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TestNet Discussion Archive / BiblePay TV (Alpha release) - for ROKU TV
« on: November 21, 2020, 05:10:06 PM »
I am pleased to announce the alpha release of BIBLEPAY TV is now ready for testing on ROKU.

BiblePay TV has the long term goals of providing this functionality:

- Watch Christian TV, by category.  Some categories are:  Rapture videos, Christian Testimonies, Heaven, Hell, NDEs, Christian Movies, Salvation, Core Christianity.
- Sponsor an Orphan:  Sponsor an orphan with BIBLEPAY for a short duration (7 days), or medium or longer duration.  We are working on the ability to let you send BBP to your roku device using the Roku-ID as the receiving address.  Then you can SPEND BBP from your ROKU device just by entering your 4 digit BBP PIN code!
- Pay-Per-View (alpha):  This feature will let you watch a Christian Movie for a certain amount of BBP (similar to renting a movie).  This feature does not yet work, as we are currently trying to get the BBP-signing working for the coins!
- BBP Advertising Campaigns:  Since there are over 150 million roku devices out there, BBP TV is the perfect place to show off BIBLEPAY.  We are working on the ability to pay users (using our advertising budget) to watch BIBLEPAY TV.  Then they can see our 30 second ad, to raise awareness of the crypto.  This should drive some new user traffic into BBP.
- User Content Uploads:  You will have the ability as a user to add content to BIBLEPAY TV!  For now you can simply upload the video using the foundation link (here).  In the future as this gains traction we can decentralize the upload process by moving the link to our sanctuaries.
- ROKU MINING:  This proof-of-concept is not yet in alpha.  I will add a discussion link for this soon.  The idea with ROKU mining, is we could theoretically reward the coinbase mining reward to those distinct users who are watching BIBLEPAY TV.  I will address this in more detail.

How do I add BIBLEPAY TV to my ROKU:

We are not yet a public channel, and therefore you must log into your ROKU account from your PC and then click this link:

Our vanity access code is "biblepay".
Once added click your "HOME" screen on Roku and you should see the biblepay Logo!

If you don't have a ROKU device, you can buy a streaming stick for as low as $29 on amazon:

All feedback is appreciated!

Completed Bounties / Convert WhitePaper to German
« on: November 01, 2020, 12:03:07 PM »
We are offering a 4 million BBP bounty to convert our EN whitepaper to German.

Please find the original Docx here (this has been refreshed in July 2020 to show PODC and RandomX features):

Note:  Please modify the docx file then submit it; then I will modify it to PDF and save it on our shared drive. 


For reference only - the finished product in English:



It appears that dave_bbp is going to do this, please Dave confirm that you are working it so no one else takes it, Thanks!

In this thread we can discuss God, Jesus, the way to salvation, Heaven, Hell, Dimensions, and anything that is considered off-topic in the core biblepay discussion threads, but has religious overtones.

Feel free to also discuss:

- Conspiracy Possible Facts
- New One World Relgion
- One World Currency
- New World Order
- Rapture Dreams
- Prophetic Dreams and Visions

I don't think it is beneficial to discuss "Conspiracy Theories" (for example, unproven theories about moon landing or JFK, etc).  Just things related to the coming tribulation and pieces of the puzzle that clearly turn conspiracy theories into facts.  IE, please try to post edifying material for the body of Christ who is asleep, etc.

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Self Directed Portfolios
« on: September 06, 2020, 04:54:24 PM »
This idea is in the concept phase.

Please read this baby level starter:

I plan on adding a section for technical design also, that will elaborate on how we will pull this off. 

To give you some background on this, we have a feature going into production at the end of the month called "Dash Stake Rewards".
The idea with Dash Stake is to attract Dash Investors into BiblePay, as long term BiblePay users and investors.

The way it works is, if you hold a Dash UTXO (an unspent coin), and a BBP UTXO, you may run a command that creates a contract out of those.
This contract is called a Dash Stake Reward Contract, and currently has a fixed duration of 6 months.
The contract locks in a certain DWS reward (this is similar to an APR % ROI on an investment, except since it is a staking reward, we don't call it APR, we call it DWS).
As an example, if you hold a $1000 Dash Coin and a $1000 BBP coin, you can earn about 40% DWS (annualized) on those coins as long as they remain unspent and locked in the 6 month contract.

