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Archived Proposals / December 2017 IT expenses (payroll)
« on: December 20, 2017, 06:51:41 PM »
For the month of December I am attempting to recover IT expenses for web hosting, AWS integration, our wikipedia and some payroll.

The linux web hosting fee for one year for the non-wiki site (

Next, the linux web hosting fee for one year for the wiki site (

Next, the Zinc integration fee for October and November 2017 (did not receive the bill for December 2017 yet) - this allows us to integrate with the amazon storefront for in wallet purchases:

Next I am only asking for 120 hours of payroll for doing the initial git push for biblepay at $40.00 per hour totaling $4800.00:

(This is for programming time based on the commits checked in for the month of September 2017). 

TOTAL:  $5204  from the IT budget
867,333 BBP (@ .0006 per bbp)

Each month we sponsor approximately 188 orphans currently.
Rob, the lead dev charges the expense on his credit card, and keeps a copy of the receipt. 
The expenses can be viewed by navigate to | Expenses and viewing the December PDF.

Since inception, Rob has spent $30,161.00 for BiblePay orphan premiums.  This can be audited by viewing the sum of all payments using the above link.

Rob has only raised $19,671 in orphan fundraisers however.  See | Orphans | Orphan Fundraisers.  You can audit the total by finding the sum of all fundraisers.

This leaves a deficit of $10,490 owed to Rob for previous activity.
This $10,490 includes our current actual December 2017 invoice for $7,068.00, spent on 12-20-2017.

Receipt here:


$19671 raised
$30161 spent
Out of the $30161, $7068 was for December 2017.

Therefore I am requesting 2894609 biblepay for December 2017 for reimbursement of these monthly premiums.

A new record will be logged as I sell the 2.8MM on the exchange, and anything over will be used to sponsor new orphan premiums (but based on 12 months for stability), so this proposal does not benefit Rob in any way shape or form.

I am committed to spending 100% of this proposals funded amount back into Charitable benefits for the orphans.

Archived Proposals / Re: Unquestionably Horrible Proposal
« on: December 19, 2017, 07:27:34 AM »
Unfortunately get 'Unable to locate Proposal'  when I click it in the pool and try to copy the ID. I'm still getting the hang of this, so I might be doing something wrong...

It takes the system a while to put the proposal in the chain- it has to make a hex proposal, insert it, wait for confirm, send collateral, wait 6 blocks, then it finally sets up a "Submitted" datetimestamp on it, then you can finally vote on it  :).

Archived Proposals / Unquestionably Horrible Proposal
« on: December 19, 2017, 06:31:57 AM »
I have the dumbest idea ever, but would like to receive 1000 BBP for it.

Lets branch BiblePay into a version for non-believers and launch it on April Fools day 2018?


Budget Source: PR Budget

Amount: 1000 BBP

I think this move will be good for PR.

My mastenode went into state EXPIRED and running "masternode status" in the masternode wallet gave me the same message: "Not capable masternode: Invalid protocol version"

I had to increment the protocol version today in prod- is this in prod?

Archived Proposals / Re: Togo Sanctuary Guide and Testing
« on: December 15, 2017, 09:32:59 PM »
Wow, what a great deal, Ill be voting yes for this in the morning.



gobject vote-many e6ff30af51064a281752a6b5fdc03bd9d2fa457af89e1a0021a93661a726c96e funding yes


  "overall": "Voted successfully 3 time(s) and failed 0 time(s).",
  "detail": {
    "vultr4": {
      "result": "success"
    "vultr5": {
      "result": "success"
    "vultr8": {
      "result": "success"

Archived Proposals / Re: First Prod Test Proposal
« on: December 15, 2017, 02:40:56 PM »
Rob , how voting is supposed to work .  What do I do to approve or disapprove it ?

BTW,   I am an experienced SQL dev and admin . worked for big banks and telecoms.  If you think I can be of any use for SQL related stuff pls let me know or PM
Once the Proposal has 6 confirms it should be in the chain (youll see Proposal Submitted Time populate), then you can right click on the proposal and click copy vote for proposal.  Then copy that command to the clipboard and vote for it from your sanctuary.

10-4 On the SQL, that might work someday when I am ready for vacation maybe you can be my backup. 

