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Production Proposals / New Exchange Fund (recoup fronted BTC November 2018)
« on: November 14, 2018, 08:53:55 am »
Hi everyone,

I presume that you all know that I fronted some BTC to get us listed on Sadly, since the fronting, the BBP price went down, so it's taking way longer than expected to recoup the costs.

I sold what I got last superblock + some of my own BBP - to speed up the proces - (a total of 2M BBP) at 6 satoshi today.

Here you can find an overview of the Fund-sales:

Here is the Fund address (it needs to get to 3BTC 'total received' to be even again), so we still need about 0.17 BTC.

Here is the previous discussion about the Fund:

I will be asking for 2M BBP this round. I just want to get this over with as soons as possible so we can look at the future again :)

Also, please take note: after I have recouped the costs, someone else needs to take over the fund (of someone can already start a new Fund today if needed). I have burned out and need to take some time to take care of myself for the time being.

I agree with klondike: we really do need more 'external exposure' (such as bloggers and journalists writing about us). That would give us more legitimacy. So I'd like to invite anyone who has some PR-experience to contact me. With some help I've gathered information on creating pitches, and I've collected a list of contact information of journalists. Unfortunately I'm really burnt out at the moment, so I'm looking for someone (or a little group) to prepare and send pitches and provide journalists with information if needed. This is just a small part of PR of course, but I think it can prove an important one.

Anyway, what I'm sometimes concerned about is the public's perception of us when they look at our forums. Because there IS toxicity, no doubt.

I've talked to a few people that have 'quit', and most said that they really liked the project, but that they had trouble with your personality Rob. I hope this doesn't come across too harsh. I'm just stating what I've observed.

Now, of course, when something like this happens there are two people involved, with two backgrounds, and two personalities. I'm not here to judge. I just know that sometimes I read someone's reaction (yours and others), and I just feel in my guts that it's going to escalate (or already has). I'm not pointing fingers. It's just a feeling that I sometimes have.

What I also know, is that some of the people that 'quit' really were initially willing to put a lot of time in BiblePay. And I think it's really a shame that they got alienated from the project, because in my opinion they were good people at heart. I agree that there are people that are really annoying and even damaging, but I think drawing a line is a tricky thing. We're all just 'peopeling around' with all our human shortcomings, in my opinion.

I think that we should try to work on incorporating loving values in all of our communication. Again and again. If we as a group are representing a Christian community to the outside world, my personal opinion is that we should try to have room for each-others feelings as much as possible. I'm not just trying to be sappy here, I also look at this from a business perspective, because I want BiblePay to be able to help as many people as possible. But I only want to be involved in a project that tries to have room for people 'as they are'. That's just because of my personality. The toxicity has probably contributed to my current burnt-outness, since I'm pretty sensitive to it.

I'd like to end this post with saying that I'll be abroad for the next two weeks, and I'll have (and also want) very little internet.

Archived Proposals / Re: October Payroll and IT Expenses
« on: October 20, 2018, 07:36:55 am »
Thank you for all your hard work and generosity Rob!

Archived Proposals / Re: Compensation for Jaap's work with BiblePay
« on: October 19, 2018, 02:59:17 am »
Hi everyone,

I want to ask some BBP for the work I've done this month. I'm only asking BBP for time spent on the website and editing guides, all the other stuff is voluntary work.

I've spent 12 hours on these things. I created the new 'light version' of the website. This means removing a lot of the darker/grey images and replacing them with more colorful ones. Togo and I have also created the new landing page (still a work-in-progress). I've also adjusted guides to implement for example the new mining setup and one-click masternode set-up.

I want to ask 375000 BBP (12 hours x 20 dollars x 0,00064).

Archived Proposals / Re: Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: October 14, 2018, 08:01:27 am »
I've halted the airdrop. There were very little new applicants lately, the budget was running low, and I'm going away for a few weeks very soon. These factors combined moved me to halt the airdrop.

