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Amazing wallet theme, I voted yes. :)

I hope you will stay in the BiblePay community and do more projects in the future.
Thank you very much!  :D Of course, I will continue to participate in the project. For me, a lot of work ahead: it is necessary to improve the design and improve the translation. I also started to create a Russian community and promote the project on the local land.

 If the Lord bless, we will become better than bitcoin. My dream is that as many Christians as possible benefit from this project. Perhaps the Lord in this way will help the faithful stand and not take the mark of the beast.

Thanks for your work on it - I love the theme, and it's (as the others said), an easy "Yes"
Thank you!

Yeah, but the 2500BBP need to be in your pool-account. It's currently not yes possible to deposit into the pool, that's why Rob will do it for you if you give him your pool account-name :)

Oh, I see. My pool-account name is Marcus_Antonius.

Btw, great work on the theme!

Thank you!  :D

Hmmm... But I have more than 2500 BBP.

I really like the new wallet theme, especially the vertical tabs on the left side of the screen. I think it looks very professional.
An easy "Yes" from me!
Thank you!  :D

Good day! I want to add a proposal for invoice for the hours of work on a new wallet design.

What was done:
1) A mock-up of the wallet was developed.
2) A new theme was created.
3) The splash-screen has been changed.
4) Modifications were made to the source code for left-side tabs, a splash-screen and an emblem.
5) Fixed the old themes, for adequate work with the left-side tabs.
6) Icons for a new theme are selected and partially changed.

Total time: 69 hours.

1 BBP = $0.003636 ( April 28, 2018)
Hourly Rate: $8.00 = 2,200 BBP
69 hours x 2200 BBP = 151,800 BBP

The requested amount for this proposal is 151,800 BBP.

Thank you!

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