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telnet: could not resolve Name or service not known
Same with ping.
Hmm, cant be, I flushed my dns cache, and when I ping '' i receive  I also checked cloudflare and the entry is live.  Do you have DNS enabled at your provider by chance?
Anyway you can go by IP now :)

Here is a blockhash to see if you are synced:

showblock 2700:
  "hash": "4d5d13c36da85b81ab23e1f2747cc080f053409c711a680b2cbb9e278efc49b3"

Good Afternoon All,

It is time to Test sanctuaries in Testnet.

- Testing requires linux - because windows will not run watchman on the wall (thats the decentralized sanctuary database)
- Testing requires 500,000 TestNet BBP to be sent to the new testnet masternode (actually send more, so you have extra first) - this is not the final amount to run a sanctuary, its the testnet amount
- Testing requires an external open IP, IE you need to be able to run with the firewall port 40001 open
- Testing needs to have the latest version of BBP compiled from source

If anyone needs test BBP, let me know.

Here is a guide to explain how to start a masternode:
(*** NOTE!!!  The above guide says 1 million BBP is required.  Its actually 500,000 BBP in testnet!  Please dont try 1 million as it will not work ***)

** Note that this procedure documented above actually failed.  It failed when I took a look at the log in the actual masternode wallet, an error was generated saying something to the effect of invalid escrow sent to the masternode. 

To get around this, send the test biblepay to the masternode wallet, create the  private key on the masternode, set the masternodeprivatekey and masternode=1 in the config, and then we can resume testing.  If anyone can get this working in 'cold' mode (that means the mastnode has 0 funds in the wallet with remote activation working) that would be extremely valuable.  I will obviously help with this, as we cant go live until cold mode works, but I also need to move past and start testing the governance commands next.

My first test procedure is lets ensure we have 5+ masternodes running and see if we can all see each other and stay in sync.  We now have 1 minute blocks on testnet.

PS: To install watchman-on-the-wall, please see the "BuildBiblePay.txt" document in the root.  It has a section called Watchman. 

Note, I will modify the wiki entry to explain how to add watchman to the cron.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: BLOCKCHAIN NEWS
« on: September 29, 2017, 10:00:01 am »
A little update here for everyone on TestNet:

I decided to modify the testnet chain to have 1 minute blocks, so when someone is actually testing, we can test 700% faster.
For example, if we want to mock up a proposal, a vote, a budget and a superblock, we wont have to wait as long.

On my local nodes, I had to erase all my testnet chains.  The code is out for linux but not for Windows yet.

Also, another major change is Sanctuaries require another piece of linux side software called Watchman on the wall.  Im working on it now, and will update asap.
This will allow us to test sanctuaries in testnet a little early (IE within 30 days from now).  Giving myself 30 days of time max to get the web proposal/budget working.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: BLOCKCHAIN NEWS
« on: September 29, 2017, 09:57:29 am »
I have a one question.

Did you think about some tags/language/category  filed in blockchain ?
It will be nice to filter some news.

Anyway... it's very very nice feature

Thanks, well, all I thought of so far was adding a field above the news (IE if you think of hierarchies, we have blockchain->datatype->object), this of News as just a datatype, and the content of the post as the object.  We should do that,then we could do things like West suggested (have a mining guide in the coin) and the mining guide would be datatype 'guide'for example.  News would be 'news'.  Then we could have other things, like 'proposal' where we store an actual full text of a new proposal for something important like Proposal to fund Cancer Patient, or Proposal for IT integration for Debit Card!  Those would be cool object types to be able to vote on in -client.  But yes, in the vein that you suggested, we could have a field for Tags so then if we want to add searchability, we could search on lists through tags.  As a matter of fact, whatever "news list" we put in the coin we could just have a drop down on the top with the datatype in it, and then search on anything about anythign in the chain...

I think the idea is noble? ...  Exciting.

General Discussion / Re: pool
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:39:32 am »
That config would mine solo, but as you know, solo is all or nothing.  I've not run the numbers lately, but just GUESSING I'd say 300KhS would get you APPROXIMATELY one block in about five days.  So it's a long game.

Right now there is only one pool, the non-pool miners are mining solo.

The day we had a lot of problems in the pool, my vultr-64-4 proc reverted to solo mining and found two blocks :) LOL.

