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I think that it's worth it to get some more exposure in China. We've got QIEX, the whitepaper, and I think that this will be a nice add-on to get new investors onboard.



Polylang Pro:
99 euros, yearly renewal $?? to get updates

WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML):
1 year: $79 + $39 yearly renewal, or $195 lifetime

qTranslate X:

It seems like people reviewing these plugins recommend WPML:

If you want to look into this Togo, then be my guest :) If not, I'll look into it come August.

Can we also please consider plug-ins for translations? Would be great to have it in at least Spanish, Korean, Chinese.

Ah, yes. Good suggestion! We actually talked about that in the past. I will look into it :)

Production Proposals / Re: Compensation for Jaap's work with BiblePay
« on: July 12, 2018, 07:54:13 am »
Hi everyone,

I'm going abroad for a couple of weeks (with probably very little internet), so I'm not going to do much more work for BiblePay this month.

So here is my proposal for the work I've done on the website from the 20th of June untill today.

8 hours: rewriting, adding articles, editing links, etc.

16 hours: migrating website and implementing SEO, google analytics, cache, CDN, backups, etc.

Post-migration (until 12-07-2018):
7 hours: (implementing feedback, making final adjustments/implementations, writing articles.

The website is just about finished. So from here on it will probably mostly be a little maintenance and writing articles.

I'm giving myself a little raise because, frankly, I think that I've provided quality work to the community. I think that it's fair to ask the same amount that Togo does. So from now on I'll ask $20/hour. As said before: I don't ask money for guiding charities and helping the community etc, just the things that I really consider 'work'.

Currently, the price hovers around $0,0019/BBP
(31 X 20) / 0.0019 = 326316 BBP

Hi all,

I want to request funds to be able to buy premium-editions of the following two Wordpress plugins:

Yoast SEO: This is an SEO-plugin for wordpress. The free version is already installed, and is primarily used to improve our position in page-ranking (which basically means that search engines will show our website sooner than others). The premium version will add more (much needed) functionality and will enables us to give our website more exposure. It costs €79 ex vat. But since we're not incorporated yes, I'll buy it as a consumer and it will cost me €95.59.

The Newsletter Plugin. This is a plugin we use for our alerts and newsletter. Buying the premium-version will allow us to automate processes, get analytics, and add a nice 'sign up' bar to the footer (or as a pop-up), which will - hopefully - result in more people signing up. This plugin costs €49 incl vat.

That totals €144,59. Current BBP price hovers around 0.00000030 BTC which is about 0,0016 EURO. That would make 90368,75 BBP.

I hope that people can see the value of adding these two premium plugins.

Production Proposals / Re: Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:22:55 am »
I've decided to go ahead and ask for preliminary funds for this. We can work out the exact details of the airdrop later on, but I feel that we're pretty far in the process.

My plan at the moment is:
Securing funds (750$ in ETH) to get exposure on (and all of their social channels). I think that it is important to get exposure for the airdrop. is the largest entity listing these kind of things, and smaller entities are largely leaching off of them, so getting exposure on there I think means getting exposure along a wide spread of airdrop-listing entities.

I think that the feedback that LifeThruGrace gave is very valuable, and the last thing I would want to, is to throw away BBP. So it's probably best to include the need to subscribe to a special 'BiblePay-Airdrop' Telegram group. Telegram is linked to your telephone-number, so adding this will reduce the ability to game the system.

I'd rather not do this, because I would also like to appeal to crowds outside of the normal airdrop clique (who use Telegram in masses, because it's often an requisite for an airdrop), but maybe it's for the best.

I would like to request 1M BBP. Which is about 2000 dollars. And I want to use this money to get exposure and get a first 'batch' of airdroppers on board. We can then review the data and see if we want to prolong the airdrop (I can ask for budget each month).

Let's say that we can get 50 long-term Miners on board each month because of the airdrop. I think that would be very much worth it.