The contract emits 6 payments, one per month, for the monthly reward amount. 

Expanding on this idea, SDP extends the specification to not just one coin, but to many coins, for example BTC and ETH.

These extended coin contracts would share from our global reward kitty for one (so no, we would not emit an unlimited amount of rewards).  A BTC stake would lower the amount available from the global kitty.

But, to make the idea more sustainable it will also have marketplace elements (as seen in the wiki).

Please feel free to discuss.

My longer term goal is to add enhancements to the idea that contain fees for revenue, that aims to makes our coinbase emission low.

Archived Proposals / BiblePay Air Wallet TestNet Thread
« on: August 27, 2020, 09:08:23 PM »
Welcome to the Air Wallet TestNet Thread!

Please run the following tests on the air wallet:

- Log in with Credentials, record your public and private keypair.  Ensure the same credentials always derive to the same keypair.
  Send some BBP to and from that particular wallet.
- Log in with new credentials, send some bible to and from that particular wallet.
- Ensure the residual amount is still available in each separate wallet keypair.

Test other currencies:

- Test Doge, BTC, LTC

Coming Soon:

Support for DASH.
The ability to sign UTXOs from (within air wallet).  This allows a user to do this easily outside of the core wallet.


You cannot quickly create and send a new transaction until the first broadcast goes into a block.  Once the tx is mined, then the wallets balance (and internal UTXOs are updated).  If you try to spend funds quickly in succession without waiting you will receive an error.



Main Testing Page:

Option A:
You can download the source to your drive into a directory such as c:\\airwallet, then run index.html from your google browser.
Option B:
You can access it from here:

Completed Bounties / BiblePay Forum Activity Rewards
« on: August 09, 2020, 02:30:14 PM »
I am interested in attracting more than one new user to our project per day, therefore we will be offering forum activity rewards.

In this beginning stage, lets call this the beta testing stage, the program will be limited to activity posted in this thread (the op post thread) :

The way it works is our foundation will send you a wallet reward, based on the table below, according to your activity and benevolence.

To get started please follow these steps:

1) Join and create an account so you can post in the above thread.
2) Add your biblepay wallet address to:
Populate the Forum Rewards (BiblePay receive) address field.  Click Save.
3) Ask questions about biblepay in the above thread, and/or help other users.
4) Thats it!  We will assess the rewards automatically once per week.

Please see the following chart for the reward levels:

(Note the post count is the Distinct post count made by the user (deleted and/or reported posts and/or flagged as negative do not count) in that particular Week, and must have positive benevolence, and the posts must be in the OP thread listed above):

Reward = budget_factor(available_budget) *  min((Benevolence/10),1) * 1000

4 posts with a benevolence of 1 = 4,000 bbp
1 post with a benevolence of 20 = 2,000 bbp
1 deleted post = 0 bbp

To see your benevolence, please see your avatar on any of the forum threads.


We will create a report that outlines the summary of the payouts per week; this will let you know the rewards you received (and the community received).

We are pleased to offer a bounty of 20,000 BIBLEPAY for new community members-- please follow these steps:

1)  Register a forum account here at, and change your avatar to something other than the default
2)  Download the Core wallet from here (not the mobile version), and sync it:
3)  Read our OP post, and then Make a post containing a question about biblepay here:
4) From the core wallet, click Tools | Info | Console:
From the console, type the command: faucetcode
Paste the faucetcode here in this thread, and then one of our mods will review the steps and pay you the reward.

Thank you for joining BiblePay.

Archived Proposals / Monthly Superblock Budget Change
« on: August 04, 2020, 09:21:39 PM »
Since we voted that sanctuaries will sponsor orphans starting in the next mandatory, this means that Sanctuaries are paying the lions share of the charity expenses in the future.

This means that BiblePay should not pay the primary charity expenses from the monthly governance superblock (this is approx. 10% of the coins emissions).

I propose that we reduce the monthly superblock budget (by removing the charity component) and apply it to the coinbase reward, and we raise the sanctuary portion of the coinbase (approximately to the proper percentage that rewards this amount primarily to the sanctuaries).

