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Masternode Hosting Platform
« on: October 12, 2019, 12:30:51 am »
Just got this proposal via Discord:

Hello so you need a listing on the site Shared MN  Coin ???

Are they shared mn or segregated mn? shared
Does your platform support DIP0003 Dash deterministic masternodes? yes
the listing fee 0.05 BTC
We can also list you on our platform for free...But we need coins to run the first soon as users make the required Deposit we will refund all your coins back to you...Usually it takes no more than 5 hours.
but since this option will not suit you....There is an option to pay 0.05 BTC

after 8 days we will have a platform update we will add exchange, segregated ones and masternode monitoring
but the listing price will be 0.3 BTC

and in 21 days we will launch our cryptocurrency (MN+PoS) and another platform for crediting

And this is all. What do you think?