TestNet Discussion Archive / BLOCKCHAIN NEWS
« on: September 24, 2017, 10:52:40 am »
This is the testnet thread for :

- Testing Block Chain News (Add an article, View an article)
- Possibly: Viewing a Gui list of articles, Deleting an article, Editing an article
- Fixing Nanaminers double free or corruption mining error
- Baby steps for pre-testing of sanctuaries (primarily as since we will have many testnet nodes online this gives the dev a chance to verify governance proposal creation works, and create the web interface for proposal lists, and proposal voting)

To get started, please download or later from (or build

Launch in testnet mode like this:

cd c:\program files\biblepaycore
biblepay-qt -testnet

Read this wiki page on Block Chain News:

Start by creating a sample blockchain news article to get the feel of how this is done, and optionally publish one.

Note, that the first time you view an article, the images do not load quick enough and you may have to close the preview window and re-open it.  Solutions are welcome.

When you click Read Block Chain News, and enter the TXID, you should see this:

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: TestNet Testing Thread
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:22:38 am »
You're absolutely right. I saw that more right-click features have been added, and I already noticed some screens popping up as a sort of overlay (I'm not really familiar with the technical terms). It's just that I was expecting a 'normal website', so I didn't think about right-clicking. But it has already become second nature now, and I must say that I'm impressed :)

It's great to hear that there are translators working at That takes away my worry about that point.
There are a few other observations that I'd like to make:
1. Is it an idea so somehow integrate all the sent/received letters per orphan in one place, so that you can see right away what the last letter is? Because now I have to first look if there's a letter from a particular orphan, then I have to scroll down the 'outgoing letters' tab to see if someone else didn't write first, and then I have to go to the 'sponsored orphan list' to actually write a letter. I know it's not really compatible with the 'upvote list', but it's just a thought.

2. Related to point 1: The letters are a bit personal in nature (questions asked/answers received), and I was wondering how we as a group can streamline this. I guess a one-on-one writing relationship between orphan and biblepay user is not really practical, especially with the upvoting system. Also, the name I see accompanying a lot of letters is 'Robert', but of course I have a different name. So isn't it confusing for the orphans to receive letters from a lot of different users? Or is it a common thing to sponsor orphans as a group?

Wow, you have some great ideas here.  Well as you know I believe you wrote #1 before we had the NeedsWritten column decimal (1 or 0), however its still valid in the sense that it would be nice to see outgoing leters to a distinct orphan grouped together, the list order by added descending, and maybe the top page has the most recent activity.  I dont mind doing it but this brings up one sorely needed feature for the web list that is missing: pagination.  Maybe I need to step back, and add pagination to the web list first.  If you want you can put a ticket in for me to group outgoing letters by orphan and added descending - assign to bible_pay for programming.

On #2, I agree very much that these  letters are personal and up til now didnt think we had anything we could do to combat that (I thought you know we are doing the greater good here, so we have to live with it).  But you bring up a great point, we could probably just as well allow one on one private letters, but that brings up the original problem.  The reason they are public is so the community can do the work of upvoting in order to 'approve' the letters so I dont become a letter policeman for my day job - so I can be free to keep programming.  So the condundrum is, if we allow private letters how do we know the letter doesnt contain expletives and things about my house is so big I wish I could share it but too bad?

General Discussion / Re: markets
« on: September 07, 2017, 10:16:51 am »
yes,it's a good thing,i don't like ICO
Yeah, its almost an upside down analogy.  The whole future of the coin depends on the lead devs and the community supporting the coin.
With an ICO its almost like you are selling out up front and dissapearing.  Who even invests in these ICOs?  Institutions?

Whats also funny is I see most investors in the stock market chase high prices and see it in crypto.  I feel that people dont buy until its already a proven success in general.
Id rather find the hidden gem and buy now.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: TestNet Testing Thread
« on: September 07, 2017, 09:51:06 am »
Thank you! I'm on a laptop with a touchpad, so it wasn't really intu´tive :)

Next thing: the vast majority of orphans have a 'correspondence language' that is non-English. I don't speak Spanish, Portugese etc. Is it even worthwhile to send these orphans letters in English?
The right click menus in the pool Are intuitive, they are not instinctual.  The contrast being that once people know right click options exist, and there is only one way to perform certain weblist tasks, at that point becomes valuable and intuitive (as more options are added to weblists).  In contrast to the way Microsoft veered away in its latest office software design requiring you to Switch Screens to perform a list of certain functions (non-intuitive, possibly idiotic), while caving to the left wing consulting groups for the sake of internationalization.