This means the monthly budget will drop to 4.8 million (from 9.7 million) - and we will clarify the breakdown on the website to:
8.75% - Monthly governance:
- 50% IT
- 25% PR, P2P
- 25% Miscellaneous

And the 8.75% would be added to the sanctuaries, bringing their reward up to 41.25% (from 32.5%).

Archived Proposals / Automatic Price Mooning
« on: July 21, 2020, 09:28:10 AM »
I'd like to discuss the design and viability of a new feature, something that might be called Automatic Price Mooning, or Moon Ratcheting or maybe something catchier.

The idea stems from the question, What will make investors most interested in buying and holding BBP?
I thought of creating a built in trading mechanism that requires BBP to buy coins off the open market each month, (with the intent that if we have an increasing volume and an increasing price, it would provide impetus), but the downside to that idea is that in order to raise capital to pay sancs to buy on the open market we have to sell our own currency which further exacerbates a bigger sell wall on SX (which imho, we need to get rid of at this point, not make it worse).

So the best idea I have at this point is to make an algorithm that Records our current price in Satoshi (down to the 9th digit), so today for example our price is .000000015 at the daily GSC superblock height, once per day.  (And, we will remember the last 7 days of prices in memory also).

What we would do is simply have two rules:

If the snapshot price is Less than Yesterdays snapshot price, OR Unchanged from Yesterdays snapshot price, we pay all blocks at 7 BBP for that day.  (Meaning that the sanctuaries and the miners get shorted by 99% of their reward that day).
Otoh, if the snapshot price is HIGHER than yesterdays snapshot price, even by .01 satoshi, we emit our normal rewards for that day.

So the marketing on this is IF BBP does not have a continually increasing price in Satoshi, we pay 99% less rewards to the Sanctuaries and to the Miners.
This would give an impetus for someone to step in to SX and buy up at least enough to get us to the next satoshi higher.

I think its a pretty strong impetus to keep the price rising (hence the name Automatic Price Mooning).

Obviously when we hit a high barrier like 7 Satoshi, we would waver for a couple weeks at 7 to break through to 7.1 etc.
Of course the downside is the sanctuaries would get strong cuts along the way, but remember since everything is relative, a higher price per coin * existing supply is still equal to a higher reward than more coins * less price (VALUE = COUNT_OWNED * PRICE).

The main viability of this idea is actually on the question, will more net miners and project participants enter BBP as they see the price rising to real levels - levels where people take this project seriously.

I don't believe this idea will in any way hurt our security, because we are rolling out fully locked LLMQs with chainlocks in testnet (this means the sancs constantly monitor the order of the blocks), so lack of payment with merge-mined blocks should not pose any security risk to the chain.  I think the entire effect will be on those who receive rewards wondering why they got 1 bbp instead of 3000 etc.

And lets think of a really bright outcome:  What if this wild idea gains national attention?  Price Mooning?  What if a lot of people jump in and say, BiblePay is breaking through with this strange feature.

On a side note, we would leave the monthly governance emissions the same during the variable emissions phases - simply because we do not want fork risk.  The gov emissions are precalculated in many places and shorting those proposals down to 1 bbp causes too many problems.  However note that we will have proposal in soon to reduce Governance expenses down dramatically (since governance is no longer paying for charity) and we can give that portion to the coinbase reward so the sancs get more of a reward (and that helps them pay for POOS).

Please, if you have improvement or suggestions or downsides, please let us know.  Im willing to change the idea, but obviously it has to be able to work without fork risk.

Btw, BBP would save 1.8MM per day on emissions when implemented (or 45MM per month).  So there is a real theoretical impetus for a rising price when less coins are minted that would ultimately be sold.



 Minería combinada RandomX provee a los mineros de dos fuentes de ingreso, a la vez que previene de GPUs y ASICs.

 Prueba  de Computación Distribuida (PODC, por sus siglas en inglés) permite que la potencialidad de la blockchain sea utilizada de manera productiva, invirtiendo en la investigación y desarrollo humanitario de las ciencias, en la búsqueda de una cura para el cáncer, SIDA y malaria.