You can find the spreadsheet I used during the airdrop here:

We've airdropped 766k BBP directly from the budget. Technically Rob has also given away BBP from the pools faucet (see: ) And Togo also fronted about 0.1 BTC - if I remember correctly - for the listing.

So there is 234k BBP left over from the actual budget. I want to suggest sending it to Togo to he can recoup some of the BTC he fronted, as the plan as outlined in the proposal also included using BBP to pay for listing on

Archived Proposals / Re: Ban Slovakia from Talking for 6 months
« on: October 13, 2018, 05:52:15 am »
I personally never felt alienated by anyone in the BiblePay community, but I have spent a lot of energy talking to people who did feel alienated. I have stopped doing that, because it just took too large a toll on me. It's in my personality to try and keep people together and to keep communications as open as possible, but I don't think it's healthy for my well-being long-term to continue to try and be the middle-man in discussions. So if a discussion doesn't involve myself personally, I have decided to stay out of it for the time being.

I have felt bad in the past when I read reactions by a number of people, because I felt that emotions became the reason for certain responses (something which I will never deny doing myself also). And while I think there should be a place for people to release their emotions, I don't think that a public forum is the right place for that if we want investors to have faith in the future of BiblePay. And yes, the impact of slovakia's FUD on price should not be underestimated. And while we can counter the FUD with rationality, that will not entirely remove the impact of FUD, and I think it's good to have a discussion about banning certain bad actors if they cross a certain threshold.

So, while I think that FUD is destructive, and I also have my personal struggles with slovakia, I would probably not vote 'yes' on banning him at this point. Leaving FUD out of it for the moment, I think that moderation is something that is sometimes necessary simply because the world is not utopian in the sense of people always having such good emphatic abilities to relate to the responses of others. But I'd rather that we try to approach 'people like slovakia' with as much love as we are able to muster at a certain time.

We don't know each others past, we don't know each others internal world, and we don't know how much is miscommunication because of upbringing/culture/language/etc.

I realize that my position on this is a bit vague, but that's because there are so many points of view on this. Still, I think that it's good to be able to have a discussion about things like this.

I will vote 'yes' on this :) Just a question: 750 000 BBP is probably too much for just the sponsoring of the children. Instead of spending it on other stuff, maybe you could put in some 'reserve jar' for the children, just so they have a buffer if needed for school costs?

Archived Proposals / Re: New Exchange Proposal - Add new Biblepay Exchange
« on: September 30, 2018, 07:13:46 am »
Hi Everyone,

As I stated in my last post, We're still a bit short in the New Exchange Fund, so I'll be requesting funds to recoup that until we are in the green again. This is the funds address:

The only important number is the 'total received' number (because of change addresses and me having paid for a listing with my own BTC by accident). We paid 3 BTC on costs for getting listed on exchanges. So we're about 0.3 short still.

Here is an overview of all the sales (which I posted before). The number is a bit off with the New Exchange Fund address because of trading fees and withdrawal fees:

Anyway, I'm requesting funds to recoup the costs I personally made until we're at 3 BTC. Everything above that will be put in the 'New New Exchange Fund'. I want to request 1.5M BBP for this in this superblock. At the current exchange rate, it will probably take 3 superblocks before we're in the green again.

Hi everyone,

Due to the value of the coin going down while organizing the airdrop, we needed to fund the promotion for the airdrop with Togo's personal funds. There simply wasn't any budget within the 1M BBP that was requested for the airdrop. I hope you can understand. The airdrop has given us a lot exposure.

Current airdrop statistics (green means everything on the form checked out and the user is paid):

Airdropalert Invoice:

At some point, there should be a ceiling like 1.55M. Otherwise, it'll just be whomever has the most UTXO weight. At some point, your "integrity" has very little to do with how much BBP you hold. It is a matter of how much money you have or early you joined BBP. If not enough people vote, certainly fall back to this scheme, but if enough people participate in voting let there be a cap. That encourages more participation instead of resentment.

I think this is something we should indeed talk about (the inns and outs), that's why I also highlighted 'new users'.