Anyway, the pool only supports English right now.  I realize the 'proper' way to do it is to support multiple native languages, by creating a captioning system that supports language overloads.  That can be a project for my slack team.  In the mean time let me make a distinction here:  English as the only user interface language is referred to : UI Interface Language->English, and communicating with orphans is referred to as:  Operations->Communication.    I just want to make a distinction between our software UI and our day to day ops.

When you use the User Interface in English, the translators at compassion will automatically translate the letter from English to the native orphan language, and regenerate the final hardcopy and mail it to the orphan :)!  So thats a big bonus for us.  What I have to find out is:  Are we required to write in English, as  our bible_pay org account is signed up in English.  I believe that is the case currently.

BiblePay discussion / Re: BiblePay - New Coin Launch - Official Thread
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:39:51 pm »
Im releasing the pool to production.


PORT: 80

Backup Pool:

PORT: 80

I will notify everyone as soon as the code is ready in github so we can have volunteers run additional pools.

BiblePay discussion / Re: BiblePay - New Coin Launch - Official Thread
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:13:29 pm »
BiblePay - Mandatory Upgrade

- F7000 PoBh algorithm (Raising the Bar) - Starts @ block 7000
- Fixed Menu | Help | Read the Bible | Genesis, and Read the bible Lag
- Efficient pool communication (Up to 200 mining threads)

** Please upgrade before block 7000 **
** C-Cex is now in maintenance mode **

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: TestNet Testing Thread
« on: September 03, 2017, 10:16:34 am »
Sorry I forgot to add I actually tried to send it without the password part! Could it be the length maybe?

For the Cloudflare cache, I know that it can cache a lot of things including js files so I'm not sure if that was modified? I'm only saying that because I'm pretty sure I tried with multiple browsers and with my previous sessions cleared, but maybe I actually didn't!

Thanks for all the work! Happy to help if you need anything else!

Yes, the long length could possibly be causing an internal error in the cryptography class. Its hard to say if your pass got saved that way, or if its thrown at login.  We can look at that sometime in the future,

Today, only DLLs were changed, so no cache issues.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: TestNet Testing Thread
« on: September 03, 2017, 09:56:19 am »

Alright, I have not heard any more complaints, so the window is closing.
I am compiling now and will release as a mandatory upgrade tomorrow morning.

I notified CCEX that we have a mandatory at 7000.  They will be closing our wallet for maintenance soon.

The linux users can upgrade to 1029 now if you want to do any final testing.

I suppose we can "try" to release the beta pool as the Prod pool around the time of the mandatory, so that we have a Pool in production.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: TestNet Testing Thread
« on: September 03, 2017, 09:53:46 am »

Usually I'm testing things using Chrome in incognito mode so that I have nothing from previous sessions (cache, cookies, etc.) and also no plugins enabled. I do the same thing in Safari and Firefox if I see that it is not working in Chrome just to be on the safe side.

I managed to successfully edit your ticket and reassign it back to you. I also managed to create two tickets:
-One with the body field empty.
-One with test2 in the body field.

The reasons I did is that is that I first tried to submit a ticket with this content in the body field:
I have a long (25+ chars) and complex (lots of special characters) password and for some reasons I couldn't log in on the new pool. This is the error I was seeing in the console (Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) /pool.ashx)

I changed my password to something more simple and I could log in on the new pool. I tried to switch back to my original password and I was getting the error 500 again.

This is the password (not used anymore) that wouldn't work with the new pool. Hopefully it will help with debugging:
[4i.r2Zugkb4WxbTTLy&[email protected]

For some reasons, I get the error 500 when trying to send that.

Also I was thinking, would it be possible that Cloudflare keeps in cache some of the files you're updating? As we're probably not using the same CDN servers, maybe if don't flush it manually we're getting different versions of theses files when rapidly updating them?

Yeah, it was probably the complex password.  Ill put a ticket in and either farm that out to one of our devs or get to it eventually.

I dont think cloudflare is caching these particular requests, because if they were, every callback should fail.

Thanks for testing we will regroup on this soon.

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