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Archived Proposals / Re: [Coleslaw] BiblePay video creation compensation
« on: February 17, 2020, 05:12:14 AM »
Very nice :)

Archived Proposals / Re: Aug 2019 - Block reward breakdown adjustment
« on: August 25, 2019, 12:14:29 PM »
I want the GSC payments to be large enough to incentive people to go that route. Of course, as a Sanctuary-owner, I would be nice to have some direct rewards, but I think it's also important for our survival to grow long-term. GSC seems to be a very pleasant way to grow, since it's helping others in the process, and - in my view - has the potential to onboard a lot of new people. I don't really know enough of the variables involved to make a good decision at this point in time, to I'm leaning to abstain my vote for now...

Archived Proposals / Re: FUBT Exchange
« on: August 25, 2019, 11:52:05 AM »
I'm having some reservations. I like the promotion-deal and the fact that it's non-English. Do they have a Chinese equivalent of Twitter or something where you can see interaction between them and the persons that use the platform?

Most of our volume is on southXchange. volume is very low, although it's ranked higher on coingecko than FUBT, so I don't know if adding another exchange will increase volume perse. But as I said, it's a non-English exchange, so it might help.

My reservations are mostly because it's hard for me to determine if they are actually as high-volume as they claim.

I'll spin up some nodes in the coming week :)




Let us pray this version is the most stable and beneficial version for our Orphans and God's Kingdom.

Testing is not completely over, but I wanted to send a warm thank you to everyone who contributed in any way in this TestNet thread!

God Bless you All!

Thank you for all your hard work Rob :D

The 64-bit version seems to be running fine on my end thus far :)

Yeah, the payments will start deterministically based on this new algo, and continue until your node is PosE banned.  PosE happens if your node is Off for a certain amount of time (and gets voted down), or if your node isnt participating in the new LLMQs (long living masternode quorums).

As far as the node itself, it cant find its own proreg tx on the chain.
Most likely because the masternodeblsprivkey is missing.

Please copy the key from the deterministic.conf to the node and reboot it and see?

Working! Somehow a wrong private-key ended up in my masternodeblsprivkey. Probably got something to do that I used some Dash documentation when setting everything up...

Hi Guys,

I've upgraded to My sanc says the following:

masternode status


  "outpoint": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-4294967295",
  "service": "84.29.XXX.XXX:40001",
  "state": "WAITING_FOR_PROTX",
  "status": "Waiting for ProTx to appear on-chain"

My controller wallet shows the Sanc in the DIP3 tab though, and I've been getting payments?

I'm sorry. I don't have much time to dive into the Dash documentation :(

Dash's notes have the instructions to do it, but those notes are very complicated (to create a deterministic sanc from scratch).
Yes, the sanc throws a warning right now if the masternodeblsprivkey is missing, but it still starts. (Using the masternodeprivkey).

Ah, right! I probably got the warning and then proceeded to google the Dash notes.

Thats great!

Hey everyone I want to mention something important.

Before we enable dip15 (deterministic masternodes), we need to copy our 'masternodeblsprivkey' to our cold sanctuary biblepay.conf file (just like we usually copy the masternodeprivkey over there).

This is not used until we flip dip15.  As I believe the moment we flip dip15 the sancs will rely on this privkey to sign all the messages (and thats likely why we had hundreds of failed votes yesterday once I flipped it for a couple mins). 

So either way its mandatory that we copy the key to the sanc before dip15, so lets make that part of the upgrade to deterministic process.

I also forgot to mention this is the main reason I added the deterministicsanctuary.conf file - so you can open it back up and get the value out of it (or write a script to copy the value to the sanc).

I already put the 'masternodeblsprivkey' in the biblepay.conf when I set-up my Sanctuary. I'm don't remember it exactly, but I think there was something in the set-up notes about it (maybe in Togo's) and I think that my (legacy) Sanctuary didn't even want to start when I didn't have it in there?

Anyway, I'm om the right chain, my Sanctuary is in DIP3, so I'm ready to roll  8)

I agree with you.  Ill stick it out for a while and keep the chain, lets see how we do.

(I'll still put these 3 new features in however, for the next mandatory).

I was on a different chain with both my wallets. I'm reindexing now...

Thats awesome man!  So to elaborate a little more:
1) Dash allows a sanctuary owner to specify where future rewards go (IE they allow you to tell the wallet a specific address to receive sanc rewards).  This is useful if you are trying to make an untraceable wallet.
2) Dash allows any designated public key to be a voting delegate.  This means a friend can vote on a sanc poll for you if you provide their pubkey.

To make this easy to start, the upgradesanc command fills those two things in for you.

To find out how we filled them in, go to receiving addresses, look for:
Yoursancname-D and Yoursancname-V.

The D is the address biblepay set up for your rewards.
The V is the address we created for your voting.

The vote-many and vote-alias automatically finds your V address to vote from (no changes are necessary there).

The rewards will start coming in to the D address (theoretically), lets check that.

Nice features :) I can confirm that the D and V addresses have been created. You're doing a great job Rob!


Guys, go ahead and try this.
1.  You must have a *cold* sanc (that means your sanctuary doesn't have the locked funds in it and you have a controller wallet with the funds locked, and the old sanctuary works (IE its probably ENABLED right now), and your controller wallet has a masternode.conf file.

2.  From your controller wallet, go to the RPC terminal and type:
Code: [Select]
exec upgradesanc sanctuary_name 0(where 0 means dry run, and sanctuary_name is the name of the sanctuary (the first field) in the masternode.conf file).

3.  Check the output of that command and make sure there are no errors.  If so continue to the next step.

4.  From the controller wallet, RPC terminal type:
Code: [Select]
exec upgradesanc sanctuary_name 1Ensure this command does not throw an error.

If the results are successful, you will be in the dip3 sanctuary tab (from the Sanctuaries page | Dip3 sancs).

Note that we create a deterministicsanctuary.conf file for your convenience (this is a biblepay feature).  We automatically add all your dip3 sancs to that file.
This will be useful if you have more than say 10, then you can write a script to pull values from this file and do things like update remote configs, run remote commands etc.  Its also highly useful if you need to access your BLSprivkey or BLSpubkey, or voting information.

Cool! Seems to have worked for me. My sanc is now in the dip3 tab :)

That seems to have worked :) It's in PRE-ENABLED mode now because I restarted it. My sancs IP is the 84.92 one.

84.29 :p

This usually happens if one of the mn* files wasnt deleted, I would delete the gov* and the .dat files and restart the controller, let the mnsync status go to 999, then restart it.

Then post your sancs ip and I will also see if it says enabled on my end too.

That seems to have worked :) It's in PRE-ENABLED mode now because I restarted it. My sancs IP is the 84.92 one.

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