Lanzada en Julio de 2017 por Rob Andrews sin ICO ni preventa, Biblepay es un proyecto criptográfico  descentralizado y autónomo que dona el 10% a los niños huérfanos del mundo a través de un sistema de gobernanza basado en Nodos Maestros (Masternodes, acá llamados “Santuarios”). Ansiamos compartir las Buenas Nuevas de Jesús, por lo que hemos compilado en su totalidad la Biblia del Rey Jacobo (versión KJV) en el código fuente de la billetera. BiblePay (BBP) es una criptomoneda de características deflacionarias, por lo que su emisión disminuye en 19.5% anualmente.

El Proyecto puede ser descrito como una utilidad: un método alternativo para realizar donaciones a la caridad. A través de losContratos Inteligentes Genéricos (GSC, por sus siglas en inglés), el Proyecto tiene el propósito de llegar a ser la billetera de confianza de la Comunidad Cristiana a nivel mundial. En el futuro, el equipo pretende lograr la reducción en el espacio requerido para el funcionamiento de los Santuarios e incorporar características corporativas de integración, por ejemplo, acceso del lenguaje C# a la cadena de bloques. La plataforma de BiblePay es una criptográfica derivativa de Dash-Evolution. Ubicados en Dallas, Texas, nuestro objetico es ayudar a los huérfanos a nivel global. La Hoja de Ruta puede encontrarse en:

Entrevista | Podcast | Youtube | Medium | Steemit | Newsletter


- Más de $220.000 donados a la Caridad!

- Más de 30.000 años de procesamiento de datos (CPU) donados a la investigación contra el cáncer.
- Más de 100 huérfanos patrocinados cada mes!


Información Nutricional     


BiblePay Evolution


Contratos Inteligentes Genéricos (GSC)

Prueba de Patrocinio a Huérfanos (POOS)

Prueba de Computación Distribuida (PODC)

Staking Dinámico (DWS)

Gift Card de DashPay


DashPay – Compra Instantánea de Gift Card con BiblePay (usando Dash, InstantSend y Bitrefill)

“Ordené una Pizza con BiblePay” - Historia
Pizza Delivery


Carta al Rezagado (para aquellos que se quedaron en El Rapto): 

Descargar Billetera:

(Actualizar y restaurar la Billetera)


(Verificar Hash)

Windows 64 bit - (Hash)

Mac OSX -

Linux GUI 64 bit - biblepay-qt-evo-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz  (Hash)

Linux CLI 64 bit - biblepayd-evo-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz  (Hash)

Código Fuente-

Billetera de Papel -

Billetera Móvil:


Android -

iOS -

Guías de Minado:

Prueba de Computación Distribuida

Prueba de BibleHash

Pools de Minería:

Estado del Pool

Obtén Monedas:

Faucet SouthXchange:

Campañas de Sanación (Entradas en Diario):

Programa de Caza de Bugs:

Solicitar Fondos del Sistema de Presupuesto Mensual para su trabajo (Sistema de Propuestas):


Explora la Blockchain:



Lanzado en: 23 de Julio de 2017
Algoritmo: Prueba de BibleHash (POBH)
Estrategia de Minado: solo CPU(Resistente a GPU/ASIC)

Sin Pre-minado / Sin ICO

Tiempo Objetivo por Bloque: 7 Minutos
Bloques por Día: 205
Velocidad de Transacción: Admite InstantSend

Suministro Máximo: 5.2 billones de BBP para el año 2050

Características de Circulación: Deflacionaria
Tasa de Emisión: -1.5% mensual (19% de deflación acumulada al año)

Cronograma de Emisión:

Gestión Económica:

Recompensa por Bloque:

Santuarios (Masternodes):

Para reducir la presión de venta sobre nuestra criptodivisa, cada uno de nuestros Santuarios debe patrocinar (estadísticamente) a un huérfano, de acuerdo a nuestro algoritmo de Prueba de Patrocinio a Huérfano (POOS).
Adicionalmente, liquidamos el XMR recaudado (a través de la Minería Combinada XMR-BBP) para los gastos de la Caridad restantes.

