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Archived Proposals / Server September
« on: September 07, 2018, 10:29:38 am »
Running the server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

I am requesting $40 for month of September
at $0.000580 per BBP that is 68,965 BBP

I was previously funded $80 for July and August

8/18 - 0.5hr CoinExchange Chatbox, 0.5hr Godsquad Videogame Church
8/19 - 1hr April/PR, 0.5hr social
8/20 - 1hr social, 0.5hr 616west
8/21 - 0.5hr QIEX, 1.5hr Jaap/airdrop, 0.5hr support
8/22 - 1hr airdrop
8/25 - 0.5hr social
8/26 - 0.5hr social
8/27 - 1hr social, 0.5hr QIEX
8/28 - 1hr testnet, 1hr social
8/29 - 0.5hr social, 1hr testnet
8/30 - 0.5hr social

14 hours at $20/hr = $280 at $0.000656 per BBP = 426,829 BBP


My Past Work:

Previous Proposal:


With lower price Ive cut back my hours

Archived Proposals / Social Media, Advertising, PR - August (1st - 15th)
« on: August 16, 2018, 03:48:09 am »
8/1 - 1hr advertising, 1hr misc
8/2 - 1hr social, 1hr misc
8/3 - 1hr advertising, 1hr misc
8/4 - 1hr social, 1hr misc
8/5 - 2hr advertising
8/7 - 1hr forums
8/8 - 1hr meeting
8/9 - 1hr advertising
8/10 - 1hr meeting
8/11 - 1hr social media
8/12 - 1hr advertising, 1hr emails/forums, 1hr social media
8/13 - 1hr social, 1hr misc, 0.5 QIEX
8/14 - 2hr misc
8/15 - 1hr advertising, 1hr misc

24.5 hours at $20/hr = $490 / $0.001264 per BBP = 387,658 BBP



Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1087591;sa=showPosts

Reddit Profile:


Some of my work:
- Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook
- QIEX Weekly Updates & WeChat PR
- Bitcointalk Advertising
- World Community Grid (WCG) Mining Guide
- Listing News
- Listing
- South Korean Exchanges contacted
- April Meeting, 616west Meeting
- Advertising/Marketing Ideas


Past Work:


Some TODO:
- Write PR Documentation for April
- Contact Crypto Attorneys, Finish Security Research
- Contact Theymos about Bitcointalk Banner Ad with all of our latest Proof
- Google Analytics / Yoast SEO Wordpress Plugin
- Design or Find Designer for Banner Ads, Collect & Research other Ads
- Write or Find Writer for Story/Article, Collect & Research other Articles
- Get Rob to add CPU to Bitcointalk thread title
- Masternode Easy Setup/Hosting Research


NOTE: Also please vote NO on "Twitter Advertising - August" Proposal, Twitter banned us from Advertising

Archived Proposals / Pre-Proposal: Exchange Listing - Fubt
« on: August 14, 2018, 07:59:16 pm »
Fubt Exchange

Listing Fee: 3 BTC (Usual fee is 15 BTC)

Average daily trading volume: ~$400 million

"The data can be queried in the largest data center in Asia:
or in the global accurate bulls eye data center: "

They plan to get listed on CoinMarketCap by October


I was contacted over Twitter by
and contacted [email protected] over email
I am writing this proposal on their behalf

I cannot convert their website to English, the Chinese text is generated weirdly

Archived Proposals / Pre-Proposal: Twitter Advertising - @tehmoonwalker
« on: August 14, 2018, 02:46:48 am »

Referred by Mr. Backwards:

41k Twitter Followers

Discord: tehmoonwalker#9532


Offered 2 big tweets for $300


I was contacted over Discord, writing this for tehmoonwalker

Is this something worth doing? At what price point is it worth it?

Archived Proposals / Pre-Proposal: Exchange Listing - BitexBay
« on: August 14, 2018, 02:28:36 am »
BitexBay Exchange

Newly established in May 2018
Team based in China

0.15 BTC listing fee per trading pair (BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE)

Free maintenance, English and Chinese Traders

[email protected]

Avg Daily Volume past week is ~$2 million


I was contacted over Discord, writing this for Levi

The price fits our budget, could anyone do more research?
They are not listed on CoinMarketCap, but said they are working on it

Archived Proposals / Twitter Advertising - August
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:01:19 am »
I would like to request $300 to spend on Twitter Advertising for 1 month ($10/day)
$150 for Follow Campaign
$150 for Awareness Campaign

This would increase the number of Twitter followers by about 300
and get us about 80,000-100,000+ impressions

$300 / $0.001537 per BBP = 195,185 BBP

I am requesting 195,185 BBP from the PR budget


Previous Twitter Ad results for Follow Campaign:

