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The 20% POBH would be a standard calculation (692,193 * .20 = 138,438) per day.

Hi Rob - Can you clarify something for me? When a block is mined, the split between miner and sanctuary is split evenly. The amount that is split varies based (I think) on the difficulty set by Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) algorithm. So, your figure of 692,193 comes from a fixed difficulty value of some sort? I would think the PoBH and Sanctuary split will adhere to their respective percentages, but amount being split is not a fixed known is it?

I had considered that with ABN (anti bot net) being so successful, if you've considered making mined block values to be fixed or to dwindle on a fixed schedule of some sort like Bitcoin. It feels like to me that the economics breakdown is easier to project without the difficulty variable. Easier to market, easier to predict BBP earnings, and you don't have to change documentation as often.

Looks like sponsorchild creates the 50k BBP donation? I guess I'm sponsoring two kids (which is okay).

I think a prompt to confirm we want to perform the action is a good idea.

When do we start receiving payments? Does the first 50k count toward orphan sponsorship, or must we send a separate $40?

On 8/17/2019, 50k BBP was sent to Orphan Foundation

What do I need to do now to sponsor a child?

Can I sponsor more than one child with the same wallet?

I read this, but I'm not sure what I original ID that I was given. Does it matter?
I'm worried if I type sponsorchild again, another 50k BBP will be deducted from my wallet.

Looks like listchildren works for me, so I'm hopeful the sponsored child will be assigned to me in the next 7 days.

the biography URL doesn't work, but hopefully that'll be working.

I did notice my balance changed from -999 to 40, so does that mean I am setup?

BiblePay discussion / PoOM: Proof of Orphan Mining 50k BBP sent, now what?
« on: September 04, 2019, 10:21:11 pm »

On 8/17/2019, 50k BBP was sent to Orphan Foundation

What do I need to do now to sponsor a child?

Can I sponsor more than one child with the same wallet?

I read this, but I'm not sure what I original ID that I was given. Does it matter?
I'm worried if I type sponsorchild again, another 50k BBP will be deducted from my wallet.

Average difficulty last 1000 blocks is 4.3k

286 blocks out of 1000 had difficulty greater than 5k.

I wonder if it is time to consider raising the abn weight requirement from 125k to 250k.

Since greater abn weight will encourage more hodling this will:

1) encourage more bbp purchases from exchange,
2) better payout for miners & masternodes,

3) discourage bot net even further

We got 4.7 months paid for.
bbp (Biblepay) on 2019-08-30 20:53 Expires 2020-01-27 23:09 (in 149.1 days) On 2019-08-30 20:00, credit "Paymium c36c24" (144.88 days), new expiry 2020-01-27 23:09 On 2019-05-14 09:15, credit "BTC at $8000 bonus!" (8.00 days), new expiry 2019-09-05 01:57 On 2019-04-29 09:07, credit initial contribution ()

The price of BBP changed from 8 sat to 5 sat since writing the proposal.

We barely got 4 months extended due to BBP/BTC price change.

100,000 bbp
-2500 bbp proposal fee
97,500 bbp
to BTC @ 5 satoshi

taker fee: 0.00001462
to receive .00486038 BTC
withdraw fee: .0001

to receive .00476038 BTC

97500 BBP is ~$46.56 USD

This is the chainz BTC address I was given.

I sent them 0.00476038 BTC for 4+ months of service


Previously submitted proposal for initial trial payment for cryptoid explorer of BiblePay.

With great acceptance of the explorer by the community, it is time to extend the subscription for at least another 6 months.

Currently asking 97 500 BBP ($0.000687 * 97 500 BBP = ~$67 USD)
2,500 BBP for proposal brings it to 100k BBP

Whatever BTC is derived from 97.5k BBP will be submitted to Cryptoid to extend the subscription.

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: POOM Concept (Proof-of-Orphan-Mining)
« on: June 17, 2019, 12:01:33 pm »
So when voting, please vote the above scenario (not the homogenized scenario as that will be deleted).

I'll vote for 70% so there is capacity for growth, but will only pay out the fiat equivalent (according to QT), so I don't see any 70%. Whereas if you have 30% or 50%, you may need to recode (or is it a spork?) in the future.

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: POOM Concept (Proof-of-Orphan-Mining)
« on: June 14, 2019, 09:17:25 am »

First of all, PoOM is a great concept and glad to see some concerns with v1 and v2 being addressed. v3 sounds really promising especially with Kairos being onboard. I'm inspired to start sponsoring one child,

John Doe, Miner 001, CPK 001, Sponsors Abraham, Cameroon One Orphan #ABC, for $40.00 per month.
Since this costs John Doe $1.33 per day, (and our wallet knows the current BiblePay Price thanks to QT), this is auto-converted to 4430 bbp per day

Charitable Giving & Crypto Income?