Sistema de Gobernanza & Presupuestos:
- Entendiendo la Gobernanza
Requirimientos Colaterales:
4.500.001 BBP


- Masternodes.Online
- Masternodes.Pro
- MasterNodeCap
- Masternode.Live
- Masternodes Buzz
- Guía Paso a Paso
- Script para Instalar con 1-Click
- Ascender a Determinista


**  Sólo contribuimos con organizaciones de Caridad que estén sobre el 75% en eficiencia, por lo que más del 75% llega directamente  al beneficiario. **


- Investigación Pública


Foro      -
Twitter     -
Reddit      -
Discord    -
Facebook  -
Telegram  -


ADVERTENCIA: "A pesar de las características deflacionarias de BiblePay, es imposible garantizar un ROI positivo frente a las principales criptodivisas inflacionarias. Los rendimientos pasados no son de ninguna manera indicativo de posibles rendimientos futuros. Somos una utilidad, y no una garantía. Por favor abstenerse de invertir en BiblePay antes de informarse respecto de los riesgos involucrados en las criptomonedas. "

Anuncio Original (Inglés)

Segundo Anuncio (Inglés)

Links al Libro Blanco:

Libro Blanco (Chino)-

Reglas del Foro:

1. Absténgase de hacer suposiciones  de cualquier tipo si no está 100% seguro. En este caso, deberá indicar claramente que se trata de un comentario u opinión, por ejemplo: "En mi parecer…." o "Considero que…". Tenga especial precaución respecto a publicaciones de arácter técnico, ya que cualquier desinformación podría dar ideas equivocadas a los inversores.

2. Mantenga un tono y lenguaje agradables, sea cordial y agradecido. Evite el lenguaje ofensivo.

3. Tenga disposición de investigar o trabajar, así como de compartir de su experiencia con la comunidad, o encontrar a alguien que pueda hacerlo. Este proyecto es un esfuerzo grupal. Asuma que los demás miembros de la comunidad también están trabajando en la misma dirección.
4. Los moderadores podrán eliminar su publicación o publicaciones si quedan  sujetas a discusión o  si existe en sus palabras cualquier señal de malas intenciones.
5. Si tiene algún problema con el equipo moderador o algún miembro oficial del equipo de desarrollo, deberá publicar con una actitud libre de intrigas ni acusaciones infundadas. Recuerde que los  desarrolladores no están allí sólo por usted.. Si no recibe pronta respuesta, pruebe a dividir la descripción del problema en partes más simples y vuelva a publicar su pregunta manteniendo  una actitud positiva.

6. Su propósito principal en este foro es ayudar a otros y hacer aportes constructivos. Si se determina que es un elementa netamente negativo para la comunidad, nos reservamos el derecho de eliminarle e incluso reportar las publicaciones a los moderadores de  bitcointalk.

7. No publique nada que engañe a los inversores. Revise su publicación antes de publicarla, ya que no podrá ser eliminada durante un lapso de 24 horas. Si no está seguro de algo, siéntase libre de preguntarle a alguien primero.

8. Sus publicaciones podrán ser eliminadas y podrá ser excluido de los Foros si tiene un historial de publicaciones ofensivas.

9. Después de 3 publicaciones ofensivas, sus publicaciones futuras y / o su cuenta pueden ser prohibidas a la sola discreción de uno de los administradores de nuestro foro.

We are offering the following bounties for these projects:

- Roadmap (Fork the roadmap into a Spanish version):
500,000 BBP

- New Coin Launch Thread (Spanish) - Fork the New Coin Launch thread into a Spanish Version
1.25MM BBP

- Whitepaper PDF (Spanish Version)
3.25MM BBP

September 2020 Release

Welcome to the Biblepay September 2020 Testnet Testing thread for POOS!