The beauty is that we can check the data and see what airdroppers do after receiving the airdrop (selling everything or continue to mine).

I think that the P2P budget is best suited for this (although it could also be PR).

If most people think that 10.000 BBP is too much, I'll gladly slash it in half :) I'm open for all feedback.

Production Proposals / Re: Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:04:59 pm »
Have you considered the abuse potential? It wouldn't be hard to create VMs (Windows or Linux) and script your way to multiple 10k BBP payouts. At 0.002 x 10k = $20 USD?  That's a lot of motivation to cheat the system. Sorry to be negative here, but I've seen a lot of airdrops not give the result people wanted. Wasted advertising $$$ mostly if you actually follow through on the payout.  Would you have to screen for fraud manually or is there an automated/clever way to clean out fraud? Is having to upload your identification too much?  Or perhaps there's an API where you can tie in with a reputable exchange where the user is registered and authenticated to an acceptable level?

I like your feedback. I thought that I made it hard for people to cheat the system.

Do you think it's easy to script something that registers you on three websites using a unique email-address, downloads, installs, and sets-up two software-programs (including waiting time for the R@H task to solve and for the blockchain to sync correctly), burns your CPID into the blockchain, and fills in the google-form with all the necessary data? I have only little programming skills, so I don't know how someone would go about this.

The verification will be manual btw (also due to my lack of programming skills).

I'm not feeling comfortable doing a KYC, with all the risks involved. It would be nice to be able to do some blockchain identity verification. I know that some projects are working on that (like Civic), and it would be nice to be able to use something like that in the future.

I could also ask participants to join a special Telegram airdrop group, those accounts are linked to unique phone-numbers.

Anyway: thanks for the feedback :) I hope that we can have a quality airdrop that gives us new users.

My thought about doing the airdrop this way, was that participants would already be mining in the end. Of course they could sell, but why not keep on mining?

Production Proposals / Re: Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: July 09, 2018, 07:25:54 am »
Okay, I’ve been doing some more research concerning the airdrop and have had some feedback on it. Basically, I think that the best approach is to do a high quality airdrop that takes a lot of effort. This is because I want to attract actual new users and not people who are just in it for the airdrop itself.

I would suggest the following approach: only new BiblePay PODC Researchers with a burned CPID in the blockchain get BBP. We will give these people a pretty high compensation (like 10.000 BBP).

So basically, if you participate in this airdrop, in the end you are already mining and receive enough BBP to start staking with a mediocre PC.

Other forms of airdrops just don’t seem worth it to me. I think that The BBP we spent on the airdrop is an investment in our future.

So basically, new Researchers need to go through a couple of steps:
-Register with BOINC, join team BiblePay, and start researching.
-Download wallet, register on to get BBP from the faucet, and burn their CPID in the blockchain.
-Sign up for our newsletter.
-Fill in the airdrop-form
-(Optional) share the airdrop on their social-channels.

Again, I’m just thinking out-loud concerning the airdrop 😊

I think it would be awesome to have the airdrop alongside the first round of advertising. I was thinking about doing a long-term airdrop. I can ask for BBP from the superblock and the airdrop turns to a ‘Sorry, come back next month’ when the funds run dry. But of course, that’s only if the airdrop proves to be a success.

I've made a new proposal called 'New Exchange Fund - July 2018'  :)

I am requesting $300 from the PR budget, to run ads on Google, Twitter and Facebook for 1 month, each $3/day, afterwards I will report results.

$100 - Google Text Ads
$100 - Twitter Ads
$100 - Facebook Ads

$300 / $0.002448 per BBP = 122,549 BBP

Easy 'yes' :) I'm curious about the results. I liked the twitter-results. Quite a few subscribers came from that advertising trial.

I was also thinking about how to get noticed on big crypto-news websites. Do we have to write official press-releases for that, or does a journalist have to notice us?

I have no experience whatsoever with this field. But I think April does. Maybe she knows someone who can facilitate this?

