excited with the phone system.  I think this could be the anchor product that propels us to have enough market cap to bring on a team of developers that can program the rest of our desktop office solution which brings permanent revenue for BBP to survive as a service.

The blockchain phone system allows our users to have a real personal PSTN phone number, receive real PSTN phone calls, and make real outgoing calls to any country globally for 2 cents per minute flat rate.  This is a true use case for BBP that gives BBP a real reason to be in business and a truly cost effective use for the BBP coins.

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: May 29, 2023, 05:05:30 AM »
Its version the one we load down,and that version dont sync,it stops,at 82.98%
Hi Akkin,

Yeah, we definitely have had a few new versions built since that version, and I need to release a new one.
Should have it before the end of the day and Ill update you here.

In the mean time, which wallet OS version are you downloading, windows or linux?

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