EDIT: I just took a look at the operations behind the scenes; this proposals escrow only has 2 confirms out of 6, so that is why its not "Submitted" yet, so far there are no issues with the system in prod, we just have to wait longer.  We'll see how Togos goes also.

Archived Proposals / First Prod Test Proposal
« on: December 15, 2017, 01:43:35 PM »
This is a test proposal. 

Im asking 250 BBP for fixing an SQL query deadlock in the pool.

EDIT: Please charge this 250 BBP to IT.

Hey Rob, I was just wondering. Is the client version the mandatory or is anything with the protocol 70709 good?

I'm just asking because I totally forgot the dnsseeder is actually only looking at the protocol version to determine if a node is good or not. I could modify it to look at the client version instead but I would like to get a confirmation from you before I go ahead with that.
I didnt increment the version, since masternodes have never been live yet in prod, but in this case, 1065 is required after block 21350.  We can enforce that with a checkpoint around 21550.  As a matter of fact, its no big deal if the owner of the 1040 botnet wants to play games, as that is more BBP for us on 1065.

Yeah I think your code would have to look at both, as some mandatories go by chain height + version, others go by forced protocol upgrades.

Id just say Good = 70709 + 1065, bad is anything less.

I'm sad to hear that Rob :/ I really hope you get your money back quickly.

I'm slowly catchup with the news. I wasn't expecting the masternodes that early!

My dnsseed has been updated to only store/accept/return nodes with the new version Edit: Protocol 70709.

I will update the block explorer soon (still going to be the old interface since I haven't had time to work on the new one).

Thanks dude.

check out this provider for VPS  :

1GB 1CPU $3
2GB 2CPU $5

I've been  using it on testnet with no problems so far .
Thanks! Looks like they lost all their customers data once, but for clones of cryptonodes, might be pretty good, as long as static IPs never change.

I just got a message that the deal fell through.  So I am modifying the client to Not mint the 3.5 BTC block.
(Im not sure yet of the reason - Im still working on finding out).

(Note, the block was for 3.3 BTC for integration fees + .2 BTC for service fees that is why it was 3.5 btc).

I have not received my refund yet, but thats on me, Ill update when I hear more about whats going on.

I just wanted to update anyone that was waiting in the wings - not buying BBP to realize that we wont have any special deal to buy at next week, so I didnt want to stop anyone if you were holding off.  Now going forward, everything is voted in by the sanctuaries.

thanks Rob.

sounds good.  we can set it up before the holidays.

>>We also need to remember to send instructions for people to switch their watchman-on-the-wall configs over to Prod.

Can a test sanctuary be just reconfigured  to run on the main network then ?

Yes - the testnet sanctuary can be switched to prod mode, but requires a few adjustments. 

The watchman config should be OK after just changing to point to prod (by uncommenting and recommenting the two lines in the watchman.conf file).    (IE its database should adjust to prod without a problem).

The masternode keypair however Is different in prod than testnet.  So I recommend commenting out the masternodeprivkey in the config file, and then you will need to generate a new keypair and of course send escrow to the correct address and that will yield a new vout txid string.

Once these things are set, booting into prod mode should work.  We should be able to test this tomorrow as soon as c-cex puts us in maintenance.

The mandatory upgrade is almost ready, so, if all goes well I will release it tonight and we can do our "prod" testing with the new version.

Togo, thanks, I noticed that also this morning and updated it.

Yeah, let me know if you have any issues with that $5 vultr node and the instructions, and if I should merge your instructions in, or do you want to clone the Create_Sanctuary wiki and merge yours into a new one to make a more detailed version?  Maybe that would be better then the gurus can use the generic one and move to your detailed one if they fail?

Thanks for all you do.  Sounds like a great plan and one that mitigates the potential issues surrounding this.
Thanks, hopefully it all goes smoothly and thanks for helping out!

You have relieved my concerns Rob! Good plan!  8)

Yeah, Alex gets the award :)

One nice thing about this plan is we have more than one chance to fix any bugs with the sanctuaries.  In the old plan, if anything went wrong on a certain height we were DOA until an emergency patch is issued.  In this plan, as soon as CCEX takes us down we can start preparing for our mandatory and if something fails, I can issue a new one - although, I absolutely do not want anything to go wrong, I want to do this once, LOL...

I notified CCEX to put us in maintenance, but it could take a while.

Im working on our mandatory upgrade now.

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