Just an accountability post from my side. These are the coins I have sold in June on southXchange:

06/30 11:36 AM   Sell   46957.04000 BBP   0.00000025   Executed   7A2NK7VN
06/30 11:35 AM   Sell   294563.0000 BBP   0.00000028   Executed   236267GI
06/30 11:35 AM   Sell   143886.0000 BBP   0.00000027   Executed   N776YWH5
06/30 11:34 AM   Sell   100000.0000 BBP   0.00000026   Executed   XGVLQ1BY
06/30 11:34 AM   Sell   100000.0000 BBP   0.00000029   Executed   42T4LEUV
06/30 11:34 AM   Sell   100000.0000 BBP   0.00000025   Executed   P1QM863V
06/19 06:21 PM   Sell   150000.0000 BBP   0.00000040   Executed   UPFX3U2J
06/19 06:21 PM   Sell   200000.0000 BBP   0.00000040   Executed   4NTRM441
06/02 08:14 AM   Sell   100000.0000 BBP   0.00000042   Executed   HXKH72DD
06/02 08:14 AM   Sell   200000.0000 BBP   0.00000040   Executed   MBW48638
06/02 08:14 AM   Sell   200000.0000 BBP   0.00000041   Executed   1LFOFW34
06/01 12:32 PM   Sell   100051.0000 BBP   0.00000043   Executed   7F58DLP4

And on QIEX:
Pair   Type   Price   Amount   Filled
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000030   38169   0.01145070   BTC
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000028   23767   0.00665476   BTC
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000040   43000   0.01720000   BTC
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000041   40967   0.01679647   BTC
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000040   34352   0.01374080   BTC
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000040   8341   0.00333640   BTC
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000040   7307   0.00292280   BTC
BBP/BTC   Sell   0.00000042   5529   0.00232218   BTC

Last month I just set some sell orders, but the price went down and a lot didn't trigger. From this month on I will have the policy do try not to have coins that are older than 30 days.

These sales calculate to 2M+ BBP sold for about 0.7 BTC, which is quite nice. I just added sell orders for this months received budget, but will keep a closer look on the price with the intention to sell all of the BBP before the next superblock hits.

Yes, the reason its currently 5 bbp, is we went live with that value last year.  However I feel that will end up eventually being abused (as it was in the pool at first), and also, we have been charging 2500 historically in the pool, so I made a transition point as of August 1 to switch over to 2500 BBP for the collateral fee.  So in prod, it will temporarily be 5 also until that date.

Im going to look at any outstanding test cases; we really need to ramp up testing this weekend in order to try to get a version out soon; we cant notify the exchanges of a coming mandatory unless we are sure of a release date.

I feel that the 5 BBP will definitely make it easy to abuse the function. 2500BBP I think works well, as you can ask the 2500BBP back in your proposal. If you have a good proposal you have nothing to fear.

This Sunday will be my 'BiblePay day', so I will test a lot and try a lot. A tiny thing that I have for now is that you can still also access the proposal-tab from the top menu. That's probably redundant now.


it might be under /var/log/apache/referer.log

i'm not familiar with wordpress (i don't think they provide keyword analysis out of the box and requires a plugin). I'll ask a friend who is a wordpress host provider so he can recommend some tools for future analysis.

you can burn through money quickly online advertising... so my point is to educate yourself and go slowly. i think bitcointalk forum is likely the best source of crypto friendly traffic.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't have access to that part of the server (maybe Rob can post the log if he reads this). But I'll install an analytics plugin on the new website (probably Google Analytics, but if your friend has any suggestions I'm happy to hear them).

Thank you for your advice, you seem to be knowledgeable in this field :)

I'm creating some proposals from the wallet now. Am I correct in asserting that the fee for the proposals are paid right from the wallet (the fee seems to be 5 BBP now, but that's probably because we are in testnet)?

Frankly, I think that is amazing!

Just gimme!

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