In this thread we will be testing:

- POOS (Proof of Orphan Sponsorship):
     Verify the Sanctuary Owner may Sponsor a Cameroon-One Orphan (by associating this Orphan with the Sanctuary public key)
     Verify the legacy POSE ban system still POSE bans a node for lack of service
     Verify the POOS ban system will increase the ban for non-paid orphan accounts
     Verify the POOS ban system will decrease the ban once the orphan is paid for
     Verify the sanctuary cannot revive itself unless they pay the amount owed first

- Coin-Age voting:
     Verify you can vote from the Proposals UI by right clicking a proposal and voting with coin-age
     Verify you can increase the default (configurable) coin-age percentage using the biblepaytest.conf key value
     Verify the voted tally shows the correct coin-age and distinct sum of users who voted
     Verify we can vote with coin age from the RPC

- ChainLocks and DIP0008:
     Verify that testnet LLMQ quorums are forming, and advancing
     Verify testnet LLMQ locked IX transactions occur automatically, and quickly (IE test autolocks)
     Verify chainlocks locks the block (getblock hash, verify when entire block is IX locked, then it is also chainlocked)

- APM (Automatic Price Mooning)
     Verify the subsidy is 7 if an APM decrease event occurs day-over-day
     Verify the subsidy is normal if the price is unchanged, or if the APM increase event occurs day-over-day

- DWS (Dynamic Whale Staking)
     Verify the 'dws' and 'dwsquote' commands work as dedicated commands.

Additional Testing for BiblePay Unchained - added on August 6th:
First, read this guide:

- BIPFS (Biblepay IPFS)
     Test exec bipfs_file (Upload a file into unchained).  Once the file is uploaded, verify the price, the duration, the density, and that you can navigate to the URL.
          (Verify both large and small files).
     Test exec bipfs_folder (Upload a folder into unchained).  Verify the price, duration, density, and a few URLs from the upload.
     Test uploading an encrypted file, retrieving the encrypted file (with exec bipfs_get), and re-opening the encrypted file.  Test it with a bad password also.
     Test exec bipfs_get (Download a file).
     Verify the sidechain sync height (Info Sidechain Sync Blocks).
     Verify bipfs_list (the uploaded file is now in the sidechain).

- BIPFS C# Client
     Test file upload and folder upload in the c# client.  Verify the file density, duration, and URL result, and download the asset from the URL.
     Verify the charge amount and the TXID was charged to the payment source (via API-KEY method).
     Verify you can make a DWS burn from Send Coins Entry (these burns are always 90 days).  Verify the Quote works.

- Verify Monthly Budget changes:
     Verify as of block 55720, the sanctuary payout is 8.75% higher and the monthly governance budget is 8.75% lower

Most likely you will need to recreate your sanctuary, unless you see your sanctuary is POSE banned.  In that case you can revive the sanctuary with 'exec revivesanc'.

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync. 

We are at block  ____52500_____ as of July 21st, 2020).

getblock 52500   "hash": "12287aa66bb3e29c354b276aa1738efcf93ea031c8b57d9e17ea6242252604f1"

Testnet Download Links:

     Windows 64-bit:
     MacOS QT:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

To self compile:


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:

Place the file in ~/.biblepay

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: This version will also work side-by-side our production nodes,
so, you also have the option if you are short on machines, to run TestNet side by side a prod node!

To run a TestNet Sanctuary:

How to create a deterministic sanc from scratch:


Discussion and Suggestions / BIBLEPAY Wishlist
« on: July 15, 2020, 09:38:33 AM »
The purpose of this thread is to post features that you would like to request (or verify the possibility of creating) within:

BiblePay Core Wallet
Foundation.Biblepay.Org (Gospel or Pool features)
Mobile Wallet

Some examples:
A groundbreaking idea
A feature that another coin has (for example, a feature you found in the top 50 coins that we don't have)
A workflow process that would clearly provide value (example:  our Add a New Proposal page)
A gospel feature (such as our prayer request or video list etc).

Bugfix requests should still be entered as github issues here:

Archived Proposals / Should Sanctuaries fund our Orphans?
« on: July 01, 2020, 03:44:09 PM »
I am investigating the future scenario where we require each sanctuary to fund a single orphan in order to be a paid sanctuary.

This partially comes from the complaint that our Sanctuaries are only in name only (IE, why are they called sanctuaries -- if they are nothing more than masternodes -- and they dont do anything for us?).  Why do they sit and receive rewards for doing nothing?

(I was under the impression earlier in our launch, that we would create some type of workflow, and have sanctuaries perform something fundamental, such as entering expenses or liquidating orphan funds, but in reality we never did establish a workflow like that.  I argue that making a sanc responsible for one orphan may be the key to that self enforcing workflow).  A sanctuary could be a 'safe haven' for one child.
The sanctuary purpose is to sponsor a child, write letters back and forth (if possible), and provide due diligence for our other charity endeavors.

