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General Discussion / Re: pool
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:17:52 am »
do you know what kind of pool payout is and for ?

the two most common I think are proportional and PPLNS.

Not related to this specific request, but you should consider removing BiblePay Explorer transactions from showing up in Google. Maybe just home page, Top 100, etc... But just TXs links will clutter up the Google search engine results.

Production Proposals / Re: Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:46:28 am »
Have you considered the abuse potential? It wouldn't be hard to create VMs (Windows or Linux) and script your way to multiple 10k BBP payouts. At 0.002 x 10k = $20 USD?  That's a lot of motivation to cheat the system. Sorry to be negative here, but I've seen a lot of airdrops not give the result people wanted. Wasted advertising $$$ mostly if you actually follow through on the payout.  Would you have to screen for fraud manually or is there an automated/clever way to clean out fraud? Is having to upload your identification too much?  Or perhaps there's an API where you can tie in with a reputable exchange where the user is registered and authenticated to an acceptable level?

Production Proposals / Re: Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:19:58 pm »
I'm not sure if it is technically feasible, but giving BBP for people downloading mobile app could be a possibility. Is there a mechanism on the Android Play Store to verify someone downloaded an app and to give a one-time code to redeem BBP?

I think another angle could be retirement, recurring income (via masternodes), charity, bible, biblical... I think there is some opportunity here to obfuscate the crypto technology part while amplifying the charity aspect. It has to be done in a safe, transparent way though... so we don't come off a sheisters...

Production Proposals / Re: One Click masternode set up and hosting
« on: June 30, 2018, 02:10:24 am »
I see some potential here with churches that may want to buy a masternode to support the mission of helping orphans (e.g. use the payout from the masternode to help support a child on compassion). Or masternode could be used as investment tool for the church. Church would just provide the fiat, and everything would have to be performed as a service. Not just the masternode, but converting of bbp -> btc -> fiat. If taxes needed to paid, the service would have to provide the documents as well. If MN becomes an investment vehicle, then would it be possible to approach mutual funds that are moral (don't invest in tobacco, alcohol, drug stocks) and negotiate for inclusion as a financial & charitable investment vehicle.

Is this new theme in QT wallet? If so, which display should I choose?

My goal is to get us to start experimenting with advertising, especially if we have extra funds in the budget,
goal is to get more users, more buyers, more awareness

Currently, my main target audience is still people who are already into/familiar with cryptocurrency

If you want to learn about SEM/SEO (search engine marketing, search engine optimization), a six month forum access to supporters forum is an inexpensive investment to learn and discuss:

I subscribed for a few years when I was running on my own ecommerce site selling business equipment. It helped me a lot with DIY SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

I can't seem to find the referer.log you are talking about (any tips?).

it might be under /var/log/apache/referer.log

i'm not familiar with wordpress (i don't think they provide keyword analysis out of the box and requires a plugin). I'll ask a friend who is a wordpress host provider so he can recommend some tools for future analysis.

you can burn through money quickly online advertising... so my point is to educate yourself and go slowly. i think bitcointalk forum is likely the best source of crypto friendly traffic.

Production Proposals / Re: Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: June 30, 2018, 01:41:35 am »
I've participated in a few air drops and I'm on -- Honestly, I haven't followed any of the altcoins I signed up for. App downloads, social media posts, telegram joins, etc. All of them, I did, then either left or deleted the app. The only incentive was the payout and nothing else. So, how many participants are like myself in the airdrop world? How much of the airdrop would just be wasted on people like myself?

Even Jesus had a small group of disciplines that help spread his message and even died for the Gospel. Even then, they did not understand even after his death and resurrection.  So, I feel making fishers of men is important than speaking to a large crowd where you do not make believers.

I don't know anything about the airdrop side just receiving... so I'm open to hearing your thoughts.

Also, you can put testnet=1 in your biblepaytest.conf, and leave it out of biblepay.conf. 

BTC Talk said you could run biblepay-qt as a portable app.
So, I have a folder called biblepay and another one for biblepaytest

I thought adding -testnet automatically uses different rpcport

Can someone send me 501k tBBP to yW3evG8mKvbb8oL6Tq9bys7KrxxadMuWMj ?



-conf as a parameter to cdhoose different .conf file didn't work for me, but putting testnet=1 in biblepay.conf worked.

$0.50 is pretty high for pay-per-click. It really depends on your competitors and how much you want to spend to show your ads on rotation and how quickly you want to burn through your budget. You could spend less. if you buy long-tail keywords (3 keyword+). Those clicks are cheaper and you can "work around the edges". Ultra targeted keywords with very low CPC (cost per click).

Do you have keywords from the web site log (referer.log)? You could look analyze the keyword traffic (excluding log spam) and see if you can build a word set based on those referral keywords.

The other website selling banner ad space is good for visibility ("brand awareness") for BBP, but this is hard to measure. What kind of sites are you looking to buy banner ad space on? Is it PPI (pay per impression) or PPC (pay per click)? I can see banner ads being effective if the web site is ultra focused. For example, mining web site and you could buy space to market the CPU only mining aspects of the coin. Maybe BOINC related websites for PoDC aspect.

Other ways to build awareness is to create more content for . The forum (not btc talk) is a no-brainer.

Try Google Search Console
Do you own Get indexing and ranking data from Google.

a macOS wallet will be interesting to see if PoW difficulty goes up because of new potential computers coming on to the network.

Does MEMO actually get captured in blockchain, or just the iOS app? You think it should be captured in blockchain? Maybe too much work right?

Other feedback:
  • Send BBP > Scan . Only camera is possible. What I want to send someone BBP from a web site I went to. QR code is there, but how do I scan? This assumes I need a computer display or print it out, etc... If I take a screenshot on iOS, a way to import a picture would be good too, right?
  • knowing who send you payment (BBP address). Someone send me 5 BBP and it was very difficult to send 1 BBP back as a test
  • Address Book to send payment.
  • Maybe quick access to explorer based on from or to BBP address - like %s you find in BBP QT wallet (right click go to explorer)
Soon, we will get the mobile cancer mining working without the pc being involved also.  (exec associate aaa bbb).

BOINC for iOS? That would be amazing, but I didn't think this is possible currently.


If you do a search for the wallet address and transaction ID, there's nothing on the blockchain.

I am not convinced your transaction is successful. If you right-click on the transaction in the QT wallet (desktop?), do you see an Abandon Transaction option?

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