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Please add true to the end and it should force it in.

I wonder if there's value in always forcing it true. Seems like a point of confusion to use true or not. Any harm in making it the default?


Eventually, where does Kairos fit into this?

PoG will disappear, but healing stays...

By Jan 2020, it says the following:

   GSC Suballocations:
   25% for POOM-Cameroon One (this is 10% of our monthly emission for charity)
   5% for Healing
   70% for PODC

That should be OK.  The primary change is now you have to be upgraded to the latest to send an associate (as the latest version is different than the one 2 versions ago); have you sent the exec associate on this latest version?

(Otherwise it will be rejected in the mempool on the *foreign* nodes).

EDIT:  please fill me in on the history of the cpid; is it new, or has it been linked , etc?

i did exec associate sunk818 vccode

[/size]  "Command": "associate",
[/size]  "wcg_member_id": 1067915,
[/size]  "wcg_points": 146514500,
[/size]  "cpid": "c3939b61e69c6bde1eddb06708e0f96e",
[/size]  "rac": 6422.256021,
[/size]  "researcher_nickname": "sunk818",
[/size]  "Error": "ALREADY_IN_CHAIN"

Archived Proposals / Re: Kairos Christmas
« on: November 15, 2019, 04:52:32 PM »
I've been talking to a few people about this. Some are suggesting besides BBP to pay online payment methods. Do you have other payment methods accepted and how to account for it publically? If you put in a production proposal using BiblePay wallet, I'll make sure to coordinate any funds beyond proposal go to the same address. We can see in the BiblePay explorer how much is contributed in a certain time period for holiday gifts/toys to the kids.

What child doesn't want to feel special during the holidays, that they matter, and being doted on by strangers that love them?

i think I did exec join wcg before I did exec associate sunk818 verify_code .

now, i can't seem to get my account linked.

I must have done something wrong or out of order.

who owns the external purse? do we have access to it?

if we don't send a gscc daily, do we stop earning rewards? what do you think about a 7 day average? this way, even if we miss a day, we'll still earn rewards? I thought you mentioned something about 7 days, but I forgot what that was about...

Production Proposals / Re: BiblePay Evolution 2.0 Changes for Future Growth
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:17:03 PM »
DASH has a big marketing budget. How does the marketing budget of DASH fit into your model? Do you feel BiblePay needs to emulate the marketing aspects of DASH to be successful?

What does commit activity on GitHub look like with DASH compared to the commit activity of BiblePay? Too little? Too much? Just right?

Archived Proposals / Re: Dynamic Whale Staking
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:03:29 PM »
DWS feels like PoG v1. Along with spending your coin age you send your coins to a burn address. After the wait period, you get a reward. It doesn't feel that different from PoG v1 except the "burned" funds leave your wallet temporarily.


Says the burn was successful, but gets rejected. The messaging is not clear. Ideally, no mempool creation should be created IMO.

Code: [Select]
   11:04:52    exec dws 1000000 1 1

    11:04:52    {
  "Command": "dws",
  "Staking Amount": 1000000,
  "Duration": 1,
  "Reclaim Date": "11-15-2019 19:04:52",
  "Return Address": "yTXhgST2JwaPM8XRwMng4fBZzgubx76cRB",
  "ROI %": "90.6013",
  "Results": "Burn was successful.  You will receive your original BBP back on the Reclaim Date, plus the stake reward.  Please give the wallet an extra 24 hours after the reclaim date to process the return stake.  ",
  "TXID": "ab5c992590f07e67d85d9495b91a943bd785aefa973cf17630cc76f818dbf3a8"

VerifyDynamicWhaleStake::REJECTED, Sorry, our daily whale commitments of 118557.355695 are higher than the acceptable maximum of 5000000.000000, please wait until tomorrow.AcceptToMemoryPool::Dynamic Whale Burn rejected 5b5ff5efda6d9b4cf110e2bb977f297347924429339ab8e34f9cd0cf2d2d6507
2019-11-14 19:05:50 CommitTransaction(): Transaction cannot be broadcast immediately,

on mac i got on command line saying..

    err="tinyformat: Not enough conversion specifiers in format string"
VerifyDynamicWhaleStake::REJECTED, Burn time out of bounds."

    err="tinyformat: Not enough conversion specifiers in format string"
VerifyDynamicWhaleStake::REJECTED, Burn time out of bounds."

please send me funds yUKkAGGyGxBzR2SQBvzqpB7FNDkwZcteES

To help with cameroon-one and Kairos, please sponsor a few random children with:
sponsorchild cameroon-one authorize
sponsorchild kairos authorize

Then paste me the childid's and Ill send a credit in through the testnet integration, and we can verify our payment amounts.

3d28e3d5 - cameroon-one
[/size]8fd8963b - kairos

I can help with CameroonONE and Kairos integration. Not sure how I can help. More details is appreciated. I think I got WCG registered and working now. I'll check later and report if I'm still having issues.

Archived Proposals / Re: Dynamic Whale Staking
« on: November 12, 2019, 10:55:01 AM »

This is a concept to be considered:  Dynamic Whale Staking.

The problem statement:  We need more users and more investors to make biblepay more popular.
365 days later, the whale will receive the original 1mil back, plus 150,000 in additional coins.

Yes, I agree with the problem statement. Let's get more users and investors to BiblePay.

With Dynamic Whale Staking, can you explain how this scheme passes the Howey test? To me, this is an investment and there is clear expectation of profit. If you deposit 1M BBP, you will get back 150BBP in one year. Sounds like a dividend or certificate of deposit. Isn't this a risk to BiblePay leaving it open to scrutiny by the SEC?

will gen=1 still be required in the biblepay.conf to submit these wcg, pog, healing, occasionally? with the external miner, I wonder if gen=0 will be okay now...

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