On first sight, this seems like a very nice system! I like the idea of incentivizing people to vote. This is like an automatic bounty system.

And users with a high utxo weight are likely to be loyal to BiblePay (why else would they have a lot of BBP).

As you say, it would be an interesting economy. If this reaches prod, I hope that we can spread awareness for this in a way that also attracts new users.

Excellent!  That means the test didnt fail, great.  (Because the msgbox should show any error, even Insufficient funds).

Anywhoo,  heres what Im thinking:

Case 1:
A new biblepay user who is an existing researcher on boincstats with lots of rac.  All they do is click the Associate CPID button (thats the old button that was always there).

Case 2:
A new user who doesnt use boinc.  They click the 'Create Account & Attach project' button and that does everything Except associate the cpid with the wallet.  Then We tell them to click Associate after they get boinc running.

This way we can appeal to either group without causing duplicate DCC transactions to be sent.

Yes, I think that will be great for the UX when setting up the wallet. I shall change the guide on biblepay-central to reflect these steps when this goes into prod.

One thing comes to mind: right now there is the 'get 1000 BBP from pool' step, that ensures you have enough BBP to associate your CPID (and even have something to start staking with).

Looking at the new wallet set-up from a new user perspective, you first use the 'create and attach R@H' button. If everything goes right, you now have R@H crunching with a fresh account. Since this account doesn't have any RAC, you can't use the pools faucet yet.

So, thinking about a guide. Should the steps be:
1. Download and run BOINC
2. Use the 'create and attach R@H' button
3. Solve enough tasks to have >100 RAC + wait 24 hours just to be sure
4. Use pool faucet
5. Associate your CPID
6. Buy enough BBP for staking.

Of course, you don't HAVE to follow these steps, as long as you have enough BBP to associate your CPID. You could also use perhaps, but it can take a long time using that faucet to get enough BBP for the CPID association.

Anyway, people will also need to stake of course, so they will probably also have to buy BBP anyway even if they get the 1000 BBP.

Just thinking out loud about UX and how to make this proces as easy as possible...

Jaap, I tried to reproduce the "associate" button not sending the collateral, and from what I see, it does still call the same old associate code and it still works.

However I do see one potential reason it didnt work for you.  Im thinking on a brand new wallet with 0, we require the BBP to be at least 2 confirms deep before it can be spent on a collateral tx.  You should have received 'insufficient funds' in the message box, and not 'welcome to BiblePay cancer mining!'. 

See if you can remember what it said?  Anyway if you retry with a confirmed balance, it will probably work fine....

Oh, wait! Maybe I just misunderstood. I thought that the 'create and attach R@H' button did more than it maybe actually does.

I thought that the 'create' portion was the creation of the R@H account, and I thought that the 'attach' portion was about 'attaching' your CPID to the blockchain.

But the 'attach' part is not about the CPID, but about attaching R@H to the Boinc client! I thought it was an all-in-one button that included attaching your CPID :-X

Testing from a clean Windows 10 PC.

Push button: 'Create and Attach R@H Account'
Popup says:
Boinc is not installed. Please run 'sudo apt-get install boincmgr boinc.

Of course, you already discussed the Linux part of things with Tigo, but I'm on Windows now. So I guess the popup should also say something about installing BOINC on Windows.

Anyway, I installed BOINC but didn't run it yet, and tried the button again. The same 'Boinc not installed' popup showed. I launched BOINC and hit the button again and the wallet started a proces. It was a succes! Very awesome! Absolutely.

The wallet created the account, Boinc started downloading tasks immediately and is crunching away now.

And is my assertion correct that you don't need any BBP in your wallet to start mining this way? Of course you need it for staking (at least for now). I sent 1000 BBP to my wallet just in case, but I don't the the 1 BBP transaction you would normally see when attaching your account to the blockchain. The wallet doesn't show my CPID yet, but it hasn't been 6 blocks yet. I will check again later...
EDIT: more than six blocks have passed and the wallet still doesn't show my CPID. So I guess something went wrong? If I can do anything to troubleshoot, please let me know :)

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