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Thats kind of cool; if you still have that node in that state, could you sudo apt-get install valgrind,  valgrind ./biblepay and see what line it breaks on?

If not we'll eventually figure it out, but you will probably have to reindex to get past it.

I seem to be back to normal on all nodes now.

I'll do my best to find that bug.  I know we fixed the major fork issue in this version, now we need a couple more minor things... checking.

Sorry, I already -reindexed it :(

But I've installed valgrind in case it ever happens again. Can't seem to get it working in all my noobness though... Could you tell me what specific command I should use?

Hmmm, my wallet crashed, v1.1.5.4b, I had upgraded, cleaned and reindexed
Code: [Select]
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
tail debug.log
Code: [Select]
ERROR: Block has no ancestor
ERROR: invalid header received bd9004da***6d0fea
ERROR: Found block with no ancestor
ERROR: Block has no ancestor.
ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: AcceptBlock FAILED

Im going to clean and reindex again

After restarting the 85.29 node I got the same 'Segmentation fault' error that Togo got:

Code: [Select]
ERROR: Found block with no ancestor
2018-09-19 21:17:36 ERROR: Block has no ancestor.

2018-09-19 21:17:36 ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: AcceptBlock FAILED
2018-09-19 21:17:36 Misbehaving: (0 -> 3)
2018-09-19 21:17:36 ProcessNewBlock : ACCEPTED

84.29 is running 1154.  I know that area of code, we crashed a couple times there in the past - there is even some code in there to try to prevent the crash.  Its really elusive because every time I hear this and try to valgrind it, there is no way to reproduce the exact situation again - I know it has something to do with having a lot of forks in your getchaintips.  I think one of the forks best block hashes is NULL to the wallet.  But we dont save NULL blocks in the map.  I did check Dash to see if they changed that but not yet.

That's one of my wallets :o

What is strange, is that that wallet is on the right block/chain, but it says it's not synced. I also have a Sanctuary on there, and I can't start it because it says it's not synched...

Thanks all - Ive relaunched 4 nodes and 2 are mining.  Although each block I solve is having trouble being added to the other nodes.
But, I believe we are back in the same state we were in prior to the QT fiasco, so Im thinking we just need another miner online now.

Lets be patient and see if another miner allows us to sync.  Im on block :
getblockhash 67726

I have three wallets. Only one was syncing to the tip (and had the same blockhash as you have), but that one didn't have a CPID associated with it. I just associated a CPID with that one, so let's wait and see if that's going to work.

The other two I'll try to resync...

Archived Proposals / Re: Proposal - listing BBP on GIN MN platform
« on: September 19, 2018, 09:39:02 AM »
I also like this proposal :)

When you guys re-sync today, please delete your mnc*.* and mnp*.* files and the banlist.dat also first.

I have found that we may be caching a superblock (in the govobj system) with a bad payment - and I believe that will fix our sync issue in testnet.

Alright, I've updated all my wallets and deleted the .dat's you suggested. Resynching now...

All - I decided to remove QT (quant tightening) due to lack of popularity.

Please get, and resync the chain.

Windows is compiling...


It seems I cheered too early  :(

I got my home testnet rig up an running again though. I hope it has a different CPID associated, but I'm not sure because I tried some re-associations in the past days.

I sent 1 mil a block back, but we are stuck til we find another cpid :).

I was trying to get my home testnet rig running again, but I see that my other wallet has synced and is now mining.

Code: [Select]

getblockhash 67200



Also please reindex your chains. 

Proper blockhash is:
getblockhash 67134

PS We need a miner to start mining on 1153 - my only testnet cpid just solved 4 in a row so it cant continue.

My Sanctuary is synched with the proper hash, but it's not linked to a CPID and I don't have tBBP on that wallet to link it.

The wallet I have all my tBBP on doesn't synch yet (it can't find any peers), so I can't send tBBP to my Sanctuary :,)

Can someone send tBBP to my Sanctuary:


Archived Proposals / Re: Compensation for Jaap's work with BiblePay
« on: September 16, 2018, 08:46:31 AM »
Hi everyone,

Since payroll is back on the menu, I'd like to ask for some compensation for the work I've done from 12-07-2018 till 16-09-2018

I've organised an airdrop to give us some exposure and land us some new users. I won't ask for compensation for setting it all up (arranging exposure on airdropalert, creating google form and dedicated page on, making on-the-go edits when the airdrop launched and providing support on Telegram). But I want to ask for compensation for checking all the forms and doing the payouts (which proved very labor-intensive). The airdrop is still running btw.

I'm asking compensation for 16 hours.

I've implemented the pro-versions of the Yoast plugin and the Newsletter plugin. These allow better SEO and distribution of information. I've done some basic SEO to give us a better rank in the search-engines, but I'm looking for someone with more SEO-experience the take us to the next level. I'm also planning on writing articles that will improve our SEO-score (based on Google Analytics).

I've also made the website more SEC-compliant (editing all bits that have to do with BiblePay potentially being an investment), and I'm currently adding an enhanced Press Kit section that will be usefull for PR.

I'm asking compensation for 4 hours.

I have ongoing communications with our PR-team. I won't charge these hours, but maybe I'll charge some time in the future if I write articles.

Blockchain Superstars:
I needed to give feedback and make some edits to the interview.

I'm asking compensations for 2 hours.


I know the market is tough at the moment, so I don't want to dent the budget too much.

Current price is $0.000521 (CMC 16-09-2018). 22 hours in total. $20 p/h. = 844 000 BBP. But I will ask for half of that: 422 000 BBP.

Btw, if there is still some room in the budget, I will ask for some BBP for the New Exchange Fund, since that fund is still in the red.

Finally have some time again :)

I've updated two wallets to Unfortunately, my home rig is having issues (not BiblePay related), so I only have one Sanctuary left for the time being (the AWS one).

Creating and editing contacts seems to work like a charm. While Togo's popup seems to have some problems, mine works fine. It says "Contact record saved succesfully." when creating/editing contacts.

Really cool feature that you're able to send BBP with an email address! I sent you 456 BBP Rob.

Code: [Select]

Archived Proposals / Re: Closing the gap for BLOOM recurring expenses
« on: September 16, 2018, 07:07:10 AM »
Hi April,

I don't know what the current statistics are in terms of BBP being requested by the different Charities at this point. I would personally like to see - in the future - that the charity-budget doesn't exceed 50% of the total budget. I think that we owe that to our investors (since those coins will be dumped on the market). We all know that the market is currently in a bad shape, and we should try and work together to survive this with as little casualties as possible (I'm calling the dropping of a sponsorship a 'casualty').

Maybe we could look at where we can cut some expenses without dropping any of the sponsorships? For the future, I would suggest to create a large buffer (of like a year or even larger) before taking a next step. I think - in hindsight - it would have been more wise if we had looked more into securing our sponsorships well into the future.

I haven't come around to testing the newest features yet Rob, but is it possible that something went wrong when deploying the Windows version? Seems like it's still on

Archived Proposals / Re: August 2018 IT and Payroll
« on: September 12, 2018, 06:39:26 AM »
That is truly honorable Rob. Thanks for all your hard work.

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