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- Lower ABN fees:  Although counter intuitive that with a rising diff, you would expect a *higher* abn, we actually want a higher diff (to make each currency unit more expensive), and we want a lower abn, to bring in as many users as possible.

I've been working on a graph of CPK miner. I can show you that 8 ppl are mining more than 33% of the blocks per day.

148 unique cpk. On average, only 20 CPK have gotten 3 blocks or more blocks per day.

If you want more miners (and keep them mining), more "luck" needs to be introduced into the mix. Hash power & a little a ABN can not be the sole determinants for mining a block. That's why I still feel matching hash of miner reward address to block hash will be more effective in recruiting miners and keeping miners with BiblePay. 1 in 16 chance to mine the block means another miner will get an opportunity to mine the block. This allows for block distribution to more miners and provides the positive feedback that single computer miners need. True decentralization of miners will be a big selling point (as opposed to Bitcoin, DASH, etc).


turning off qt is a good idea.

is world community grid (wcg) a possibility instead of rosetta? there are projects that align with children, cancer (smash childhood cancer), and improving infrastructure in places where we support orphans (Africa) :[/font]

monthly super block 10%
mining 25%
sanctuary 25%
gsc 40%

from gsc 40%
... pog 47.5%
... poom 47.5%
... healing 5%

new proposal:
monthly super block 10%
mining 20%
sanctuary 35%
gsc 35%

from gsc 35%:
... podc 80%
... healing 5%
... poom 15%

if the new percentages are correct, does poom 15% cover the monthly 10%. it would still be shored up with monthly proposals after exchange listing fees are paid up?

Production Proposals / Re: New Exchange - Coinsbit
« on: October 19, 2019, 11:35:18 am »
What do you see as the benefit of getting on another exchange?

Do you think additional exchange will dilute the volume?

What trade pairs are initially being offered?

Do any of the non-profits that wish to liquidate benefit from a new exchange? For example, a BBP to USD pair and easy withdrawal might streamline the process for USA non-profits?

Production Proposals / Re: Lower ABN Requirement?
« on: October 07, 2019, 07:25:44 pm »
did you have a point about the abnweight? lower yes or lower no?

BiblePay discussion / Re: Economical model thoughts and current state
« on: October 04, 2019, 01:06:27 pm »
What will it cost to create another BiblePay like this one that will produce the same economic benefits for orphans?

What are the other crypto projects worth that are similar to BiblePay?

If I invest time, money and effort into BiblePay, what economic benefits and when will it provide me?

Production Proposals / Re: Lower ABN Requirement?
« on: October 03, 2019, 09:38:13 am »
I say raise ABN requirements to 256k.

If you give me wiki edit access again, I can make the change and remove amount.


Hello, some users are asking me what the correct biblepay.conf setting is for PoG foundation amount.

On one page: - it says to use pog_foundationdonationamount=nnnn

On this page: - it says to pog_foundationdonation

I am not sure if this is the correct place to look, but this seems to suggest using the line without amount

Can you clarify?


In my case, I used our upgradesanc command.  Heres how I created a deterministic using the legacy with upgrade method:
- Send 4,500,001 to myself using QT wallet
- Type masternode outputs - copy the TXID and ordinal
- Edit the controllers testnet3/masternode.conf file
- Past IP:Port MNP txid ordinal (in the file)
- Type 'upgradesanc sancname 0' .  Verify this will work.
- Type 'upgradesanc sancname 1'.  Copy the masternode bls priv key to the Sanc "biblepay.conf" file.  Also ensure the sanc has masternode=1 in it.
- Reboot the sanc so it uses the bls priv key.

Will instructions differ for someone who creates a sanctuary after having bought 4.55M from an exchange and want to self-host?

The upgradesanc only applies if a 4.55M sanctuary already exists but upgrading to a newer version?

I want to write a sanctuary set up guide but it is not clear what the sanctuary creation options are.

Production Proposals / Re: Remove Port Restriction on Hosted Sanctuaries
« on: September 21, 2019, 04:11:26 pm »
It is certainly cheaper because of consolidating nodes onto one server. You can rent one beefy server (hetzner, scaleway) and not have to pay for multiple IPs per month. Downside is that is a potential DDoS attack or network route going down will take all the sanctuaries (masternodes) offline. With (B) IPFS, having all nodes on the same server would be risky since one server or network down means all the IPFS nodes go offline.

The 20% POBH would be a standard calculation (692,193 * .20 = 138,438) per day.

Hi Rob - Can you clarify something for me? When a block is mined, the split between miner and sanctuary is split evenly. The amount that is split varies based (I think) on the difficulty set by Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) algorithm. So, your figure of 692,193 comes from a fixed difficulty value of some sort? I would think the PoBH and Sanctuary split will adhere to their respective percentages, but amount being split is not a fixed known is it?

I had considered that with ABN (anti bot net) being so successful, if you've considered making mined block values to be fixed or to dwindle on a fixed schedule of some sort like Bitcoin. It feels like to me that the economics breakdown is easier to project without the difficulty variable. Easier to market, easier to predict BBP earnings, and you don't have to change documentation as often.

Looks like sponsorchild creates the 50k BBP donation? I guess I'm sponsoring two kids (which is okay).

I think a prompt to confirm we want to perform the action is a good idea.

When do we start receiving payments? Does the first 50k count toward orphan sponsorship, or must we send a separate $40?

On 8/17/2019, 50k BBP was sent to Orphan Foundation

What do I need to do now to sponsor a child?

Can I sponsor more than one child with the same wallet?

I read this, but I'm not sure what I original ID that I was given. Does it matter?
I'm worried if I type sponsorchild again, another 50k BBP will be deducted from my wallet.

Looks like listchildren works for me, so I'm hopeful the sponsored child will be assigned to me in the next 7 days.

the biography URL doesn't work, but hopefully that'll be working.

I did notice my balance changed from -999 to 40, so does that mean I am setup?

BiblePay discussion / PoOM: Proof of Orphan Mining 50k BBP sent, now what?
« on: September 04, 2019, 10:21:11 pm »

On 8/17/2019, 50k BBP was sent to Orphan Foundation

What do I need to do now to sponsor a child?

Can I sponsor more than one child with the same wallet?

I read this, but I'm not sure what I original ID that I was given. Does it matter?
I'm worried if I type sponsorchild again, another 50k BBP will be deducted from my wallet.

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