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I would like to introduce to all the Russian and Ukrainian Bible translations for BiblePay! I will be very happy if speakers of these languages can read the Bible in their own language!  :D

The translation and editing process took more than 68 hours.

The requested amount is 1M BBP.

For Rob: The text of the translations is not changed, but the numbering of some books and texts (for example, the book of Psalms) does not coincide with those in the original translation, because it is brought into line with those of the King James Bible. The total number of lines in each translation corresponds to that in the translation of King James and amounts to 31102 lines.

God bless you!

Welcome all!

I would like to make a proposal for compensation for translation into Ukrainian. The translation into Russian was also corrected and supplemented. The English translation file was synchronized with the code by the current version of the program.

The translation and editing process took more than 40 hours.

The requested amount is 1M BBP.

Translation files are in my repository:

Thank you!  :D

Archived Proposals / Compensation for Marcus_Antonius (PR, IT, design)
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:54:10 AM »
Good day!

I want to add a proposal for compensation for hours of work on the promotion of the Biblepay in social networks during the last three months (May, June and July).

During this time, the following work was done:

1) Creation of graphic content for groups in social networks devoted to the Biblepay. The results of the work can be found in my repository: If you are the owner of a group promoting the Biblepay on social networks, I will be happy if you take advantage of my work. The repository contains ready-to-use images with Russian-language and English-language text. Also there are the source files of these images in * .xcf format. If you promote the Biblepay in a non-English social network, you can always edit the image in the GIMP program by replacing the inscriptions.

The pictures look like this:

Preparation and creation of content took me about 45 hours.

2) The Russian-speaking community of the Biblepay was created in the social network If you have an account on this network, I invite you to join!
It took about 5 hours to create the group and the core content.

3) About 28 hours were spent on attracting Christians to the group.

4) During these three months, work was carried out to change the design of the wallet. Changes in the code affect the behavior of the dialogs "Settings", "Tools" and "Distributed Computing". Also some changes have touched on CSS-styles: improvements in the style of "Bezaleel" and work on the style "DarkBlue" is started. Since all the changes I made in the code concerned only the branch, I'll post the source code a little later, when I adapt it to the current version of the wallet. The modified version can be found a little later in my repository:

A slightly redesigned design looks like this:

This is not the final version;) I will be glad to consider suggestions and wishes. If Rob likes my changes, he will transfer them to the main branch.

Work with the source code took about 39 hours.

Total time was spent: 45 + 5 + 28 + 39 = 117 hours.
1 BBP = $0.0,001143 ( April 28, 2018)
Hourly Rate: $10.00 = 8748 BBP
117 hours x 8,748 BBP = 1,023,516 BBP

The requested amount for this proposal is 1,023,516 BBP.

Good day! I want to add a proposal for invoice for the hours of work on a new wallet design.

What was done:
1) A mock-up of the wallet was developed.
2) A new theme was created.
3) The splash-screen has been changed.
4) Modifications were made to the source code for left-side tabs, a splash-screen and an emblem.
5) Fixed the old themes, for adequate work with the left-side tabs.
6) Icons for a new theme are selected and partially changed.

Total time: 69 hours.

1 BBP = $0.003636 ( April 28, 2018)
Hourly Rate: $8.00 = 2,200 BBP
69 hours x 2200 BBP = 151,800 BBP

The requested amount for this proposal is 151,800 BBP.

Thank you!

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