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Purpose of this forum
« on: November 13, 2018, 09:23:34 AM »
Currently the main "Production Proposals" forum has been used as a mix of thoughts, polls, and actual proposals.

I would like to split these up a bit,  if you are seeking public feedback on something you "may" make into a proposal, please post it here.

This will help keep clarity on what is / is not a proposal.
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Re: Purpose of this forum
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2021, 04:45:00 PM »
Hello everyone,
So, I have been monitoring the project for a while now, just started mining the coin through this pool 2 weeks ish ago, and have now moved on to investing in a fractional sanc. I really like all of the developments that have been made thus far to the coin, and I am really happy to see so much still being actively done. My only question is if there is any push or proposal out there thus far that is a dedicated one to advertising the coin. The usability of it is the main area of focus, I can see, from both future update forums and the current proposals. I am worried, though, that not enough people know about the currency yet to make it widespread in its usecases.

Obviously, churches accepting the coin as a method of tithe/offering is a big hurdle, but one that, should it be accepted by several large or influential organizations, would seriously help to spread how many people are using the coin. Have any churches been directly contacted yet with this information regarding not only the purpose for but the reasons behind BiblePay?

What about a proposal to allocate 1 mil ish coins for an advertisement on Dave Ramsay's show. I know it is a long shot, but the benefit from having potentially thousands if not tens of thousands of Christians hearing about our currency could be crazy. Furthermore, paying for an advertisement on Christian podcasts, such as Carey Green's morning mindset, could be beneficial as well. His podcast specifically is very large and listened to worldwide.

Lastly, are any charities, Christian specifically, accepting BiblePay yet? I will look into some of the most prominent, I really think that even having one more usecase for this crypto could help to propel it to new levels of acceptance and usage.

Thanks for hearing out my ideas, I really would like to see this succeed, and not just for monetary rewards or anything either. I really do believe that God's word is spread through this, whether by the sponsoring of orphans, the messages/videos/posts available, or the Bible verses encrypted with each transaction. Great work on the currency thus far, and please do let me know if any of the above ideas should be considered as a future proposal.
Thanks, and may God bless you all!