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That's cool that you can do percentage of a masternode and get same percentage payout. I guess this is how a masternode pool works? I like it!

See conversation on mintnodes discord. Was that you togo that put in 0.01 BTC? This is the 142k BBP you're asking for?

Now that you have send BBP by e-mail, I wonder what it'd take to build a BBP system based on SMS & phone numbers? The use case I'm thinking is someone with a paper wallet imports their private key, ties it to a phone number, and they can send BBP by texting it to someone else. It'd still be a wallet address to wallet address send transaction, but the it'd be via two proxy phone numbers. I saw that DASH was doing something in Venezuela with SMS. Since we support unbanked Android PoDC mining, seems like a logical extension to send BBP via SMS. This allow billions of people around the world that can use SMS to send BBP to each other.
[/size]I know Twilio has some robust telephony APIs, so that might be a starting point to research.

For contacts, is specific long & lat a good idea? I'd worry someone who wants to target a group specifically could use it for evil. I wonder if long & lat should be close but not exact... like round up to zip code or census block group. So, you get a general idea of where someone is, but not exact location. The final disclosure can occur interpersonally.

Discussion and Suggestions / Re: Google Analytics
« on: September 22, 2018, 11:45:21 am »
If you use Chrome, you can right click on any page select Inspect. Do a Hard Refresh a page (Ctrl+F5) so all the resources have to loaded again. Look under Network and you can see "waterfall" of resources that are loaded. The blue bars that are longest contribute to overall slowness of web site loading.

I'd consider using a static HTML version of BiblePay:

We'd have to do some testing if any functionality is broken. Test newsletter and any other parts of site that require interaction by user.

This gives us two great benefits:
1) Web site will be extremely fast - no dynamic process of the web site
2) Makes it harder for hacker to attack web site since it is just HTML & images

Downside is that every time you update the site, you'd have to re-publish.

But I feel the benefit if a faster web site and being less susceptible to hackers are compelling reasons to try the above.

This is our current report from Google. Our web site is very slow and mobile support is poor:

Let's keep a snapshot of that and see if going the static route is helpful. What do you think Jaap?

I reported this back in - never addressed or regression due to kB fees? The address I send payment to doesn't show up in my transaction list.

Seems to only happen if I send to an address I own. Even if I pay a fee, it doesn't show up as a transaction.

If I donate to foundation, I see two transactions.

Only the payment to yiqFGdxM2vzKCk74GrjevEGNTC2rLqKFeg (the PoDS Foundation address?) only appears in my transaction list. I only tried to upload 9MB file.

Your a spy, prying into something thats not your business, and a hacker.

Rob, everyone was curious why the 8.6M that was disbursed on Aug 31 and sitting there doing nothing. Then it moved to BD7FBC4HNhHZX7LrNkeobPahH3EksmKbGk on Sep 8 ( in 1.55M chunks suggesting it was for masternodes. I forget who it was (it wasn't thesnat21), but it was discussed on BTC Talk. This is all public knowledge and supported in the block chain.

I'm surprised a great dev like yourself that is well versed in decentralized technology would call such a person a "hacker".

It is all public knowledge and easy to see by typing masternodelist on debug console.

I'd like a screen in QT wallet that makes signing up for BOINC (Rosetta & WCG) easier.

We'd have buttons that takes BBP users to registration screen.

The CPID could be pasted into QT wallet.

Wallet scans for CPID RAC > 100, then suggests registered CPID on blockchain.

Make it easy to get 2 BBP from or make cost to register CPID 0.01 BBP so one time payment is sufficient to register

Then when PoDC payments are happening... QT wallet prompts for changes in biblepay.conf so it points to purepool since you can just use your wallet address as the workerID. would be okay too but not sure how workers or automated registration would work... trying to think what's the best user experience for new BiblePay members.

Discussion and Suggestions / QT wallet: Prayer Request Enhancement
« on: September 13, 2018, 02:31:15 pm »
Prayer Request Enhancement.

I'd like a messaging systems (see attachments) where we could prayer for people.

In Overview or another tab listing prayers most recent at top, we could reply to requests via a button we click.

Charge 0.1 BBP per character and message is delivered to person sending prayer request.

