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General Support / Re: Not allowed to solve quiz
« on: April 16, 2020, 08:38:53 PM »
Hello everyone,

I have solved a quiz on 11/04/2020 and was expecting yesterday (48 hours later) to be able to solve the next one. However, until even now, the link of my address on has not been re-enabled to be allowed to have the next quiz. Are there any other prerequisites apart from mining on the foundation pool that I am missing?

Are you mining on the pool? I'm told you have to be an active miner. From the leaderboard, you click on your miner address and that's how you get to the quiz now.

General Support / Re: PODC issue
« on: April 16, 2020, 08:18:37 PM »
are you seeksilence1 on btc talk?

what is your cpid?

With POBH & XMR - only the pool side would really know how much you can earn. Anyone can join and leave a pool (other than PPLNS) encouraging long-term mining, so what you can earn based on hash rate will fluctuate. Then you need to calculate how much energy your particular rig is using and factor in the electricity cost. Add the fluctuating value of fiat to altcoin, so it really makes it difficult to calculate. I guess it is up to each miner to figure how much they pay for electricity.

On the PoDC side, I can see it is roughly 1 BBP for 3 points (or BOINC RAC). As more PoDC miners join, the ratio increases. Its definitely a good thing more people are participating.

Discussion and Suggestions / SEO Pretty URLs for SMF forum
« on: April 12, 2020, 12:30:51 PM »

Also, for SEO and pretty URLs, this is a free mod to shorten the URL make it easier to remember threads.

Discussion and Suggestions / Re: Social media login for forum
« on: April 12, 2020, 12:29:20 PM »
If we have a social media login feature for this forum, more people can communicate easily.

I see the script is available for free:

If is the main way to discuss topics, social login will allow people to register more easily.

General Support / Re: staking rewards
« on: April 12, 2020, 12:25:57 PM »

Hi, I wrote an article about your question.

The summary is:
1) sanctuary (masternode) fractional on is currently the best way to earn 35%
2) dynamic whale staking 22% see #1
3) podc 2.0 you can earn with by contributing to science with your computing power
you can do part podc 2.0 for BBP that you need for full PoDC payment and rest you can put in fractional reserve
4) faucets

Thanks, I just edited the post!

The original white paper for v1.1 is here for anyone wanting to take on the bounty.


Looks like we need a bounty offers page, and Ill create one asap.

In the mean time Id like to offer a bounty of 2MM BBP to anyone who would like to modify our whitepaper to be current.
Current whitepaper:

It needs updated to have our latest info about RandomX and PODC, etc.   And anything in it that is inaccurate should be corrected.

Note I only have the original Chinese version in Word, so the job would entail (editing the word docx file) and changing the Chinese characters to English, and updating the paper to be current (for a new English version) so we can update our OP post (it says "being updated" currently).

I sent you an editable Word doc from the PDF by e-mail.


POBH and PODC are always moving targets.

POBH I can track and converted BBP mined per day to BBP coins and USD fiat equivalent. I can do the same for Sanctuaries (masternodes).

PoDC is a bit harder, but you tell how much you earn in a day after you've done it for a few weeks.

As you may comprehend, the computing power changes the dynamic every day. What complicates it more is that PoDC will keep paying (RAC decay) so even if you are not completing tasks you get paid for a few weeks. And other question is would you rather heat mine or contribute your computing power to science like Cancer Research or perhaps OpenPandemics (when it is released by WCG).

Good idea. Third party service wants a lot upfront with high pressure to be included. went out of business, so its hard to say what kind of ROI you'll get with these third party services.

BiblePay discussion / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: April 01, 2020, 09:44:11 PM »


  "Code": "BLENRYgVPwzfsrJoJNbvC537qMHsCVyeFU-1457-76-170-58-128"

Archived Proposals / Re: Apr-May-Jun 2020 Crytpoid BBP explorer
« on: March 30, 2020, 12:15:35 PM »
I put the proposal in too late, so used the 250k BBP bounty to extend hopefully for 3-4 months. I'll submit a proposal for 500k BBP again so we can get it properly extended next time.

Archived Proposals / Apr-May-Jun 2020 Crytpoid BBP explorer
« on: March 22, 2020, 12:03:55 PM »
Cryptoid Explorer for BBP is expiring in 3 weeks

Asking 500k BBP to extend subscription

« on: March 17, 2020, 09:36:43 AM »
Are there any other requirements for the pool besides updating the code and daemon? Do I need to add a Monero wallet or anything like that?

Changing a brand is a one-time effort (massive as it is). Maintaining two brands is a lot of ongoing work. Its going to get messy real fast. It wouldn't be a good use your talents if you were having to maintain the dual brands.

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