One disappointment I currently have with the sancutary ecosystem is these investors seem to be detached from our project (I feel as if Im the lone decision maker when I vote on issues).  I would personally rather see votes originating from people with 'skin in the game' and those same people are technically the ones who care about the children.

One other problem with our current sanctuary setup is we have 250 sancs that have to pay for hosting.  Id rather see 'sancs who sponsor orphans' pay for hosting.  In that model, you gain a lot of efficiency - meaning that we have less infrastructure overhead.  (If we really do intrinsically grow then yes we have more hosting but we also have more children being supported).

So of course the pro to this idea is those that sponsor orphans will be the ones who make sanctuary ROI.

The main downside to this idea is more investor friction (harder to do things like fractional sancs).  But I argue also, that this can be addressed quite easily by modifying our turnkey fractional service to include orphan sponsorship costs.

So let me summarize what this proposal would entail:

- Each sanctuary will be required to sponsor one cameroon-one orphan
- If a sanctuary locks coins and does not sponsor an orphan, they will eventually (over 24-72 hours) get POSE banned, meaning their payment income will stop.
- If a sanctuary is in good standing (IE they do sponsor an orphan) they will not get pose banned.
- Cameroon-one will be required to paste the masternode public key inside each sponsored child BIO (which is hosted by them).
- If the sanctuary masternode pubkey is not in the bio, this means the sanctuary will be POSE banned.  Or, if the sanctuary stops paying for the child, they will be POSE banned after they fall in arrears more than 30 days late.
- Cameroon-One will remove the public key from the BIO if the account is overdue by more than 30 days.
- The Sanctuary will link themself to an orphan by typing a command in the wallet. (Or cameroon-one will add new bios in the wallet by persisting new bio-ids with pubkeys).  Either way, this will give our sanctuaries insight into checking the pubkey-bio pair during each POSE round.
- Rob would modify the foundation web site to accommodate fractional sancs with orphans attached.  Another words, investing in a fractional sanc would need to have a reward component and a cost component (the sanctuary reward minus the cost of the orphan / 30).  This would give us an "inroad" to maintain fractional sanc investors.
- We will test to ensure no more than 50% of the network can be POSE banned at a given time (this is in case a disaster scenario occurs, where Cameroon One is down and the internet is down, this means our sancs will not pose ban more than half of the network).

As far as what this looks like for investors after this potentially goes live, I believe we would see the sanctuary count drop to 40 or so.
Then the ROI for a sanctuary would be astronomical (IE 500% per year) simply due to the lack of participation.
Making it very enticing to sponsor a child and have a sanctuary (at first).
Of course, if you plot this on a graph you would see a sweet spot (where ROI is 100% per year or so) where the sanctuary count would settle on (maybe 75 sancs?).

(I dont mind making a graph later and posting it to show the effect).
But the point is, this idea does appear to offer a high scalability effect for child sponsorships.
Meaning that if we remain small we will be paying for 40-50 children organically with a low sanc count, and if we grow, obviously we have the ability to sponsor 1000-2000 if we were to take off to half of the size of Dash (who has 4,500+ masternodes) or even 10% of the size of dash based on economics.

Archived Proposals / Donate three water wells to villages in Pakistan
« on: June 28, 2020, 06:25:01 PM »
I ran across this project today while I was looking at clean water projects.
It struck me as cost effective for such a big impact (IE helping 200 people in a village per distinct well over a long period of time).

Please check it out and let me know if there are any red flags.

Otherwise I propose that we donate two ($600) wells (for a total of $1200) to help 400 people get water.

I am seeking 6MM bbp for this project.  If there is any deficiency, I will cover the difference.

I will also donate at least one more well on top of the BBP funding (so we can do 3 wells with funding for 2).

We have 6.3MM in the foundation treasury.    I propose we use 6MM of those funds for this project.
I will still enter a sanctuary proposal, this way we can see if it gets upvoted first - but we will not need to use governance funds for this.)

It looks like we can have a well named after BIBLEPAY, and they will send us 20-30 pictures of the work!

We will definitely request this!

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