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I purchased a 1-year individual dev licence from Apple on April 2018 in order to have certificates for publishing signed DMGs for the Biblepay Core Client in MacOS, and also to be able to prepare a iOS mobile wallet to publish in App Store.

As you probably know already, Apple refused to publish such application because they don't allow it for individual accounts.

Currently our only alternative to create a iOS app is to acquire an Enterprise Dev license from Apple (priced 299Ä), which requires to consolidate a company and have a DUNS number. At this moment this is not available so we stuck here.

I want to request 99Ä  to renew the individual license for 2019 so we can keep our certificates to publish the Biblepay Core Client in DMG for MacOS.

At current prices ([email protected]Ä and BBP=5 sat) that would mean 571594 BBP.

Thank you for your time.

I support you on this.

Are you able to publish to Apple Store at all? Would it say MIP on it instead of BiblePay?

General Support / Re: Purepool Support
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:43:27 am »
did you notice if you go to you get a 400 bad request?

but this works fine -

I wonder if you should redirect 400 bad request to https site?

how is mining reward and purepool going with all the recent changes, no cpid, and forks?

BiblePay discussion / Re: Economical model thoughts and current state
« on: March 05, 2019, 08:40:32 pm »
I would have thought a spork value for pog and POS would not require any upgrades. But I'm probably missing something.

With all these changes, I do think the concept of 10% tithing coming from your profits is a good idea. What you mine via pog or pobh or something else could really be called tithing if you're offering to God what is his anyway , a small offering of the blessings you received . I never felt good about this pog donation scheme being called tithing.

Anyway, more bbp to donation address would help ease the proposals being requested as well. If there's not a need, we don't have to extract 100% from the budget every time.


Asking 190k BBP for any volatility margin with conversion from BBP -> BTC -> USD/EUR

BBP Requested   186,263.10      
Proposal Fee   2500      

Total   188,763.10   BBP   

date   Open*   High   Low   Close**   Volume   MarketCap   Average
Mar 05, 2019   0.000188   0.000234   0.000187   0.000197   18   267,502   0.0002015
Mar 04, 2019   0.0002   0.000222   0.000187   0.000188   44   255,077   0.00019925
Mar 03, 2019   0.000191   0.000231   0.00019   0.000201   278   272,134   0.00020325
Mar 02, 2019   0.000215   0.000233   0.000159   0.000191   1,522   258,630   0.0001995
Mar 1, 2019   0.00023   0.000269   0.000152   0.000215   490   290,741   0.0002165
Feb 28, 2019   0.000241   0.000268   0.000223   0.00023   407   307,327   0.0002405
Feb 27, 2019   0.000231   0.000271   0.000229   0.00024   119   320,687   0.00024275
            Average of Average   0.00021475


I've been talking to Cryptoid admin and s/he is offering explorer service for 12.50Ä/mo with no ads.

Crypto advertisement may not align with Christian values. Although, it costs slightly more to run ad free, it is more professional and does not present BiblePay visitors with potentially sinful marketing.

Verified that BiblePay blockchain is compatible.

Can pay via BTC (market EUR equivalent) or PayPal (needs name, address, VAT, etc).

I was thinking trying them out for 3 months at 12.50Ä/mo.

The explorer is very fast. You can see blocks, tx, and address history very quickly since all blockchain data is import into SQL database.

You can try it out yourself here:

Togo currently pay $40/mo for a 4-core VPS and due to explorer bugs, explorer performance is terrible.

For what Togo pays in 1 month or what Slovakia charged for 1 month of, you can get 3 months of service through cryptoid.

Really, its a no brainer.

If this proposal is approved, I will submit again in May for an extension of 3 or 6 months.

BiblePay discussion / Re: Economical model thoughts and current state
« on: March 05, 2019, 10:28:11 am »
Imho, solid POG, a place to watch rapture videos, upvoting childrens letters, these things alone are very exciting for a Christian wallet.

I think more refinement for PoG is necessary. I haven't met any grandma yet that can use PoG. There are still too many things that require command line or editing biblepay.conf ... I think the concept of PoG can attract many people but the GUI is not friendly enough to attract grandma. Consolidating bankroll still needs some work IMO. But since DASH evolution is the high priority, I guess PoG will be on standby? Or you do want to market PoG as-is?

Theology Corner / Acts 24 Bible Study Questions
« on: March 03, 2019, 01:19:05 am »

Acts 24 Bible Study Questions

Acts 24:1-9 Flattery, what is it? How can we spot it? How can we avoid using it
ourselves? How does flattery show a lack of trust in God?

Acts 24:10-21 What is the foundational truth for Christianity? How does the doctrine of
the resurrection affect your salvation? How does it affect your daily walk with Jesus? How does it affect the truthfulness of our Message?

Acts 24:15-16 Talk about our conscience. What is it and why has God given everyone a
conscience? What happens if we do not listen to our conscience? What happens to our conscience when we fail to respond to Godís Word?