This way, as a community we are praying for each other.

* If you want to increase utility or bring scale, maybe a more robust decentralized messaging system would be good too.
* To discourage spamming, maybe introduce smart fee. Charge more to send more messages in a short period of time.
* I wouldn't want prayer replies or requests in blockchain if possible to reduce bloat? Maybe mempool only, IPFS, or sidechain?

SunK, not sure where the question went on Business objects, but yes, the object itself would be stored in IPFS to prevent chain bloat.

Call me Sun. Yeah, maybe I thought I posted it, but maybe I deleted by mistake.

Production Proposals / Re: Ads - Google, Twitter, Facebook
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:34:35 am »

Personally, I think advertising is important, but content is more important. You write content once and it can give you traffic for many years. Advertising is temporary and you have to keep paying for it. If you don't have a big budget, then content writing is going to pay off long-term.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't have access to that part of the server (maybe Rob can post the log if he reads this). But I'll install an analytics plugin on the new website (probably Google Analytics, but if your friend has any suggestions I'm happy to hear them).

Thank you for your advice, you seem to be knowledgeable in this field :) 

I started out selling stuff on eBay, then ran my own ecomm shop for 10 years. I know a little about SEO, pay-per-click, analytics.
There's a WordPress plugin called GA Google Analytics by Jeff Star -- this will put analytics on WordPress if you are not tracking visits already. Then in (does Togo have access?) , you go to Acquisition > Overview and then click on Referral (see attachment). That tells you which web sites biblepay is receiving traffic from. This can help you see if your advertising is paying off or not.

This is my potential Google keyword research so far:

the NO list are keywords that when I tested adding them, werent approved right away like all the other keywords, so Id get scared and remove them

For the NO list on the keywords, we can write our own content on the web site with a BiblePay angle. Targeted keywords are best as they will lead to conversions (lower hanging fruit). Ideally, lower number of search results means we can place better organically.

9.6M cpu cryptocurrency,
3.9M cpu only cryptocurrency,
20M altcoin, 34M dash cryptocurrency,
76M cryptocurrency mining,
80M bitcoin mining,
108M crypto mining,

found some other keyword phrases that can traffic to biblepay.not sure if you want articles on a separate domain pointing back to or will host the written articles.
we can easily rank well for search results under 100k. you write a few good articles and you can rank easily for it.

42k android boinc mining
44k rosetta@home ryzen
56k android boinc projects
75k rosetta@home boinc
195k world community grid biblepay
287k does rosetta@home use gpu
634k world community grid cryptocurrency
911k rosetta@home system requirements
5M rosetta@home android
36M rosetta@home requirements
189M how does world community grid work

Discussion and Suggestions / Re: Reduce Page Load Time
« on: September 12, 2018, 11:24:18 pm »
try this:

I thought I posted this reply, but trying again

BBP-Pool is written by the same individual who wrote the GRC-Pool.  So any code he reused would be his to do so.

I was referring to the BiblePay code. Since BiblePay is a fork of DASH, and DASH is a fork of Bitcoin, having all the correct copyright attributions would not lock the GitHub repo due to DMCA. I've seen it twice now with two different projects. One was Sumokoin a fork of Monero. Their GitHub repo was locked for a few days.

Production Proposals / Re: Ads - Google, Twitter, Facebook
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:54:16 pm »
You want your quality score to be higher otherwise you are getting poor leads. Looks like cpu mining and masternodes. Do you think there are any angles on the orphans or non-profit angle that may be less competitive?

In eCommerce, CPA can be a special landing page only that can be reached after you finish purchasing a product or service. For BiblePay, maybe joining the newsletter or participating in airdrop is a measurable action?  The other questions you have are good ones, but how to track/measure those questions is a big challenge.

Production Proposals / Re: Ads - Google, Twitter, Facebook
« on: September 11, 2018, 11:43:51 am »
Wow $1 a click. You should shoot for something closer to $0.03 a click. Work around the edges more. Focus on three or more keyword combos. Your one word and two word phrases is going to be more competitive and will burn through the budget really quickly. Try to pace it out so you can advertise for the full 30 days.

What are the keywords you are using?

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