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Hi, MIP paid for 6 months of the cryptoid BBP explorer. I just paid for 2 years (and hopefully 90 day bonus).!crypto

Look under hosting and you'll see the two latest transactions.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Amazon Storefront Integration
« on: July 10, 2021, 10:12:22 PM »
This is great. But I couldn't use it, for some reason my biblepay wallet and my account here is not sync the balance. so I can't buy anything.

Make sure you are on the latest and under tools wallet repair, you can do last option to erasechain and start from scratch in terms of blocks. your wallet is safe, but you may have gotten on an unofficial chain and thus you don't see transactions reflecting correctly.

I was able to send 29 BBP to the mainnet mobile wallet.

Unable to send out. Whether wallet encrypted or not, I get the following error.

Failure[/size]Invalid BitcoinSecret[/size][/color][/font]

Please help test Unchained:

- Test unchained as a mobile wallet, so we can have an alternative to Breadwallet for mobile devices (think people who do not have a PC or are traveling etc)
- Test unchained add a prayer, add a comment, add a video in Prod

To start with unchained, go here either from a PC or from your mobile wallet:

To create your wallet, go to account and click Generate new address.  Note that the system starts in TESTNET.  You can now click the MainNet button and do some testing in MainNet also.

may I have some funds for yQFpQWhMg6jE95BPmJ1AyDardLXNgaVhDr (testnet)? testing mobile.

Yeah, I hear you, I was going through the same thing in TestNet when I wanted to test BTC.  If you add three zeroes before your pin, (IE .00012345) it gets it down to about $20 at the end, but nevertheless thats a lot of money to make an 'adjustment'.   (Same goes for ethereum, as far as network fees).

DOGE is turning out to be very valuable for those type of things.

Of course Stellar only costs .01 to make an adjustment.

8000 BBP

for portfolio builder can our PIN be anywhere in the decimals? like 5 digits in the front if we want? e.g. like 777777.35464  ?  or does it have to be 777777.00035464

3500 BBP

** Orphan NFTs are now Available **

I am very pleased to announce the new Orphan NFTs that are finally available from Cameroon One!

You can also click on NFT Orphans from the "Orphans" left menu in the pool...

So we had 4 orphans created by Cameroon-One (with 90 day durations), and two are already sponsored!

Praise God!

To sponsor one just send BBP to your pool account.  Also you can actually buy nfts or sponsor orphans from the core wallet with the 'buynft' rpc command if you want to stay anonymous...

We didnt forget about anonymous centric users - you can also create anonymous UTXO retirement accounts in portfolio builder by leaving your nickname as N/A...

On another side note, we have Orphan NFTs on Biblepay-TV in testnet!  See the Biblepay-TV testnet thread for more information.

I sponsored one child for 90 days. I'm happy to sponsor a child because I haven't had an opportunity for a long time. I wonder if Sponsor Now should have a verification screen saying "Are you sure?" type of mediary screen to verify this is an action they want to perform?

3500 BBP

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Amazon Storefront Integration
« on: July 05, 2021, 02:33:10 PM »

i bring up the point about shipping addresses because if it looks like you're using prime to conduct business (many unique ship to addresses) there is some risk of having the account shut down. easy enough to recuperate from that but there's specific wording about drop shipping in the tos. it will be a good problem to have anyway :).

Thanks, good points.

Amazon is processing the orders (in an automated fashion from the Foundation Pool);  and surprisingly, we may be able to add Walmart and Home Depot in the future (lol).  But Amazon is a massive effort to begin with so lets see if we can attract a few hundred users (at least) while we get started with Amazon.

You can have as many address book (shipping address) entries as you want; just add all of them.