Acts 24:22-27 Talk about how God is faithful to care for His children. How did God care
for Paul and bless him even in his time of difficulty? What are some examples of how God has blessed you in difficult circumstances?

Acts 24:25 Discuss why it is essential that we obey God immediately. How does delaying obedience to God affect us spiritually?


* Pray that the Lord will watch over your lips this week.
* Pray for someone that needs to know Jesus as their savior.
* Pray that you will not go against your conscience unless it is something that is clearly stated in Godís Word. Pray for today's service that Godís Word would touch the hearts and consciences of all who would hear.
* Spend some time thanking God for all His blessings to your life.
* Pray that you will each be sensitive to hear and obey all of Godís Word.


If pog only passes we need a clause in there on how to handle podc balances. many people can't do exec podcupdate with pog. It could a simple message to please move your funds out of Rosetta to a non tithe address. Or change the code to allow bankroll and tithing of podc funds later on.

If you want smooth transition to pog after pog passes, podc users need to be taken care of.

PoBH reward used be around 450 BBP. Is the proposal to increase this to 1k BBP? You technically don't need to participate in PoG to mine a block.

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Tipping bot on Discord
« on: March 01, 2019, 12:41:35 pm »
Someone is proposing us a tipping bot on discord

This is another option. I've seen them around on different Discord channels.

Can be useful for bounty payouts, faucet, or tipping for submitting bugs or enhancements that make it into production code, etc.

BiblePay discussion / Re: Economical model thoughts and current state
« on: February 28, 2019, 02:07:54 pm »
One thing is to have an interesting lab project for a few team members, the other thing is to have a real world product that millions want to use daily because of its usefulness.

I think PoG (Proof of Giving) is an interesting concept. It is complex and quirky in its own way, but a lot of iterations have made it a useful product. I think we need a solid product, and then we can start marketing it to the right people. BiblePay needs to be more UI focused changes for better adoption. I think the underlying code is there... the UI needs more work to make it super easy and friendly.

We need to pay some grandmas and do a micro study to see if it really is easy enough for grandma to do. There are some pain points like making bankroll (and making bankroll when your min coin value isn't good enough). But all of that can be solved in the UI with more refinement. PoG engine room is a great start and I think it can be further refined over time.

Overall, I agree PoG is greener than PoDC and support switching to PoG completely. I'd prefer a spork where the payout reduces over time, but I think you said it was too much development hours. So, complete removal of PoDC and move to PoG is my answer.

Some concerns with PoG:

1) If PoG is going to be marketed as "green technology", minersleep=325 as a default is problematic. I think minersleep=950 is better. I actually had a VPS host ban me because of CPU abuse. I thought I could run biblepayd to support the network, but it was solo mining (without my permission frankly) and using up too much CPU. That feels like ill-behaving software to me. mining doesn't need to be on everyone's computer... just the ones that want to intentionally mine and they can do it on a pool. I actually did win a block solo mining using minersleep=950 , so it is possible! ;)

2) BOINC cpid (data outside of blockchain - oracle) was used as unique identifier and had some limits placed on who could mine a block. That restriction is removed. When PoBH reward goes back to previous levels, what's your proposal to prevent botnets? Is there a mechanism using blockchain data only to have similar safeguards? I worry because botnet may not want to upgrade versions or could allow double spend attacks with back to back block rewards.

3) Is auto tithing for android BiblePay still going to happen?

4) Will funding for PoG marketing be available? Having an external consultant to create a marketing plan? Volunteers, bounty, and/or paid workers to execute the plan?
4a) Are there plans to simplify PoG faucet on ? I've had two reports that SMS verification did not work for them (carrier not on list, phone number not accepted)

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Cryptoid Explorer for BiblePay?
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:48:27 am »
Upon further clarification, he does run ads on there. If we don't want ads, cost would be 12.50Ä/mo

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Cryptoid Explorer for BiblePay?
« on: February 27, 2019, 11:34:45 am »

I've been talking to Cryptoid admin and s/he is offer 6-months at 55Ä for 6 months. or 99Ä for 12 months.

Verified that BiblePay blockchain is compatible.

Can pay via BTC (market EUR equivalent) or PayPal (needs name, address, VAT, etc).

I was thinking trying them out for 6 months for 55Ä.

The explorer is very fast. You can see blocks, tx, and address history very quickly since all blockchain data is import into SQL database.

Archived Proposals / Re: Feb Payroll
« on: February 25, 2019, 12:44:22 am »
I think investors feel backlog of payroll of any sort of IT expense looks like a liability. Can we cap invoicing back to say 90 days (3 months) back? So if invoiced in the month of Feb 2019, you can ask for Jan 2019, Dec 2018, and/or Nov 2018 but not prior? This is not to say developers should not be compensated... it just looks bad carrying liabilities so far back.

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