Archived Proposals / Togo - Social Media, Advertising, PR - End of July
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:55:00 am »
7/16 - 1hr social
7/17 - 1hr social
7/18 - 2hr advertising
7/19 - 2hr CryptoBridge, 3hr advertising
7/20 - 1hr social, 1hr advertising
7/21 - 1hr social
7/22 - 1hr misc
7/23 - 1hr advertising, 1hr misc, 1hr QIEX
7/24 - 1hr misc, 1hr social, 2hrs Youtube Show
7/27 - 1hr social, 1hr meeting, 1hr misc
7/28 - 1hr social
7/29 - 1hr misc
7/30 - 1hr QIEX

26 hours at $20/hr  = $520 / $0.001750 per BBP = 297,142 BBP

I am requesting 297,142 BBP from the PR budget


Some of what I have been up to:
- Communicating Updates and News/Research
- CryptoBridge Listing
- Social Media Research
- QIEX Weekly Progress Updates
- Support
- Youtube Show
- Twitter, Google and Facebook Ads

Some references:;u=1087591;sa=showPosts

I was contacted by Mr. Backwards over Discord with interest
in offering us advertising on his Twitter:


94% of his followers look real:

"I would ask upfront 1/3 of your mn cost so 550k BBp. You would send me some graphics, then we can build a tweet together and launch it. Then few days later do another with slightly different angle. After that we can assess going forward long term with how results were for us"


EDIT: I was contacted over Discord, writing this for Mr. Backwards

At $0.002 per BBP, that is $1,100 for one or two tweets?
I think the price is too high, with that much money we could potentially pay for 2,000 real followers on Twitter.

I would just like alternative opinions, let me know!

7/1 - 3hrs advertising, 1hr website, 1hr social
7/2 - 2hr website, 1hr advertising, 1hr QIEX
7/3 - 1hr misc, 2hr social, 1hr testnet, 1hr feedback
7/5 - 1hr social, 1hr misc
7/6 - 1hr misc, 1hr social, 2hr reddit redesign
7/7 - 1hr social, 1hr forum, 2hr misc, 1hr advertising
7/8 - 4hr advertising, 2hr pr
7/9 - 1hr social, 1hr advertising
7/10 - 1hr misc
7/11 - 2hr misc
7/14 - 2hr social, 1hr misc
7/15 - 2hr misc, 1hr news, 1hr forum, 2hr social, 2hrs documenting, 1hr advertising

48 hours at $20/hr = $960 / $0.001990 per BBP = 482,412 BBP

I am requesting 482,412 BBP from the PR Budget

Archived Proposals / - Masternode Statistics - China
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:14:46 am »
"The largest Masternode Stats data website in China"

Point of Contact: in BiblePay Discord

Listing Application:

0.05 BTC for 6 Months Listing
or 0.1 BTC for Permanent Listing


we paid 0.1 BTC for 1 year with
and 0.2 BTC for permanent with


I am requesting 0.1 BTC / 0.00000032 BTC per BBP = 312,500 BBP for permanent listing

6/14 - 2hr testnet, 1h social, 1hr misc
6/15 - 2hr testnet, 1 hr social
6/16 - 2hr advertising, 1hr forum signature, 1hr misc, 1hr social
6/17 - 4hr advertising, 2hr testnet, 1hr social
6/18 - 1hr social, 1hr testnet
6/19 - 1hr social, 1hr testnet, 1hr advertising, 1hr misc
6/20 - 2hr misc, 1hr social, 1hr forum, 1hr Chinese
6/21 - 1hr social, 1hr misc
6/22 - 1hr misc
6/23 - 1hr misc
6/24 - 1hr social
6/25 - 1hr social, 1hr misc, 2hr advertising/pr
6/26 - 3hr advertising, 1hr doc, 2hr testnet
6/27 - 2hr advertising, 2hr misc
6/28 - 2hr advertising, 3hr misc, 1hr doc
6/29 - 2hr facebook, 1hr social
6/30 - 1hr social, 1hr misc, 1hr advertising

61 hours at $20/hour rate = $1,220 / $0.001861 per BBP = 655,561 BBP

I am requesting 655,561 BBP from PR


Some of what Ive been up to:
- Communicating Updates and Crypto News/Research on Twitter, Reddit and Bitcointalk
- Bitcointalk Advertising
- Testnet Testing
- Support
- Advertising Research of Top 100 Crypto Websites
- QIEX Weekly Progress Updates
- Google Adwords
- Forum Signature
- CoinMarketCap Explorer Fix
- Facebook Page


Togoshigekata Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1087591;sa=showPosts

Togoshige Reddit Profile:

BiblePay Twitter:


Thank you for your support!

Archived Proposals / Ads - Google, Twitter, Facebook
« on: June 25, 2018, 06:50:52 pm »

I am requesting $300 from the PR budget, to run ads on Google, Twitter and Facebook for 1 month, each $3/day, afterwards I will report results.