If we contribute to Kairos, they give contribution summary at the end of the year (maybe as an encrypted PoDS?) When we "mine" BBP, we know the fiat price, so we generate "income" on the day the BBP is put in our wallets? One is charitable contribution, and the other is crypto income?

Pay out exact BBP or less?

Giving BBP to sponsors in exact amount (instead of fixed pot) will allow other projects to be sponsored. Having a fixed pot may encourage sponsorship early on, but s/he could drop the "orphan" as soon as PoOM was unprofitable. Remove the greed motivation by paying only exact or less (as sponsorship numbers grow).

Other charity integration?

Is there a plan to help other charities like BLOOM to join PoOM as well? Perhaps something simple as a Google Sheets or Airtable to use a database? This way other charities can be involved in PoOM without a backend developer to make the integration? Will the details of what's needed for integration be published at a later time?

Active Discussions / Re: Consolidation of Sanctuaries
« on: April 16, 2019, 12:45:16 am »
I see 25 masternodes got made in the last 24 hours And voted yes by one person. More than saving hosting fees, the priority seems to be a desire to maintain control and power. You raise MN cost to 4.5M and that makes it 3x as difficult for newcomers to buy enough bbp for a MN.

Vps cost less than $1/mo.

If you want diversity and the ability to voice an opinion, make the MN cost 750k bbp instead.

Theology Corner / Acts 27 Bible Study Questions
« on: April 12, 2019, 10:43:23 pm »

Acts 27 Bible Study Questions

What would you say is the biggest, most exciting, and eventful journey you have ever taken?

Can you explain the similarities and differences with the story of Jonah?

Verse 3: Why do you think a Roman soldier responsible for his prisonerís captivity would let Paul go freely to his friends? If you were the centurion, would you let your prisoner have so much freedom? Can you share a time when you trusted someone with a big responsibility? Did it pay off or were you disappointed?

Verse 9-12: Paul warned the crew that the ship was headed for disaster if the voyage continued. Have you ever been so intent on reaching a goal
that you forgot to pay attention to the details? Can
you give an example?

Verse 19-20: When Paul is in a difficult situation, God meets Paulís need. Was there a time when God met your need in a difficult circumstance or situation? Or, if you felt God did not meet you, explain that situation as well.

How can God guide us when we have "storms" in our own lives?

I received a donation praise the lord , and thank you very much . A little bit goes a long way . In fact this month there are plenty of students who are graduating or moving up, as they call it here .
We will be buying gifts and supplying their family with additional rice.

Now , during the summer there are activities which the scholars join . They can either have music training or join a sports clinic. I will continue to create proposals for the same amount dot this would go to subsidize their summer programs.
They will be back to school in july

May I ask what's your process for getting BBP to Philippine fiat (peso)? Do you have to pay any big fees for conversion besides crypto and exchange tx fees?

Active Discussions / Re: Consolidation of Sanctuaries
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:16:47 pm »
I wonder if the consolidation can be achieved in an alternative way (as maybe others have suggested in other forums) that is to allow for multiple masternodes on a single host? That would mean allowing each sanc to use a different port. I donít know if that is worth considering or even technically possible.

It is something I've been trying to do recently, but have had difficulty compiling from source. Evo 1.4 is different enough from 1.2 that I've hit a few stumbling blocks. I know one coin where the user has 32 masternodes on one IP utilizing different ports.

Since the #1 factor in price is the existence of supply, I believe the opposite of the first statement personally.

(For #1 to be true we would need to have 0 exchange volume).

Question 1: I thought part of why PoDC was removed partly due to the oracle issue (relying on external data sources). MakerDAO looks at 24 price feeds. How can we mitigate accuracy of price if we have so few exchanges?

Question 2: How does daily emission changes impact "monthly" proposals?

For example:

On day 1 (after monthly proposal ended), I submit a proposal to extend cryptoid explorer for 6 more months.

The daily emission reduces by 1% because we have not reached $0.01 yet according to exchange.

My proposal passes.

What is the monthly budget? Will the quantity of BBP I ask for be filled?

Maybe I don't understand, but the monthly proposal budget could be a moving number?

Question 3: What happens to the Emission Schedule chart? How do you communicate to others the economics of BiblePay if QT is implemented in production?

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