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Sanctuary Discussions / Re: Bug Bounty Program
« on: January 22, 2020, 09:57:09 PM »
Apparently Marcino has successfully ported POBH 1.0 to a GPU.  We are just waiting for him to post his code and summary of how it works.  Then we will review and to my knowledge the bug bounty will be paid.

Then we will reinstantiate a new bug bounty for POBH 2.0 while we create our next-gen miner.

I noticed he's been around a long time. He was mining when ABN was fluctuating from 85k 125k 250k etc.

« on: January 09, 2020, 07:28:33 AM »

With BOINC forums, you have to anticipate some of the issues that are posed like concerns with team poaching, BBP being a cryptocurrency, etc.

I'd be careful with how I post it. Of course, BiblePay doesn't require a team, but the workflow hasn't been refined. Personally, I'd wait until everything is smoothed out.

A good discussion here on monetizing BOINC:

Having said that, some BOINC mods are just anti-BBP either from a religious standpoint, they support GridCoin, or otherwise don't want monetization of any kind, so you'll see removal anyway.

As a nice market, I've been struggling to find keywords that fit into Google we could target for

Due to the drop in price for BBP, I could only sell 350k BBP for 1 satoshi which came out explorer extension for 2-3 months:


Still, the value for this explorer hosting is less expensive and feature rich compared to the current alternative.

Production Proposals / Re: - Press Release
« on: December 22, 2019, 10:01:00 PM »
It takes a little more effort, but when April of BLOOM was involved... the idea of contacting media to "pitch" stories to write about with BiblePay in mind somehow requires no money. Just time to build relationships and to build a contact list. I think a lot of funds have been spent on advertisement and marketing without a lot to show for it unfortunately. I think Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations (the three triads of outreach) is important but we have to be judicious with our spending. You need to have the start up mentality and prioritize what is going to have the most bang for the buck and effort.

We could start up a PR campaign again and build a list again?
A good place to start might be the domains resulting from:

You and I can talk more offline Togo.

I'm doing what I can to make up for it.  I'm speaking to a few top 30 exchanges now, and if we can list BBP for a fee in BTC Ill just pay for it out of my pocket to help balance this deal.

I don't think anyone faults you for signing up with Tokok. I think if you gave exchange listing opportunities longer to digest, that will allow more feedback from BiblePay members. The ultimatum negotiating tactics by exchanges are really lame and if they are worth their salt, offers would continue to stand over time.

Production Proposals / Re: BiblePay Woocommerce Payment Gateway Proposal
« on: December 18, 2019, 11:46:23 PM »
If the proposal gets accepted, i'll include a backup explorer as well!

I sent two test payments again. I sent tried to search on the TX on the but they never came up and the checkout page never acknowledge the tx. I remember used to show the mempool tx but it doesn't seem to be happening any more.

would you consider making the max block time shorter? maybe 49 minutes (7x7)? something even smaller like 28 minutes (7x4) would be good too.

None of the CameroonONE kids are being recognized using TestNet RC1. They all say unprovisioned.

Bounty has been successful. Details of how it was used here:

Would like to top up another 100k BBP


Is this supposed to mean 99% of coin age? Would it be difficult to include a comparison?

Currently, you will approximately receive xx% of your PoDC reward.

For 100% PoDC reward, you will need:
Team BiblePay: xxx BBP
Non-Team BiblePay: xxx BBP

07:07:48 sendgscc wcg
  "Warning!": "WARNING!  PODC is using 0.99% of your coin age.  This means your RAC may be reduced, resulting in a lower PODC reward. ",
  "Results": true

Production Proposals / Re: PODC TEAM REQUIREMENTS
« on: December 10, 2019, 01:32:33 AM »


exec rac


  "Command": "rac",
  "cpid": "xxx",
  "CPK": "yfhhKPtRjgKb7CRfkWWGQ5EYeJMTK7UTdh",
  "next_podc_gsc_transmission": 21217,
  "team_name": "Unknown",
  "external_purse_total_coin_age": 1004348.671319445,
  "coin_age_percent_required": 0.99,
  "NOTE!": "Coins must have a maturity of at least 5 confirms for your coin*age to count.  (See current depth in coin control).",
  "WARNING!": "BiblePay requires staking collateral to be stored in your Christian-Public-Key (External Purse) to be available for GSC transmissions.  You currently do not have enough coin age in your external purse.  This means your PODC reward will be reduced to a commensurate amount of RAC.  Please read our PODC 2.0 guide about sending bankroll notes to yourself.  ",
  "coin_age_required": 11592996.64371439,
  "wcg_id": 1067915,
  "rac": 26008.92

So which platform are you running 1484 on?
MIP said he just finished the compile, so does this mean you self compiled QT on linux?

Unable to reproduce:  On all four of my 1484 nodes, the researchers load.

I just tested on windows also, 1484 loads researchers on windows.

Windows 10. I would have thought the EXE part and Task Manager would be hint enough. I'll try again tonight and let others chime in if they have an issue.

Yes, zero.

And the value is set to zero currently, so we are in "0" mode.

When my wallet was stuck at loading PoDC researchers, I thought I had a corrupt blockchain so I did the --erasechain option.

1484 doesn't go past this screen for me.

I can't exit BiblePay-qt.exe unless I end the task manually from Task Manager.

1483 didn't have this problem... this is why I looked at the code and asked about it because the screen is stuck on Loading PoDC researchers...

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