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Mining / Re: My address not showing in the leaderboard
« on: January 11, 2021, 11:00:52 AM »

Glad to hear you were able to figure it out.

Sorry for late reply, I took a break from social media...

I had to add my address (the one used by me to mine, to foundation section of this site, to mining address field).

********************** 13 MILLION BBP BEING GIVEN AWAY TO 2,000+ DASH ADDRESSES STARTING NOW ***********************

Hopefully, we see at least 3 million of these rewards claimed!

I'm not sure how we can spread the message for this campaign - I suppose we can paste this in the Dash bitcointalk forum and in the dash forums.

If no one starts claiming this within 7 days, I will expand the campaign to 100,000 addresses and 50 MM BBP.

Come on dash users, join biblepay today!

4500 BBP

1) I can advertise on some of the crypto faucet sites as pay to click ads.
2) I'll also ask the chainz owner if a banner ad or text link ad is possible on the dash explorer lookups?
3) there is a dash discord too, but not sure if they allow it, so I'll ask...

2900 BBP

Hello Rob.

All these new features sounds intresting for sure, especially privacy aspect of the dms and more polished dws.

On another note i have been thinking if it would be possible to implement Atomic swap for biblepay, like Beam have done and Monero also working on atomic swap nowadays..

I think it would go well with privacy aspect and not having to trust a 3rd pary exchange etc....

Anyhow take care and have a blessed christmas for you and your loved ones.

There is a way to convert BBP to DASH at least:

2900 BBP

PS:  I forgot to mention, I realize DWS is a great feature and is under demand and needs streamlined to make it available all the time.  Im working on streamlining it for our next release to set a floor - fixing sensitivity and making it for all intents and purposes to be available at a minimum of .05-DWU -- so that people are not turned away.  Also increasing the max burn amount from 1MM to 2MM with a higher daily cap to cover more funds per burn, etc. 

Glad to hear DWS is being updated and will be more secure and robust :)   Some people on discord were asking if it is safe DWS is safe to use and I think after your changes, it will be even better! I noticed all the return amounts quoted are at 0.00 the last few times I've checked but better to wait I think.

2900 BBP

Thanks, I submitted the application.

Someone from Altilly contacted the discord to speak to Rob:

My name is Charles Naughton from Altilly Exchange.  Rob Andrews please contact me on telegram @ChuckNaughton  Thank you

2900 BBP


Rob, PKMAN999 on Discord said Altilly is having a sale. No listing fee until end of the year. I used them before. They are transparent and nice group of people. Any chance we could get listed there? - Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange. Core Values: Security, Transparency, Ease of Use, and Fast Execution.
No listing fees , UNTIL DEC 31, 2020

2900 BBP

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: BiblePay TV (Alpha release) - for ROKU TV
« on: December 04, 2020, 03:55:27 AM »

Any new features need time to mature and be promoted. I was advertising this new feature. Its a shame you stopped it abruptly.

I waited about 7 days and didnt see any miners, so I started to reverse course and close the program down.

However if anyone wants to link into our ROKU channel and check out BiblePay TV they can still do that.

I'm a little concerned that we are getting spread too thin, and without backing, I'm apprehensive about spending a massive amount of time on things that dont get used.

After I finish the DAC, Ill probably revisit the ability to spend BBP from BBP TV to sponsor an orphan however.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: BiblePay TV (Alpha release) - for ROKU TV
« on: December 02, 2020, 09:36:43 PM »
I will need to buy a Roku, but was curious how payment is working. It is paid via XMR? Or is it XMR and BBP? I noticed on the foundation site, the address I had for XMR is also for XMR & Roku now.

** APM (Automatic Price Mooning) is being temporarily disabled to bring in more RandomX miners **

Thanks for your consideration. I know there were many RandomX miners on discord that were taken aback by APM and showed a lot of negative sentiment at the time. I know Radar_Dude7 has been a champion of mining and he's been a light in the BBP mining community for sure.

2900 BBP

Hello Rob -- I'll have to clarify with the community member that said his stake requirement went up when they changed to a different team.

Hi Sun,

We already took out the team requirement in one of the last PODC updates, but we do require the coins to be staked and them to have more than 250 rac.

There are a few members of other teams in our cpid list.

2800 BBP

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: BiblePay TV (Alpha release) - for ROKU TV
« on: November 23, 2020, 12:57:33 PM »
On the publisher/content creator side, is there a plan for compensation to encourage uploading of video content? maybe there's a slider where they can put 10% to 100% of their earnings toward orphan sponsorship? if there's a way to partner with a major ad network, then that's an additional source of funds to sponsor orphans or pay miners on top of BBP. Not sure how popular Christian/religious ads are though...

I heard that the latest release from GridCoin (GRC) no longer has a team requirement. Does it make sense for BiblePay to remove the team requirement (e.g. BBP stake requirement is ^1.3 for all) as well? It would at least keep up in parity with other altcoins that pay for distributed computing work...

This removes the team requirement at last (see below), although there are many other important improvements besides that.

2800 BBP


Togo said the server is offline due to an incompatibility with a newer version of Iquudus Explorer he tried to install. He'd have to rollback to an old version of Iquudus which may or may not be compatible with the current BiblePay version. If someone else wants to take over the maintenance of a second explorer, he's open to the idea.

For now, redirecting the explorer to chainz is a good option IMO as they've been responsive and the monthly cost is much lower than $40/mo.
is down for long time.

Can we redirect it to the second explorer ?

1000 BBP

2800 BBP

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: BiblePay TV (Alpha release) - for ROKU TV
« on: November 22, 2020, 01:01:08 PM »
Hi Rob - intriguing ideas! How did you land on using Roku vs say ChromeCast, FireStick, etc?

Hi Rob. So I checked this with my wallet and I'm not sure the list above is correct. I am address "BM2e..." and although I apparently did not receive the DWS payment in the block listed above, I in fact DID receive it the following day (block 201125, TxID 03806879905734fabba33dafd2f6523fc10f41f7173393fe3914f6094a3f1f25). So now I have received these coins twice.
I don't want to keep them, so I could:
1. send them back to you
2. donate them to the foundation
3. send them to a burner address (do we have one in BBP?)

What would be your preferred method?

On another note: I finally uploaded the German version of the whitepaper (in the other thread). ;)

This is a tough one because some people did dws for 100 or 200 BBP at a time with many burns in a single block. So, it was hard to see which reward block the dws burn should appear in.

2800 BBP

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