$100 - Google Text Ads
$100 - Twitter Ads
$100 - Facebook Ads

$300 / $0.002448 per BBP = 122,549 BBP


We can pay Google to show text and display ads of BiblePay


I did a little experimenting recently and setup a Text ad campaign with keywords:
- masternode
- cpu mining
- cpu mining coins
- jesus coin
- asic resistant

After 2 days, I have 12 clicks, 817 impressions and $6.18 cost
(Avg CPC [Cost Per Click] $0.52)

NOTE: My understanding is that Google may have banned Cryptocurrency ads?
my ad campaign passed as eligible and is running
I tried to stay away from the keyword cryptocurrency in everything

How the Ad Looks:



- How much money should we start spending on Advertising?
(Ive contacted other popular crypto websites requesting pricing on ad space)

- How much should we spend on Google Adwords?
- Is Google Adwords worth using?

- Should we set up Display ad? (currently only testing Text ad)
- What should the Display ad look like?

- Do you know anyone, or someone we could hire, to help create quality ad graphics?

- What should be in the Text ad? Is the current Text ad okay?
- Are there other keywords that we should use?


Archived Proposals / Pre-Proposal: Bitscoin Korean Advertising
« on: June 21, 2018, 03:00:52 am »
Is this advertising opportunity legitimate? how much is it worth?


Messages from "Bitscoin Admin#4694" on Discord:


Bitscoin Admin - 06/08/2018
Hi. We will contact you at the request of our site users.(

We are a masternode construction and sharing company in Korea. We are contacting you to form an business agreement with your coin.

If your coin join us as an business agreement, you will be able to update the your coin list on the bitscoin site.

Not only that, it will also be updated to our cryptocurrency news site and masternode coin information site, blog, community cafe site. Please check the site address below.

Bitscoin (Korean version) : (Masternode establishment and share management service)

Bitscoin (English version) : (Masternode establishment and share management service)

Money today the reader : (Internet news site in Korea)

Coin Gazua : (cryptocurrency news site)

Masternode.RK : (masternode coin information site)

Blog : (Bitscoin blog)

community cafe : (cryptocurrency community cafe site)

We also carry out advertising and promotion through various channels such as SNS and messenger.

Please check the attached agreement proposal PDF file for more details.

Bitscoin is the largest masternode construction and sharing company in Korea.

Many people are using it through our site, so it works very well.



Bitscoin Admin - 6/20/18  at 3:21 AM
To list coin on our bitscoin site and conclude a business agreement, you must have coin information on the masternodes ( site and you will need to send us 0.5 BTC and 11550001 BBP coin.

If you want to pay only for BBP coin, you will need a total of 3100002 BBP coin.

Korea's influence in the cryptocurrency market is huge. In addition, our bitscoin is the largest among the masternode service companies in Korea. In addition, P2P systems and exchange functions will be added to the market. In this way, you can get even more benefit by adding coin ads and promotions to the various sites we operate.
In addition to opening coins on the bitscoin site, we will help promote and advertise the coins through various channels such as the cryptocurrency news site, masternode ranking site, cryptocurrency community site, SNS and messenger.
And this is because various banner advertisements and community promotions are accompanied.
BBP coin will be able to inform more people in Korea market and will help you to develop.

The bitscoin site has about 3,600 members, and we operate the cryptocurrency community cafe site with about 2,700 members.
The number of telegram members is about 3300, and the rest of other messengers, SNS, blogs, and other sites are at least 200 and usually more than 1000.
We're managing about 3,200 masternodes.


Bitscoin Admin - 6/21/18 at 2:39 AM
We can make enough agreements.

Fee adjustment is possible.

Korea is very influential in the world's market for cryptocurrency.
You must be interested in the Korean market.


Archived Proposals / Togo - Mixed Bag - May/June
« on: June 14, 2018, 06:12:39 am »
5/24 - 3hr misc
5/25 - 1hr website, 1hr support, 1h forum
5/26 - 2hr misc
5/29 - 1hr QIEX, 1hr explorer, 2hr support
5/30 - 2hr support, 1hr
5/31 - 3hr youtube show
6/1 - 1hr misc, 1hr socialmedia
6/4 - 1hr QIEX
6/5 - 2hr explorer
6/6 - 1hr support, 1hr socialmedia 1hr explorer
6/7 - 1hr socialmedia, 2hr misc, 1hr testnet, 1hr support
6/8 - 5hr explorer, 1hr misc, 2hr advertising
6/11 - 1hr QIEX, 1hr misc
6/13 - 1hr testnet, 1hr misc

New Block Explorer server costs $40/month now, I am requesting 2 months prepayment for this July and August

43 hours at $20/hour + $80 server rent = $940 / $0.002534 per BBP = 370,955 BBP

Togo Work:
I give weekly Monday Update to QIEX
I read the forums daily and post any news to social media
I read Twitter and Reddit daily
I help support users on Discord and through email
I maintain one of our main explorers, and this month I upgraded it
I am part of 616west's youtube show
I still do some advertising on bitcointalk
I updated CoinMarketCap
I updated Masternodes.Pro
Im starting testing on testnet for next release

Probable Future Work:
- CryptoBridge integration
- more advertising (Ive held back since my temp ban)
- document past 3-4 months of bitcointalk posts
- help with new website
- complete mining guide
- complete wiki documentation

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