In the future I might add a direct order option from the biblepaycore command line, so someone can enter an ItemID and buy directly from the wallet, but Id like to see this gain some traction as it is first.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Amazon Storefront Integration
« on: July 05, 2021, 12:49:13 AM »

This is a great development. I was in eCommerce for almost a decade so always fascinated to see how crypto handles eCommerce. You've done a great job with getting InstantSend working and feel that was foundational to making real-time transactions a reality. I remember the first time you told us about BitRefill and BBP -> DASH. I was blown away by how quickly Bitrefill was able to validate a purchase (literally seconds). So, this Storefront integration feels like the 2.0 version of that and it uses BBP directly instead of having to convert it to DASH.

Who is processing the orders? Will there be any issue with having many shipping locations? (I know this is a good problem to have).

I'd also encourage the charities that are based in the USA or a region that Amazon free shipping supports to add their wish list items so we can support charities like CameroonONE. Even if it is not child-specific, helping support operations means they can use their funds more efficiently.

Just to clarify when I answered about erasechain, the wallet does not store the locks as bools; what actually happens is we re-lock our users sancs (4.5MM) and our users UTXOs (varying amounts) when the wallet boots, in a separate piece of code; so erasing the chain did not hurt your wallet data in any way.

To answer your question though, all of the old utxo positions have been erased in favor of portfolio builder positions; they have a new storage format too.  So yeah, they just have to be recreated.

Thank you. I have been swamped with home schooling and regular day job things, so I haven't been able to follow the testnet discussion. Thanks for the clarification. I was able to submit 5M. When highriskbbp comes online, I'll be sure to look into it. Thanks!

3500 BBP

The erasechain is still required, because we added two more databases to the index.
Note from the QT wallet you can now just do it from the Wallet Tools menu, instead of command line.

Your wallet tx's will not be erased - erasechain only erases the blocks and reloads them.

None of my old transactions show as locked? Should I re-submit these for UTXO mining? I also don't see myself in the Leaderboard anymore either. I must have done something wrong during the mandatory upgrade.

3500 BBP


Oh, is this using Roku TV? Amazon Prime Day had sales on Roku and was considering buying one for BiblePay TV but wasn't sure on the status.

** BiblePay TV is ready for Alpha Testing **

We could use a lot of help testing BiblePay TV.  Please join us over here:

7800 BBP

3500 BBP

Good evening.

I'm a BBP User with an Android wallet and also running xmrig on linux for some time.  That stopped working 2 days ago, is there anything I need to do to fix xmrig-6.12.2?

There was a mandatory update recently. Can you give your xmrig command you run on Linux?

@MIP handles the Android wallet updates. Perhaps an update to the wallet is forthcoming.

Not sure if xmrig needs an update or not, Rob (the lead dev) has cleverly worked it so the out of the box version of xmrig works while all the heavy lifting is done on the pool side to mine biblepay and xmr at the same time.

3500 BBP

Very nice adding the Tools Wallet Repair. You've been super busy. Awesome work. May your labor show fruit and may it glorify Jesus Christ in unlimited ways.

3500 BBP

If we missed the mandatory upgrade, is an erasechain required? or try exec reassesschains?

If I do an erasechains, are all my utxo mined transactions forgotten or unlocked? should I give it a day or two to see if get a utxo mining payment without doing anything further?

3500 BBP


Yeah, you can post the list here or DM me if you want. I believe the Foundation has a Tweet List or a way to advertise messages within the system and get BBP. So, we could ask people to like, subscribe, and comment on the YouTubers as a start. It'd build some good will toward these individuals or companies.

I have been gathering a pretty comprehensive list of some Christian youtubers, companies, etc. that, whenever we deem ourselves ready to really make a push for adoption, we can contact for either advertising, support, or adoption. Also, Pat, sorry about not emailing you, I will do it soon once I have a better idea myself of what I am going to say to the church I am at pertaining to adopting BBP as a form of tithe, and once I get more settled in there too. Let me know if you would like to see the list I have made and add to it yourself. Maybe we should make that some sort of subthread on this site?
May God bless you all,

1000 BBP

3400 BBP

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